Sweden, YES

#LoveIsLove bigots


I hope some crazy motherfucker puts an end to this insanity soon. We need a Breivik...


Q predicted this

It is tho

No way this is real, can any cuck confirm?

>we need a zionist who sets back nationalist movements for years

>literally dismantling your own country to accommodate sandniggers
It's incredible how pure the cucking is.

One of my dreams id that The United States of Globinos one day will drop some good dosage of freedom and liberation in form of B61-12 to this fucking cancer hole country.

Russia should annex it

it is real plenty of cases even from svt(state media). women and effeiminate men surrender to the shitskins every whim and wishes, why does this surprise you? do you think swedenyes is meme with no actual factual grounding in reality? were you bitten by a spider today?

I really don't think swedes condone it, just look away.

Implicitly condoning something is still condoning.

"All it takes for evil to triump his for good men to do nothing" - Genghis Khan

Well I guess pedo marriage is ok then

native swedish women?

This. Fuck Sweden, they deserve everything that happens to them. I hope to see them in ruin in the next decade.

How do I go about immigrating to Sweden?


That look

we need Cthulhu

Were fucking sorry alright, nobody has control over the politicians any more, they just do what the jews tell them or the first idea that pops up in their head. Were working on it. Support your local /sweg/-thread.

Neither American jews or Russian jews are going to solve an issue caused by Swedish jews. Fix your own problems before trying to fix others.