What would happen politically if this were to occur? Would anyone protest or laws change? Would this spark civil unrest...

What would happen politically if this were to occur? Would anyone protest or laws change? Would this spark civil unrest? If a black man shot him would people praise him as a hero in some years time?

People here will claim that Civil War would break out, but in reality our meager white population is really just too fat and lazy to do anything like that.

It would be even worse for liberals because pence would be the new prez

Asking for a friend? Stupid abo.

Cred Forums always larping about muh civil war will break out but nothing like that would happen. probably some small unrest in rural towns but most of the nation would be happy and relieved. the killer would be praised as a national hero by Dems and get his own holiday if a democrat president came to power.

>What would happen politically if this were to occur? Would anyone protest or laws change? Would this spark civil unrest? If a black man shot him would people praise him as a hero in some years time?

I could see a civil war happening. I know I'm not the only one who sees that as their line in the sand.

nothing would happen

ANTIFA would be the only group radical enough to try to assassinate TRUMP, and they are already being monitored by the alphabet agencies

TRUMP will be just fine serving out his remaining 7 years in office



>pence becomes president

trump wears a vest
wasted trips
>who is Mike Pence?

Mike "Sorry schlomos, out go the homos" Pence

All those white guys who spent decades forming militias and hoarding guns would take it as the first shot in a civil war.

They finally get an outsider into office and THEY murder him.

Even if there aren't direct attacks on politicians, there will be Charlie Hebdo style attacks on places like CNN to the point where the NYPD makes Manhattan look like Glasglow. Checkpoints on the bridges and tunnels where they search vehicles and detain suspected militia members.

i want to believe that once that happened the real americans would rise up, take arms and slaugther every left wing retarded they would put their eyes upon until theres nothing but kekistan

if the prez and everyone at the rally were open-carrying, that could never happen

>pence would be the new prez
He is openly fundie Christian

>Trump gets assassinated
>Turn on CNN
>They're blaming Trump for being assassinated

Pence would take office and the liberals would realize what a large blunder they've made.

>The presidents bizarre McDonald's order before he got assassinated, and why that's a good thing.

>Trump becomes a martyr, leading to a far-right surge
>Pence becomes president
>He enacts the final solution to the faggot question
>Liberals realize they fucked up big time
>White ethnostate

If this happens, I'd likely just move into the woods with my dogs. I'd just check out of society.

If Trump was taken out, it would immediately spark a civil war. There would be no reason not to indiscriminately kill all who identify center or left of center as the political process would be exposed as a failure.

>What would happen politically if this were to occur?
W A R-----W A R-----W A R-----W A R-----W A R-----W A R-----W A R-----W A R-----W A R-----W A R-----W A R-----W A R-----W A R----->W A R-----W A R-----W A R-----W A R-----W A R-----W A R-----W A R----->


No one would care at all.

Pence takes office, duh

The real question is
>how in the fucking name of JFK have we not done this already?

Nothing would happen. Literally nothing. Amerifats are all talk. They're only good at LARPing as Rambo online.

>the faggot question
Why the homophobia?

>remaining 7 years

Degeneracy, cultural decline, etc, etc...

better than just rolling over, which is an exceptional skill you brits seem to be good at.

why the wanton display of faggotry?

It would just mean this guy would be POTUS.

Not a very happy thought. Is it?

Instant martyr.

>Americans only good at Lapring
>Got destroyed in Revolution by Americans
>Now arrests people for mean posts on internet
Welp... your country sucks

We don't have guns. What's your excuse for becoming majority non-white in just 3 generations, fattie?

You know, I was about to say that the FBI are monitoring threads like these with a picture like that, but I guess they'd be laughing their assess of if they stumbled on that pic.

We'd disband the CIA and FBI immediately. Riots would ensue. Millions of minorities and illegals would be killed and DC politicians would be hanged from lamp posts.

Depends on who the shooter was desu

>p-please l-like me, D-Daddy America
Canadians are the most pathetic people on Cred Forums.

What happened to London? Make sure you bin that knife and get a life, bud.

Your country sucks

Careful, might get arrested for that.

>what would happen politically
That would remain to be seen but civil warically shit would hit the fucking fan instantly

Fags are disegenious actors who's loyalty is too their tribe/dating pool. The conversation went from
>Gays should be able to get married
>We should "educate*" children about lgbtqbnp issues
after they SWORE they wouldn't.

What an entertaining exchange

>nation with a whopping 36 million people

Canada is hardly a country at all. Just a bunch of frozen chinks and unwashed french.

>only rural towns voted for Trump

You have a very delusional picture of reality.

>monitoring anything

Thats the slippery slope our grandparents talked about

Part & Parcel, friend. Part & Parcel. Take back London, you massive nigger lover.

