Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! Suck it, Trumptards!

Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! Suck it, Trumptards!

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Why does america say things like that?

The same polls that said Hillary had a 96% chance of winning.

Who are these Americans? Is this a sample of John Podesta and friends?


>any basis in reality


Obama was EASILY the worst modern president. Obamacare alone was so bad that Donald Trump got elected.

I think we're done here.




Who still trusts those?

Respondents were also asked whom they would want to serve as president today. Obama ranked highest, at 31 percent, followed by Reagan at 22 percent and Kennedy at 16 percent. Trump was fourth with 9 percent, beating out Clinton (5 percent), George W. Bush, Dwight Eisenhower and Carter (all three at 2 percent).

Crazy how blatant there are with the bullshit. How do these organizations even exist as journalists with such incredible bias?

Trump is a supreme failure and Obama is God Emperor.

Americans good at hindsight not foresight

Yeah. Fuck off.

America to Dickless Donny:

Yeah, fuck off.

Because it's not news. And they're not even listed at news and journalism in their financial filings. So they are allowed to lie nonstop, they are "entertainment" organizations.

That's President Trump to you, fuccboi.

May I remind you that Trump changed Isare'l capital to Jerusalem? Do you even know what that implies? USA is shillery non stop, everywhere. You lost the war against them in the 30's and dragged the whole fucking world down with you.

Trump is a cunt and will ALWAYS be Obama's bitch. That is simply a fact.

And let me guess: 95% of blacks picked Barack Obama.

Kind of hard to take it seriously when one guy gets Saddam Hussein-like approval numbers from 13% or whatever of the U.S. population.


Lol. Only teh gay soyboys support faggot Trump.

After the election and all the “polls” leading up to it how can anyone trust, or even take into consideration, these polls. MSM will never learn.

Don’t you bigots know that Obama won a Noble Peace Prize? He said he wanted to end the wars in the Middle East and close GitMo. That’s pretty heroic to me.

Is that an unshopped image? She really does look like fucking Soros there

Obama bailed out those TBTF banks and let Americans sink.
He started new wars in Libya, Syria, Yemen and Sudan and stirred up a deadly riot in Ukraine.

He also shoved that cash-grabbing ObamaCare up our asses and U call that bisexual freak great?

The Trump train has been derailed, crushed and torched.




Come here of all places and post this lie. Why bother?


Cred Forums is a liberal left site.


>Americans say in new poll


Too bad Trump couldn't be a strong leader. Rapist tax cheat draft dodging predators like Trump can only fail.

My hero

Gentle Giants used to roam the Earth.

Miss him yet?

Keep in mind that the magazine section at your grocery store is simply an ad space the websites of these asswipe rags like jewsweek. Look at who buys ads from jewsweek, and you'll see ads from the pharmajew and the agrijew. These creatures need the government to help people fill the cart with frozen food and other junk so the people will need the government to help them buy more medicine later on.
Killing the secular jew is the only way to save the world.

> Newsweek.


I forgot traitor. Thanks for selling us out to the USSR Drumpf soyboys. Way to go. (Slow golf clap).

Clinton also had a 99% chance of winning Texas on November 7th. I don't believe polls anymore.

She won.

>can't even shill your lies with up-to-date garbage.

>2016 + 2
>trusting polls

Israel's capital is Jerusalem. Just because a bunch of countries are too cucked to upset a bunch of muzzies doesn't change reality

is this your first time trying to bait?


poll must equal cnn viewers which has no precedent

That was honestly one of the most ridiculous things to happen. Like, he didn't even act on it. They just needed to come up with an excuse because being the first black president of the US didn't fit on the plaque.

Trust the polls, goy.

> Trump
> fail

Pick one nigger cocksucker fag


>America says
I don't remember being asked for my opinion in this poll



Your polls are meaningless.
>hillary has 98% chance of winning

>trusting MSM polls ever



I'll be the first to admit Trump is a rudderless boat, but then to go on and think that a poll from an avowed leftist publication is gospel about the objective zietgiest is accurate is...go fuck yourself.

Because they don't exist to inform any more, they exist to brainwash.

America things being president is like being head cheerleader or student council president - it's a popularity contest. So if he's not popular, he's automatically the worst person EVER regardless of the amazing job he's doing.

