/Women general/

/Women general/
Do we hate them or love them or they are like dogs and we have train them?

>Be me college student
>One girl meet me up
>Become my friend because she can't program or do math
>I help her coz I am cuck
>After sometime I try to get more serious
>She tells after 6 months after realize I am about to confess that she has boyfriend at home
>My dreams shattered but keep up with friendship
>She now talks about her boyfriend and her relation.
>Says how his boyfriend is cuck and listen to what she tell her. Says she still love him
>Says she won't marry her coz he is poor. Says she still love him
>She spend 5-6 hours with me while yelling about how big of a cunt her boyfriend is
>Still love him
>She is cuckolding two men at same time.
>She is giving pussy to no one.
Is talking shit about your partner whom you present as love, a form of whoring? Even though no pussy was awarded?

Also, this is the third girl I know who does this shit. What is going on?

show bob and vegene pls

Sounds to me like you’re butthurt buddy.
No pussy given = non whore.


Well more votes needed
>Whore 0
>Non-Whore 1

status: denied

>I help her coz I am cuck
>Neckbearding on a computer
>Alpha blows load after load into her
>In reality, she loved him the whole time
>Using you like a disposable napkin to pick up a dog turd

Natural selection.

You lost.

This just happens because you both are cucks. And you admit it, so idk whats your question.
Just grow some balls and tell her that she should stop to talk bullshit about her boyfriend in front of other people and should talk to him directly… and no hidden hints, because nobody wants to deal with this passive shit.

You have to dump that bitch. Currently she is in a comfortable position of having two cucks following her, she would be dumb if she would want this to change, it is your duty to realize that this is wrong.

Dumb beta orbiter. Congratulations on being her emotional tampon. If a girl isn't obviously flirting and interested in you in the first 30 minutes of talking to her start acting like she's invisible. Roasties are only good for one thing, they don't do friendship they way men do friendship.


pajeet problems.

Girls crave male attention. And cucks like you give it to her. Stop it. Have some self respect.



I program for living.
>If she love him then why take credit for ruling over him before me or anyone.

Dont waste your time and feels with her.
Girls always want confirmation in this situation, had the same thing months ago. Its better to say her that she earns something better than him, then let her go. With a little bit of luck she comes to you. If not, well fuckyou.jpg. Life is a bitch.

>there are no bad women, just bad husbands who don't have a clue how to treat a woman

Also This.
Pajeet offers her free help, in college and emotional. It's not wrong of her to accept free stuff.

Of course she could be more loyal to her current boyfriend and tell you immediately about him (and tell him about you) and dump you if you get too attached, but this depends on how alpha her boyfriend is. It's not possible to say if this is her fault, because her boyfriend has to set those conditions, if he never did, it is not her fault.

You know things don't work like this.
I don't know what your experience is but I meet a lot of girls and as I said they are very unfaithful. Haven't you heard about girls talk shit about their dad after her dad didn't buy her an iphone. I don't know this is a fact and you will find this very often if you meet girls. They take 0 seconds to turn their loss of power into verbal complaints.

yeh this is very best advise but 30 mins is very small duration. Anyway I have learned.

Sorry I can't afford AI girlfriend.

And 25+ behave this same. I am fearing if I can even get a faithful wife. Is too much red-pilling bad for social functioning?

>/Women general/
>Do we hate them or love them or they are like dogs and we have train them?
>>Be me college student
>>One girl meet me up
>>Become my friend because she can't program or do math

Quit reading.

>Do we hate them or love them
Age old question ever since some cunt told a man to eat a fucking apple.

Women are trash. Less intellegent. All liberals just virtue signal for women to get laid. All boomers virtue signal to women for pussy. That’s it. End of story

This pic is written by a neckbeard who only knows women from Anime. It makes perfect sense if you are living in an Anime with little innocent but sexy girls who always run after some neet (for unknown reasons), but not in RL.

Women are naturally submissive, they want you to set the conditions and to make the decisions — but they are not dogs.
Women appeal to emotions and care about feelings a little bit too much — but they are not 5 year old children.
Being submissive is not the same thing as being a slave or being a little child that needs someone to teach her.

Ignore her ass. Focus on improving your own life and women will start throwing themselves at you. Dont be the typical indian with messy uncombed hair, uneven beard stubble, and wrinkly as hell shirts. Women are attracted to success. Then they’ll try to suck that success right out of your dick.

Not a whore but definitely getting there.

Women must be trained. If you haven't indoctrinated them to debase themselves for you, you haven't succeeded.

>talking about women

Don't hate or love then. We have to wrangle them to breed with them. Never go into a courtship soft and cautious. I just did and blew it because she wasn't thrilled enough.

Man up. Been a cuck. We think somone will acknowledge and start loving and caring us. But no. YOU WILL END UP LONELY & MASTURBATING FOREVER.

seriously man up. Go join gym. Develop alpha male personality. After a year you will say to yourself how pathetic you was. And then you will realize. Girls like alpha males. They only see cucks as their supporters /doormats.

If you gonna do it, dont forget to start going away from that bitch. You need that first.

All people are like dogs
However we all know some breeds are just better
and in humans all the females are as noticeably inferior mentally as female dogs are in strength to their male counter parts

Agreed you shouldn't be friends with her tho she's practically a whore. You should be sticking up for the guy - we gotta stick together. That's what I do every time a girl acts like that with me. It's happened like 4 or 5 times in college. They complain abouthat their bf, usually something lame, and I'll say "well that's not that bad actually" and "maybe you should be more loyal to him"...stuff along those lines and then. She doesn't have her bf around but still wants male intimate male attention don't let her have it.

you’re no better than feminist sjws with the other gender is a single person narrative

Just give in Mr. Poo

>>She is giving pussy to no one.
made me kek, why are pajeets so innocent and adorable?

Op reply if you read my first comment. I think it will help you. Because i have been cuck too.

this, fuck women they're useless