Young Canadian's are so fucked beyone belief its a comedy

Dear younger Millennials and Gen Z. Older Millennial here to tell you that your government has fucked your future so horribly.

In 2009, you could buy this house with a starting salary of 47,000:,-80.5530541,3a,75y,147.51h,80.33t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sFsyG-vy599tQcK9ZCneoMw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?dcr=0

As you know, wages are flat in this country. What would a college educated grad be able to acquire today with a similar salary in a city of the same size? Lets take a look!,-80.5407872,3a,37.5y,248.6h,94.4t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1spxmjTvshdZC9r3axJT1mtA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

Now you're living in a fucking project with unassigned parking! Wow! So progressive, think about your carbon footprint for a moment, so much better.

You wanted mass immigration, this is the future you chose. Imagine what it will be like in another 9 years. Fucking soviet apartment blocks is where we are headed.

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Honestly we are all fucked beyond relief but i guess Canada is a special case

all my friends committed suicide or are hooked on fentanyl.

>tfw the home you grew up in cost less than 500k, 30 years ago. Same house is at least 3mio now.

God I love globalism and living in a place that people want to move to from all over the world

*laughs in tasmanian*

let me guess, postcard perfect views hiding a red-tape underbelly of nepotism and sociopaths? Canada is like any other frozen wasteland.

yes, the place is nothing like the ads you see abroad.

internally, it's all propaganda designed to make people think it's just them having a hard life. the only people who have job security are government employees. they walk amongst us like gods upon the earth.

My Canadian cousins are thirty years old still living at home. Everything in Leaf land is so expensive plus all their manufacturing is moving to the U.S. to take advantage of non-union red states. The job market is fucked there.

Sounds like you'd really feel at home here.

>plus all their manufacturing is moving to the U.S.
Its not because of the unions, its the mismanagement of the electric grid. We have excess capacity and pay more than twice what we did just a few years ago. And with each manufacturer that leaves, the cost is further passed to regular citizens.

We are pretty fucked here. No light at end of tunnel either. Buy a rural plot and start farming. Go off grid. Only hope uneducated and poor people have.

Its nice here, dont get me wrong, but the state if which we are headed worsens on a daily. In Alberta poverty rises. Muslim populations rise. Minimum wage increases now barely any in is hiring let alone giving hours and slowly but surely the work/immigration program have under cut our citizen workers cuz the aliens work for three dollars less per hour on average. Yup soon we will have no chouce but to migrate south and hang out with you inbred fucktards down in the dirty south. Ugh im not looking forward to having incoherent arguments with water brains.

>implying Canada is less inbred than USA


canada was where they sent people who were too bad for australia.

I honestly have no idea why people would willingly go to canada. Can you even grow potatos?

Ive moved as far north as I can and am bunkering down.

>tfw have all this worthless land and white man bring me so many beads and mirrors!!
Good luck with that money, m8, you are truly blessed.

Late 1990s:
>White Canadians were a 90%+ majority until the 2000s and Canada was conservative, no LGBTQ+ bullshit
>All of a sudden, start seeing Africans, Muslims, Pakis, Chinks, etc everywhere
>Multiculturalism expands to hyper levels, every school/university/work place/govt agency starts ramming diversity down our throats
>House prices start accelerating
>Wages start decreasing
Fast Forward 2017
>Toronto 30% white
>Vancouver Syrian Refugees 24/7 on TV/news
>White people can't find work, it's all non-whites getting jobs
>Average house price is $1M+ while salaries are 50K-60K max
>Refugees driving BMW and Mercedes
>Most Universities have non-white majorities
>Whites down to 65-68%
>Whites will be Nobody really knows why this is happening so fast, govt always touts (((250-300k))) "reasonable" immigration a year
>But nobody has ever heard of a white person immigrating in the last 20 years
>Turns out Canada is letting in 750K on permanent residency a year via various immigration schemes not publicized
>Canada lets in 1.2M a year on "temporary immigration" that's 10 year work/live visas that lead to citizenship that aren't even counted in public statistics
>Turns out secret GBA+ (Gender Based Analysis Plus) program is forced down every govt decision maker including immigration officers to discriminate against straight whites
>Turns out 97% of immigrants are poor non-whites
>Turns out there is a secret organization called the Metropolis Project that holds an annual conference of 1,000+ govt bureaucrats with the sole objective of letting in as many poor non-white migrants a year
>Turns out this organization started in 1996, around the time of the change
>Turns out George Soros started and funded the Metropolis Project through his Open Societies Foundation
>govt passed M-103 anti-Islamophobia motion, setting road to criminalize any criticism of migration policy
You are here.

We have so many jews and female kikebots in government and education we are utterly fucked unless we have a military coup to restore sanity.

Avg price of house in 1998 before white-genocide and open-borders went full swing
>$180k in NYC (boros)
>$170k in SF
>$150k in LA
>$120k in DC
>$140k in Sydney
>$120k in Melbourne
>$140k in Toronto
>$130k in Vancouver
>£50k in London

Avg price of house in 2004 after massive open-borders
>$800k in NYC (boros)
>$1m in SF
>$600k in LA
>$500k in DC
>$900k in Sydney
>$700k in Melbourne
>$600k in Toronto
>$1m in Vancouver
>£1m in London
before free trade:
>domestic production of goods
>goods were affordable and of high quality
>lowest cost of living
>affordable housing (house costs only 2 times the annual salary)
>90% white

after free trade:
>homeless/opiod/suicide epidemic/white genocide
>highest cost of living
>unaffordable housing (10-20 times the annual salary)
>plummeting life expectance
>shit quality products that kill you
>millions of illegal shitskin locusts invading and killing whites

On the state of the Canadian youth.
Have family in canada (no im not muslim, no i dont support them living there)
moved there last summer to spend some time with them and work to save up some moeny they offered me to live with them.
Small town BC.
Meet a girl at work
Start hanging out
Get in to a relationship
Start meeting more younger people hanging out at parties etc
some of the things i observed would like a leaf bro to comment
>everyone does weed
>parents blaze with kids
>buying bongs for Christmas
>nobody cares about what race they are or the people around them
>the most 2008 9gag atheist arguments ever
>whole life revolves around drinking getting high
>casual sex is common, going from relationship to relationship in short spans too
>parents kick their kids out as soon as possible
>most people divorced or never married
>half sisters half brothers step dads and moms everywhere
>parents dont give kids nay support once they kick them out
i honestly cried myself to sleep for 2 weeks every night
More or less of topic but just had an urge to comment this.


Communist NDP government incoming.

There is literally nothing wrong with this.

It's not that frozen here.

Old people should be ashamed of themselves.

They would import the entire 3rd world just so their property values don't fall.

>>nobody cares about what race they are or the people around them

Why is this so hard for you to value?

Does your life really does better under racism, because watching you angry and frustrated all day makes me think otherwise.

>buying bongs for Christmas
It's funny because it's true

what did she mean by this presupposition laden word salad?

You don't understand. Canada hates itself profoundly, more than any outside country could even come close, and the citizens hunger to destroy the nation from the inside. We are weak, we have everything and it has made us apathetic and guilty. We see the great standard of living we have created here, but we know we don't deserve it, because we're Canadian, so we will give it and everything else we have away in an effort to assuage our collective shame and guilt. Funny thing is that nothing will heal that wound, and by the time we realise it we will already be gone. Canada is a fiction,and we are trying to close the book. Good riddance.

If it's so great, why does it only work with forced state enforcement against the will of the public, always eventually requiring armed force to maintain?

Sounds like Canada needs more strict hate speech laws

WTF I hate Jean Chretien now.

explain faggot

>French girl tells me how society thinks you are an absolute failure at life at 18 if you dont live on your own shared appartment with other young people

>Parents do their best to kick the kids out asap

Meanwhile most people only stops living with their parents when they find someone to marry and settle with around 25-30 years old, in the meantime they spend quality time with the family and still consult their parents for many life choices.

Why do whites hate their kids so much?

Of course you would say this coming from an eternal shit hole.

It stems from the days where you could just "get a job" and it would be enough to buy a house and get ahead.

were you in Nelson? that sounds like Nelson.

It was the same here, they would go find kids at schools and put them to work in airline manteinance, then after a couple decades you need 3 degrees and 20 years of experience to do anything basic earning a shit salary.

Still, family got each other until you are well enough to stand on your own

I know a family of rich old gringos that invite their son and his wife(both in their 40’s) to vacations and demand them to leave the little grandkids at home.

Such a disdain against the youth.

Mostly true:
>majority of canadians 15+ admit to trying weed
>european identity is next to nil in 2nd generation or beyond
>casual sex is common and easy
>half sisters/brothers, baby moms and baby dads everywhere/high divorce rate

some is questionable:
>parents blazing with kids
>bongs for christmas? maybe a vape
>kids live with parents well into their 20s now
>parents pay for food/rent/clothes/houses/shit for their 'kids' all the time

>Such a disdain against the youth.
And then the youth pay it right back when they abandon their parents to old age homes.