>Modern presidents

So what, the last six? Yeah no shit Obama will be 'one of the best' when he comes in fourth/fifth there

The only "good" thing a "progressive" president (i.e. black, woman, trans, gay) does to the deep state is that they can do atrocities against the world and no one bats an eye. Obama is the reason millions of people flee to EU. idgaf. Trump takes to scoops of ice cream. IMPEACH!!!!!

I didn't participate in that poll. Can we make it illegal to stereotype americans based on the polls which 1% of us participated?

Huh. So affirmative action extends to polls now?

>the amount of retards ITT
For the most part, the polls in the 2016 election were not wrong. They were within the margin of error. Turnout for Trump was slightly higher than expected in a few key states. He got just enough to win. The popular vote estimations were pretty accurate.


Well be sure to double down on this propaganda Americans are getting more and more upset with you fucking heebs.

There was a poll about a year ago that had Trump and Bush near the top and Obama near the bottom. This was when Obama's ratings were basically at an all time high and Trump's at an all time low.

So not sure if I buy this.

They also said he'd never be President.

It's true, outside of Cred Forums and maybe /k/. Spend time on other boards and you'll find that the most right-wing people there are le radical centrists.

newsweek LOL

>implying the American public is equipped to judge the success of a presidency

Because we've got a corrupt group of rich people above the law to speak for us and tell us what we should think


Thank Obama for the racial tensions we have now by him legitimizing #chimpoutsmatter

you retards do understand that this isn't a poll right?

Its in the title jackass.

One last article before bankrupcy?

Ooh a biased shill wtf I hate drumpf now

What did Barack "If I Had a Son, He'd Look Like Trayvon" Obama even do in eight whole years?

Win a Nobel Peace Prize.

*bombs hospitals*

I think its funny because I was never polled, my friends and family were never polled either. So where are they getting these numbers? From their own staff?

Newsweek? Are you fucking me? You're citing that as a source? That poor excuse for toilet paper had circulation so low they ceased print publication with the December 31, 2012, issue. Newsweek then gets raided for fraud. "In January 2018, the Newsweek Manhattan office was raided by investigators with a search warrant, and 18 non-operational computer servers were confiscated. It's been reported this may be the result of a probe on Newsweek finances.[36] The parent company, Newsweek Media Group had been under investigation about potentially fraudulent loans for at least 17 months prior, and part owners Johnathan Davis and Etienne Uzac were known to be heavily in debt."

>says poll
>"it's not a poll guys!"
Just admit you faggots juked the numbers

says a bunch of sheep who don't understand corruption

>using Newsweek as an authority on anything

fucking lol

good god you can't be serious


Newsweek classic dick move.

Yes Im serious, you can't read.

Sage, Report, Move on.

do you really think that there was a poll made that said clinton is going to get 98% of the vote?


>they are allowed to lie nonstop,
This applies to all media now

A funny thing about that huffpost projection, it gives a 0.3% to anyone not named Trump or Clinton.

That means they thought Trump was only 5× more likely than stein/johnson/McMullin to become President.

Fucking retards

for what?

>do you really think that there was a poll made that said clinton is going to get 98% of the vote?

Are you just being a faggot larper or are you really that stupid?

>American's say in new poll
>Just some Americans
>In some poll


probably polled Newsweek subscribers

They don't. Newsweek does. There's a subtle difference.

that's not an answer

>do you really think that there was a poll made that said clinton is going to get 98% of the vote?
Yes, it was a poll.
Can you stop being a troll now? You are not even funny, just a massive faggot

Obamacare was/is so very fucking bad.

Obamacare really was a fucked up takeover of healthcare by the federal government.

Insurance companies no longer offer insurance plans that don't cover all the obamacare shit.

They got rid of the penalty for not having qualified obamacare, but there is no insurance that ISN'T obamacare, so anyone who wants insurance has to get obamacare if they don't get it through their employer.

I've only spent about $300 in doctors visits and medication in the last 15 years, and thats how much 1 month of insurance would cost me

Obama took a flawed system and broke it with something worse.

I hate Obama for a lot of reasons and I want to see him executed so I can press S

What color is the sky in your world?

>clinton is going to get 98% of the vote?
That's not what is says

Just like the polls 98% Hilldawg wins, right?
7 more years stupid fuckers, 7 more years.

Drumpfshits on suicide watch

Still trusting in polls kys

That same magazine had printed up Madame President before she lost. LOL they really are the party of losers