I owe nothing to anyone

"Therefore it would be much appreciated if people would correct any grammar and spelling mistakes. Also, if someone with better vocabulary and writing skills feel they can convey the scientific method better then me, be my guest. I'm very open for criticism of any kind. I just want the scientific truth spread, that's honestly all I want"

"I would love some help to clean up this essay and make it look good. Anyone who wants to help can just be co-author. But the essay has to have that condescending tone, because it has to be a mental sledgehammer that hits the progressive liberals right where it hurts them the most, their belief of intellectual superiority."

"and I'm asking for help to get it done"

If Ivanka Trump can go on Cred Forums and harass me while stil thinking she should be President, maybe she should clean up my essay and contact the mythbusters and Carl Icahn. Fucking leech.

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Peter Hansen
Tonder kommune igen og igen
Hvornår stopper dette vanvid med at kommunernes professionelle ikke forstår lovgivningen.

Det vil fortsætte indtil socialrådgiverne bliver statsautoriserede, med personligt ansvar over for lovgivningen.

Autoriserede, som de håndværkere der nedlægger vores kloakror, der afleder vores menneskelige efterladenskaber: AUT. VVS-Kloalmester.

Men når en socialrådgiver sidder med tunge bornesager, stiller samfundet ikke de samme krav om det personlige ansvar.

Vi må aldrig glemme hvad der tidligere er sket i Tonder kommune og alle de andre:"

If a negress like Oprah can admit she does not have the dna to run for President, maybe the Emperors daughter can too.

One tweet should do it.

The U.S was founded on the ideals of Rome. Rome never had a female leader in its 1400 year history. Not even once. So I think women and soi-boys should just accept that the United States of America will never get a female President. Ever.


Nancy Pelosi spent 8 hours talking about DACA. Will she spend 8 minutes explaining that no law will work if women are running social services? That no legal measures can be taken until the fact that women can't organise or run any kind of organisation is taken into consideration?

I'm just wondering if any of the women in the #MeeToo campaign will speak even once about all the children that got raped, beaten and tortured because of women's incompetence.
I doubt it. I doubt any of them even have the fucking brain capacity to understand wtf it is I'm even talking about.

So I will just ask the men who might be capable of grasping what our ancestors understood through intuition. Would you mind opening your fucking mouth?
Because I have a job interview in two days. And soon, I will have to start working laying the pipes that all peoples shit run through. So if any men out there, would have the fucking decency to tell women to shut the fuck up. Because having to deal with peoples shit and then being talked to like I'm shit is not excatly why I was brought into this world.

This fucking link, have been on my computer all throuh the #MeeToo campaign. I am fucking disgusted. I am so utterly repulsed that I have no fucking words to describe what garbage the modern woman have turned in to.
I now finished a course giving me the certificate as "rorlægger" "pipelayer". After I made some money I can PAY to become a kloakmester, authorised that is. And I will be held accountable if I fuck up. So if all the psychologists, journalists, politicians and other brainiacs would tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help you God. That would be much appreciated. I have to pay for your educations afterall.

You really are a bunch of fucking morons, all of you.

>TL;DR needed
Who the fuck are you faggot and what is all this faggotry, and why should I care?

And just to make it clear. I sat at the age of 18 in front of a female judge and said I would not do the draft unless women were also forced. Then, after getting some fines I decided to do the draft anyway. And when I did it, I made sure to tell every fucking woman that I thought the same physical standards should be applied to both men and women. After all, you wouldn't want to discriminate would you!?

You all suck. You are all pathetic. Every single one of you.

>>TL;DR needed
I can't explain it in one sentence, either read my picture or don't.

Hmm, this sounds 4/10 based. But still too lazy to read the other replies.

I know you are you fucking peasant

idk he seems psychotic

Interesting OP. But I figure this topic has been conveyed before, but if you can prove it scientifically than that's a step forward.

This is a possibility though.

Euro football fans riot all the time, I don't see how women doing it is much different.
I suppose the reason is different, but violence is violence.

Thats because you are a woman.

Someone report this guy to the Danish police srsly

Look at this fucking cunt.
"Karen West er også kendt som Frihedsfeministen. Hun har deltaget i konsdebatten og arbejdet for ligestilling gennem årtier."

"Sagsbehandlingen i Kobenhavns Socialforvaltning er så træg og tung, at mit barnebarn stort set ikke har været i skole og ikke har modtaget undervisning i de sidste 3 år.

For et halvt år siden skrev Politiken om de mange klager (800 på et år) over handicapområdet under Socialforvaltningen i Kobenhavn.

I artiklen står der, at Socialudvalget afholdte et mode. Og ændrede navnet på området – så skulle det hjælpe? "

Whine, whine and whine some more. But never ever, not even once take some fucking responsibility.
You really are garbage, you know that? All of you reading this who understands what I am talking about. You really are pure and utter garbage.

You want someone to translate some sort of mass shooter manifesto for you? Shouldn't have come here. Cred Forums does not condone or support violence.

Jews are parasites that deserve to be exterminated.
That is illegal to write according to danish law. So by all means, report me.

>You want someone to translate some sort of mass shooter manifesto for you?
No. You really have trouble reading. Like, you can't read at all, so I'm surprised you can write those 2 sentences.

Why don't you run for office and change it then?

I was not brought into this world to deal with used up lonely whores, go away.

How about this Harvard genius explains to the public the ramifications of letting people who can't organize or run any kind of organization completely dominate social services.

Any dane who feels like weighing in? Am I getting through to anyone, or does not one single fucking person grasp the rather simple message I am trying to convey? Or has the average western man digressed to a chinese level and I am the only sane person left saying "maybe you shoud stop kiling all the birds" while the rest of you run arround like fucking sheep asking me what my problem is.

Too much chain-posting, try to make your points more easily digestible and you'll get better responses

I have made my points over and over for the past 4 years. You either get it or you don't.

And if people stil can't get it after reading my picture in the first post. Well then maybe it's time to perform and film that experiment.

Bump for future mass shooting.

Not now not ever. As if I will ever throw my life away like that.

But thanks for the Bump, keep doing it.

People can commit treason and genocide because people are drowning trying to cross the mediterranean. But telling the truth to save children from being raped, tortured and beaten. Nothing. Just silence. Really classy female journalists.

Hmm, I'll bump just because I want to see what other people say about this thread.

They will try and get their shekels and speak arround the hard truth.