21 year old here,
>everyone does weed
Yes. Myself included.
>parents blaze with kids
Lower class pleb families do, I haven't seen many degenerate middle class parents, then again everyone i associate with is white from good families.
>buying bongs for Christmas
Me and my roommates literally bought a bong for our house for Christmas
>nobody cares about what race they are or the people around them
>the most 2008 9gag atheist arguments ever
>casual sex is common, going from relationship to relationship in short spans too
Yes, but this isn't specific to Canada most Western nations have this issue
>parents kick their kids out as soon as possible
I personally have not seen this, but once again I only know successful white people. I moved out of my own accord against my parents' wishes because i wished to learn how to be independent
>most people divorced or never married
Plebs, yes
>half sisters half brothers step dads and moms everywhere
Plebs, yes
>parents dont give kids nay support once they kick them out
Plebs, yes

I have completely checked out of this society, every single youth smokes weed and drinks and does drugs because i believe that subconsciously we all know were doomed. May as well enjoy the good times while we can. I thank God everyday that I have a polish citizenship and will be jumping ship as soon as shit starts to snap. For now I make good money in the trades so i'm saving every penny.

Pray for us anons, you may think we deserve this but the youth had literally no chance. How could they when the second they step into schooling the brainwashing begins...

Because a healthy society is a cohesive society. The type of society a group makes is based on their history passed down culture and even the geography they inhabit. Once you erode racial cohesiveness not only do you allow for subversion on a grand level by jews pinning one group against the other but also let that society which has now lost the safeguard of its tradition and heritage be replaced by cheap synthetic corporatism culture. A good example is this trendy culture in america for example. Sipping on Starbucks and "fighting nazis" by voting for Hilary with your slave labor iPhone in your hand horribly unhappy inside subconsciously willingly participating in mass societal destruction. Once a certain level of development is reached (it can be on anything, population government etc) humans stop interacting as a group. Thats one of the reasons why the eu is failing for example, the level of government has been so detached from the ordinary man that it dosent work anymore, same thing for big cities, that's why people in new york give less of a shit about if someone is dying on the floor in front of them then in lets say some small Midwestern town, the same is true for racial hygiene. But also on that point if racial collusion was some natural process that is just part of human evolution nobody would have a problem with it, unfortunately the reality is that a certain ((((group)))) just one specific group namely whites.

And Trudeau is the ultimate dystopian leader of you ask me. He does nothing but propagandize to the illiterate brainwashed masses. Like some sort of cult leader.

It isn't racial cohesiveness you inbred. Women vote.

sorry meant to type
Once a certain level of de-involvment as in the familiarity of the relationship between individuals or individuals and society

My sister in Vancouver blazes with her kids and has done so since they were teens. She’s a lawyer.

Montanan here... stay the fuck out

Not really. He does what he said he would do. Canada votes for this. Of course the minority is upset about it but such is life if a democracy. Suck it up until next elections.

Yeah women shouldn't be part of society they have a designated role as mothers and housewifes a small number can be in the work force and the gifted ones can express their talents, however that's up to you not being a cuck and treating your women like men and not letting them be degenerate whores, jewish subversion and infection of governments is a much bigger threat then the fact that your mad that you cant put your penis in a vagina and are too much of a cuck to slap a women and tell her , her place you mixed race shitskined mutt

life is harder for everyone.

That really is horrifying.. candada was the great white north not so long ago and how it’s a shit hole

prince george area

Not really. Life is fine. For example I can find toilet paper in public washrooms. Plus it’s free to use them. Try that outside North America.

I can also get free healthcare and have to wait less than in the US if you have no insurance. The cost of medicine is very low compared to places like Switzerland.

So I like it a lot here.

>america is literally one of the least inbred countries in the world
Feels good breh

Canada is probably more inbred than the US solely because muzzies and injuns make up a higher percentage of their population. Muzzies are literally like 1% of ours.

It’s not a shithole. We might have a shithole government but the people of Canada always had the same values.

shill please.

or i will deny you your (you)

>May as well enjoy the good times
this is the general attitude i see among our youth in today's world sad really its part of the problem people become passive i always try to do as much as possible to fight degeneracy and jews even if it fucks me over for the short term
>Pray for us anons
I unironically pray for the white race because i now what the future of humanity will be if christian tradition and white countries are destroyed and made in to neocommy superstates

Canada and Sweden will go down in history as example of just how incredibly quickly a nation can be destroyed forever. Both were in enormously better positions 20 years ago.

welp after reading this() maybe genocide isnt so bad after all??

though a good ol world war depopulating earth of 95% of its inhabitants is preferable

What he says could be true for him where he lives. I've heard of places where theres no wait time in hospitals, they exist, just not where I live.

Theres still more than enough priviledged white suburbs that only get immigrants with doctorates that bought their way into canada to keep this crazy train going full steam ahead. When these people will wake up it will be too late, we'll be like sweden with no-go neighborhoods, crippling welfare overhead and shit..

>What he says could be true for him where he lives.


Last thing from me im sure most anons can relate
20ish years ago when I was still a child I never thought the world would be like this
I thought we would be landing on mars with colonies
I thought we wold cure cancer, have life extension use science to better humanity and steer it with morals I never thought that i would live in a materialistic degenerate hedonist world hell bent on overthrowing creation and ushering an age of machinemerged neocommunism
Oh Europa oh America oh Canada Oh Zeland

Wow, a house that's located in the middle of a major global city is expensive. We truly are fucked.

The solution is for us to leave the cities and learn to farm. You can buy a house for 80k in rural Canada and there 0 shitskins except for the the 1 chink family who runs the corner store. Once the cities turn into detroits we will be well equipped to fight off a shitskin invasion but most of them will just move to an another country anyway.

[exclamation][obvious fact][fallacy]

canadians cannot help but do this.

you annot unsee it now.


Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

At least Quebec is still good. You can still buy a house in suburban Montreal for 250k and the city of 4 million is still 70% white. Still sucks but at least it's not Toronto.

Start spreading the word outside of Cred Forums. Print your views, spread those papers everywhere in your neighbourhood one night. Get your views out. I am seeing more white people now be even more openly in-group, their discomfort and hate showing with our white genocide policies.

We don't accept refugees that created their own shithole faggot

The majority of Canadians did not vote for this.

rockefeller and the jews did us in, homie

Since I was a child and old enough to read i was promised the coming singularity. Synthetic muscles and brain implants, genetic engineering and gene therapies, true AI, etc but all those things seem to be so far away.
instead of spending trillions on research for these subjects to create a better humanity, supermen, we spend it on worthless fucking kike wars in some sand nigger desert so some rich kikes can become richer, we spend it on worthless subhumans in africa so they can outbreed out us and then collapse when we collapse, we spend it on shaniquas 8 fucking kids and sarahs welfare job in hr.
and what happened to space colonization? in the 50s and 60s we were promised nuclear slat rockets and nuclear pulse drives capable of reaching 10 percent of the speed of light. we could have had permanent colonies on the moon, mars, the asteroid belt, the jovian moons and even deep space stations in the kuiper belt.
all we got was marxists faggots, mass nonwhite immigration and a deep state government trying to subvert our liberty.
the worst part is no one cares.
I recently replayed the deus ex series, from the first to mankind divided.
i must say i shed a single tear down my face when i chose the sarif ending in human revolution because i know none of that will EVER HAPPEN.
europe will become like africa and the middle east and america like brazil, third world shitholes filled with low iq shitskins.
A ending with a whimper, maybe a blast if we get ww3 going.

Waterloo is a major global city, is it?

Here is a workplace scam you guys should know about, incase you are looking for a job and not getting any phone calls.
The hiring process has been outsourced to a third-party agency, as it is cheaper for employers to find workers this way. Also workers are only given 3-6 month contracts through the staffing agency. This allows the employers to never give out benefits or raises to their workers.

You need to understand that 9/11 was the functional end of the world, and the fumes of the "end of history" ran out by the middle of the 2000's. What this means is that the inertia of Western Civilization finally ran out and uncoincidentally this is right when shit like gay marriage triumphed. The reason everything feels like utter shit is because the world has lost its center. We've fully become swallowed by nihilism and things that once gave society direction and purpose like religion no longer influence enough people to matter. The spirit of gravity is drowning us and we'll die if we don't do something about that.

Western civilization is dead. Our only purpose now is to avenge it and ensure something better than this jewish modernist hellscape replaces it.

we need to quarantine asia/africa/latin america and start burning down the ivory towers!

Happy Canadian = shill? You need to visit the world.

When i first drove into waterloo i saw a bunch of pickups with confederate flags and based whites then went to the mall and saw nothing but shitskins.

>Canada was >90% later than America was
>Canada was somehow able to almost get to el goblino levels of white in less than 30 years

>Happy Canadian = shill? You need to visit the world.

so you're saying-tier... you people are cancer

We have a majority Liberal government. Your argument is invalid.

You fucked your country, stay and fix it. Don't come down here and fuck ours up worse.