>What would happen politically if this were to occur?

Mike Pence could become president until 2020. Everything else would continue as normal.

>I know I'm not the only one who
The majority of the people who voted Trump did so because they saw him as the last hope they had for their children having a future. I fucking double dog dare the kikes to take that away from them.

Canada is /comfy/

>cannot identify flags

Canadian education.

And I wonder how you lost those guns... Because you're entire island is nothing but a bunch of snaggletoothed pussies waiting for the next paki to come and cleanse your daughter

Everything they said was true in one way or another.

Lmfao yours is even worse.

Was once the crown jewel of the British Empire, now we're more cozy w/ Burgerland. Brits are jealous.

Not even close bucko

>lol no u!

top tier bantz, soon to be 3rd world shitholes


>implying whites would initiate civil war
>implying it would be considered a civil war and not a revolution
>implying all hell won't break loose, and in the chaos and confusion, someone will launch nukes
>implying the whole world won't finally go to shit in a hand-basket and a new world will emerge from the ashes of the old
>implying people won't go crazy and take the opportunity to fuck shit up, while those who won't go crazy sit back and enjoy the show or be killed.
yeah okay

I have been to 42 of your states and I feel that half of them would be horrible places to live. The only places that even felt close to as comfy as Canada were what you call 'fly over states'

>trumptards think it would spark a civil war
Once again you prove you're retarded. Nothing would happen. You would just keep sitting on your fat asses and bitch about it on Cred Forums like you always do.
Maybe some tard from The_Donald would shoot up their school, though.

pence takes office and the jewish narative continues.

this would still get you shot in leafistan

>What would happen politically if this were to occur?

>There will be unrest with Antifas and Alt-righters beating the shit out of each other on the streets
>shooter's identity will be revealed.
>the shooter is an actual berniebro, but media will try to spin it into a Trump Supporter gone mad over how "Trump wasn't racist enough"

you're alright, leaf, you're alright.

Holy shit. Bongs, you need to answer to this. Wtf is wrong with your country?

I think you may be projecting. America is fucking crazy. Europeans are the ones who sat around doing nothing while Hitler took control, and are sitting around while a 3rd world invasion happens as the EU bureaucrats consolidate power over the continent.

Kevin Vickers agrees.

Depends very much on what Pence does.
If Pence sticks to Trump's agenda, no civil war. Expect a wall built, more deportations, and sharp reductions in legal immigration. Once Pence starts, and keeping in mind a martyred Trump, may actually take a harder line than Trump would have after negotiating with congressional democrats.
If Pence cucks, open acknowledgement that America is no longer a democracy, that only one side is allowed to rule, no matter who wins elections. Civil war ensues. Initially breaks out on right vs media/career bureaucrats/ivy league/deep state as much as on right vs left.

>Wtf is wrong with your country?
Ask the Americans, circa revolution.

I hate Drumpf but I don't want anyone to kill him because he'd just end up being a martyr for the aut-right and everyone would have to pretend to respect him for all time, he needs to get BTFO politically.

Literally like how it's a good thing no one assassinated Hitler since then people would be saying "well Hitler would have won, it was the guys who came in after he died who fucked it up" rather than him getting BTFO so had he had to shoot himself.

Easy paki don't want to be thrown into the re-education center

>I hate Drumpf
You're clearly an idiot.
>disregards rest of post

wouldn't expect a fucking leaf to understand

>Democrat politicians pretend to be sad
>Leftists on social media are happy but will be on suicide watch when Pence is inaugurated
>Conservatives are angry and blame the left
>Many liberal/leftist organisations and politicians recieve death threats
>Republican party becomes more right wing

If the shooter is black:
>American whites become more racist
>Probably another "Dylann Roof" type happening where some sperg decides to kill blacks

If the shooter is Mexican
>More anti-immigration policies
>More deportations of illegals

Also if it's caught on camera people will make memes about dead Blobnald Zoompf
I don't see a civil war happening, maybe a few terrorist attacks. America will become even more divided

it would be a tough call between going to the closest tranny club or the closest elected democrat and making them 100x worse

I would start killing known communists.
Door to door.

Jew Yorker here. If there was some kind of organized celebration I would go full Antifa.
Mask, black clothing, blunt objects, and violently attack a few people then run off before anyone filmed me. Possibly repeat a couple hours later.

literally nothing

It would be called an insurgency and we would be rounded up and put in camps.


You guys are lunatics if you think you're going to see an American civil war in your lifetimes

national emergency would occur and some kind of dictatorship will be set up.
people would still continue their life. and the american economy would crash

and get promptly killed like the little faggot that you are

That happens once at year at some nigger carnival. It’s not a regular thing. The average Brit is still less cucked than the average leaf and our country is still superior in literally everything.

