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Are you with them or against them?

do you want more dead children

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>do you want more dead children

Yes tbqh

A CIS lord?

All the way back in 1991, former US Navy Intelligence Briefing Team member Milton William Cooper wrote a book titled “Behold A Pale Horse” within which he reveals a wealth of great information long hidden from the public eye, some dating all the way back to the 1940’s. Elaborating upon the assassination of John F. Kennedy, UFO’s and ‘the secret government’, on page 225 of his book, Cooper dropped the following bombshell paragraph that should be looked at much more deeply in light of what recently happened in Florida.:

The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of military firearms for the criminals to use. This is intended to foster a feeling of insecurity, which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the antigun lobby. This plan is well under way, and so far is working perfectly. The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd amendment.

With the ‘secret government’ that Cooper warned of long ago now confirmed, it’s time to take another look at that shocking paragraph, particularly in light of new revelations coming out about the ‘event’ in Florida which ANP and other independent news websites have warned was likely coming as the globalists seek to continue their ‘take down of America’.

>The Constitution
>You're either an American
>or you need to GTFO

>Are you with them or against them?
>do you want more dead children
I am indifferent

Pasta worth repeating:

All the way back in 1991, former US Navy Intelligence Briefing Team member Milton William Cooper wrote a book titled “Behold A Pale Horse” within which he reveals a wealth of great information long hidden from the public eye, some dating all the way back to the 1940’s. Elaborating upon the assassination of John F. Kennedy, UFO’s and ‘the secret government’, on page 225 of his book, Cooper dropped the following bombshell paragraph that should be looked at much more deeply in light of what recently happened in Florida.:

The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of military firearms for the criminals to use. This is intended to foster a feeling of insecurity, which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the antigun lobby. This plan is well under way, and so far is working perfectly. The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd amendment.

With the ‘secret government’ that Cooper warned of long ago now confirmed, it’s time to take another look at that shocking paragraph, particularly in light of new revelations coming out about the ‘event’ in Florida which ANP and other independent news websites have warned was likely coming as the globalists seek to continue their ‘take down of America’.

Dont care

They can't even vote.

I don't have to listen to their political opinions.



Oy vey

Meanwhile in Chicago the "students" are too busy killing each other to march.

Someone has turned these children into puppets for an agenda. They didn't get on tv by themselves, and they didn't start or fund this movement. Who did?


It's always the same people.

It starts with J and ends with ews

>Who did?

everyone can make a human. not everyone can make a p-94 plasma rifle



Good lawd the beak on that wreck of a woman

All I see is a roastie vag. what are you going on about?

>do you want more dead children

if they are all little meddling kike faggots like this, then I want piles of dead children

Definatly against!




Obviously. Would like to know names though. Weaponizing the grief of children is fucking low.

>give your guns to Orange Hitler and let the racist police protect you

The absolute state of liberals

Didn't the shooter get out of a mental facility not long ago?


The state of the propaganda from the left is getting repulsive at this point.
You're not gonna take our guns.
Stop trying.
Jesus fucking christ why do these people constantly want us to be subservient to the state?

If my school got shot up by a jewish mutt and some of my friends died, I would probably be anti-gun too. Doesn’t change anything though.

yes, especially these ones, they won't be a great loss anyway

Especially the shave head dyke. Shoot her first

Is this the kid with the faggy faltering voice? I listen to NPR in the car for rage material and I couldn't take this kid seriously.

Remember: We're dealing with the safe space generation here.

These niggers act like we weren’t HS students before. They can fuck off.

this picture is misleading, the mini 14 is pictured without a magazine while the ar has one

you shouldnt be pushing agenda with misleading pictures that’s what liberals do

I'm so fucking jealous that you guys have the 2A. The fucking cuck gun owners in my country let our guns be taken without a single shot when I was fucking 2 years old.
No matter how many snot-nosed lefty brainwashed marxist-lite brats die, never let them take your guns. Shoot them at your door where they stand.

americans love school shootings
it should be a parade each time

This young man blowing up my social media feeds is driving me up a goddamn wall.

Against them.

A bunch of traumatized teens don't know shit about anything.

He was human trafficking fodder

>taking the political opinions of literal minors seriously
Nah, these kids need to go to the playground where they belong.

he's just an american patriot who joined twitter hours after a definitely real mass shooting to save you from guns

>thousands murdered every year
>we need legislation because of 17 dead

>They didn't get on tv by themselves
>they didn't cast their social media videos off their smart phones themselves

What is this image supposed to be showing?

Yes white men must finally accept that there is a problem with guns and the founding fathers never wanted this to happen and in order to make things straight its time to let the powerful white women and minorities in position of power in order to reduce such events and to place limitation on the 2nd Amendment.

Not everyone is cut out to be American.



Broward County still is the largest Jewish community in Florida and the eight largest American Jewish community.


Oh go plow a field with a fucking donkey.

how come any traumatic even turns women into sluts? Men have varied responses to trauma, but with women everything turns them into whores

"get rid of 2nd amendment"

fuckheads don't even understand the argument..

"we need to work so the mentally ill can't easily obtain assault rifles"


Oy vey, remember the 6 mill.. I mean 17 kids who died in Florida! My grandparents survived the holocaust, won't you do something about the nazi school shooters?

This desu. When the children of Chicago are marching in unison, along their filthy streets, arm in arm, with their guns dropped, then we will drop our guns.


Well I have no particular problem to be against them since THEY HAVE NO GUNS ! AH !

>good goyim!
>buy our metal detectors
>and X-ray machines
>put them in every school in America
>please attend the
>March for Our Lives
>it was paid for by
>our good friend
>Michael Bloomberg

They'll get really uppity and try hard to ban guns, but the goy is armed to the teeth.

Do Jews even own guns? Even after the who WWII thing?

They should be crying for better security and training at their schools. That is the "action" they need.

>willing to give up our guns because we're scared of a bunch of soyboy nu-male faggots

Yeah, no.

define mentally ill

Why does she look just like the shooter?

I think honduras beats out mexico for highest homicide rate. The principle still applies of course.

It seems that this organic grassroots resistance came together very neatly

>Recent polling suggests most Americans do, in fact, want those students to die

They're just puppets for their Hillary-voting parents.

Bretty good 10/10

>1 post by this id

every time

The one boy has an fbi (or ex-fbi) father and this is just miles north of Debbie Wasserman ((Schultz)) district, surrounded by a wasteland of large noses and kosher activists. Couldn't have happened on a better location if they planned it. Or did they

Their parents were CTR handlers.

never let a crisis go to waste

poor delusional kids, expecting the government to do anything.