Cancer spreads and kills. We don’t.

who's we

Thats the only thing I like about trudeau, At this rate Anglos will be assimilated before the french. He's like a french canadian trojan horse.

Australia is a poorsman Canada. Little UK. Muslim haven of the world, bunch of cucked white that can't even decide anything anymore.

And the same kind of symptom as in Canada as all people live on the shoreline, and nobody in the center.

Were being replaced you degenerate faggot. Everything is fine now until shit skins take us over and vote in an Islamic gov't. Put out some kids or shut the fuck up

Northern border wall when?


You obviously didn't go to Quebec.

Yes please build one so it can keep the haitians out of Canada.

if a wall goes up it will be the canadian government that builds it to stop people from fleeing, berlin style.

Saskatchewan white guy here. Literally got a bong for christmas 2017 from my girlfriend, lmao

Of course he didn't.
Even then people are told to go to Montreal where groups like La Meute are less active.

literally 100% of people that complain about life in canada live in a big city

life in small cities and rural towns is unreal. fuck you for applying your tiny bubble logic to one of the biggest countries on earth

How far does your salary go in Russia?

Haha, I loved living in Waterloo. I studied geo engineering at UWaterloo, it was fucking tight. Only like 50 people, and half of them were slutty white girls.

I think the best thing about Canada was that club culture is huge and generally the chicks seem to be big into asian culture like kpop and shit so it was pretty easy to pull as an Asian guy. Came back to Singapore, and it's almost impossible to find white women and the asian club sluts seem to prefer white guys.

Waterloo is very non-white especially around the universities. I can't wait to leave this city and country

that's bullshit. I go to University of Waterloo and most people date in their own race.

>nobody cares about what race they are or the people around them
That is the most BS things I've heard, the only reason why Canada hasn't erupted into civil war is because everyone separates. The 2 black guys make a gang, the muslims form their cells, the asians are hiveminds with eachother, and whites pretty much do whatever.
Everything else you listed is true for Canada the US and Australia
>parents blaze with kids
I've only met two people who actually do this and both were american

once I'm done my degree, where should I go? I'm thinking some where in Eastern Europe

>tfw no qt quebecois gf

If you leave you're no better than those refugees and migrants leaving their countries

trinity of fucked housing prices caused by the chinks unite!

they leave for money and materials, I'm leaving due to there being too many muslims and blacks. I just want to live among whites for the rest of my life

locusts swarming our real estate is how we get back some of the money we gave them to buy the things they make that we once made. It is called trade.

Good luck finding a white country that will take you in.

>Fucking soviet apartment blocks is where we are headed.
It will be even worse than that, leaf.

It mightve changed from when I was there, but when I was still in university Bomber and Phils were both pretty mixed demographically speaking. Chainsaw was where all the white kids went, but they sponsor the rugby team so I ended up going pretty often. But then again, from what the younger siblings of some of my old university friends say, Bomber is basically 95% asian these days so I wouldn't be surprised. That might be a side effect of how many internationals they're letting in now though.

fuck of've chang

O kurwa

In BC the poos are slowly creeping out of the cities and into small towns throughout the province. Watch out.

Also French Canadians are pretty inbred. They have genetic diseases unique to their population kinda like Ashkenazi Jews.

Shantytowns is where you're headed. Expect white people in sheet metal huts in the edges of formerly-white cities. So progressive!

Only way to make decent wage in Canada is by getting a trade or going to school for engineering or medicine. Anything else will pay like shit.

This country is fucked up.
We need to harass our local representatives with red pills.

I just have to find someone to marry from there. I know a few eastern europeans already

A majority government with only 30% of the votes.

He gained that majority primarily because he promised electoral reform and then scrapped it completely because he realised it would ensure he'd never get another majority again and since we don't have term limits up here he sealed himself as our new supreme feminist prime minister for the next 10+ years so long as he keeps flooding the country with immigrants in exchange for their votes to keep him in office.

We. Are. Fucked.

And sheet metal huts are fucking cold in the winter.

You know what to do.

I very much doubt that white girls were slutting it up with asians even then. they only slut it up with blacks and sometimes gangster acting indians/pakistanis. I lived here my whole life

generation retard, ill be making my money before i get out

>My parents are both doctors

>I went to a public school

>Kicked out at 18

>Worked countless minimum wage jobs to pay bills

>Don't drink or do weed

>Have to apply for government loans if I want to go to college for some shit degree

>old friends are all addicts, sports obsessed debt slaves working shit jobs

Probably just going to kms soon, it all feels like a horrible joke

We willingly came here. You were sent there for committing crimes.

Why the fuck would you want one? They ALL have tattoos. They all have been in hundreds of relationships. The only females who are remotely interesting here end up being from eastern Europe. The rest are human trash.

How are all the immigrated brown people supposed to afford homes at these jacked up prices?

betcha thought you were smart

>trace my ancestry back to the earliest settlers of quebec on one side of my family
>trace my ancestry back to the mayflower on the other side of my family


In the US he'd probably just be schlomo

Too real

The tech workers on H-1Bs move into neighborhoods that once belonged to American working class people.

At least in my experience, all the asian rugby guys did fine with white girls. I think dating/marriage in Canada is way less segregated than in other places, especially among well educated young people. Pretty much half of my university buddies are dating or married outside of their race, there's asian guys with white girls, white guys with asian or brown girls, brown guys with white and asian girls. Hell, Im still really good friends with a Korean guy who got married to a Sri Lankan Tamil chick and got disowned by his extremely traditional family. Hes coming down to visit next month. Here in Singapore it's multicultural but I feel like it's exceptionally rare to see multiracial couples, while in Canada it was like just like, 'whatever'.

Their brown standard of living is much lower so they will live multiple families to a home or just generally more shitty living standards

White people on the other hand won’t breed in captivity like the browns will.

Canada is a joke of a country.

Turn on the CBC, see some bindi talking the need for Canadians to accept some pozzed out gay, cause those are Canadian values, lololo....

Read the Globe & Mail, there's column by Shadeek, or Malik, or Indhira, or some other shitskin name, talking about how being pro-Islam, is to be Canadian.

City councils give tax payers money to sexual deviants to finance their fag parades, and put on display their complete and utter degeneracy. They show images of these parades on TV, and they focus the camera on families with kids looking on at displays of naked fags and trannies pretending they're dogs, and eating dog.

It just goes on and on. Gross and disgusting, is considered heroic is this fucked up country.

And average normie is so scared, he or she says nothing, because they have to be nice, otherwise they may be called bigots, lololololl....Pathetic people everywhere.

Subsidized by taxes

Publicly Trudy speaks of helping the poor and disenfranchised, and he does bring some of these in, but most immigrants to Canada are wealthy elites from the 3rd world.

Question, do the "diverse" people on the CBC accept sexual degeneracy among themselves, or is that only for the Anglos?

Canadian housing crash is coming

Also in the US the recession happened because Bush gave out loans to shitskin immigrants hoping they'd vote for him.

Shingapore is specifically talking about k-pop sluts, a certain sub-breed of white racemixer.

>Canadian housing crash is coming
Chinese will just buy the dip and we'll be even worse off.

The CBC is anglos

>buy the dip

It's for white people only. There's even commercials, both on TV, and print, where they will show all kinds of "Canadians", and the white are either faggots, disabled, or complete losers, lol....In fact, a lot of white are indeed faggots and losers, and nothing but poz vectors.

Indians and Chinese are buying property all over the country, even in small towns, while dumb Anglos get tats, drunk, stone, and become sexual deviants, cause they "progressive" people, lolololololo....

And on top of it, a good chunk of the Anglo ones that are decent white people, will end up married to a chink, or a nigger.

>import brown people
>give them free houses that white people are otherwise expected to buy at hyper-inflated prices
>give them free money for each brown orc they fart out
>give them free money for existing
>"We need mandatory job quotas for brown people, those racist whites have to go :^) "
>white people can no longer afford to live in any city, let alone have kids
>"We need to import brown people because white people aren't having kids :^) "

I've read that book, and it's a fascinating read.

>implying China would be colonizing the planet without the help of US and Nixon/R'feller since the 70s
Rockefeller/Nixon literally created superpower China and the US continued to transfer the wealth and future of the west to China
would china be what it is today solely based on china's abilities and without western transfer of wealth and technology?

US is China's greatest ally. if it was not for the US, China would still be a country based on subsistence farming.
US literally created superpower China...
Nixon/Rockefeller birthed superpower China and the US continued to transfer the wealth and future of the west to China
china would not be what it is today solely based on china's abilities and without western transfer of wealth and technology

China's rise was due to a transfer of wealth from the west.

>murica transfer of wealth/technology/industry to poor rural china
>murica create power strong china
>murica claim a strong china a problem
>murica plans on fighting strong china with totalitarian TTP eroding more citizen rights
>not creating a scapegoat to implement totalitarianism

the power brokers transferred:
-literally all the financial funds of US workers to China,
-transferred technology and jobs to China
-hyperinflated the housing so that only the Chinese (recipients of western funds) could afford the housing

the transfer of funds was done involuntarily without the consent of the owners of the funds
the power brokers took western funds sitting in banks and invested all of that in China.

all that wealth transfer was from your pockets. the private funds in bank accounts, the housing assets, the jobs, all transferred by corporate USA without your agreement...