Let us look at history
Lincoln was shot, no change
Kennedy was shot, no change
Regan was shot, no change
So from a historical standpoint, the answer is no.


President "Resist the chaps or get the zaps" Pence will make the liberals wish that Trump was immortal. Honestly, it would be hilarious if the liberals got their wish and some ape killed trump. Then they will learn that trump was very liberal

Pence is Trump's insurance policy. The Trump train would only get ramped into overdrive if Pence was president.

Pack my things and head for the border. The civil war will need volunteers and I can shoot. It's ground worth dying on.

scurry off from real confrontation like a lil sewer rat

Well, looks like dads been drinking again

I knew there was still one good man left in canada. You can crash at my place and we can go snipe antifa together.


I would scour social media and identify and locate any faggots within 100 miles of me who celebrated openly and blow their fucking heads off with a rifle

This is why he picked Pence in the first place. 4D chess right here

Unironically nothing would happen.
America is beyond cucked. There would even be festivities all over the country, massive chimpout, looting, niggers and jews cheering on social media and both political parties completely silent.
America is already dead, it was killed by jewish cock



Pierre is probably closest. Civil war would not be started by the bourgeois of white complacent and pampered 1st world materialistits who's greatest accomplishment is to own things and have jobs and pay bills etc. A week without the internet power or food would do it, these people have nothing without facebook and starbuks. That's why theres always 1 or 2 military bases in every major metro, they can lock a city down in 20 minutes probably

You realize that over half of active military personel said they would side with americans if the govetnment became tyranical and civil war broke out right?

There are a lot more of us than it seems. Don't give up on your brothers up North.

Civil war? Probably not. I could definitely see some people sperging out and attacking politicians they deemed responsible though.

nothing to do with what would happen if they JFK trump

>ur da fgit
>no u iz da fgit
>uz da achmed
>lul fk u tranny fgt

What a lovely testicles-free exchange

My best guess is the left would instantly celibate and praise the killer as a hero. If civil unrest does not occur at first then I would expect some democrat politicians to be assassinated within a year before ultimately descending into chaos.

Assassinations in this political climate rarely go by peacefully except for Lincoln which happened while a civil war was already winding down. The other three presidents were killed during somewhat undivided times politically in US history.

Assassinations have probably lead to more civil unrest than anything throughout history.

I believed them, and I fucking campaigned for their marriage rights in the ‘90s, and they betrayed my trust and took advantage of my naïveté. I hope that circumstances will allow me to repay them in some way.

Civil war, and depending on how it was framed and who did it, a good entry point for a world war

Why don't you ask Chuck Schumer or George Soros? I'm sure they have a playbook somewhere.

Fascism is the last phase of degeneracy you daft cunt.


Fuck you, leaf.

It'll be one of these retards who gets mad the wall didnt get built who shoots him is my guess. In a few years everyone forgets he was president.

>A week without the internet power or food would do it, these people have nothing without facebook and starbuks.

>tfw i'm 22 and i know maybe a handful of people my age who have a proper bugout plan

He's a keystone of Western Civilization. His assassination would start WW3 and a Civil War. Franz Ferdinand x 10000000.

Reprisals would happen. Chinks and Iranian may even target some of their American liberal allies in false flags to get the ball rolling.

America would be destabilized.

Is this diversity avenue?

The same thing that will happen even if your pic related doesn't happen... We exterminate the Jews.

Do they realize they don't get to take a tank with them?

It doesn't matter either way, the military sucks at asymmetrical warfare.

>said the increasingly despondent bong for the tenth time this thread

You'd be surprised how fast a complacent and pampered first world country can go down the tubes.

The current state of America has many similarities to the countries of Europe before the first world war. Germany and Austria were the most complacent countries on earth before Franz Ferdinand got shot.

The government has absolutely no authority or legitimacy at this point. It's only a matter of time before we start killing Jews and anyone who gets in our way.

>no-parent zone
the jews need to be exterminated.

Muhammed just mad he's stuck in Bongland and not here.

Kid looks dead behind the eyes. Kinda like the GRID patients used to look back in the 80s before HAART.

Go for it fuckers. You want war, DO IT FAGGOT.
There will not be a safe space that can protect any of you commies from us.
Our country would go through a cleansing period.

When President Pence signed the order mandating electroshock treatment for mentally insane faggots, the libs would realize they'd made a horrible mistake.

Pence would get the job you fucking stupid costal elite

I'm not even a Trump fag and I would fight for him. Hell, I'm not even American and I would help the nationalist Americans take back their country from jewish scum.

>Begins with insult
>talks about self
>statistics without backing them up

Are you a woMan or a soy?