22 and still a virgin

>studying medicine
>indo-aryan (indian but pass as meditterenian as many people tell me)
>8/10 in looks (pic related)
>built like a horse
>good english, no accent
>99th percentile in looks for my ethnicity
>before coming to australia i was told by my indian friends that white girls love mediterrian guys here
>they're all liars (some get laid with white girls, most dont)
>getting desperate thinking of going to a brothel (its legal here)


Check out Real Social Dynamics..looks and money are not overly important, it is game that gets you laid.


Plus from what i have heard aussies have a lot of game so i guess competition would be tougher there in this respect.



la creatura...

>but pass as Mediterranean

It doesn't count as losing your virginity if it's to a hooker.

Lips...too big.
But you are ok for me

go eat another jellyfish, jeff

You look Arab at best, definitely not Mediterranean

Poo in the loo is still a virgin boo hoo for my coo coo cuh choo.

die bich

Now take a picture without filters

/soc/ is that way


You do not look Med

Nah mate, you are a 5/10 for women standards, when you are 30 you will find a roastie who will settle for you as her beta provider.

>brighten your picture all you can
>still looks like a shitskin

>built like a horse

No, you're a slim lanklet. It's not a bad thing, slim and tall is good, but you're no fucking horse. Put on 20-30lbs of muscle and we'll talk pajeeta.

>Indo-Aryan (Indian

>pass as meditterenian
No, you don't even look northern african or arab, definitely indian. You're not a bad looking dude though so I'm guessing you're awkward as hell like most pajeets

Libya is on the Mediterranean

>8/10 in looks (pic related)
crappy narrow facial proportions, close-set shit-colored bug eyes, crooked nose, puffy lips with undefined cupid's bow, dumb ears. lose the shitty beard and you're MAYBE a 5 you delusional mongrel

>(indian but pass as meditterenian as many people tell me)
people or your fellow poos?


It's because you won't poo in the loo and fuck off they are full

>but pass as meditterenian


turn contrast up more pooboy

Lips and eyes are a dead giveaway, wouldn't pass. Still good looking for an Indian.

is your indian parent still alive? perhaps they can arrange a wife for you in india where you belong

woahhh nononono

>Perfect gentleman
>Looks 100% Indian
>Ashamed of himself
>Believes he is entitled to white pussy
>Asks a board of wizards and autists for advice

Why is that every Australian flag seems to be a poo, or a chink, or a muslim? Is this typical shitposting or we should get started on the evacuation of Australian whites to Europe?

Sorry mate not a 8. Maybe a 5. Youre 22 and a Virgin? Youll get laid eventually. 25 and still virgin here


You're retarded to want white girls. When you do get one you'll see what I mean. You look completely Indian, but who cares.

Nice thread OP