Similar here in Oregon. The local paper reported that the high school had cancelled the prom king/queen thing because of gender issues. Everyone seems to have kids outside wedlock and then abandon their partner and kid, only to raise the kid of someone else with their new partner. Meanwhile Chinese and Indians on H-1Bs are flooding in with very traditional and functional families and buying up whole neighborhoods. White America (and Canada too it sounds like) has been so screwed up since the 60s that our country must look like a juicy steak to the aliens. Although to be fair, certain enterprising whites are doing very well in Asia off the backs of those people. The degeneracy of globalism and multiculturalism.

^Essentially a lack of identity and purpose.
These were my observations upon visiting Western and Eastern Canada. I noted insanely priced housing, stagnant wages, and a lack of opportunities for the youth to fully exploit/pursue productive outlets for thoughtfully pursued higher education. Toronto seemed like a dam near prison. Condos were being erected everywhere at California prices for a tiny flat but there was clearly no industry/sector to support them. The youths seems to be slogging around under an invisible but oppressive weight. Canada not giving a single fuck about natives was flooding it with foreigners. Meanwhile, there were no higher wage paying positions. The city seemed to be obsessed with growing headcount at any cost even if it meant damming multiple generations to slavery in this newly erected concrete jungle. Food prices were absolutely insane. Sales tax nuts. The price of electronics/etc nuts and then on top of that crazy home prices. That being said, there seemed to be an elusive group of old money insiders profiting immensely from it all.

Here's what's happening :
> Canada wants to grow its headcount to further service economic growth numbers and tax revenue and it doesn't give a fuck about the domestic populous or who has to suffer in order to get it done. A number of generations will suffer. Clearly one was already lost.

Thanks for providing these details and confirming my observations user. I screen capped this as it was one of the more clear/honest posts about the major areas of Canada. Indeed it seems like they've picked weed to appease the lost slogging generation that will see some of the worst conditions of their plan.

It's like they sold a bunch of people on a paradise that doesn't exist, ferried you guys there, and now you realize you're slogging away in a concrete jungle just to say affloat.

Pretty much summarizes the "Everybody but the Jews is the problem!" mentality that makes people hate Jews.

Yeah that's true, the chinks in my area have no issues about moving 8 people spanning 2 or 3 generations into one house.

That's true, Pajeets are like locusts in the area I grew up in.

what happened to the murder-death-kill drive and predatory psychopathic survival instinct of the anglo?

not really. most people I know are in relationships with their own race. the only interracial relationships I've seen in greater number are white guys and asian girls. with the white girls i know (i'm a white female), they say they only date white guys or some will date black. They are all in university or college btw

My observation as to why this is the case is because everyone appears to be 'lost'. It's not a conscious and thought through positive acceptance of various cultures. It's a 'dude weed', were fucked collective of ambivalence. If you want a perspective, listen to a popularized group "The weeknd". Literally a music group singing about how lost they are in the city engaging in all sorts of self-destructive and outwardly destructive sexual behavior and degeneracy centered around drugs. Completely unconscious about it just.. gone.
Cranes and condos dart the skyline as well as well placed propaganda dictating to youths that this is their goal in life : Move out, buy a flat, and party w/ other youths.

Not even close. The recession happened because banks and boomers went turbo-jew lowering the criteria to approve mortgages and then buying 2nd/3rd/4th homes for rentals and house flipping became all the rage

I personally haven't seen that type of white slut. Maybe they date black guys or brown guys nowadays.

'Major global city'...
Building a shit ton of condos and packing disenfranchised youths in flats doesn't make you a major global city. A major economic engine does and I still fail to see what that is beyond flipping real-estate, faux financial sector, and peripheral service sector jobs.

Fucking hell.

asiatic locusts got a pool of billions to smuggle into white cunts and rent out bathrooms and closets to their locust clones.

a million dollar investment in a house is easily recovered by packing 200 locusts in and extracting $400/month from each

its an entire asiatic locust pyramid on the back of white resources

This is pretty true.
They will live with 8-12 people in a house. They save every cent. You will never see a chinese guy buying lunch, meanwhile like 80% of whites do.
They don't smoke anything, they don't drink, they rarely ever spend money on entertainment.
What they do invest in, is things like music lessons and math tutors for their kids
Whites need to start taking responsibility before it's too late. In many aspects, we are fueling the fire with our own degeneracy.

There were only 19.7M White European Canadians out of 37M in 2016.
>Le 53%

Post yfw when Canada will be

Aren't you glad you can smoke that weeeeeeed though?!

The country's fucked in terms of economics and most people are too asleep to notice.

Who knows!? Anglos, in general, and of all white peoples in Canada, are by far, the most idiotically pozzed people one can find. They are the very definition of soulless shitlibs.

marry me. i need to escape this country

Because Boomer parents think their kids are lazy. When it's the opposite. The jobs right now require a degree or some sort of education. When back in the day you did not need them. Which fucks everything up. When the boomers retire and the immigrants take over it will be even worse.

Expand on this user.
>Fucking soviet apartment blocks is where we are headed.
This is what toronto feels like beneath the surface. I still can't put my finger on the invisible over-class that seems to operate/profit from this condition immensely. However, you see the facade of them if you traverse the classical arts/music scene.

I know what you're saying. But literally, no, I don't even drink alcohol. Come to think of it, maybe I'll just become an enterprising overseas white, better than watching the corpse of my civilization get feasted on by aliens... The ideas I get on Cred Forums!

Can you expand on the nature of female mentality there especially in major cities? What media/tools drive this ideology?

>do high school and graduate in yukon
>pot, alcohol, and psychedelics the whole time
>stop the drugs and work 2 years at a small mine
>decide to go to northern ontario to do college level electrical
>meet and marry girl there, now have wife and step-daughter
>move to small town alberta due to immediate family living here and being able to afford a cheap house
>no available electrical apprenticeships in the area, current job aspects are wal-mart and local part-time minimum wage jobs
I'm happy with my family life, the safety of the town im in, and home but not being able to find a job in my field is getting to me. I'm considering going to a university 90 minutes away for a 3 year Finance degree just so I'll be able to get a job that i'll be able to support my family with. The oil crash and pipeline massacre was one of the worst things to ever happen to alberta

why must life be like this..

The only smart thing Canada ever did with regards to immigration is mix it up.
We really don't have a huge group of anyone except chinks.
We have more Polish and Germans than Muslims for example.
That's all been changing in the last 10 years or so. It's now heavily leaning to Sweden tier.
That's what we will be, but Sweden, France, and Germany will probably go first.
Its near impossible to live on Welfare by yourself in Canada, (without kids) so we don't attract the same type that those countries do.

Thank you for this vivid imagery. I only gathered so much via observing the weird collections of public advertisements spread throughout the city or public transportation. It all seemed so fake and orchestrated especially the diversity imagery. It's like a sudden wash of people from all over the world showed up to an indoctrination camp setup for max economic activity/tax revenue. Felt out of this world and I struggled to define wtf a Canadian was .. What's their identity/drive beyond surviving and following some pre-planned script.

Expand on a possible timeline of this being realize and potential 'end games'

I've heard that Toronto is going to accept anyone with a STEM degree to become something like a tech utopia (not sure how that would work out senpai), is this true?

yep, socialism is fucking amazing isn't it?

Are you kidding me? Refugees get startup cheques from Trudeau of $5K/couple plus $2.5K/kid. So the average Syrian family with 7 kids nearly $20K cash, and they can bring in similar cash without it affecting their gibs.

Then they get welfare, dental, health care, $2K/month per couple and then they get $10K/year/kid, so they get about $75K a year tax free

Define the youth sentiment .. What do you guys dream of? What careers do you see yourselves in? What are the typical goals of young people?

And since they don't work, how do they boost their income.. that's right, more kids. Then their kids have kids and receive welfare+ the childbenefit and live under the same roof.

Oh they also get free housing

I haven't heard this. I live in that shithole.
Honestly though, I rarely follow any local news.
As others pointed out, it's fucking insane the virtue signaling constantly.
CBC makes CNN look like Fox News on roids.
The only positive is people with degree, even people with just jobs, are way less likely to do criminal shit.
I try to stay positive, or I would hang myself.

Any articles or hard data on those numbers?

They're trying this and huge money is being dumped into it via big tech companies and University of Toronto but it seems to be failing to gain traction. I'm seems aimed at taking advantage of international STEM students who might be increasingly shut out of the U.S. However, like with the current systemic problem of Canada, there is no overarching drive/engine or establishment to make sure it gains traction. You can't just throw people + money and expect it all to go well somehow. I feel like it will be an abject failure in the end that at best serves to be a hub for infusing tech into local businesses as opposed to producing it for the international consumption.


