Did they deserve what happened to them?

did they deserve what happened to them?

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Yes absolutely. Evolution, baby!

so whites deserve to go extinct according to that logic.

Deserve being civilized?


yes, just like the whites currently being overun in europe and america.
Atleast the indians fought back though.

Hitler loved the Indians.

They are still here. They ended up just mixing into us.

>he thinks we moral
Nigger please, not if we redpill the masses


Not really but they get to live in a fantastic society if they want regardless, or, live on pristine nature land given to only them.
I call that privilege. Better deal than I got.
Do they deserve it? Probably not. But nothing in life is fair.

Does any race deserve absolute annihilation? I think not.

>so whites deserve to go extinct according to that logic.
Natural selection

Well if you can't defend your land thats what happens.

Damn that is one gut-wrenching writing, burger mutt. Really makes me understand people who cheer and laugh when murricans get killed in school shootings and mass slaughters.

> so whites deserve to go extinct according to that logic.
We just might! You see the difference WAS that whites were able to defend their kingdoms, territories, and lands. The Indians could not.
Then liberalism came along and made it so that indeed, white people might just deserve to go extinct.

his mom was anglo actually. he was the last chief of the comanche, a tribe who actually took land back from whites after mastering the horse

Awww did it offend your precious bullshit fewings? You gonna cry in the corner for an hour too?

If we go extinct then yes we do. Why do you think we're here fighting to make sure it doesn't happen?

Fuck the injuns btw

Deserve's got nothing to do with it. Watching Ken Burns' The West is pretty sad though, there are these isolated incidents of the natives and pioneers getting along with each other but it feels like the higher ups constantly fucked it up. Then you had goofy shit like natives blaming white doctors for giving them diseases and massacring their families. Whites were expansionist and tried to destroy native culture, natives were primitives who fought and killed innocent people for stupid reasons.

>they 52% now
>still there
You wish.

Did the Tribes they wared against and slaughtered the men and took women and children to rape and make slaves after stealing the other tribes land?

White Tribe for the win!!!!!

We are trying not to, that's the whole point. If we do go extinct, then yes, we deserved it just like the Indians. Hopefully we can prevent that though.

Does an antelope deserve to be eaten by a lion?

They started it.

We're doing it to ourselves. Big difference.

deserving has nothing to do with it
they got rekt by a comparably advanced civ/overseas pathogens

Does a healthy cell not deserve to be eaten by cancerous one?

To a degree, yes. A lot of indigenous tribes were raping and pillaging other tribes long before the arrival of the white man. We just happened to have better firepower and diseases that they had no immunity to. Which then allowed us to steamroll across the continent.

Do you think we deserve to go extinct?

Injins fought for theirs. We will as well. Whatever the outcome may be, is what it is.

Well, honestly yes.
More of them exist now, than when wyte pepl got here. They have a tax free monthly living allowance. They’re given housing. Most make additional income from oil or casinos, without working. So yeah. What’s your problem?

No one deserve the ultimate faith, no one deserve to lost it all in the name of ambition, same way the soldiers that died in the oil wars didn't deserve it either.

Attempting to morally justify the destruction of million of innocent lives will always leave a void in the individual.

>after mastering the horse
back to mlp with you

Is that Jordan Peterson's house ?

> Funland
> white

Shut up, Mongol. The actual countries are talking.

Yeah I feel like white liberalism is nature's way of weeding out whites. Natural selection

>From Natchitoches in Spanish Louisiana, Athanase de Mézières reported in 1770 that the Comanches were "so skilful in horsemanship that they have no equal"

yeah until you cough on one

Yes. Yurodumbs and most Americans don't really know the truth about the savages. In reality they were a bunch of retarded cannibals living in the stone age who would try to kill anything they saw. The smartest among them didn't even know what a wheel was.

>we're here fighting

Comanches like the one in your pic certainly did. They were a bunch of psychos straight out of a Mad Max movie

>we are doing it to ourselves
If the natives were one united people instead of continuing to fight themselves they would have been able to repel the initial European colonialism without a major European government war effort to assert themselves here.

Nothing like this kind of posts to remind me that the white men has no soul.

>They were a bunch of psychos straight out of a Mad Max movie
That's what happens when you live in a post-apocalyptic society.

That picture just reinforces what I said. If those dumb moose looking cunts had invented a fuckin wheel they could've moved a lot more water.

The Comanches came from a region that was extremely primitive even before the epidemics, and were part of a cultural-linguistic group know for producing violent subcultures. Nice try though. Maybe read some actual history books next time instead of repeating meme facts you learned on the internet.

The vast majority of native americans died to disease they had no resistance too. Not malicious intent from Europeans. Were there fights that they ultimately lost? Yes, but that wasn't the reason for most of their deaths. They had no resistances to European diseases, and the Europeans were working on medicines for American ones. Did they deserve be drove to near extinction? No, but it's not like Europeans killed everyone on purpose, some shit just kinda happens.

They didn't have much of a chance. Before the English even settled at Jamestown 90% of North American natives had been wiped out from disease brought by earlier explorers.

i'm a white man who made this thread though

The whites who are meant to not survive will not survive. We must select for survival amongst our own tribe as well

Can you cite that source? Should be easily verifiable user

You didn't know indians get an allowance from the government? Are you new here pedro?