>along their filthy streets

Chicago is the cleanest city in the world. It at least has that going for it.

Cant you understand innocent children are dying every day because anyone can have weapons, accept that there is an issue and work to fix it.

Monte Frank of Newtown fame running for LT Governor.


Question. If an american man put this sign in front of his house and then wait for intruders in order to shoot them with the guns he actually possess... Is it considered entrapment ? False advertizing ? Have I found a loophole ?

When they are against this I'll listen. Otherwise fuck off. It's not about gun control it's about normalizing disrespect for life.

A jewish teenager using the dead bodies of his former classmates to push his political agenda.

>Make it so the mentally ill cant get guns
>This is proven to work, since we have made drugs illegal, so addicts cant get them
Try harder, and quit the double talk.

they were kikes, not children

“Hell hath no fury like an ass-kicked liberal”


sounds to me like these little shits should have reached out the this Cruz kid and made him feel welcomed.

Sounds like it's their fault they got shot up for being bullies.

Against. They knew what was up and did nothing. Fuck em.

There's no rules on that. Just like spraying your license with reflective material to avoid getting speeding tickets.


I'm pretty sure it would be a crime; there was a guy who knew people were breaking into his home, so he pretended to leave but actually stayed and shot the intruders when they came. He ended up being convicted.

I'm pretty sure that telling people you have no guns so you can shoot them would probably have the same problem.

>implying the "children" aren't posting this themselves
do you even follow news?

this walkout will be a great litmus test for Generation Zyklon

The issue is that we have a corporatist media that LOVES grandstanding and exploiting the bodies of people who haven't even fucking cooled off yet. The problem is that you have the same glorifying and plastering the faces of every fucking school shooter on mass media leading to a recursive effect where other little shit for brains do the same thing in an attempt to capture their name for history. The problem is you have a bunch of well meaning fulda fucktards who jack themselves off about being so progressive because they got guns out of schools who then watch in horror as the very line of defense against said dick nuggets is removed and then little children are blown away. In 1994 the right for teachers to have guns to protect themselves and their students were rescinded. The very next year school shootings jumped up. 5 years later we have columbine.

The problem is little midget dicks like you who drink soy all day and think they have the perfect solution to all of the worlds problems but who instead just make the fucking matter worse.

Go suck your donkeys dick. God knows that's the only schlong you will ever see.

Someone please post the vid/gif of the kike standing up and clapping furiously at anti-gun speech

of course they own guns, theyre not dumb.

>do you want more dead children

If they are Democrats or Jews, then yes


I don't take political opinions from people who arnt old enough to legally drink alcohol.

Ur eeder wid us or wid da terrist, or ur eeder ved or goncerned citizen

against them. fuck them

Kids are retarded. I wish we had much more freedom with guns and that the girls and their parents in Rotherham had been armed, we wouldn't have 1400+ more rape victims then.

His political agenda includes less dead bodies.

Trump's political agenda does not.

I'm in Australia and still against them.


bodyreader just took a massive dump on these immature psychos (aka amerikan teens)

Shame the people against them have guns and they dont

Banning weapons doesn't stop crime

You are just a redneck that is afraid that the ebil government will take his guns away, instead of seeing how many lives are lost each ear because of how easy it is to get a gun.

1000000000000% false flag

On what charge ? It's a sign. You're not actively telling people to rob your house, maybe you're keeping the sign for someone else,maybe it wasn't you who put it.

The law must be precise about what is illegal. But it's true you burgers live under judge tyrany, they can do whatever they want regardless of the law.

Kek. Grassroots means nothing anymore. Guaranteed they have hundreds more “organic” movements to push their agenda sitting on standby, ready to roll out the second a tragedy strikes. Each has a catchy name and hashtag.

I'm definitely for more dead jews, and if that means more dead spics and niggers then no great loss.
They turn up on the border faster than we can shoot them anyway.

>lost my mother to a bike wheel

Retard romanian can't make an argument, this sure is shocking

That's not an argument. Keep trying dick mongler. Your only response when confronted with easily verifiable facts is to ignore the argument entirely.
Hell, you even spout the same bullshit that any american liberal spouts without ever bothering to check if the bullshit is true (It's not)

Go eat a dick.

Tits or GTFO, Julianna. You know the rules. You're either with us or against us.

actions speak louder than words
america loves shootings
shootings are in
kids and losers who go to shitty music festivals are out
every time a shooting happens, american should throw a parade and celebrate an hero
long live shootings

He got charged because he executed them by holding a pistol under their chin and firing when they were clearly incapacitated and not a threat anymore.

I said basically the same thing to my mother just the other day... except without the midget dick part...

>do you want more dead children
them in particular

im against racism

your picture actually ends up being pro gun control in a way.

>same rate of fire

yeah, if you get an extra long clip and don't factor in grip comfort.

Lotus uses toyota engines, but their cars definitely aren't camrys and corolas.

t.56% amerimuts
Look at countries that have strict gun control and show me how many mass school shooting they have, oh wait that doesnt fit you narrative.I am not saying guns should be banned all that I am saying is that there needs to be better filters put in place to not let everyone have a gun.

>people without guns try to make people with guns their enemy
what the fuck

How about the FBI do its fucking job?

come on Julie, there's only one way to enlighten us on this debate.

>You're either with us or you're against us
Well, if a nuanced discussion is off the table, I'll go with, "against."

How about this..
Deport all brown people
Then we can start negotiating about common sense gun laws

I'm pro abortion and pro gun, libtards, try to refute my position, I dare you.

#banpublicschools. I am totally with them. It’s time to ban a culture so toxic that bullying and mass shootings are rampant. It’s is time to end the tax payer funding toxicity. It is time to ban public schools!!!!

i hope you get run over by a truck

Notice how you still manage to NOT address the points brought up.

I was hoping someone would do this, this is good for autists to watch

>day of the shooting
>guy survives the shooting in which 17 of his classmates are left dead
>"oh shit I better go create a twitter account to shill for anti-gun grassroots campaigns"

Let's listen to a bunch of teenagers about what is best for society and our own rights

yes king slayyy

you like killing things
nothing to refute

I'm against them. The Jews have already corrupted the survivors.

>As if that is ever going to happen when they are already the majority when it comes to newborn
You should try to find another solution to this problem because you will never be able to send them back, one might be balkanization.
What is there to address you made no argument in that incoherent post.