I think a country would do well to have a containment zone for the best tech workers in the world, as it's better to "hold the cards" than let another country "hold the cards" but at the same time this country must protect the integrity of its people and culture. Completely "self-sufficient" countries like North Korea and Democratic Kampuchea ultimately fail as the world passes them by, but free-for-all countries will eventually become colonized and then replaced as well.

Well thats just not true.
The Syrians did get some bonuses that no other immigrants got, but were talking 20k people.
The other 280k got fuck all.
You get no perks at all, zero.
Welfare is $600/month and the ave 1bdrm is $1200.
I already said without kids. Kids are worth $550/m each, to a max of 5. Having 7 counts as 5.
If you are older than 65, you get pension (sad right?) of $1200/month
All kids get free dental, even mine
The max a couple can score on Welfare is $3750/m and that's with 5 kids. No 75k/year.
Not defending this shit, but this is the accurate picture

Jesus... I guess we know where the gains from the insane taxation are going. It honestly seems like they're just dead set on growing head count for now and are dumping gobs of money into it. Running the provinces like facebook :
> Get tons of users on the platform burning through tons of money and then start capitalizing on it once they're stuck and have cemented roots.

Canada Immigration has a page dedicated to STEM DACA/H1-B's (non-whites of course) encouragint to come to Canada (where salaries are 1/3)

Most do work though.
Our unemployment comes from guess who? They come from Wakanda.
95% of mussies work here.
You get that $550 a kid, even if you work. Well not quite, but close. I get $1200 for my 3, and I make about 70k/year

Boomers did this. They were brainwashed by the late 60s. Freelove, Beatles, Drugs, Flower Power, Communes etc.

We in the former USSR lucky dodged this. We had our own BIG issues during that time...

$7K a kid, plus $3K if they have a disability, so the shitskins go to their shitskin doctors and get some BS diagnosis like ADHD.

>pic related

Also white people can't get it because its clawed back aggressively after $30K, so its designed for shitskins.

They tried this in Montreal a while back by zoning and subsidizing for tech media companies.
Most companies left as soon as the subsidies stopped. Most likely all sorts of shenanigans went down behind the scenes and taxe payers got fucked.é_du_Multimédia

>It's the current year. Your argument is invalid.

>step daughter
>finance degree

Do not get a finance degree. Its useless. More and more people are using online tools to complete their financial tasks

t. finance degree holder working in financial services

Good. Marijuana is a modern day equivalent to the bread and circuses the crumbling Roman empire placated its citizens with while everything turned to shit and fell apart.

>where salaries are 1/3)
Yeah, that's the kicker + housing is just as expensive as California. No one I know in the states with H1-B-Stem wants to go Canada voluntarily. They only do so if they have visa issues and then only temporarily until they get sorted. A good number of tech companies have remote/satellite campuses for this reason to temporarily hold over employees from the states that have Visa issues until the problems are resolved. I wish the other leaves would respond to my inquiries. It doesn't seem they are keen on having actual discussions. That 'dude weed' attention span.

JUST a friendly reminder that Syrian refugee families get the equivalent of $893,626.31/year in gibs thanks to Cuckdeau. They also get free Dental (Canadians do not get this), Vision and Platinum health care with everything covered, no fees and immediate access to a family doctor— the doctor can even meet them at the airport! (Canadians have to wait 5 years to find a family doctor). They also get free Rx, Daycare, University tuition, and free food/clothes/job training $$ from government funded settlement organizations (just more free gibs) but I'll exclude it from the Gibs Matematics model for now. Many also work on the side in kebab shops.

Model Input: Mohammed, 4 Aishas, 20 Mohammeds (25 members)

>Refugee Gibs Matematics

Gib Housing: $10,000/month (for accommodation in Toronto to house 25 family members)
Gib Government Refugee Money: $700 per adult/month
Gib Canada Child Benefit: $533.33/month/kebab
Gib Ontario Child Benefit: $113/month/kebab
Gib GST/HST Tax Refund: $875/quarter/family
Gib Ontario Sales Tax Credit: $542.66/month/family
Gib Free Dental Platinum Plan: $2000/kebab/year
Gib Free Platinum Health Care: $2000/kebab/year
Gib Free Platinum Vision Care: $1000/kebab/year

Total Annual:
Gib Housing: $120,000
Gib Government Refugee Money: $42,000
Gib Canada Child Benefit: $128,000
Gib Ontario Child Benefit: $27,120
Gib GST/HST Tax Refund: $3,500
Gib Ontario Sales Tax Credit: $6,511.84
Gib Free Dental Platinum Plan: $50,000
Gib Free Platinum Health Care: $50,000
Gib Free Platinum Vision Insurance: $25,000

>$207,131.84/year cash + $120,000 housing benefit + $75,000 in luxury health care
>Assuming a tax rate of 55%, 215142/(1-0.55)=893626.31

That’s a pre-tax equivalent of $893,626.31.

They also get a non-repayable, tax-free one-time start-up allowance of $65K, and can bring up to $62.5K cash without it affecting their gibs.

Thank you very much for this historical context. It appears the same thing is occurring in Toronto then. They are providing a special zone I think near the docks, giving them subsidies, doing infrastructure deals, etc. What is obviously failing is the attraction of talent. The weather coupled with high cost of living, low wages, a lack of things to do, etc isn't proving to be a good proposition to some of the most brilliant minds who have alternatives. Going to do some reading on your link. Thank you very much.

Dude, that's wrong. It's just not cutting you off.
You can only receive money for 5 kids.
White people get the exact same. I have no clue what you are talking about.
Child benefit 10k a month, get the fuck outta here.

This is the only artist/painter I respect. He makes conservative art & is a Canadian. After reading this Canada thread wow

>be China
>monopolize on technology (porcelain, silk, paper..) secrets for eons
>Europeans beg for trade secrets of Chinese technology
>Anglos start wars to open free trade
>allow trade on condition that your Chinese citizens move to US and learn technology of west
>ban westerners from controlling business and doing the same in your land
>continue strategy of extracting all of western science and technology secrets for the next hundred years
>copy and replace western products
>westerners transfer all technology to you
>settle Chinese in western lands
>total replacement of gwailo
>mission complete

>muh cheap shit, buys five billion dragon dildos from China to sell them at a markup
>communist party grows bigger from my purchases, becomes militarily powerful
>starts establishing military bases on artificial islands
>surrounds the USA
>Chinese start a war
>fight back with dragon dildo collection, it is ineffective
>Chinese win using stolen American technology - but it's not really theft because IP doesn't real
>China takes over the USA and enslaves everyone
>Captian Chingchong comes into my house and sees I am a degenerate ferengi
>muh constitution is ripped off the wall and burned
>muh guns are confiscated
>muh remaining dragon dildos are confiscated
>sent to a labor camp to make guns for red army
>a tear streams down my face
>a tear of joy from selling a lump of coal to another prisoner for a 2 cent markup
>free market über alles

Yeah, Mohammed works at the kebab hut and takes in cash under the table, all undeclared of course. And welfare workers NEVER question anything of shitskins, as they are ordered to only give them the most benefits, where a white person is stone walled and rejected and has toapply multiple times, then they check your finances regularlyie must hand in bank account statements certified within 5 days or you're cut off etc.

The max a couple can score on Welfare is $3750/m and that's with 5 kids

Wrong, the CCCB and HST refunds are not counted as income for welfare.

^this guy gets it. The timeliness of its legality and its association w/ brainlet idiocy isn't by mistake. You can observe a good number of otherwise stir crazy individuals become pacified derps on it who are content living eroded lives if only to get off work and dude weed it up w/ the bros and hoes.

Again, you numbers are based off a flaw in a website.
Also, the more people on welfare at the same address, the less it is. You don't all get full benefits.
Your 900k/year numbers are smoking crack levels.

>You wanted mass immigration

Lol no, it was imposed by elite consensus and no one in the 60s/70s had enough balls to shoot them for it.

wtf, the first one is where i live lmao

There is no limit

>Clawback scheme
We start to reduce the amount of CCB you get when your adjusted family net income (AFNI) is over $30,000. The reduction is calculated as follows:

families with one eligible child: the reduction is 7% of the amount of AFNI between $30,000 and $65,000, plus 3.2% of the amount of AFNI over $65,000

families with two eligible children: the reduction is 13.5% of the amount of AFNI between $30,000 and $65,000, plus 5.7% of the amount of AFNI over $65,000

families with three eligible children: the reduction is 19% of the amount of AFNI between $30,000 and $65,000, plus 8% of the amount of AFNI over $65,000

families with four or more eligible children: the reduction is 23% of the amount of AFNI between $30,000 and $65,000, plus 9.5% of the amount of AFNI over $65,000

>four or more

there is no cap of 5. The calculator lets you put in 25+.

at least you won the cold war :^)

If you're seriously advocating for proportional representation, or direct democracy you need to gas yourself.

With either/or you end up with the front page of reddit except instead of reddit it's your parliament.

Canada will balkanize very soon. Perhaps even before boomers finally kick the bucket. GTA will become a city-state.

