New york times: "Don’t Let My Classmates’ Deaths Be in Vain"

This brave 15 year old girl wants tougher gun laws. She says if you don't then that means you don't have a heart. Are you really going to tell her no? She was THERE, Cred Forums

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Yawn. I don't care about teenagers' political opinions, no matter how many leftists parade their "transgender" kid in the state legislature to scold the big meanies that are voting one way on a school bathroom bill.

Someone please shoop le 56% mutt face on that abominable goblin critter

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Is that Anne?

"If this was any more astroturfed it would have NFL players kneeling on it."

You know. Until any citizen has an active participatory role in your community as a tax payer and as a land owner/business owner I don't really think their opinion matters. Especially when they're 15 and haven't worked a day in their entire life and has been nothing but a tax-consumer.

You dont take policy prescriptions from kids

May as well just impale a dead child on a pike and wave it at horrified passersby, demanding we turn in all guns

>That's right goyim
>buy our metal detectors
>and x-ray machines
>to put in every school in America
>make sure you join the
>March for Our Lives
>paid for by our good friend
>Michael Bloomberg

She looks a lot like Debbie Wasserman Schulz

>le extreme jew face

Do normies not see that all these fucks are jews?

>Keep guns out of the mentally ill
>anyone who disagrees with me is mentally ill

This is their endgame

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>le ebin communist conspiracy meme

Jews hate the Constitution and will use any tragedy to further the enslavement of the goyim.

I'm starting to understand why that guy shot them all up.

How many gun laws equals 17 dead high-schoolers?
Why are you talking like they made a sacrifice for your political agenda?
Did they even want gun laws to be passed?

Kek, this

Are the dems running out of schools to falseflag?


Maybe if those 17 kids had been armed the wouldn't be dead now.

Everyone caught on back in 1970, Schleim

>Jew York Times

Gun control can’t stop this shit goy

>in vain

no such thing either way
who are these retards
oh they have ptsd
stop posting retarded shit

Not an argument

Yid the Kid

Dear Sandy Hook,

Thanks for the increased demand of AR-15s due to banning threats which resulted in increasing production which resulted in surplus supply when demand dropped and reduced prices of AR-15s. From the bottom of my heart thank you organizers of Sandy Hook for allowing my dollar to buy 2 AR-15s instead of 1 five years ago.


>social norms are violent and responsible for oppressive societies like the west.
>social norms are not responsible for guns violence because that implies its culture and not gun ownership
why cant these limp wrist brainlets keep their brainwashing propaganda straight?

Daily reminder that if there was gun control during the civil war the nyt would have been burned to the ground

>Other targets included the office of the New York Times. The mob was turned back at the Times office by staff manning Gatling guns, including Times founder Henry Jarvis Raymond.

Back then it was a based paper

>He was an 8th generation direct lineal descendant of Captain Richard Raymond, (1602–1692), and his wife, Judith. There is no evidence to suggest that he was born in Essex, England, although Samuel Raymond's family history makes that claim, and he arrived in Salem, Massachusetts, about 1629/30, possibly with a contingent led by the Rev. Francis Higginson. The first actual date given for Richard is on August 6, 1629, when he is on the list of the 30 founding members of the First Church (Congregational) of Salem

>After George Jones died in 1891, Charles Ransom Miller and other New York Times editors raised $1 million dollars to buy the Times printing it under the New York Times Publishing Company.[40][41] However, the newspaper was financially crippled by the Panic of 1893,[39] and by 1896, the newspaper had a circulation of less than 9,000, and was losing $1,000 a day. That year, controlling interest in it was gained by Adolph Ochs, publisher of the Chattanooga Times for $75,000

>Ochs was born to a Jewish family in Cincinnati, Ohio, on March 12, 1858. His parents, Julius Ochs and Bertha Levy, were both German immigrants. His father had left Bavaria for the United States in 1846.[1] Julius was a highly educated man and fluent in six languages that he taught at schools throughout the South, though he supported the Union during the Civil War.