Umm sorry sweetie, but here in AMERICA, propaganda is legal. We can LARP all we want!

How brown are your udders?

It's not that I like killings things it's that I'm pro death.

let me guess: all of them have jewish parents

opinion discarded S&R


That little jew rat in front is the head of some kind of Junior Democrats group.

Only a Sith deals in absolutes

So you deny that there was a law passed in 1994 that resulted in teachers not being able to have a gun and defend themselves in schools?
Or do you deny that I ever made such a claim?

>grip comfort
It should be law that you can't talk about guns unless you own and shoot guns. Every time cucks like you open your cock holster, gun owners like me are in a constant eye roll. Our eyes are sore all the time.


>with or against?

Manicheistic point of view is the signature of leftist niggers.
Therefor i'm against them

>Moar dead children?
Fuck yeah. Give me moar corpses of teenagers. I want the rivers to run red and the drain to be clogged with teenager brain. I want to wake up on day and see "all teenagers dead, now peace in the western world has finally be achieved". I want piles of barely pubescent corpses, I want unsigned organ donor cards, but more than that, I want the blood and the left.

Against if anything. In reality, I choose to ignore the opinions of traumatized children, who by definition now have an inaccurate world view.

This guy is fucking based.

This. There is so much astroturf in this movement a football team could kneel on it.

pfft, without hesitation, against you.

you're from Romania your opinion is literally worth 0

Aye, I see your angle.
Point is that gun legislation inst about keeping you safe.

>Are you with them or against them?
against, then
>do you want more dead children
if that's what it takes, sure, of course, bring it on

>give up YOUR guns so that your enemies can kill you more easily

>You are with us or against us
Well, who has the guns again?

We get it already.
The ruling class wants their slaves unarmed and you've come here to shill for them.

I'm against (((them)))


This. Going to buy two AR-15s with extended mags just to say fuck you to the libshits.

Why would you want teachers to have weapons in schools?I dont understand if you want so hard to keep things like are now why dont not put metal detectors at the school entrance and have a military like security to search students or stop mass shooting?

Thank God and Russian troll farms she lost.

ye please, when 50% of teens believe communism is a great ideology.
sure why not.

This is an obvious as fuck shill:

You calling for war? Get in line bitch.

>This is an obvious as fuck shill:
THE memory of the first great meeting on February 24,
1920, in the Hofbrauhausfestsaal had not yet died
out when the preparations for the next meeting were
made. While hitherto it had been looked upon as risky in
a city like Munich to hold a small meeting every month
or even every fortnight, now every seven days, that means
once a week, a great mass meeting was scheduled to take
place. I need not reassure you that thereby only one sole
fear tortured us again and again: would people come and
would they listen to us? although I personally was even
then of the unshakable conviction that, once they are here,
people will also remain and follow the speech.

In that time the Munich Hofbrauhausfestsaal assumed
an almost solemn significance for us National Socialists.
Every week a meeting, almost always in this room, and
every time the hall more crowded and people more atten-
tive! Starting with the 'War Guilt' about which at that
time nobody bothered, progressing over the peace treaties,

>This is an obvious as fuck shill:
nearly everything was being treated in some way as expe-
dient in the way of agitation or ideas. Especially the peace
treaties proper were given the most minute attention.
What did the young movement in those days prophesy to
the great masses again and again, and how nearly every-
thing has arrived to date! Today it is easy to speak or to
write about these things. But in those days a public mass
meeting which consisted not of petty bourgeois but of
goaded proletarians, and its subject 'The Peace Treaty of
Versailles 1 meant an attack upon the Republic and a sign
of a reactionary, if not even monarchist attitude. Even
with the first sentence that contained a criticism of Ver-
sailles, one would be bombarded with the stereotyped call :
'And Brest-Litovsk?' 'Brest-Litovsk!' Thus they would
howl again and again until they gradually became hoarse or
until the speaker gave up his attempt at convincing them.
One could have crushed one's head against the wall in
despair about such a people! They did not want to hear,
did not want to understand, that Versailles was a disgrace
and a shame, not even that this dictate meant an unheard-
of plundering of our people. The Marxist work of destruc-
tion and the hostile poisonous propaganda had carried
these people beyond all reason. Besides, one was not even
allowed to complain. For how immeasurably great was the
guilt on the other side! What had the bourgeoisie done in
order to check this terrible deterioration to face it and to
open the way for truth by a better and more thorough en-
lightenment? Nothing, and again nothing! In those days
I saw them nowhere, all the great folkish apostles of today.

>This is an obvious as fuck shill:
eetings of loyal friends, but there where they should have
been, among the wolves, they did not dare to go; unless
there was an opportunity when they could have howled
with them.

It was clear to myself at that time that for the small
basic stock that at first formed the movement, the question
of the war guilt had to be cleared up, that means cleared in
the sense of historical truth. That our movement imparted
the knowledge of the peace treaty to the broadest masses
was one of the suppositions for the movement's success in
the future. In those days, when everybody still looked upon
this peace as a success of Democracy, one had to stand up
against it and to dig oneself into the brains of the people
forever as the enemy of this treaty, so that later, once
bitter reality would expose this treacherous fallalery in all

S.A., the activities of the Strassers in Berlin, and Hitler's
friendship with Dr. Alfred Hugenberg. The first will be con-
sidered later. In Berlin the Strassers, Otto and Gregor,
preached Nazi doctrine with a marked 'socialistic' inlay. They
veered towards acceptance of the 'anti-Marxist class struggle*
theories of Rudolf Jung; and the more colorful attacks oi
Goebbels on the 'profiteers' reflect their spirit. In Berlin there
was an audience for such teachings an audience for which
Feder's theses, derivative from Austrian ideology, would have
meant nothing.

>This is an obvious as fuck shill:
Even in those days I was always in favor of making front
against the entire public opinion, whenever it took a wrong
attitude in questions of principle, without considering
popularity, hatred or struggle. The N.S.G.W.P. must not
become a bailiff of public opinion, but its ruler. It must not
be the masses' slave, but their master!