You have no idea what you are talking about.
I work in the system.
If you are on Welfare, they have full access to your bank account. You cannot use the banks to hide money.
Benefits are standard, and everyone receives the same. You know how many trashy mudsharks are collecting?
HST refunds are small.
We get $151 3x a year. That's with 3 kids.

Shitskin spotted, it happened literally because shitskins couldn't pay back their loans

Solid post up to the point of a discussion of war.
There is no victor in WW3, just unimaginable destruction.
As such, it will occur by mistake or in a bid to collectively reset the world.

IP is real. Everything is cyclical. The thief eventually has a reckoning in proportion to their theft. There are no shortcuts in life. Myopic is the one who steals/cheats his way to quickly get ahead. Eventually they face an unforeseen reckoning as they never focused or understood the reasoning/purpose of the person whose coat tails they rode on.

China's not enslaving anyone nor is any other super power. Not in a well established nuclear age. Again, WW3 ends in unimaginable destruction. You had a good post up until China dominating the world militarily. That part is an utter fucking joke.

La meute are terrible at PR. A group that really is just conservative flies the Black and white colors and look like ISIS, when they're just boomers. Bravo

Expand on this. Who are these 'elites' who rule over Canada?


Bin Laden chose 9/11 because it was the date of the battle of Vienna. Google it. Essential date for understanding Jihadist ideology.

On that day Christianity defeated Islam & sent their Ottoman Caliphate into permanent decline ever since. Stopped them from conquering all of Europe!

Because the Calculator is not filtered correctly.
Go ahead, trust a calculator over someone that works in the system. I don't really care.
If you're numbers were correct, nobody would work.
Why is there an Afghan working with me, who has 4 kids, and he makes 70k? He must be retarded not to go on Welfare and clear 100k tax free.

>antagonizing whites by fucking up their countries will bring peace to the Jews

How mentally ill are these people?

Go find a gov site where it states there is a cap of 5.
You can't.

It's what you would have to earn to receive the same income and benefits pre-tax if you had 4 wives and 20 kids. An extreme example but it gives you an idea of how much these large refugee families cost. The average family size for syrian refugees is 7, and many have teen girls, who get married at 15 and pop out kids etc.

>God I love globalism and living in a place that people want to move to from all over the world

and where everyone of them are subsidized heavily to do so using your tax money! Lowering your wages, job opportunities, and requiring you to live in ghetto's!

You're a special kind of retarded.

>I don't really care.
let me guess you are acting out of 'concern'?

There is virtually no reason for China to ever war with the West when they could just important millions of thousands of Chinese a year and gradually colonize it ethnically.
Why on Earth would you economically impair a nation that will be yours in 100 or 200 years? That's not a good investment.

If you don't think this is happening now, and if you don't think this will intensify over the following decades, you are stuck in an historical mindset at odds with how contemporary politics play out.

China won't even need military power, although their economic domination of the world will lead to them politically dominating the Eurasia/Americas/Africa and colonizing geographically that way.

The invasion would happen a different way. Soon rich Chinese men will start taking Australian women as wives, since Australian men will not have the money or social status to be worthy anymore. They'll breed out Australia's whiteness.

The Australian men will have to breed with the abo's. Thus further diverging the pools.

also opiod crisis is an extension of Chinese colonization and white genocide

In 2011 the number of Canadians identified as European was 77% of the total or about 25 million, there's probably some weird Census stuff going on in 2016 that you're not getting.

This is in my city, and there was no black people here before they started bringing refugees. If it's a crime to purposely give people aids here soon it won't be.

It's a pasta created by a Canadian who researched all of it you fucking slav newfag

Holy fuck, and I was surprised that my province was only 70% white. This is bad.

Really bad.


I'll probably have to move to the USA in my lifetime I guess. Fuck.

>tfw i was born right when the downfall of canada started

FUCK me I'm just starting to get out on my own now and you niggers have ruined everything

>One year after the first of 35,000 Syrian refugees landed in Canada, only half of all adults — approximately 9,000 individuals — have found work.


That's just Syrians, the nigger numbers are even lower. And the vast majority of them work for min wage, so they get full benefits anyways. In Germany, the government found like 5 out of 1M rapefugees found work.

You're spending your resources on another man's offspring.

You are a degenerate Canadian.


>Chinese expansion
>Chinese drug cartels are the shadow government that holds the real power in Australia/Canada

>Chinese government legally defines “Chinese” to include all Chinese abroad irrespective of actual citizenship status
>Overseas Chinese are the responsibility of the Chinese Government

The Chinese government even risks clashing with foreign governments by claiming of jurisdiction over their ethnic-Han citizens of foreign countries living abroad.

Last year the government of Malaysia (where the Han population is 25%) censured the Chinese ambassador when he declared that China “would not sit idly by” if its “national interests” and the “interests of Chinese citizens” were violated.

ethnic Han whose families left for other countries generations ago are often regarded as part of a coherent national group, both by China’s government and people.

Chinese authorities considered that his foreign passport was superseded by birth and ethnicity: both Mr Gui and Mr Lee are Han, the ethnic group that makes up 92% of mainland China’s population.

>Chinese government is refusing to recognize Canadian citizenship when granting visas to those with roots in Hong Kong or Mainland China.



the refugees are doing work, they're just doing it under the table. Stuff like landscaping, manual labor, ect. So they double dip, they earn money from work and get gov't gibs at the same time, then get payed to go to university as well during the rest of the year.

I quoted the European only numbers, so people who are from Europe and aren't mixed. There's lots of HAPAs/Hybrids in Canada and they check say Italy and Chinese and they're counted as European. That number is for people who checked only European countries.

that's looks like Bergen.

I heard Canadian Natives get 2% of GDP

>Why do whites hate their kids so much?

Because most of them had kids either by accident or had them because they're fun to play with and show off to their friends. But when they get older and become self-aware, they are abandoned to 12 years of indoctrination camp and saddled with accumulated debts and excessive taxes.

Don't procreate.

The Chinese government have stated openly that Siberia and Australia will be theirs by the end of the century.

Why would they need to invade when they can just buy up what they want from our cucked government

>Buy key utilities and infrastructure
>Buy all housing
>Install China sympathisers in key government roles
>Flood the country with Chinese students and workers
>Country becomes defacto satellite state withuot a drop of blood spilled

Refugees“ also get a start-up cheque in tax-free cash. This works out to $30,875 - $32,075 for a family with 1 Mohammed, 2 Aishas and 10 kebabs.

Refugee Assistance Program Allowances (page 16-22)
Housing Supplement: $100/month, $1200 total
Staple (basic food/cleaning): $175 + $75 per kebab, $1075 total
Basic Household Needs (furnishing): Couple w/ 3 kebabs: $3515 + $350/kebab, $6315 tot al
Utility (phone/water/gas/hydro): Unlimited, ~$300 total
Clothing (normal): $325 per adult, $250 per child, $3475 total
Clothing (winter, on top of normal): $175 per adult, $125 per child, $1775 total
Transportation (public transit, subway+bus, paid for full year): Toronto Subway/Bus, $146.25/month, 0-12 free. 3 adults, 4/10 kids 13+, 7 total. $1755/year/pass, $12285 total
Maternity: $75/month for diet, $200 one-time for maternity clothing. $875 per pregnancy. Assume both wives get pregnant, $1750 total.
New Kebab allowance: $750-one time. 2 new kids, $1500 total.
School Startup (ages 4-21): $150/school year. If arriving such that 2 Augusts are in 12 month period, it’s $150 x2 per kebab. 8 kids 4-21, $1200-2400.
Special Allowance (not specified, anything approved): No Limit

Total: $30,875 - $32,075 cash in allowances.

German blonde told EU she would pay rapefugers for life in shit country like poland,ukraine etc.

> colonize
That chapter in human history ended some time ago. The last colonial empire was Britain. China will no doubt try this in Africa and will be BTFO. The stage hasn't even been set for this yet but it will be a comical period of observation.

> If you don't think this is happening now, and if you don't think this will intensify over the following decades, you are stuck in an historical mindset at odds with how contemporary politics play out.
You're claiming an old and beaten down happening of human history will continue to repeat. You're the one stuck in a historical mindset. China is setting up infrastructure, economic relationships, man power, and pushing its people into Africa... It doesn't mean they'll be a success. Hilariously, name one group who has ever succeeded. Also, it seems you're mistaken in a belief that they will be allowed to do this unchecked.

You cannot economical dominate the world as economics are established through trade agreements that can be terminated/adjusted when skew happens. Economic agreements lead to political influence and such influence is fragile and chaotic. There is more than one bidder at an auction and dishonorable savages don't play by rules or agreements.

> muh breeding
> muh blood line infuence
> muh colonization

World's a different place. Get your head out of the history books and see it for what it is. No one holds sway or influence over the future. The world is trending towards more chaos not order. Tons of money/energy are being expending trying to maintain order and they're losing.