"brave girl" is such a cliché when in a woman's life is there ever a time for bravery? This girl will be handed everything her entire life, by a man.

>Get murdered by CIA contractors.

>Murder pinned on troubled but ultimately too psychologically stable classmate.

>The people who orchestrated it use your death to push their disarmed-population agenda.

>Some gross tranny classmate who was never your friend is your representative face in the campaign.

>Agenda succeeds.

>Disarmed population then mass murdered by the same Globalist/neo-Bolshevik faction that murdered you.

Oh, yes. A total waste!!! All that hard-planned, specially timed for maximum MSM footprint murder would be in vain, goy!
"OY VEY, now we godda shoot up annuda school, already alright!!"

same lol

>tfw born khazar but gipped on the milkers

So this girl wants Trump's government and military to be the only ones to have guns. Powerful.

They were all Jews or what?

i can see her disgusting jew tits protruding from their shirt

Hell awaits you.

People shouldn't be allowed to talk about politics until they're 18

You guys are either really evil gun nuts, or just flat out stupid. So, which is it you losers?

Very disrespectful

I'm against you

>Jew York Times
Opinion discarded.

Sage and report.

she didn’t die so she is brave and a hero and battle tested and wise beyond her years because she didn’t die.

Rat shit parasite using her classmate's deaths for political gain.

10000000000% false flag

Feminism is a bio weapon

Why do you only want Trump's forces to be the only ones to have guns. Do you think Trump's government will protect minority children from harm?

>the entire school

is that really chertoff?
he's really aged since the bush years.

How do you stop the blackmarket from selling guns?

im not letting some idiots who eat tide pods take my guns away

We need to kill the Jews before they can sacrifice any more children to Moloch.

lol, but in all seriousness does anyone else find it ironic that these same liberals who cry about police shootings and police brutality also then turn around and cry about us having more guns? I mean seriously, if you take all our guns we'll all be defenseless and you think police are brutal now? Wait till they know no one has any arms left and then see what's going to happen. You'll be begging for those guns back in a week but it'll be too late, you already surrendered your only means of defense

>I had a car accident recently, all by myself, like a big boy. Almost killed myself, my whole body hurts, have nightmares about it...
I have seen first hand the damage cars can do, it's time to expose violence and deaths caused by cars : 10 times more than guns.
I am now in favor of banning cars, I'll vote for those who are in favor of stricter car laws, and kick out those who won't take action. You don't need more than 60 hp in a car, you don't need those big assault trucks, have our small european cuck hathbacks.

Oh wait, actually I don't because I'm not a faggot who blame the object rather than the person using it. I know I was at full fault for what happened to me.

I still think it might be funny to seriously push car bans, restrictions on power, fuel capacity, size and appearance. It's time to make this society fucking burn.

Imagine being such a cunt you use your "dead friends" to push gun control and make your self look virtuous.
Shame is something women don't understand.

March for our lives is a Soros money play.

Same company was sued for trying to force people to sign up for Obamacare before the signup deadline or they would be fined

"The case against Kobeni Inc. and its president, Yair Shalev, is the first the agency has brought alleging ACA-related fraud. According to the FTC’s complaint, from at least May 2013 through August 2013, the defendants sent consumers email with statements such as"

Registrant Contact

Name: Registration Private

Admin Street: 14455 N. Hayden Road
Admin City: Scottsdale
Admin State/Province: Arizona
Admin Postal Code: 85260
Admin Country: US
Admin Phone: +1.4806242599
Admin Phone Ext:
Admin Fax: +1.4806242598
Admin Fax Ext:
Admin Email: [email protected]




It's a shame the world isn't governed by the myopic whims of fifteen year old girls, isn't it?

It's always a fucking Jew behind this shit. Unreal.

Why couldn't he have shot these attention whores?

im really beginning to get the impression that he should have killed more

which one gets you wet?

>bully a kid into shooting you
>I'm supposed to feel so bad for you that I give up one of my fundamental rights

El atrocidad...