You're all whiny fags who are dumber than Jews

> Jews are always lying to us
> Jews control everything
> Jews scam us and steal our money
> we need to get rid of Jews because they are dishonest

sounds just like a nigger saying
> whites control everything
> whites lie to us
> whites scam us
> we need to get rid of whites because they are 'dishonest'

It's cause their deficient apes compared to whites.

> Blacks Whites

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gas yourself faggot

Hi Schlomo. Do you want to sit down to talk about securing the wests borders or do you want to talk about the final solution to the jewish question.

The ball is on your court.

So, that's today's raid ?
Some faggot saying "The Greatest Story Never Told" is shit, and then you, saying white people whine a lot ?
I don't know how much you guys are getting paid for posting that shit, but it's too much...

I don't see why a fag would go to bat for the Jews. Do you want to talk about your sexual life?

Thats right. Stormfags are white niggers.

Hey there Mohammed. I'm not in a nation that needs to worry about it's border.


I'm not a fag. I'm just LARPing as a faggot for the memes.


Hey Jamal. Rebut the point rather than niggering around.

So you don't want to talk about Jews or sex? What else is there in your life to be happy about?

Israel needs 'regime change' in the form of a vertical insertion of US Marines over Tel Aviv, seizing the whole of the Israeli government.

Locate and neutralize Israel's submarine fleet and nuclear arsenal before "The Sampson Option" can be inflicted on Europe.

Jewry worldwide would need to be identified and neutralized. Possibly round them all up.

Jews need to be identified and removed from banking and media. Remove the tentacles one by one.

Fuck Israel.

I'd rather die than argue with an LGBT faggot as if we were somehow equals.
Homosexuals deserve the rope.

I do want to talk about Jews. I think Cred Forums's stance on them is unjustified. I'm not a faggot, I'm just using the flag for shits and giggles.

Ground forces would just be the clean-up crew. They'd be gone before you could count to 10 with the other tech we have.

A builder showing rightful anger at thieving parasites is not the same as an over-indulged pet whining at its owner for more food.

Have you ever even tried putting something up your ass? You seem very defensive about your sexuality and Jews.

So remove them because their smarter than you? Go take a shower, hippie.

Have you?

Yes. Now answer the question.

I'm not gay. I'm fucking shitposting jesus.


>dumber than Jews
>'their' deficient apes

kek. fucking retard faggot.

Delusional, the whole point of the subs is you won't find them before they fire.
Why do you think the Norks want subs so bad?
Seawater is an amazing shield for hiding nukes.

>I'm fucking shitposting jesus.


Reddit is down or something ?

You're missing out m8. Prostate feels like amazing, especially if your cock has been all Jewed up and doesn't feel like much.

Then just don't give to the parasite. Jesus, if the builder isn't a parasite than why is he an unskilled degenerate laborer. That isn't a parasite, its called a fucking boss, autist. If the builder was a skilled laborer, he wouldn't have to answer to anybody.

You basically thieved your way through the ages and still are....with malice...

its no surprise then that you got found out

Your so butthurt that you are probably the faggot here.

a shekel for the good goy

get gassed faggot kike

Accusatory inversion, now, keep revealing your Jewish power lvl, I love where this is going.

If they are theives, then why don't you defend your shekels? That's called natural selection.

Sounds just like a jew saying
> jews don't control everything
> jews don't lie to us
> jews don't scam us
> we don't need to get rid of jews because they are honest humble working men.

He didn't deny anything you illiterate fuck.

Dear Jamal,
If you have something against someone fucking around with a clear meme flag, you're a pure degenerate.


No we have a court system to prosecute people who commit crimes like thievery whether they are Jews or not.

You are just jealous of Jewish money and intelligence.

Ah shut the fuck up Fag, Hitler's UFO army is going to blow up you fuckin gaylords and kikes

Says the gypsy who can't take his hand off of the 'shift' key.

The modern judicial system has been taken over by freemasons. Judaism itself is a crime.

