Trump vs. The World

John Olivier mops the floor with Drumpf

How can anyone support him at this point is beyond me


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You lefties are faggots.

OP is a faggot

Tried watching it but it's really unfunny and bad.


>implying people don't always root for the underdog

Oh wow. Yea. Who cares.

I would die before ever voting for a leftist at this point. They have gone full retard beyond anything I thought even capable.

Oprah is already confirmed NOT president

Watch the video you retards then comment. I don't want the usual "It offends muh alt-right feelings therefore you're wrong"
Refute with ARGUMENTS


No I don't think we will. Thanks anyways.
Not watching it. Nobody cares about John Fucking Oliver.


Is this the guy who did say that Trump will not be president?


you are a dumbfuck that the same cunt that in a election year tried to play the "lol voter id is wwwaaaacccist" card to which the rest of the developed western world only could facepalm
He literally made pr for voterfraud and is 100% in the pocket of the democratic party.
He is a salesmen for the democratic party and you are a uneducated moron.

Oliver is a total retard.. any argument that comes out of his mouth you should be on the opposite side of.

You have to have a seriously low iq to get your pilitical advice from current year man.

Retarded anericans like you listen to him because of his british accent.

Also this dude is ugly as fuck and his fucked up teeth and bugeyed face just distract me

I'd sooner watch Piers Morgan.


This is now a shitlib crybaby thread. Please post

"waaa waaaa I want my mummy"


OP is a memefag.
You know what to do boys.

tried to watch

>first 20 seconds
>"drumpF ACTUALLY called south africa a shithole! that ackhually happened!!"
>crowd goes into hysterics

yeah nah

Oliver is an illuminati shill


There is a golden nugget in this turd though. Skip to 15:24 for proof that Russians are trollmasters supreme

I've watched to many of his videos already to know he is just spewing lies. Pic related, sums up his show.

>still watching glownigger propaganda in current year
>misspelling Oliver to get by the spam filters

>Implying a painfully unfunny Leftist comedian deserves serious rebuttals

This is where the Left gets their info.

>Rage comic in the current year






"Drumpf is sexist and racist"
>Uproarious laughter from crowd
"And white people, amirite?"
>Uproarious laughter from crowd
>Some cuck posts video on Cred Forums

Like clockwork

I could say the same about the right.

Im with her

Opera is a globalist shill.

# Never again will 6 trillion of the chosen people be killed by Aryan monsters, now give Israel them shekels.

Watch "Judea Declares war on Germany" and see why it's all fake.

>But the best joke during the near-20 minute segment, occurs when John Oliver corrects a CBS anchor’s pronunciation of the word “chutzpah.”

me too

I would love to see him get flayed publicly

Every time one of these assholes says something dumb or inflammatory, you faggots shoot back that they are "just comedians" and it's humor and shit. But when they do a hit piece you fuckers are always on here shitposting about it. So no, I don't think I will watch it, he's a comedian, and not a very funny one, so I don't give a fuck what he has to say.


Trump need to stop the massacre this war must end, too many have died in the front.

These nigger lovers on the left deserve to fucking burn. Every last one.


Drumf XD

OP is a literal retard. Good to know that all the left has is bad comedians and whining

If anything, Trump foreign policy is taken very seriously by "the world". The fact local comedians are making fun of him is irrelevant, they were making fun of Obama and W. too.

Trump choosed to move things, which is new and a bit frightening for the rest of the world. Some of his decisions can be seen as "mistakes" by experts but those decisions are made to push decade-old situations into motion: Korea, Palestine, African foreign aid, etc... The diplomatic world hasn't been that active for a long time and it is, even from a leftist point of view, much interesting than Obama "let's do nothing" policies on everything.

So as usual, John Oliver is talking shit.
> You're a bad leader becaue comedians make fun of you

>How can anyone support him at this point is beyond me
This is how we tell smart people from stupid shits. Smart people see what Trump is doing, stupid shits are to fucking ignorant to get it and should be culled.

You REALLY have to be a new brand of dumb to NOT see the good Trump is doing.

Wew lad you need a fucking lobotomy if you are that ignorant.

But, OP, this is why we support him