Cred Forums literally can't refute this

>Cred Forums literally can't refute this

I don't like Trump, but this is stupid drama and should have no bearing on his competence. Impeaching Clinton over a blowjob was even stupider

>our lack of damning evidence is evidence of further hidden damning evidence

Who ever said women can't into logic?

Dumb fat beaner bitch.

You see this a lot with traumatized people, they're stuck in the moment of their abuse.
This bitch still thinks it's 2016.

Those are some impressive mental gymnastics.
>No one responded to our bullshit because they've become so accustomed to it that it just goes in one ear and out the other because we'll just be making up something else tomorrow so you know the Russians must really have some evidence despite us never showing anything in over a year


>on the cusp of realizing you're conspiracy theory is retarded
>"nah, this just means the conspiracy is even crazier than we could have ever imagined"

It's frustrating watching these guys almost come to their senses

Nobody cared when Clinton fucked interns in the White House.
Just like, nobody cares who Trump fucked ten years before he was president.
Dumb shit refuted.

That's the Australia we all know and love

Quads of reason

The difference is that Clinton's escapades happened while he was in office. Not that a BJ should be an impeachable offense

Clinton was impeached for lying under oath. But everyone remembers it as being about a blowjob. This is why the left is trying so hard to get Trump to testify. They hope he will perjure himself, so they can impeach him. Then people will only remember that he got impeached and think it was about muh russia

Good post.

ever since obama fucked her in the ass she has been this way. sad

Its only been 15 months and the hate machine is going from hanged for treason to "lets break up his marriage".

A comprehensive list of presidents who got they dick wet:

All of them.

Not for nothing but if the Russians had solid proof Obama is guilty of war crimes that would almost be more leverage against Trump than any kind of personal issue possible. Charges against a former US president would be... super bad.

Those darned Russians are at it again!!

He was impeached because he lied about it under oath. If he had said he got a blowjob in the office, there'd have been no wrongdoing. But he willingly sat there and lied right to our fucking faces about something so minuscule.

He was impeached for lying under oath you dumb fuck.

Was there actually any proof of those affairs?

Says who?


Since when do liberals need proof mate. Tell a lie, a big lie, keep telling it and eventually people will believe it.

He's a pedo and the russians have video of him hanging out with his billionaire friend Epstein fucking 12 year old qts.

Wall Street journal
The House of Representatives
Basically, anyone smart enough to chew gum while breathing.

No shit, my statement was a response to user, and still stands.

>take the truth and tell the complete opposite, that way even if people don't entirely believe your lie, which they should if you tell it often enough, they'll surely never suspect that the complete opposite is true

It's like they apply Trump style negotiating skills to lying.

Shes Rick "my wifes son Jamal" Wilsons bff so she must know where the PEE PEE TAPE came from

These "republicans" need gassing

I know she hates Trump but I think she's saying they have nothing

If clinton had just said he got the blowjob he wouldnt have been impeached user.

Maybe to the untrained retarded blind eye


Women and liberals in general in a nutshell