Not yet we're not. NDP will pull votes from the Liberals next election. Jasmeet will pull the minority vote. Quebec and many of the actual Canadian population will vote conservative next election. Do not count out the Quebecois or the Natives. When the natives see that they are under thread to be .001 of the population and the imports give no fucks they will fight. Signs are already there. The 70's saw a bomb a month go off for nearly a decade in Quebec. We're not done yet.

I may be a degenerate but she will grow up in a loving household with brothers and sisters, and strong family values, reducing the chance that she will contribute to the poverty cycle

I want to learn about investing and investment banking. I believe in the coming years there will be great leaps and bounds in the finance field



May as well just kill myself right now. Bury me in a real country
or at sea.
Anywhere that's not Cucknada

You have to understand the reason why this is happening.

There are millions of boomers for whom immigration = higher property values and cozier retirement.

For some, it's simply that they don't have children and therefore don't care what happens to the future.

For others, they just don't give a shit about their children. 18-out-the-door-and-good-luck.

What this means is that hopefully, you got to enjoy the prosperity of the 90s and 2000s at least. Because it'll never be as good as it was.

JUST a daily reminder to kys before Trudeau does

The difference between us and Germany is we have a huge established infrastructure to help get migrants jobs. Government job centers, grants for hiring foreigners, diversity mandates, government language training, dedicated integration offices and welfare workers around to ensure they have food, housing, a car, a phone, etc. And still only half get jobs.

they bought Darwin Harbor. We sold our Port to Chinee Gommie Dickpotatoes.

meanwhile we dont have enough money for our vets as theyre "asking for too much"

fuck this country

Oh I forgot these poor refugees can bring $2.5K/person cash without it affecting their gibs. So $32.5K cash they can bring with them, get a startup cheque for $30K+ and start receiving all the benefits and cash.

>all these people talking about leaving the country before / after it collaspes
>all these people who won't stay and rebuild from the ashes
You won't be welcomed back.

Literal plan is to go off grid and homestead after the needed wealth is acquired, in other words I’ll go work in the USA for a decade or so. If it’s too fucked to go back then at least I’m ahead of the game as far as us leafs go

you can bring any amount below $10k before they care, thats pretty standard

>Just over half of the adults among the 9,000 Syrian refugees who have been privately sponsored in Canada, largely by churches and other religious organizations, have jobs, Immigration official Chantal Goyette said in a talk delivered at the March Metropolis conference in Montreal.

But only 10 per cent of the adults among the 15,000 refugees who are categorized as “government-assisted,” and who are typically less educated, have jobs in Canada, said Goyette

lel, less than 10% of govt refugees get work.


>The immigration department says 62 per cent of the 26,000 Syrians who have come to Canada speak neither French nor English, which is a lower rate of fluency than among previous refugees to Canada.

>Learning English, Hosgood adds, is especially difficult for the significant number of Syrian refugee adults who are not able to read or write in their native Arabic.

Literally bringing in illiterate shitskins and you guys think they will ever work a day in their life?

>Although Trudeau and federal cabinet ministers have frequently posed for photo opportunities with Syrian refugees who are doctors or other professionals, the Immigration Department report makes clear that most jobs so far obtained by Syrian refugees are typically in the low-paying service and restaurant sector, or in construction.

Yup, I knew a "my wife's son" guy who worked his fingers to the bone for a wife that treated him like shit and a (half-Mexican) adopted son that changed his last name to his biological father's, but he quipped about his "bud (B*dweiser) and bud (marijuana bud)" to take his mind off things. Huxley called it soma in 1932, I can't believe how long ago that book was published considering the state of the world today.

Jews and shabbos goyim, same as everywhere else. Pearson/Trudeau Sr. were communists who spent 2 decades straight pozzing up Canada's laws and culture with full (((media))) backing.

The PCP nominally opposed the poz until Mulroney was elected leader in 1983; since then Canadians have had no ability to vote their way out of this situation.

No that's standard FINTRAC/Anti-Money Laundering that most countries require, it's completely different. If they declare the cash or wire it from abroad it's nothing.

>said Goyette

Go read your own site again
After 30k you lose 23% of you child payment
They 10% of every dollar you make after 65k
So even if there is no max, and you have 10 kids, at $500 on ave each = 50k.
They then take 23% of that = 11.5k
= 38.5k a year.
That's 10 fucking kids

> mfw every retard wants to get involved in finance/business that contribute nothing to the world but no one wants to work a productive job that actually produces something
> mfw you realize this obviously isn't sustainable
> mfw muh finance types obviously are as dumb as bricks and didn't get the memo that they've all been replaced by computers and algos

Before : trade floor stamford_0.jpg
After :
see pic

hey welcome to burbank california

I'm roughing it out atm, working 55 hours week trying to build myself up but it all just looks so bleak.


It's only standard income like wages and welfare. But since you don't get above $30K from welfare they get the full benefit, where as a white family with a salary of $80K get fuck all.

The market is going to crash just as these dumbasses begin draw downs from equity markets which will spill over into a fresh property value collapse. No one learned from 2008. This time it will be much bigger. Money cannot be created out of thin air. You can't keep passing the buck. You can't have $600k homes when people are averaging $17/hr.

It's $7K a year, plus if you bribe a Muslim doc to get your kids certified retarded you get an $3K more a year plus you also get a provincial kid benefit.


>>everyone does weed
I'd say half the people I've met smoke weed unless they're immigrants but nearly all young immigrants smoke it regularly
>>parents blaze with kids
In hs kids claimed this but it was always low class
>>buying bongs for Christmas
I don't know anyone who does this but not surprised
>>nobody cares about what race they are or the people around them
True, I thought racism was actually not a thing anymore until recently. I see more racism between immigrants than anything, now I'm super racist because everyone hates white people so fuck them.
>>the most 2008 9gag atheist arguments ever
True, I only know two Christians, there are a bunch of Mormons and a couple Jehovah witnesses but most Christians are eastern European or Asian. White Canadians aren't religious.
>>whole life revolves around drinking getting high
I liked drinking with friends in my 20s but still did shit, I don't drink alcohol anymore and I never did drugs
>>casual sex is common, going from relationship to relationship in short spans too
This is true depending on what kind of lifestyle you lead.
>>parents kick their kids out as soon as possible
Tends to be true for poor families, middle class kids live at home till late 20s
>>most people divorced or never married
Most people are married/divorced
>>half sisters half brothers step dads and moms everywhere
Most of my friends parents are married none of them have anything like that, I saw more of that in hs 20 years ago
>>parents dont give kids nay support once they kick them out
White Canadian families don't really they usually can't afford to or we don't have the family unit mentality the same way immigrant families do. My parents won't pay for my wedding and probably won't leave us much they'll spend it before they die on themselves and that's what I want for them so they can live their lives to the fullest.

How to Polish food-roll please tell me it looks damn good!?

Live in Windsor, based af town. Only problem is schools accepted a shit ton of international students... all fucking indian. Apart from that everyone here is based af, niggers hang out with niggers, whites are all conservative af and hate trudeou, everyone is dating their own race, everyone makes fun of gays. Love Windsor desu

We can still have hope, we could win the lottery, land a gov't job, immigrate south or die early. We got fucked by Globalism with Trudeau senior and it ends with Trudeau junior.

by fucking god they should not be allowed anywhere outside of china

this is the one thing which the global elitist need to understand

I trade secret Polish recipe for one of your beautiful blonde Nordic babes, deal?

Didn't you get the memo that the illegals take the jobs that we won't do, which is why nobody had a clean house until recent decades.

> there wont be anything desirable to come back to
> this is what happens when you flood your country w/ foreigners and cuck yourselves
> this is what happens when you have no national identity and don't impress it upon immigrants.
> they come for the good times and leave once they're gone.
> no loyalty as you yourselves don't even have any towards your own people
> Huxley called it soma in 1932,
Going to look into this. Thanks for the bread.
> Pearson..
Are you referring to : Lester B. Pearson ?
Also, thank you for the bread.
You sound like a number of youths I talk to .. Working their ass off for meager wages in Canada trying to build a most basic foundation to try to make moves from

How about us Londoners, we have allot more to worry about plus no one gives a fuck about a country thats not real

Hoki Doki wat do/search?

so spread the fuck out if you're so worried about being spread like sardines, pussy. send the newly arrived indians to go powwow out with the homegrown indians. maybe train those helpless africans how to make a tipis and better beaver mounds

Trudeau and Butt are placing rapefugees now in formerly White cities to make them majority shitskin


asiatics/africans are not as formal, structured or orderly as europeans. they are more fluid, dynamic, organic, and deceptive. just look at gypsies and how a primitive illiterate tribal group from india managed to colonize europe and succeeded in extracting wealth of entire empires.

colonization is about invasion and replacing the inhabitants of a region with the invading stock- irregardless of being a classic empire.

as whites go extinct so will their globalist policies. the continuation of of multiculti politics will cease as the asiatic cultures in western countries revert to their own nationalism with the rise and dominance of asia.

china and india are playing the long game, organically and naturally based on the time tested drive of genetics. europeans apply globalist theories that have resulted in their own genetics, culture, civilization to disappear. with genetics goes the culture and ideology. globalism will go the way of the last white.