Jewish money and intelligence is just a scam, they're an extraterrestrial race of faggots

I understand you think you're some high lvl political troll, getting an epic laugh xDDD at Cred Forums because you're so much higher, but you're just a retarded faggot.

>You made nobody laugh
>You made nobody rage
>Nobody fell for it
>You're now arguing like a faggot, full damage control, calling names, lowest of the low

It's a chance for you that we are all anonymous, because you should feel deeply embarassed to ridicule yourself like that in front of everybody.

Daily reminder Hitler was on the side of good aliens

Shlomo, UR Rabbi needs help holding down another baby boy so he can slurp on his bloody stump.

If they are less intelligent, why are they so rich?
> "stealing"

If they steal, why aren't they all prosecuted by the criminal justice system?
> "its biased"

Fucking jealous autist. I see right through your freaking uneducated dumb point of view.

no its an unwanted hostile takeover from outsiders..
your numbers being called out as we write...its glorious to see you being cornered worldwide.

I bet a jew made this post

> Jews are always lying to us
> Jews control everything
> Jews scam us and steal our money
> we need to get rid of Jews because they are dishonest

Sounds just like a nigger saying
> whites are always lying to us
> whites control everything
> whites scam us and steal our money
> we need to get rid of whites because they are 'dishonest'

Sounds like a jew/gipsy saying
> Jews deserve to mix breed with you
> Jews deserve to try and kill you and then get angry when they fail
> Jews deserve to take all our money
> Jews are entitled to destroy civilizations and live in post apocalyptic worlds.
> Only one stand on top of the pyramid and only one can be illuminated
>Nobody else but the elites should be able to read, learn, have good jobs, have money, have territory, their own home not controlled by the king.
Jews just can't play along with one another, that's why they only know how to double cross one another throughout history. Also they're clinically insane.

As with freemasons, Jews honor an oath higher than the one they take in order to hold office. They're professional liars exploiting dumb goyim trying to have a high-trust society.

Answer my question.

My point is exactly that the goyim are less intelligent.

The fact that for millenia Jewish culture has rewarded intelligence and seeked knowlege and books as very important has led to them being extremely intelligent.

But that's not true at all. It's far less intelligent to take the Jewish angle on the Prisoner's Dilemma.

Ive been to Israel many times and I can say most of the jew hate is completely justified. American jews are worse by far but israeli jews come in a close second. To see first hand "people" gathering and cheering as bombs are dropped on other "people" is a sight to behold. Not to mention how often they fuck over the US and how many politicians are diehard israel supporters.

Simply put, jews are vile disgusting creatures that should be wiped from the face of the earth and history. And I dont need to read your dumbass post to know that.

That's not true. I live next to one a very big Jewish community. They're dumb as a box of rocks, completely backward, all focused on money and sex, debased, and they believe in magic.

>whites control everything
They're technically on the money. However, niggers think jews are white, so there is the misconception.

natural selection had nothing to do with it....Furthermore when we decide to corner you is that not natural selection too?

you see, you cant have it one way without recognizing that if we decide to make enemys of you because of your behaviours towards us then thats a fundamental principle involved in natural selection to protect against an enemy....

The poor us isnt working you wore it thin, what now?

when you actually think about it....

This actually makes a lot of sense


Jews project their deficiencies on everybody else. This is key to the Jewish community. That way they can all howl in fear and persecution together, justified in their inane howling like a bunch of infants who just had their penises chopped up as ritual sacrifice to their alleged g-d.

So we can't blame the Jews, but the Jews can blame everything on us and try to eradicate us, alright.

They literally blame us for everything and take no responsibility for their own crimes. If you tell the Jews they brought the holocaust on themselves they will cry antisemitism. The Jews always act as the victim and will cry out in pain as he strikes you. These fucking Jews do not understand they are responsible for what the hate they get. Kicked out of a 100 countries and it's somebodies else's fault?
The truth is antisemitic, whether you like it or not. Research the Weimar Republic, research the USSR, research the protocols of Zion, research all the wars they have and had their hand in and the destruction and suffering they caused, and dare to tell me they are fucking innocent.

