When did Portugal become blacker than Brazil?

When did Portugal become blacker than Brazil?

>when did MOORtugal become black

t. alberto barbosa

Over here Portuguese picked cotton.

On a serious note here, doesn't pretty much all europe (and even USA here) in terms of sports end up getting niggers from africa to play for them in exchange of living in a first world country?

I don't really think this is a portugal only thing, Just look at france or italy during the world cup, come on.


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Nope, france and portugal have blacks in their teams. Im sure england has plenty aswell. Others, not really.

France = BLACKED

Those are black players they have. Dont mislead people, they have arabs and native french in their team, they are just the most blacked team in europe and they are not that great either.

Sweden, you'll find out soon enough.

The orcs are coming your way.

They aren't really portuguese

>Modric the goat

Id let him use me in ways that would ashame a russian hooker. no homo

On paper they are amazing. Insane skill for the players. But the national team just doesnt click the way others do, like Germany or Spain.
But hey the french have Gusman. Whose by far one of the best white skinned strikers out there.

Fun fact. The nigger teams never win.

Modric a sweetheart! And sure, they are suppose to be one of the top teams but they never perform as you would think. Also every time you see a team thats composed of natives like croatian or icelandic team, there seems to be much more passion between players and not to mention the supporters. Just like french people not being able to support french team anymore due to blackening.


You wouldn't even be in the top medal positions if it wasn't for the darkies.

Then vs. now.

It all started with American niggers being succesful in track and field in the 1940's Olympic games. The French thought, "these niggers can run fast," so

We are way better than Portucucks. They still believe racism exists. And they will never win the World Cup.

not really. but I stopped watching after pic related

Because our blacks get shot before they manage to become an athlete

>I stopped watching
in case anyone was wondering why

They have more pure Africans than us - who have different hues of La Creatura

Only 100% nigger ones. Race-mixed can since 1958

Yesterday Sven, yesterday...

We won the last time you stupid fuck. We're the champions.

And the goal in the final was of that one nigger no one here thought he should be on the team.

Guess where he plays? France.
Guess against who he scored in the final? France.


Besides, our football related curses tend to become real.
See Greece and France.

He said first world country.


soccer... i mean football = kek

Niggers from former colonies...
Nothing to see here.
If you want to point out something check France football team.

they naturalize niggers from former colonies for some shekels.

They think being a nigger makes you good at soccer.

It turns out the mulatto Brazilians are good at soccer because they're part white.

Pogba is recognized as the most expensive donkey in football, Bakayoko is injured for tomorrow's game and the media is reporting on how ecstatic Chelsea fans are at the news.

Spain, Portugal, and France are now black. Latin America is now Latin/some white descent. Brazil is more German that those hellholes

England barely has any English players in their team, their 'greatest striker ever' Kane is Irish.

>more shitskins in the world
>sports have more shitskins
makes sense to me


I think he means Griezmann AKA Poor Little White Boy.