There exists, of course, and especially for every move-
ment that is still weak, the great temptation of joining up
and in shouting at moments when a superior enemy, by its
skill of seduction, has succeeded in driving the people to a
foolish decision or a wrong attitude, especially whenever
a few reasons and be it only apparently could speak
in favor of it from the young movement's viewpoint. In
Deutsche Bank. Thus, though the move to veto the Young
Plan failed, the whole episode was enormously advantageous
to Hitler. All the propaganda made by Hugenberg against the
Young Plan turned out to be propaganda advertising Hitler
as 'safe' and 'sensible.' This did not prevent Nazi deputies
in the Reichstag from introducing measures which advocated
the nationalization of the banks, the confiscation of all bank
profits made since the war, and the virtual abolition of the stock
exchange. Eventually the contrast between Hitler's practice
and Party doctrine was too much for Gregor Strasser as well;
and his resignation left Ernst Roehm the sole important advo-
cate of 'socialism' left in the upper tier of the Nazi Party.

>This is an obvious as fuck shill:
But Hitler was playing a crafty game. Indeed, he appears
hardly to have been aware of the point to which forces nw
abroad in the land were carrying him. One moment he would
join hands with Hugenberg; the next, a rift would open itself up
between them. Through all this period of uncertainty he was
guided by Hugenberg, the German National Don Quixote, who
failed to see that at a given moment he would find himself
with his small group of followers face to face with the vast
such cases human cowardice will so zealously seek for such
reasons that then nearly always it finds something that
would furnish a trace of justification to join in such a crime,
even from its 'own viewpoint.'

Several times I experienced such cases when the highest
energy was needed for preventing the ship of the movement
from floating into the artificially produced, general current,
or rather, from letting it drift with it. This happened the
last time when our infernal press, to which the German
people's existence is Hecuba, succeeded in puffing up the
South Tyrol question to an importance that will become
fatal to the German people. Without considering whose
cause they were serving, many so-called 'national' men
and parties and associations have joined, purely out of
cowardice, the public opinion, stirred up by the Jews, and
helped stupidly in supporting the fight against a system
that we Germans, just in our present situation, should
consider the sole bright ray in this decaying world. While
the international world Jew slowly but surely strangles our
throats, our so-called patriots shout against the man and a
system who have dared to free themselves at least in one
spot on this earth from the Jewish-Masonic grip and to

>This is an obvious as fuck shill:
put up a nationalistic resistance against this international
world poisoning. But it was too tempting for weak char-
acters simply to trim their sails with the wind and to
capitulate in the face of the clamor of public opinion. And,
it was a capitulation indeed! Although people with their
inner mendacity and baseness may not want to admit it,
perhaps not even to themselves, yet it remains the truth
that it was only cowardice and fear of popular opinion,
stirred up by the Jew, that made them join. All other
reasons are miserable excuses of the little sinner, conscious
of his guilt.

There it was necessary to pull the movement sharply
around with an iron fist in order to guard it against destruc-
tion by this direction. To try suc,h an about-face in the
moment when public opinion, fanned by all driving forces,
is burning only in one direction, is indeed not very popular
for the moment, it is even almost mortally dangerous for
the one who is daringly courageous. But not few men in
history have been stoned at such moments for an action for
which posterity found later every reason to thank them on
its knees.

It is with this that a movement has to reckon and not
with the momentary applause of the present. It may very
well be that even in such hours an individual is seized with
fear; but he must never forget that after every such hour
salvation will eventually come, and that a movement that
wants to renew a world has not to serve the moment, but
the future.

I think at this point it's pretty clear that America would solve school shootings by banning public schools instead of banning guns.

Meme what you want about Americans, but most of them see right through the anti-gun agenda.

>This is an obvious as fuck shill:
'curried the favor of the masses/ but we have stood up
against the folly of this people, everywhere. Nearly always
it was the case that in those years I stepped in front of an
assembly of people who believed in the contrary of what I
intended to say, and who desired the contrary of what I
believed in. Then it was the task of two hours to lift two
or three thousand people out of their previous conviction,
to smash blow by blow the foundation of their previous
opinions and finally to lead them over to the soil of our con-
victions and of our view of life.

In those days I learned something important in a short
time, namely, to strike the weapon of reply from the enemy's
hand myself. One soon found out that our enemies, espe-
cially in the person of their debaters, appeared with quite a
definite 'repertoire 1 in which ever-recurring objections were
raised against our assertions, so that the similarity of this
procedure pointed to a definite, uniform schooling. And
indeed it was so. Here we had a chance to become ac-
quainted with the incredible discipline of our opponents'
propaganda, and still today it is my pride to have found
the means not only for making this propaganda ineffective
but also for beating finally its very makers. Two years later
I was master in this craft.

It was important to see clearly in advance of each single
speech the probable contents and the form of the objections
that might be expected during the discussion and then
completely to pick them to pieces in one's own speech.

>This is an obvious as fuck shill:
This was the reason why, as early as after my first speech
about the 'Peace Treaty of Versailles' which I had held
when still a so-called 'training man' before the troops, 1
changed this speech so that I now spoke about the ' Peace
Treaties of Brest-Li tovsk and Versailles.' For even after
the shortest time, even in the course of the discussion about
my first speech, I was able to ascertain that in reality people
did not know anything about the peace treaty of Breit-
Litovsk, but that the skillful propaganda of their parties
had succeeded in presenting just this treaty as one of the
most shameful acts of rape in the world. It had to be attrib-
uted to the consistency with which the great masses were
served again and again with this lie that millions of Germans
saw in the peace treaty of Versailles only a justified retribu-
tion for the crime we had committed at Brest-Litovsk, and
that therefore they considered any fight against Versailles
an injustice and sometimes remained in the most sincere
moral indignation. And this was, among others, the cause
why the shameless and monstrous word ' reparations ' began
to make its home in Germany. This most mendacious
hypocrisy appeared to millions of our harried fellow citizens
really as the execution of a higher justice. Terrible, yet
it was so. The best proof of this was furnished by the suc-
cess of the propaganda, introduced by me, against the peace
treaty of Versailles which I had heralded by an enlighten-
ment about the treaty of Brest-Litovsk. I contrasted the
two peace treaties, compared them point by point, demon-
strated the truly actually limitless humaneness

The shooting has taken Media away from the Liberal Corruption of the US GOV.

Google "Hezbollah cocaine" then "Obama releases ms13"

Bigger than Iran/Contra, this will take the Deep State down. politico.com/interactives/2017/obama-hezbollah-drug-trafficking-investigation/

With or against the students and faculty members who had a running joke that if that school were going to be shot up, it would be that guy, yet they did nothing to try to prevent it?

Yeah, fuck you. Against.