A. Dont bring your faggot ass into my country.
B. Bend Over, Bitch.

Do you even understand what you're saying and how stupid it sounds?

Israel will be nuked, the prophecy says it.

I do understand. Jews are low-functioning imperfections who can't understand the world. They're basically wild animals, much like niggers.

no larp please

>research book for real value knowledge!
kys faggot
>jews blame everything
jews worked their ass off when they were suffering under the goyim regime while your grandparents were eating sauerkraut and fucking sheeps while munching on hay

>jews worked their ass off
Sure they did, in Auschwitz.

Not my fault my sister fell for some jews tricks. Idk why anyone would want to live in your shithole. Maybe you like it because your kind is on par with molluscs. Only good thing about israel is the dead sea. Fitting desu.

> They're basically wild animals, much like niggers.
> Jews make up only 0.2% of the world population, yet comprise 22% of Nobel laureates

The Nobel family got rich on eugenics, arms, and oil. Typical primitive accumulators. They offer no advancement to the state of humanity.

Can you draw this? XD

Make it shine. cheap polack.

>advancement to the state of humanity.
lol what do you do for living? Anything that contributes to the "state of humanity"? (Shitposting on Cred Forums is not considered)

I accumulate Jewish shekels being an advanced R&D monkey for my Jewish government and Jewish transnational corporations. It's somewhat insightful with regard to just how fucking dumb the Jews really are.

You are part of LGBT, one of the most politically flawed groups to ever shitpost on the internet.

It sounds like you concede your point if you can't refute what he said. Or did Jews get to where they are by pure magic?

Open border for poor black jews.

Sometimes we get somebody from Israel. Those ones are so dumb and primitive it hurts.

If we dumb and we manage to own your banks, media, entertainment industry, politicians etc, then how dumbfucks do you people have to be for this to happen?

Because we weren't accounting for subhuman evil at that level. It was a mistake. But it's hardly something for you lot to be proud of.

that is to fucking accurate


that's the fault of free market economics and democracy

What a dumb excuse. fuck off.

It's less dumb than any excuse you'll find in the Talmud. In fact, your excuse is dumber than mine.

Thats right. so you agree in free market economics and democracy jews do best.

No, Jews are parasites. Look at any economy where the Jews took power and you will find utter destruction, even financially.

Take a biology lesson and learn how a parasite works faggot

USA economy is shit?


Yes it is. All because of Jewish banking, which is what the American Revolution was fought over.

Yes but only because they have the support of banks and established families
Jews from Muslim countries are dirt

Jews can't even make communism work in Israel. That's how fucking stupid they are. They're not humans. They're robotic demon spawn.

>jews worked their ass off when they were suffering under the goyim regime while your grandparents were eating sauerkraut and fucking sheeps while munching on hay
That made me laugh.

You're viewing Jews as a separate race. The Ashkenazi are white-Semite rape babies, not a separate race. All other groups of Jews aren't a big deal. Fortunately most Yids are already mutts and the most of them marry gentiles.

Thats why all the fucking world wants to come there?
Btw, For all i care all jews should leave USA and come here. I've read Jews are 40% of billionaires in USA. They should take that money and bring it Here.

>yes, yes!
>breed with us!
>we're genetic defects and we need to spread our toxicity!
Ever meet the family of a Jew? It's horrible.

That's why the Jewish bankers wanted to infiltrate. Why don't you learn some basic history.

We're already a seccseful high tech country and isreal is only 36% Ashkenazi. If they all come here, isreal will become a major Powerhouse. We just need more fucking land.

I used to live among white people abroad and they are niggers compared to Jews. I always felt like I was talking to lower life forms when discussing stuff with them. No wonder we rule them.

The most red pilling thing on this board is truly the kike posters them selfs.

