Looks like the Cred Forums meme that asians dislike blacks might be wrong

Looks like the Cred Forums meme that asians dislike blacks might be wrong.

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>paying for movies
hah that's cute

South Koreans are the blacks of East Asia.
>Literally the bottom bitch of their neighbors for two thousand years
>Still crying about muh Japanese occupation, muh comfort women


A good chunk of the film takes place in South Korea, you mong.

taasi waa mid aad u qallafsan

>biggest action scene takes place in South Korea and was filmed there
>South Koreans go to see the movie

their love for faggot ass super heroes is just stronger because they're such insecure cucks

Hi, don't take that flag out.

They are specially retarded lately.

Even the gooks are falling for the KARA BOGA

When does this shit open in China?

sage'd and reported
Asians openly trade with africa, the just don't care for race mixing.

Read the date at the bottom. 3月9日. March 9th.

Ah, thanks. Should have guessed, but it's weird it's a month later

Because Korean women love that BBC

Translation takes time. Their censors also probably have to go over it and see if they have to cut something out.

Yeah, that's pretty usually for most other countries besides the US. America always gets movies first.

As a black man I’m all for us gaining a foothold in pop culture in east Asia.

I’m already scoring abnormal amounts of qt Asian pootang.

Mostly among Korean chicks and Chinese milfs so far

Wait to see Chinese and Japanese figures. The South Koreans love negro music and culture
t. someone who lives around a bunch of Koreans

because south korea sucks us cock in every single capacity. why do you think they play the part of such a foil in the north korea conflict?

South Korea has a lot of american influence
Enough said

>black panther?
>or king kong

They unironically WE WUZ the hardest out of all Asians. Korean inferiority complex is something you have to experience first hand to truly understand, any expat will be able to confirm this.

This is a parody that was made some years ago making fun of Korean wewuzzers but it's pretty accurate


America didn't get Black Panther first, though

S w e d e n

ahahahah, this is a joke


Thai like it too.

the olympics were going on and pence literally dropped off a bag with a shit load of money at a movie theater. they couldnt get it through customs without raising a few brows

but it will fail to do much by months end globally

>weird it's a month later
Not at all, they know that once the movie is released in China, it WILL be pirated in high quality straight away

Did California leave the US already?


That looks almost as bad as the orc kid

It was released in the UK last week

>omitting to mention that the movie was filmed in Korea

>cherry picks from a country of people renowned for their individualism and autonomous thinking

lel the vid

Everyone thinks trained monkeys are hilarious.

They look like they saw a literal alien from outer space


Asians tend to dislike people who are seen as unattractive. In the Black Panther the main black characters were presented as attractive. Unlike that last Star Wars movie.

Asians aren't people, they are robots.

Marvel movies are pretty much a success no matter where.

However, South Korea is basically leftist paradise. Haven't you seen the shit that goes on there?

But what are the numbers, though.


>South Korea is basically leftist paradise
it's a globalist testing ground, like Brazil
both are major plastic surgery countries for one

But what are the numbers tho?

Why is anyone surprised? We already know their power structure was compromised by Satanists, it was a massive scandal.

Korea is an ancient culture with its own language roots, naturally they need DIVERSITY

Sure you are, Tyrone

Capeshit movies and the likes always seem to come out here first. Not sure why.

When did it become impressive for movies to not do terribly in February?


kek I alway knew porn jew always lied to us about BBC

You mean the jews of asia. They circumcise their children.

>they circumcise their children
Source faggot

It's gonna open up in China soon.
Koreans are selfhating, suicidal cucks so who gives a shit.

Koreans just like Nigger culture.
Just listen to their music compared to Japan and China.

capeshit =/= kids movies

kids don't see racism, they aren't occupied with it u dingus

anyone who takes capeshit seriously, or like those autismal manchildren on Cred Forums discussing box office profits related to hollywood kid movies need to grow up