>She is getting exploited. Feminism seeks to suck your money and leave you penniless. It’s a scam and someone needs to help her...

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Emma's a lost cause. She's ashamed of winning the lottery as a child.


Don't worry, rich people don't give money away, they make tax deductible charitable donations. She likely had another big business deal and this isn't losing her any money, it's just jewing the state out of a million dollars, that she instead can choose to give to a worthless cause.

Feminism is like the new scientology

These young Hollywood starlets lately all wind up being raging feminists and batshit crazy. I hear they're groomed pretty horribly as children for pedo shit. So they grow up, get boobs, their groomers don't want them anymore, and they lash out and go full femtard. It's pretty sick.

Stupid bitch should have at least given it to a real charity. £1m, think of all the gibs that could of bought.

#TimesUp has become an extortion racket.

Oh that’s the Harry Potter hoe. No wonder I didn’t recognize her as I’ve never seen those shit movies or read the books.

More like she's still butthurt that she had to suck off Harvey Jewstein to become a star, the memories still make her cringe but the light at the end of the tunnel was too bright to turn away:
>I can be a hollywood star? Me?

So now she takes it out on all men, the patriarchy is why I had to suck dick! It's all mens fault! They made this system!
Too bad no one taught her about the Jews when she was younger....

that's what you get for posting her as a pedo meme for a decade, you fucking shitheads.

What in the fuck does femisnim education even mean.

She's a little stinker with a hairy bum

Don't be so harsh with that poor girl.

She has been a jewish cock gobbler since the first Harry Potter movie.


Umm that is really problematic... There's at least 9t5tan genders.

fucking pedo scum


Cred Forums did this

and they wonder why people refuse to pay for movies and music


>yfw the entire feminist and sjw regime turns on her over 14 seconds webM despite her donating a million fucking dollars.

Poorfag spotted. Tax deductible does not mean free. If someone makes 10 mil and owes the gov a mil at the end of the year, they can't just donate that mil to a charity and not owe the government. They are able to deduct that donation from their earned income total, not owed taxes total.

Live by the sword, die by it.

/ourgirl/ confirmed

Feminism is a bio weapon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Serpent and snakes

It’s a bio weapon

It’s a bio weapon

Donate a million of yours to fight feminism...oh wait...

She really has that just fuck my shit up look now

Why is there a correlation between feminism and hitting the wall early? Both Emma and Scarlett look like dogshit now.

Decentralized Scientology. Only those smart enough to know it's a gimmick profit from it.

Too much testosterone from all that female privilege and empowerment. They can't handle the POWER of being a man without turning into one.

Holy fuck she looks like she is about to relapse on meth.

They're unhappy. They have everything but they're ruled by guilt and anger.

The new Scientology

It’s a bio weapon

She has millions of dollars because pervert producers like weinstein thought she was cute when she was 8. Making children work as actors is child abuse, her parents should be arrested.

Was that money she got through tax evasion as per the Panama Papers, or one of her many grotesquely high-paying, more- than-most-people-make-in-a-year, one-and-done-in-an-afternoon magazine shoots she completes in a year, that really has nothing to do with her supposed acting career (just bonus money really), where she pimps fashions and a specific waifish look that most grown females can't ever hope to emulate because they grew tits and ass during puberty, while perpetuating the Sexualized Tween Girl aesthetic that feminists are supposedly dead set against?

Feminism is a celebration of everything ugly and degenerate. It's no surprise these women go from being attractive to hags seemingly overnight.

>Poorfag spotted. Tax deductible does not mean free.

Even rich people will tell you their effective tax rates are lower than the average workers thanks to their niggering of taxes and loopholes.

These are the richest fucking people in the world openly admitting it. Donating a million dollars is not a loss of a million dollars for rich people. Don't pretend like it is.

she's done

Feminism does not need more money, quite the opposite, too much money is spent in that useless white elephant.

imagine how fucking triggered lgbtqwifi are right now over this clip

She's been on this path for a long time. This is the natural culmination of events.

That and they've had their souls raped from them, but the rapes have stopped so the filling of the void that the rapes filled is gone. All that is left is the husk of a person.

>implying (((Scarlett))) had a soul

I'll see myself out.

It’s a bio weapon

It’s a bio weapon

no we wait until she penny-less. She will then come here in tears uttering the words she never thought she would be saying ''r-redpill me pol''

until then, enjoy the train wreck

>Caring what this man-faced twat thinks

She'll shave her head in good time.

>Too bad no one taught her about the Jews when she was younger....

Not that it would change anything, of course.


I guess if you had the body of a pubescent boy your conception of gender might be off...

Υοu'd be popular in the Democratic Party
's private gatherings though

>Winning the lottery
>Was ugly before she even made it to 17
You're funny cuck
She has a nice ass though, or at least she did in the pics she took of it that got leaked


pol again mad as shit.

Daily here to get my daily satisfaction.
Btw, why you polacks don't do shit in real life for your cause?

Cruz and Breivik at least did something - respect to them. You on other hand, are just bunch of armchair generals, lazy fucks and larpers. seriously kys

How do u do, vellow "goncerned citizen"?


burning her money in a trash can would have been a better choice

I don't come to a tibetan basket weaving forum to punch people, you silly faggot

she isnt being exploited she was a feminist from a early age. she had normal friends but all the time spent filming the harry potter movies prevented her from spending time with them mostly. at some point she got mad in between harry potter movies when her friends didnt want to play soccer and wouldnt stop talking about boys

she didnt actually mature socially due to a lack of social interactions with people her own age, as a result she is autistic and she screeched about some stupid bullshit until it became clear she wasnt going to have a real career after the harry potter movies were over. people with long running careers dont talk about politics or personal opinions. they plug what they are involved in and maybe make a milk toast joke every now and then



I wish more people read Roald Dahl

>worthless cause.
I wonder if she is getting any money/perks from whatever charity.

Swastika Man
>shoots Zyklon B from his wrists

It’s called slut-face, women pick up more and more masculine features as they turn into bigger and bigger cumbuckets.

she's literally too autistic to realize she's being conned

Feminism is a cult.
& (((Hollywood))) is a propaganda factory like Moscow during the USSR.