There are only a few based israelis/jews on here.

I have met the family of a Jew, and I seriously thought one of the daughters should've been thrown into a psych ward. I've never met such a neurotic person in my life. But I wasn't advocating to breed with Jews, just that they are already mixing to the point where there will be hardly any full blooded Jews in a generation



Okay, so why do white Americans have higher IQ than every Jew group in Israel, including the Ashkenazi? It's only American Yids who are more intelligent than whites

OP's not wrong. every single one of his arguments applies to complaints blacks have against whites

>look at me
>I have shekels
>I stole them
>I'm so great

>elect trump
>thinks he has high IQ

pick one

Most Jews that breed with Gentiles breed with whites, yet still feel inclined to be a Jew. Is that still fortunate, in your opinion?

>We just need more fucking land.

why don't you just annex the US already? they're already your vassal

I probably have some Ashkenaz admixture in me and I could pass off as maybe a Jew. You wouldn't believe how two-faced they are when they're not sure whether or not you're part of the tribe.

They're always trying to slide the inside game to me just in case I'm in on it.

Yep. Ashkenazi's stole their 115 IQ average.

Yes it does, but not the complaints we have against the jews because the jews are dishonest

Wow, your comment was totally off topic and added nothing to discussion.

China has a high IQ yet they develop nothing. Ireland has an IQ of 90 yet they are advanced. Over time, it was proved that IQ goes up depending on a lot of factors.

Anyway, Israel is not a homogenous country, so the IQ curve is not normally distributed. Loads of orthodox Jews (who don't study math and science) and arabs.

IQ is correlated to being more advanced humans but never been proved to be a causative thing.

Dumbass he has both

You're not even worth talking to if you think that's something to associate with being intelligent.

China is a cesspit.

t. have to live and work with them often

>implying you never lied to blacks


You trying to defend kikes is like trying to spread islam in the south

That's only in the US. Lynn comfirmed that Ashkenazi in Israel have IQ comparable to US whites. Also you shouldn't view the Ashkenazi as a separate race. They're majority European with some lurking Semite genes.

>being this retarded

the comment was that white americans have higher IQ than jews. obviously not as trump is a kike puppet. you've been played you stupid fuck

No I've never lied to a black because I've never talked to one

Same. I study with some of them at uni (engineering). They are very good at studying 24/7. But they are useless at imaginative things like algorithms. Any Jew I know here puts them in the back pocket.

you are beyond retarded. saying trump is a kike puppet is NOT defending kikes.


You are a literal tard I never said trump was a kike puppet

Now you know how we feel about Jews.

Nope. I lived among whites abroad and even the uneducated Jews here are more sophisticated than them. I can tell just by having simple conversations with them.

I've lived in a all white southern town for my whole life, is that hard to believe idiot?

There is a core difference. Blacks are invading white countries for gibs instead of improving the onext where there are no "white oppressors".

Jews are invading aswell. I don't mind them if they fuck off to Israel and stop destibilizing countries and economy. A lot of jews are woke and would understand what I'm saying and would want to preserve the ethnicity of Europeans.

i know, I'M saying he is. that's why electing trump and thinking you have higher IQ than jews is mutually exclusive

And I am not defending kikes I am against kikes

i'm not talking about you individually, i mean the white race as whole. isn't that the whole point of /pol, to incite race wars?

Yes the average IQ of jews in isreal is 103. That's because from from 2.8 million ashkenazi jews in isreal, 1.2 million of them are russians.
90% of jewish russinas look like ethnic russians. they are not ashkenazi. in israel we don't call them ashkenazi but thats how they are labeled.


>i'm not talking about you individually, i mean the white race as whole.
as you reply to me?

Jews are the ones running around screaming that white people have white privilege and that we all need to give our countries up and shit. All 'anti-semites' are doing is talking back.