Kek, are you in high school or something? Willfully ignorant mutt

Cite your source saying there more natives now vs pre Columbus. Easy source to cite.

I guess since white people are just going the way of the dodo, facts just lost their luster right?





















Pretty much this.

>He needs a machine cause he no longer lives near flowing water.

Thanks for it, I hope you do well and don't get killed by a republican voter.

Nature says "yes."

"the Indian population hit bottomearly in this century when census figuresreported 490,000; by Dobyns’s calcula-tion that means between 9.8 million and12.2 million Indians once inhabitedwhat’s now the United States and Can-ada. For the hemisphere, he estimated a1492 population of 90 million to 112.5million."

All with their own culture, unique haplogroups language, etc...

>a machine
I'm talking about a fucking wheel. Prairie niggers were too retarded to even make a fucking wheel.

>dumb stuff
Whites are going extinct are they. South Africa/Zimbabwe/USA maybe.
We'll be fine
Europes fucked until they finish pretending Germany was ever a real country but I don't care because fuck you lot were OUT of globalisation because nobody outside the TV set can stand foreigners. Sorry to tell you but you're weird and full of shit.

Sure retard. I can use google.

Before Columbus

You can find more sources yourself. Most died of plague, pre war.

You mean like this?

The US government was forced to pay native groups because they welshed on treaties. Make a deal, fucked them over and now they paid big time

3.4 billion

940 million

As we ourselves are learning, having a culture, society or civilization is one thing.
Keeping it is another.

If you don't fight for what you have, you'll lose it.

Wow a toy neat. Still doesn't change the fact indians never had wagons or any other utilitarian device using the wheel.

They have aspects of their culture that are pretty cool, but in a land of warring tribes they got beat out by strongest.

i voted Trump though

Can you explain why brown people could build pyramids without wheels but white people needed a wheel to build Stonehenge? Low test? No soy in native diet?

population density?

It was unfortunate, but it's not white people's fault that they weren't immune to smallpox.
The Americans genuinely did their best to give them a cure once they found one, but they didn't trust wypypo by that point.

Sure retard.

> were part of a cultural-linguistic group know for producing violent subcultures
Source you mentally muddled mongoloid.

Under open-warfare evolutionary rules, we'd finish you in a week.
You keep making the mistake of thinking that whites aren't adaptable.

It's why you're always so flummoxed when your plans never play out the way you think.
You aim for where the puck is, not where it's going to be.
That's evidence of poor logic and pattern recognition.
Possibly indicative of some fundamental cognitive handicap.

Like a child not understanding object permanence, you seem to think that things
won't respond to the new stimulus in their environment that is *you* and your actions.
It's possibly because you have narcissistic mind, and you don't quite believe that things
outside your head really exist or follow their own independent behavioral imperatives.

Whites aren't sitting ducks. Yeah, you might take out a few of the greater herd in sneak attacks,
weak laggers and unwary individuals (soys, femtards, boomers) but you reveal your presence and
intent with each attack, while the warrior caste stays in motion and closes in behind you.

Only when something better comes along.

You don't know how nature works, do you...


What’s it like being a brainlet?

them? Which tribe is that exactly?

Maybe, maybe not, but regardless the world is better for it.

Deserve ain't got nothin to do with it.

Now that’s autism for sure

deserving's got nothing to do with it

No but some people also don't understand that Pocahontas wasn't a documentary. White dudes didn't come in and bust up a perfect harmonious people in perfect sync with mother gaia.

There were warring tribes and agrarian tribes both. What I'm saying is they're just people and they were doing people shit wayyyyyy before europeans showed up. Hint: it involved a lot of conquest and killing.

History is one big cycle of people running each other over. Yurop just showed up with better weapons and small pox.

Okay so having said all that I do feel bad for native americans because even now they're getting an absolutely shit deal with the US and Canada. It's pretty shameful.

remember when indians killed raped conquered and enslaved each other, long before the white man cross the pond? President Jackson was just a bigger tribe.

Honestly the biggest way Yuros upset things early on was bringing horses. They gave the more warlike tribes the means to aggressively expand like they never had before. Before that, they were too busy trying to survive to really dedicate their time to fucking each other up.

If we lose in war, yeah, guess so

>Anglos arrive

>Kill all the indians, war is hell

I get that, it was a fight for territory and one side one.

But then they just imported tons of niggers and then gave gibsmedats and housing and free everything to them.

Why were they so brave against the native but so cucked against the niggers?

Did the Dodo birds deserve to go extinct?

There's no right or wrong in history. The elimination of Native Americans was a predictable and natural event resulting from the two difference societies coming into contact with each other.

Environmental determinism (evolution of human subgroups based on environmental conditions), determined that Europeans would have the technology and desire to look for new land to colonize. The same rules of evolution determined that the Native Americans would be overrun and destroyed by this different human subgroup when the two came into contact.

its not like we tried
hows your nigger problem? Arnt the voodoo nog trying to turn your wilderness into charcoal?

>airie niggers were too retarded to even make a fucking wheel.

Don't forget the damage they did to the steel horse with sticks and rocks

Right of conquest.

this, underrated

No.It's unfortunate but there's really nothing to be a discussed. I don't think anybody thinks it's right that an entire race went extinct (aside from Jews who are not a people and a nationless group jackals) but there's also nobody who had any hand in their extinction.