Lord knows thee like is busy.
>Problem isn't that students were shot, it's that they were killed
>I'll bet my brownies, that the shooter had parental issues.( Absent dad or overprotective mom)
>The problem here is how to reduce and deal with anti social wankers
>The kike, has tricked you. US has a beta uprising problem, not a abundant fire arm problem.
>You are being tricked into finding a legal solution to a social problem.
>Strong stable parenting and elimination of daddy issue fags is what should concern you

>using children again

only a Sith deals in absolutes

>This is an obvious as fuck shill:
the hearts of a multitude counting thousands and in its
stead a truth had been implanted.

In those days I considered the two lectures, namely,
'The True Causes of the World War' and 'The Peace
Treaties of Brest-Litovsk and Versailles,' the most impor-
tant ones, so that I repeated them again and again dozens
,of times in ever new formulations, till at last a definite,
clear and uniform conception was spread about this point
among the people from which the movement took its first

In addition, these meetings were of benefit to me in that
gradually I turned into a speaker for mass meetings, that
I became familiar with the pathos and the gesture which
the great room, holding a thousand people, demands.

Except for small circles, as already stressed, I saw in
those days no enlightenment in this direction on the part
of those parties which today boast and behave as though it
had been they who brought about a change in public opin-
ion. But if actually a so-called national politician was
making somewhere a speech to this effect, then it was only
in circles which themselves for the most part already held
his opinions and where what he brought forth was at the
utmost a strengthening of their own conviction. But this
did not matter in those days, but what mattered was
exclusively to win by propaganda and enlightenment those
people who so far, by virtue of their education and under-
standing, stood on hostile ground.

Legal in most places as per castle doctrine, but it has bounds like
pointed out.
General rule of thumb is citizens have a right to ensure their own safety in their homes, but this doesn't apply in some commie counties like in California.

>This is an obvious as fuck shill:
We even put leaflets into the service of this enlighten-
ment. When still with the army I had written a leaflet con-
trasting the peace treaties of Brest-Litovsk and Versailles,
which was spread in very large editions. Later I took over
parts of this stock for the party and here too the effect was
good. As a whole, the first meetings were distinguished by
the fact that the tables were covered with all kinds of leaflets,
newspapers, and pamphlets, etc. But the main emphasis
was put on the spoken word. And actually only the latter
alone is in a position to bring about really great changes,
and that for general psychological reasons.

I have already mentioned in the first volume that all
enormous world revolutionary events have not been brought
about by the written, but by the spoken word. This
entailed a lengthy discussion by a part of the press, whereby
of course, especially on the part of our bourgeois wise-
crackers, such an assertion was very sharply opposed. But
the very reason why this was done disproves the doubters.
For the bourgeois intelligentsia protests against such an
opinion only for the reason that it obviously lacks the energy
and the ability of mass influence by the spoken word, since
one had turned more and more towards purely literary
activity and renounced the really agitatory activity of
speech. But such a habit, in the course of time, is bound to
lead to what marks the bourgeoisie today, namely, the loss
of the psychological instinct for mass effect and mass in-

While the speaker receives from the mass before which
he speaks a continuous correction of his lecture, in so far
as he can uninterruptedly read from the faces of his listeners
how far they are able to follow his arguments with under-

If it means maintaining our civil liberties and our right to safety and security, sacrifices must be made, if it's children it's children!!

>This is an obvious as fuck shill:
his arguments on quite general lines. By this he loses, to a
certain degree, psychological finesse, and consequently sup-
pleness. In general, therefore, a brilliant speaker will still
be able to write better than a brilliant writer will be able to
speak, unless he trains himself continuously in this art.
To this must be added that the mass of people is lazy in
itself, that they lazily remain within the course of old habits
and that by themselves they do not like to take up anything
written unless it corresponds to what one believes oneself,
and furnishes what one hopes for. Therefore a pamphlet
with a certain tendency will in most cases only be read by
people who themselves must be counted on its side. At the
utmost, only a leaflet or a poster, by their brevity, can count
on finding attention for a moment with one who thinks
differently. Far greater chances has the picture in all its
varieties up to and including the motion picture. Here
man has to work still less with his brains; it is enough to
view, perhaps to read a few very short texts, and thus many
will be far more ready to take in a pictorial presentation
than to read a lengthy piece of writing. The picture in a
far shorter time, I would almost say at one blow, furnishes
man with an enlightenment which he receives from literature
only after tedious reading.

>This is an obvious as fuck shill:
and ingenious popular speaker he will hardly twice repeat
in the same manner one and the same subject matter and
material. He will always let himself be carried by the great
masses in such a manner that he senses just those words that
he needs in order to speak to the hearts of his respective
listeners. But if he errs, no matter how slightly, he has
always before him the living correction. As mentioned
previously, he is able to read from the expressions of his
listeners, firstly, whether they understand what he speaks,
secondly, whether they are able to follow what has been said,
and thirdly, in how far he has convinced them of the correct-
ness of what has been said. If he sees firstly that they
do not understand him, then he will become so primitive
and clear in his explanation that even the least intelligent
is bound to understand him, if he feels secondly that
tliey are not able to follow him, then he will build up his
ideas so carefully and slowly that even the weakest among
them all does not remain behind any longer, and thirdly
as soon as he guesses that they do not seem to be con-
vinced of the correctness of what he has said he will repeat
this so often and in so many new examples, he himself
will bring in their objections which he feels although they
have not been uttered, and he will refute them and disperse
them till finally even the last group of an opposition, merely
by its attitude and its expressions, lets him recognize its
capitulation in the face of his argumentation.

Here one has to deal not infrequently with overcoming
prejudices of people, which are not founded in their reason,
but which are most subconscious, supported only by feeling.
It is a thousand times more difficult to overcome the barrier
of instinctive aversion, of hatred conditioned by feeling, of

>This is an obvious as fuck shill:
mysterious forces themselves can be effective; and this the
writer can hardly ever do, but almost exclusively only the

The most striking proof of this is furnished by the fact
that despite an often very skilfully made-up bourgeois press
that swamps our people in unheard-of editions of millions,
'this press was not able to prevent the great masses from
becoming the sharpest enemy of just this bourgeois world.
The whole flood of newspapers and all the books that in-
tellectualism produces year by year run off from the millions
of the lowest classes like water from oiled leather. This can
prove only two things : either the incorrectness of the con-
tents of this entire written produce of our bourgeois world
or the impossibility of penetrating to the heart of the masses
merely by literature. True, especially in cases when this
very literature is so little psychologically oriented as is the
case here.