They're just talking shibboleth. It's the most retarded form of epistemological closure. They're as dense as rocks if you try to go outside their tribal animal training upbringing.

neither am i. i'm just pointing out that you cannot think you're smarter than jews if you elected trump

goy = dumb


yes, and? /pol is a hivemind, white people this, white people that, black people this, black people that. very few talks about themselves individually

Sadly this is true. And even moreso it is counterproductive to the discussion of Jewish overrepresentation in the more destructive elements of society.

just leave Cred Forums and go somewhere more suitable for a kike lover like you. Maybe /biz/?

The source of Jew power is having the ability to work as part of team Jew. They leverage their numbers for the benefit of the group. A Jew on its own is powerless, but as part of a group attacking individualized Goyim, he becomes overpowered. They apply this mindset to every aspect of their existence, education, financing each other’s businesses, etc. It’s also why they are spread all over the world, and why the religious Jews breed like rats.

>how can you be getting rekt by them on a daily basis?

Christian (White) guilt exploited by unscrupulous merchants, solidified under a system of nepotism.

What you are watching is the white race building itself up and re-establishing its nationhood.

>Why aren't you getting ahead goy? Work harder!
>Woah! Don't go so far schlomo! You aren't anti-semetic are you?

Fuck off kike. Show flag or gtfo.

Is that why most chess grand-masters are Jews? Because they work together?

Try harder to make yourself feel better about being a nigger, goy.

>Jews breed like rats
They are rats

You're close, but they are actually adherents to Lucifer. What they breed is destruction. They even perpetuate genital mutilation as an outcry against creation.

He is Canadian how can he be a nigger? You are so dumb it feels like you aren't even human.

Who cares about chess? The problem with the Jewish Mind is its inability to imagine an evaluation metric that is worth anything beyond what a nigger could think of: winning, money, power, etc.

Never will you see a Jew trying to advance civilization.

>only speaks his native language which happens to be english

>thinking average iq figures matter
>not realising the vast majority of all races are retards,, including jews
its the number of people with genius level iq that matters rabbi, nobody with a 100iq will ever run anything. theres more white people with top tier iqs than there are jews alive.

and besides, dont assume your goals align with those at the top because they larp as jews, theyve sold you out hundreds of times and will again, you normal kikes are like human shields to them. is your collective memory really that short that you have forgotten germany in the 30s? there werent any rothschilds getting thrown out of the country, just the pet kikes, bit like theres none of the elite conscripted to die for israel yet you send your sons and daughters to protect an empty desert.

Jews are however unfair to the goyim in one aspect: It is western european goyim that allowed the Jews to flourish. Jews didn't develop as well in Middle Eastern countries, while in Western Europe, Jews along with western craftsmen, bankers developed the economy, many of them were court Jews

>we was genital mutilators and warmakers and enslaved niggers and sheeit

26 out of the top 64 if we count the four half Jews, which would include the first and third ranked (Garry Kasparov technically not being Jewish with only a Jewish father).

I suppose the real question is why aren't there more Asians in the mix? After all, IQ is important but so is the population size. 2% of the population with an IQ only half a SD above the average probably shouldn't afford representation to this extent, although maybe I'm incorrect.

It would be interesting to see a breakdown of the factors that produce great chess players, and see where Judaism as a culture and Jews as a race fit in.

I agree with gay hitler desu.

>Be so successful on the world stage that your language becomes the global Lingua Franca.

Jealous kike.

It’s already happening again.

>I suppose the real question is why aren't there more Asians in the mix

IQ is correlated to intelligence but never been proved to show intelligence. Vietnam has an IQ higher than Ireland, yet they are far apart in development.

>Jew shifting the argument again
Wow you're comparing yourself to the Irish? Way to aim high!

>I’m not gay, just LARPing
OP is a faggot
Israel is a parasite that wouldn’t exist if not for its incessant suckling from the tit of US taxpayers.


The mind disease of the Jew lies in within the Talmudic Rabbinical tradition. People who haven't lived among Jews simply don't know how bad it really is.

