Was he juaaaite?


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That afro hari doesn't look too juaaaite for me.

Happy little trees

If you even think about insulting this man I will personally come to your house and gut you you fucking moor piece of shit.

Looks like a jew.


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If the answer is NO then you have nothing to worry about.

I don't know I was just thinking the other day wathcing him that that how can be juaaaite and have that afro.

He had perms done because it was his

So he had straight hair??

How do you know?

read about it a few years ago...
He got a perm once for the shits and giggles, started painting and getting popular, he decided to keep getting a perm whilst filming cause his look was the afro and mild manner.

He did not keep his hair like that, he would film most of his shows in 3 to 7 days and would keep his hair straight the rest of the time.

Dedication and love for his passion, bob will always be missed

he is /ourartist/

>it's a bob ross paints a big fucking tree in the middle of the painting episode

>it's a bob ross paints a mountain episode

>it's a bob ross shows you how to paint the same fucking picture for 300+ episodes

bob ross is a fucking hack

Shit is true.... what a fraud.

He saw some serious shit serving this great nation in combat and afterwards all he wanted to do is paint some happy little trees and bring joy to millions.

fuck you.

I don't talk out of my ass.

Not a fraud, it was his look. His contract asked him to keep his iconic look

Bob was a hero and a fucking iconic American.

But he was in the Air Force right?

That is not like being on the ground, you are in your comfy airplane.

And wait now that I read in Wikipedia, he was in a base in Alaska. What do you mean by serious shit?

He's a filthy kike who stole his technique from the Nazi painting genius, William Alexander.


The Chad Bob Ross.

shit, he does the same thing cleaning the brush...
What a hack Bob Ross.

That's master sergeant juaaaite to you.

vs the virgin "artist"

He was his student. Anyway, he's obviously a Bill Alexander copycat. Both of them are funny in their own ways.


>it's a bob ross paints an amazing painting with color depth and perfect framing
>you can see him eyeing up a giant black streak right down the middle, from top to bottom
>he physically has to build up the courage to do it, hands trembling
>after he does it, he turns to the camera and just says "no guts no glory" with a wry smile.

I love this one:

If William Alexander was a Nazi, and Ross was a Jew, why would the Nazi help the Jew? Ross was Alexander's student. There was no stealing.


He was a decent dude. Had some high enlisted rank in the military before, his subordinates used to call him "Bust-em-Up Bob." Missing a finger, too. Some crafting accident. He hid it under the pallette he held.

Bob Ross filtered through Google Deep Dream and edited in a few other ways.

its called a perm