One must not reply (as was tried by a great German
national newspaper of Berlin) that just Marxism itself
furnishes the proof against this assertion by its literature,
chiefly by the effect of the groundwork of Karl Marx.
Hardly ever has one tried in a more superficial manner to
support an erroneous opinion. What gave Marxism its
astounding power over the broad masses is in no way the
formal work of Jewish labor of thinking, put down in
writing, but rather the colossal oratorical wave of propa-
ganda that took possession of the masses in the course of
the years. Of one hundred thousand German workers, not
one hundred, on the average, know this work, which always
has been studied by a thousand times more intellectuals
and especially Jews than by genuine followers of the move-
ment from the great lower classes. This work has actually

>This is an obvious as fuck shill:
the press. For it is this which distinguishes the Marxist
press from our bourgeois press: the Marxist press is written
by agitators, and the bourgeois press would like to produce
agitation by writers. fThe Grub-Street Social Democratic
editor, who almost invariably comes from the meeting-hall
into the publishing office, knows his customers as no other
man does. But the bourgeois scribbler, who steps out of his
study before the great masses, is sickened merely by their
fumes and therefore he faces them helplessly also with the
written word.

What has won the millions of laborers for Marxism is less
the literary work of Marxist patriotic writers, but rather
the untiring and truly enormous propaganda work of tens
of thousands of untiring agitators, beginning with the great
apostle of harassment down to the smallest labor union
official and the confidant and discussion orator; these are
the hundreds of thousands of meetings where these popular
speakers, standing upon the table in a smoky tavern,
drummed upon the masses and thus knew how to obtain
an unsurpassed knowledge of this human material, some-
thing that put them all the more in the position to choose
the most correct weapons for the attack against the fortress
of public opinion. And there were further the gigantic mass
demonstrations, these marches of hundreds of thousands,
that branded the small, impoverished man with the proud
conviction that although being a little worm, he was never-
theless a member of a great dragon under whose flaming
breath one day the much-hated bourgeois world would go
up in fire and flames and the proletarian dictatorship
would celebrate its ultimate and final victory.

gonna go out on a limb and guess that these students strongly want heavily-armed officers all over their school right now

>This is an obvious as fuck shill:
in Marxism the speakers try sometimes also to write. And
particularly the Jew who comes here under special con-
sideration, by virtue of his mendacious dialectical skill and
agility, even as a writer, will be an agitating orator rather
than a creative writer.

This is the reason why the bourgeois newspaper world
(to say nothing of the fact that for the greater part it is
Judaized and therefore has no interest in really enlightening
the great masses) is not able to exercise the slightest in-
fluence on the attitude of the broadest layers of our people.^

How difficult it is to overthrow emotional prejudices,
moods, sentiments, etc., and to replace them by others,
from how many immeasurable influences and conditions
the success in this depends, this the sensitive orator can tell
from the fact that even the time of the day in which the
speech takes place can be of decisive influence on its effect.
The same speech, the same speaker, the same subject have
an entirely different effect at ten o'clock in the morning,
at three o'clock in the afternoon or in the evening. I per-
sonally, when still a beginner, appointed meetings for the
morning, and I remember especially one demonstration
which we held as a protest 'against the oppression of
German territories' at the Miinchner-Kindl- Keller. In
those days this was Munich's greatest hall and the risk
appeared very great. In order to facilitate specially the
visit to the adherents of the movement and to all who
otherwise came, I arranged the meeting for a Sunday
morning, at ten o'clock. The result was depressing, but at
the same time extremely instructive: the hall filled, the

>This is an obvious as fuck shill:
This must not be surprising. One should go to a theater
and see a performance at three in the afternoon and the
same performance with the same cast at eight in the evening,
and one will be astonished at the difference in effect and
impression. A person with delicate feeling and with the
ability to make this atmosphere clear to himself will im-
mediately be able to find that the impression of the after-
noon performance is not so great as that of the evening
performance. The same statement applies even to a movie.
This is important for the reason that for the theater one
could say that in the afternoon the actor would perhaps
not trouble himself as much as in the evening. But the
movie is no different in the afternoon from at nine in the
evening. No, it is the time itself that exercises here a certain
effect, exactly as does the room upon me. There are rooms
which leave one cold for reasons that are only difficult to
recognize, which put up the most serious resistance to a
creation of atmosphere. Also traditional memories and
images which exist in man, are able to determine an im-
pression decisively. Thus a performance of 'Parsifal' at
Bayreuth will always have an effect different from that in
any other place in the world. The mysterious magic of the
house on the Festspielhuegel of the old city of margraves
cannot be replaced or made up by externals.

This kid hasn't paid attention to all the pro gun rallies that have happened over the years.

>This is an obvious as fuck shill:
dominating force of a stronger will. For truly every such
meeting presents a wrestling match between two opposed
forces. The superior oratorical talent of a domineering
apostolic nature will now succeed more easily in winning
for the new will people who themselves have in turn experi-
enced a weakening of their force of resistance in the most
hatural way, than people who still have full command of
the energies of their minds and their will power.

The same purpose serves also the artificially created and
yet mysterious dusk of the Catholic churches, the burning
candles, incense, censers, etc.

t In this wrestling match between the orator and the op-
ponent to be converted, the speaker will gradually obtain
that wonderful sensibility for the psychological conditions
of propaganda which the writer nearly always lacks. Liter-
ature, therefore, by its more limited effect, will in general
serve more the preservation, strengthening and deepening
of an already existing attitude or opinion. All really great
historical changes have not been brought about by the
written word, but have at the utmost been accompanied by

>Are you with them or against them?

>Do you want more dead children?
No, that's why I'm against. Libtards want dead children: abortions are rampant; the one's that survive the Roe v Wade holocaust go to schools where libtard teachers make them serfs, rape them, and some die in violence.

We don't need gun control, we need libtard control and punishment.

Didn't that guy get killed by some cops or something? Spoopy. Looks like CIA mindfucking is working on the masses. What I don't get is why do the glow in the dark niggers have nothing but hatred in their hearts for Americans?

>This is an obvious as fuck shill:
One must not think that the French Revolution would
ever have come about by philosophical theories, if it had
not found an army of instigators, led by demagogues of
the grandest style, who whipped up the passions of the tor-
tured people, till finally that terrible volcanic eruption took
place that paralyzed the whole of Europe with terror. And
just the same, the greatest revolutionary change of most
recent times, the bolshevistic revolution in Russia, has not
come about by Lenin's writings, but by the hate-creating
oratorical activity of countless greatest and smallest apostles
of instigation.