It's much like Islam and how they derive justice from literally burning the tongue of the mouth of a liar. The Jew must always win the argument; the argument itself does not matter to the Jew.


pretty much this, they attack their own lower castes and share in the benefits of victimhood.
its because of threads like this that the jew will never be an ally, even the ones at the bottom think the elites goals align with theirs, so they will never speak out.
>elite larp as jews
>live in mansions and castles all over europe
>jew in israel sees elite bankers
>gets conscripted to defend golan heights
>we wuz iq n sheit


there are niggers in canada. have you ever left your country?

I'm still on my oath, Death to Israel

Good comparison. These fags cry about every damn thing. Jews. Blacks. Mexicans. Gays. Women. Every. Single. Thing.

Cred Forums = emo faggotry

Wassup Schlomo, taking it easy today i see.

nice, I am learning cs,and I wish I could learn like a chinese sometimes...
anyway hope the JIDF pay you well
happy shitposting

>Jews can’t understand the world
>but muh joos control the world
The absolute state of white intelligence

do it

The biggest Jewablers in the world are the UK and the US. Literally, these two "nations" are Jewish Golems.

When the UK embraced radical Protestantism, it started a gradual march towards being becoming a pseudo-Christian, Jewdified mindhive, which then it was exported to the US. In the last 50 or 60 years, this process of Jewdifying the Anglo mind has accelerated, leading these countries to become the primary consumers and exporters of Jewish mind poison.

>You're a parasite
Do you call your bosses parasites too?


You're fucking pathetic.
>admits to LARPing
Sage and move on. Redpill others.

damn pol brainlets

I used to attack Jewish supremacism. Now I usually just let them spew it without rebuttal.

We don't like that kikes constantly incite the niggers. We don't like that kikes lead the push for mass immigration. We don't like that kikes invented and run the homo lobby. We don't like that degenerate modern feminism is an almost entirely Jewish movement.

Are kikes behind every single thing like you claim? Not quite, but even the most well read counter-semite still finds himself surprised time to time.

Patterns of behaviour exist. That's the point.

meme flag 88'er
also jews did 911

>would want to preserve the ethnicity of Europeans.
Yet they lead massive dysgenic campaigns in our countries. It was a Jew that sued for abortion in Canada and a Jew that gave us affirmative action, for example.

Americans treated kikes better than kikes treat their own, yet they still turned on America. Evangelical Christians in America are quite possibly the sole reason Israel exists in its current form. It's foolish, probably suicidal, to assume the yid is logical and reciprocal.

Influence, not control. Example: of the seven largest Swedish dailies five are owned by Jews and the remaining two by American investment banks, one being Goldman Sachs. The Jewish Bonnier family have the biggest monopoly, owning four of the biggest papers 96 book publishers, 42 business and trade press newspapers, 105 digital news platforms, 9 film companies, 176 magazines, 23 major papers, 33 TV stations, and 33 “other” media outlets.

Do Jews have a genocidal influence over Sweden? I'd argue yes. Do they have control over Sweden? I'd argue no. It would take one military brigade less than 24hrs to clean every yid from Sweden.

>Do Jews have a genocidal influence over Sweden?
.. in fact, the open borders campaign in Sweden started in 1964 when David Schwarz, Jewish, penned "The Immigration Problem in Sweden" in the Dagens Nyheter. This started a fierce debate, led by Schwarz & his Jewish co-thinkers. All Jewish contributors favoured multiculturalism. This resulted in an immigration bill in '75. The Cons. Rightist Party, which first embraced multiculturalism was led by Gunnar Heckscher of Jewish descent. This is in accordance with that lovely lady from Sweden who says Jews lead the push for Europe to become multicultural. Israel even pays migrants $3,500 to "relocate" to Sweden.

JIDF fucked off? I was just getting warmed up.

Jews are the enemy who are actively attacking whites.
>the Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you

The Jew is a parasite, they are only good at sinking their teeth into a human host and sucking the life from them. They are failures at everything else