Your high school didn't make you read Brave New World? Even my parents' did, I discussed it with them while I was reading it. I highly recommend it. Maybe it's being taken out of high school because it's hitting too close to home.

I doubt it. Tech jobs wages are shit in Canada compared to the USA.

Hell they're more shit than some EU countries.

>Are you referring to : Lester B. Pearson ?

Yeah, Trudeau was his Justice Minister and legalized abortion/homosexuality under his watch.

It might be the only way

im almost done, wont finish like a bitch tho so cya :)

Plus you freeze your ass off half of the year.

This rakes the leaf

>Money cannot be created out of thin air. You can't keep passing the buck. You can't have $600k homes when people are averaging $17/hr.

The money didn't just come out of thin air. A lot of it is foreign investement.

Canada needs to do what every other sensible country would do and just stop foreigners from buying housing.

What do I propose? Significantly reduce immigration, revamp the TFW program so they cost MORE than Canadian labour and use them only in the highest and lowest tiers of employment (CTO and farm labour). Give every pair of Canadians bound by common law a generous loan that they have to pay less back when more children are born. Reneg on abortion rights, leave it for the children of rape victims and those cursed with disabilities. Make adopted orphans acceptable subjects for loan reduction. Make education free with a high entrance requirements. Help less refugees and give the ones we're helping less. Change our real estate laws and make Canadian homes for Canadian citizens exclusively. In the long-term, develop a negative income tax. Work harder to craft a national identity and be rid of this postnational identity.

Thats my plan at this point, I want fucking nothing to do with cities. Never been materialistic honestly if I have my white children, white wife and german shepherd out in the countryside with tea and books Ill be happy.

Actually the case with finland also

woah there BUCKO this sounds familiar

We should start seizing Chinese property as the proceeds of crime.

That would solve 90% of this problem overnight. The Chinks and their dirty money will scamper away like roaches from the light.

What do you want to know? The three fund approach has proven to be a very effective means of saving for retiring. Investment banking is a joke. Do you really want to work 10-12/day 6days a week? Say goodbye to family life and your wife's son

but then the boomers wont be able to retire on a beach in thailand

>quarantining Asia/Africa/Mexico
the 1st world could have closed itself off and the wealth and development of the 1st world would remain for the natives.

instead of isolating the 1st world from the 3rd world, Soros' Metropolis Project invited the 3rd world army to rape and pillage of the 1st world.

what would 1st world societies be like today if they weren't subjected to Soros' militant campaigns and instead protected themselves from the 3rd world with an iron curtain?
globalism has failed many times. remember the same globalist think tank assholes created USSR, taliban, Nazi Germany, and now super power China

USSR wouldnt have been the monster it was if the US industrialists didnt transfer their industry to USSR ~100 years ago. Ford, GM... all setup factories in USSR thinking it was good for business.

the Soviets then kicked out and gulag'd the americans and kept the industries for free without paying a cent to the western industrialists

globalism: pretty fuckin retarded

How America Helped Build The Soviet Machine

How We Built the Soviet Might

>just stop foreigners from buying housing.

BC here, the provincial government is completely bought and paid for. There will be no such legislation.

More generally, Canada is fucked. The government is putting the pedal to the metal; expect busloads of migrants to start getting dumped in every small town around the country within ~5 years. By the 2026 census they'll drop the mask completely and reveal that we're under 50% white, which under FPTP voting means that the democratic option will be off the table for good.

At that point our only real options are to file a refugee claim elsewhere or get ready for the civil war to finally go hot.

That's why I'm a western separatist and I've already helped quite a few people my age come to this conclusion as well. The east caused all this we shouldn't be drug down with them

No it's:
>I made millions of dollars in net income over the course of my life and I'm still in debt and cannot afford to retire.

You're referring to an old and historic game not the shape of things to come. No doubt the idiots of asia pacific will try this old tired game of human history and its whereby they will face their myopic failure/defeat. I look forward to observing the outcomes of this stupidity. Colonization never has worked out in Africa... I will enjoy watching the chinks/Indians try their hand at it. As for what is the shape of things to come, that is for no man to know. It's clear that human kind has collectively lost their minds and the narrative along with it. Get some popcorn and enjoy the show.
Thank you again.
> The money didn't just come out of thin air. A lot of it is foreign investement.
You're not understanding me. If you dont have domestic jobs to support a market mandating cost of living, eventually the market collapses in normalization with wages. You can't do anything to stop this.
> Canada needs to do what every other sensible country would do and just stop foreigners from buying housing.
They wont because politicians don't actually give a fuck about the people. They see unaffordable housing as a form of pressure to squeeze more productivity out of plebs. Thus, even though it clearly causes suffering, they see it as a force to manifest increased productivity, economic growth, and grow their sim cities. Suffering w/o unrest is an ideal growth environment to them. It's not a problem. It's a catalyst of growth.

I'm legitimately with you. My dream is to be a gun for hire. Shooting commie chinks would be a bonus.

He's an Albertan. Take some time to look at how the voting system and transfer payments work here. It's Ontario and Quebec that fucked it western provinces just need to declare independence Canada as a whole cant be fixed

That really is true.

It wasn't western bureaucrats going along with Soros.

>globalism has failed many times.
They're still trying using old and new methods. It's kind of hilarious and pathetic at this point because you see how increasingly harder they're fighting nature that will eventually win.

The solution is that we need to turn to separatism and we need to help eachother regardless of province as we have a common goal. Quebec separatists need to help western separatists need to help Newfoundland separatists etc

>academic globalist theory applied to real world issues
repeating the same mistake of academic white south africans in managing their demographic situation

A century ago, South African whites still enjoyed demographic parity with blacks and were a majority in most towns and cities. In 1950, demographers sympathetic to the National Party shocked everyone at a Stellenbosch University conference by stating that the black population could grow from 8 million to 20 million by 2000. This prediction seemed so outlandish no one believed it. The recent census confirmed that blacks now represent 40 million, far overshooting the “nightmare scenario” of 1950

asitatics have a successful model to exploit situations via demographics. they can just copy soros's destabilization tactics and apply it for their national interest

Conservatives are just as butt-fuck retarded though.

The eastern government though. Bureaucrats went along with soros yes but you'd be lying if you said the majority of easterners didn't support this shit outright

Canada has been fucked up from the beginning. It needed to have split into multiple countries 40 years ago

>Significantly reduce immigration

We're far beyond that now. A total halt to non-white immigration could have saved us in the 80s, as it is now well over 5 million people are going to have to leave if we're to get our country back.

Canada is definitely going to collapse, it's just a matter of how and how long. I'm hoping we can create New Singapore here in BC by blockading most of the GVA and requiring all foreigners to move there.

Don't vote in the federal election instead campaign for independence of your province

This, demographic prediction is the most unreliable forecasts out there, things can change on a dime.

Look at Canada. Literally 95% White 3 decades ago and now 53% as of 2016, probably under 50% within a year

BC used to be absolutely based

>5 million
There's only 19.7M White Europeans compared to 18.3M non-whites.


I remember our teachers hating the shit out of the mandated "social studies" crap from back east in the '90s.

Ontario and Quebec's stupid feud destroyed the country.

kw IS NOT A BIG CITY, and with the exception of the universities, kw was overwhelmingly white just a few years ago. The cities are always the first to go.
clearly you are stuck in your farm bubble


The local reps in my city (kw) are all poos. Now what?

I live in Ontario and that's why I'm for balkanization.

Quebec, the Maritimes, and Prairies need to exit. It's too late for us ..

Canada is not a democracy.

Do you remember the 'referrendum' on capital punishment?

Canada will likely be the last country on earth to collapse you moron. You must be some Russian shill on a proxy.

2019 can't come soon enough. All political parties are cucked, but at least the others have the decency not to spit in our face while sucking globalist cock.

your parents ruined your future. what terrible parents. You need to remind them how they will be treated in their old age (ie forgotten)

fuck you and your 15$ min wage, you guys just undercut our wages you fucking nigger loving chinks need to suck a shotgun

Soros is a fucking idiot whose lost control of his own Narrative and is lately fishing for understanding/control.
> destabilization tactics and apply it for their national interest
Which hilariously have, as of recent, spiraled into uncontrollable chaos that bleed national interest. As I stated, it will be a hilarious period of observation. They are no doubt working per the playbook and its going to be hilarious watching it all fall apart. People have become so delusional in their pursuits that they themselves have become lost in the sauce.


Why are you so angry?

Maritimers got fucked again thanks to (((Ontarioans))))

I think I'm BC the majority of foreigners will fuck off anyway to somewhere else when we declare independence because our foreigners are all opportunists who went to Vancouver to basically spend their dads money or launder their ill gotten gains. They'll move to greener pastures if an independent BC made it hard for them and the few that remain can be given designated parts of town where they are to live

All of BCs nonwhites except the (feather) Indians are in Vancouver and said Indians don't really bother anyone