The people of illiterates has really not been enthused
for the communist revolution by the theoretical literature
of a Karl Marx, but only by the glittering heaven that
thousands of agitators, although all of them in the service

of an idea, described to the people.

This has always been and will be so forever.**
It fully corresponds to the cracked seclusion from the
world of our German intelligentsia to believe that the
writer is necessarily superior in mind to the speaker. This
conception is superbly illustrated by a criticism of the
already previously mentioned national newspaper in which
it is stated that one is so frequently disappointed to see
suddenly in print the speech of a well-known great speaker.
This reminds me of another criticism which fell into my
hands in the course of the War; it scrutinized, as with the
magnifying glass, the speeches of Lloyd George, then still
minister of munitions, and it came to the i

The Cops are Deep State at the shooting.

People behind gun march have defrauded the GOV before. ftc.gov/news-events/press-releases/2014/01/ftc-charges-email-spammer-tricking-consumers-phony-information

The case against Kobeni Inc. and its president, Yair Shalev, is the first the agency has brought alleging ACA-related fraud. According to the FTC’s complaint, from at least May 2013 through August 2013, the defendants sent consumers email with statements such as


These kids are using this tragedy as a springboard for college acceptance essays and 15 minutes of fame. Not a big surprise when you know who makes up the student body. This is just a stepping stone for them.

>This is an obvious as fuck shill:

>can't even vote
>can't consent to sex
>can't drink a beer
>many can't drive a car
>but they can advise us on regulating the arms industry

this is an ad hominem, but still

>This is an obvious as fuck shill:
a German scribbler, scientifically of course most educated,
achieves the feat of evaluating the mentality of the English
minister according to the impression that a speech, aiming
at mass influence, leaves in his soul that is entirely calcified
by knowledge, and of comparing it with that of a German
statesman whose intellectual babble finds in him of course
a more receptive soil. That, where genius is concerned, he
was not only adequate but a thousand times superior to a
Bethmann-Hollweg, Lloyd George proved by finding in his
speeches that form and those expressions which opened to
him the heart of his people and which made this people
ultimately serve entirely his will. The very primitiveness
of this language, the originality of its expressions and the
application of easily understandable, most simple examples,
contain the proof of the superior political ability of this
Englishman, f Far I have to measure the speech of a statesman
to his people not by the impression that it leaves with a university
professor, but according to the effect that it exercises on the
people. And this alone also furnishes the measure of a
speaker's genius.


The astounding development of our movement, which
was founded out of nothing only a few years ago and which
even today is believed worthy of being persecuted most

I agreed with most of this, but the paragraph in the middle describing how teenagers weren't shooting up schools is retarded; public schooling and automatic weapons were non existent or incredibly sparse in the 1800s, so the comparison to today isn't apt.

>This is an obvious as fuck shill:
sharply by all internal and external enemies of our people,
must be attributed to the constant consideration and appli-
cation of these observations.

Important as the movement's literature may be, yet f in
our present situation, it will be of greater importance for the
equal and uniform education of the higher and lower leaders
than for the winning of adversely oriented masses. Only in
the rarest cases will a convinced Social Democrat or a
fanatical communist condescend to secure a National So-
cialist pamphlet or even a book, to read it and to get from
it an insight into our conception of life or to study the criti-
cism of his conception of life. Even a newspaper will be
read only very rarely, unless it bears from the beginning the
stamp of partisanship. Besides, this would be of little use,
for the entire picture of a single copy of a newspaper is so
chopped up and its effect so splintered that from reading a
single issue one must not expect any influence upon the
reader. But one must and should not demand that a person,
for whom even pennies play a r6le, will now, out of an urge
for objective enlightenment, subscribe to a hostile news-
paper permanently. Out of tens of thousands hardly one
will do so. Only he who is already won for the movement
will permanently read the organ of the party, as the cur-
rent news service of his movement.

>This is an obvious as fuck shill:
The case is quite different with the ' spoken ' leaflet ! This
will be picked up far more readily by the one or the other,
especially if he gets it for nothing, and this all the more if
even the headlines plastically treat a subject that at the
moment is being discussed by everybody. After looking
it through more or less thoroughly, such a leaflet may per-
haps draw his attention to new viewpoints and attitudes,
perhaps even to a new movement. But also by this, even
in the most favorable case, only a slight stimulus is given,
but never a fait accompli. For the leaflet also can only
timulate or point out something, and its effect will only
materialize in connection with a later thorough instruction
and enlightenment of its readers. This, however, is and
remains always the mass meeting.**

The mass meeting is necessary if only for the reason that
in it the individual, who in becoming an adherent of a new
movement feels lonely and is easily seized with the fear oj
being alone, receives for the first time the pictures of a greater
community, something that has a strengthening and encour-
aging effect on most people. The same man, in the frame of
a company or a battalion, surrounded by all his comrades,
would set out on an attack with a lighter heart than he
would if left entirely to himself. In the crowd he always
feels a little sheltered even if in reality a thousand reasons
would speak against it.

>This is an obvious as fuck shill:
The community of the great demonstration, however,
strengthens not only the individual, but it also unites and
helps in creating esprit de corps. The man who, as the first
representative of a new doctrine, is exposed to serious op-
pression in his enterprise or his workshop urgently needs
that strengthening that lies in the conviction of being a
member and a fighter of a great embracing body. But he
only received the impression of this corporation at the first
common mass demonstration. If he steps for the first time
out of his small workshop or out of the big enterprise, in
which he feels very small, into the mass meeting and is now
surrounded by thousands and thousands of people with the
same conviction, if while looking around he is carried away
by the powerful effect of the suggestive intoxication and
the enthusiasm of three or four thousand others, if the
visible success and the approval of thousands confirm the
correctness of the new doctrine in his mind and waken for
the first time the doubt about the truth of his previous
conviction then he himself succumbs to the magic in-
fluence of what we call mass suggestion. The will, the
longing, but also the force of thousands accumulates in

every individual. The man who comes to such a meeting
doubting and hesitating, leaves it confirmed in his mind:
he has become the member of a community,
f The National Socialist movement must never forget this,
and above all it must never become influenced by those
bourgeois simpletons who know everything better, but who
nevertheless have gambled away a great State together
with their own existence, and the rulership of their class.
Indeed, they are exceedingly cjever, they know everything,
understand everything only one thing they did not

Why pay all that extra money when for free a teacher is invited to keep a gun on his side?

>sometimes things don't work at 100% efficiency
>therefore they shouldn't be attempted or used at all

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Are you with them or against them?

do you want more dead children
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America is fed up with this, these shootings will end
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America is fed up with this, these shootings will end
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America is fed up with this, these shootings will end

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America is fed up with this, these shootings will end
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America is fed up with this, these shootings will end
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America is fed up with this, these shootings will end
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Ok, when has their even been a large group of people marching because some Christian bakery was forced to make a rainbow cake. Liberal are the only people who have time for that kind of shit.

When can we have common sense gun control Julianna !!CLeGkwztvJ2 ID:jqCZz2lt Sun 18 Feb 2018 04:20:26 No.160907631 ViewReport
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look what you did Cred Forums Julianna !!CLeGkwztvJ2 ID:Wawl5gHO Sat 17 Feb 2018 06:54:22 No.160800185 ViewReport
how do you feel

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how do you feel

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How many Americans need to die before we ban them Julianna !!CLeGkwztvJ2 ID:LvzEFdOv Thu 15 Feb 2018 01:28:00 No.160488887 ViewReport
When can we ban guns and finally stop the bloodshed

>(((mentally ill)))
Have a seat, goy, here on your psych evaluation I see you do not believe diversity is strength. I regret to inform you that you are too dangerous to own this weapon.

With us or against us
That's sooooooooooooo 9/11

>but..but muh gubment
o yeah because your assault rifle can stop a drone
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When can we ban guns and finally stop the bloodshed

>but..but muh gubment
o yeah because your assault rifle can stop a drone
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How many Americans need to die before we ban them Julianna !!CLeGkwztvJ2 ID:byQJO/tj Tue 13 Feb 2018 04:01:45 No.160257326 ViewReport
When can we ban guns and finally stop the bloodshed

>but..but muh gubment
o yeah because your assault rifle can stop a drone

Muh children, are the same liberals who defend free abortions.


all the jews who had any balls at all moved to israel and started a genuinely respectable military. the rest are even rattier than the israelis

A small group of men with Assault weapons can disable the power grid almost permantly and shut down a city

This is racist. Nobody would say a thing if these were blacks from chi -town. This is like an ordinary weekend there.

yeah desu


CIS did nothing wrong

There was certain US neocon President who I remember saying the same "you are either with us or against us" line. And look how that worked out for him.

>Advocates for white genocide try getting white people to surrender their guns

Not surprising.

>Sit someone in front of a camera with a "ph-chhuu, uhm REALLY!?" attitude
>Whatever they say is liberals new opinion within 10 seconds

How hardcoded is this into them?

>do you want more dead children
Yes as they vote for gun control.
Fuck you Juliana every chick I met with that name is a goth slut with liberal drivile.

This is why children arent allowed to vote

Who is them,they or us?



only Sith deal in absolutes

does anyone know if they are PAYING these kids to say these things?? if so they need to be exposed to monetizing their friends shootings

fucked up, wouldn't put it past CNN

>grip comfort
Stop talking about thing you know nothing about.

im against any female without at least 6 inches of hair on her head

I'm against all paid actors

She's the face of New America.
Get with the times, goy.

I guess I'm against the snot nosed shithead SJW teens.

I guess that Jewess who claimed abortions stop school shooters is on the right path. It also stop SJW asshole teens from calling for gun control.

I swore to protect this so I legally have to eliminates these kids.

As if I'm going listen to children.

Like Yuri said they think they are going to be prominent figures in the New Order but they are juat useful idiots who will be disposed of.


Dead children? Like innocent toddlers and young kids with bright faces still able to have fun and enjoy life? Absolutely not!
Dead teenagers? Meh just like in horror movies they're usually the fodder.

Really sick of teenagers (who apparently are mature enough to demand the constitution be revised) being victimized "children" but murdered babies are just "cells".

i want to see gremlins kill goblins, its like a big game hunt but in the americanan zoo. trump even made school shootings great and entertaining. i hope there is one every week and seeing how third world shitholes operate you can screencap this cause its definitely happening

No faggot that is supposed to turn you pro-gun wishing you were in a fashy Spartan school. I wonder how many school shootings Israel has?

Exactly. What have these kids done anyway. I bet this dyke was the obnoxious SJW before this happened and was just waiting for her soapbox. Another borderline sociopath.

all those kids in florida need to be shot. its for the greater good

That should be legal desu.

I remember growing up in Broward county. We would go to each other's houses and smoke weed by the canals and go inside and look at our older brothers' and dads' guns. The Jews are trying to take all that away.......

>on because of 17 dead
exactly oh no a bunch of jewish kids died! now we really need gun control!!!

I wonder if this manichaean bullshit they are pulling will work. I'd like to think it won't, because trying to shame and suggest we're somehow guilty or have blood on our hands is disgusting and just continues our descent into sectarianism. When disagreement ceases to be political or ideological and becomes not just moral but almost criminal.

Also some of these kids are reeking of the psycopathy of budding politicians. The perfect buzzwords, jumping at the opportunity for the limelight. I can guarantee at least one of them is going to try and capitalize on this and start a life-long career as a politician. Case in point Down to the tie and shirt. You're a fucking highschooler, dress like the ones behind you. I've met these kinds of narcissists, they jump at the opportunity for power and prestige. This is a budding Charles Schumer.

Not most in an overwhelming majority but we are fortunate due to the nature of our governmental system and the sheer population of our rural/rustic/conservative areas. They act as a counterweight which Australia never had.

I'm perfectly okay with a generation of detergent pod snackers killing each other.



Yeah, I don't think the assault rifle line is where a government ban line should be drawn.

im really not sure what if anything the government can do, the schools with metal detectors seem tacky, and have their own points of failure.
How enlightening!
It looks like im a /cruzmissile/ now

>do you want more dead children
Yes, provided it's the children that say things like that.
No man, no problem.

usually it is but what he did was 100% murder


They think they will go down in history. They probably want to go into politics I doubt any of them even saw anyone die. Most victims of traumatic experiences with guns want their own. When bullets are flying past your head police response is never quick enough.

Against them.




They're Jews. 6 of the people this kid whacked were Jews. That's why they're acting like this.

That a social media manager created the account a few hours after the shooting?

wtf i love dead children now