Why are beta virgins so autistic and angry about people expressing their sexuality and showing of their goods?

Why are beta virgins so autistic and angry about people expressing their sexuality and showing of their goods?

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It's like going to a nudist beach and getting an erection - it's poor form and generally frowned upon.
You can feel in touch with your body and your sexuality without shoving it in everyones faces.

>shoving it in everyones faces.
Do they come to your house and force you to stare at them?

Because God says you deserve to die.

t Elliot Rogers

Do they not go out of their way to show it off in public?

You don't own public spaces you sperg. You don't dictate what people can do just because they hurt your fagget feelings.

You're right mate, I don't own public spaces, I can't dictate what people do, but it's still poor form and I'm still gunna frown upon them.
So what now cunt?
You thread is pretty much moot.

>poor form
Only for you because it reminds you of your own shortcomings

what is this I wanna watch more

Cause they aren't getting any and it hurts them

because anybody with any sense knows that your should be considerate of other people. you dont need to go over the top with it but a well operating society relies on people acting civil which means acting with some sense. anymore dumb questions dipshit?

lust is what ((they)) wan't, bind yourself to body trough that and never realize the truth of life. Never free yourself.

Fuck mate how did you know? You must be a fucking psychic! And a psychologist! A fucking psychic psychologist!

>pulling shit out of your arse and hoping it sticks



They are property whose ownership is passed from fathers to husbands. Let women do as they please and they will bring ruin to your house and name.

I will bind myself to a body


Why are slutty roasties so autistic and angry about me telling them they got a fat ass and giving it a squeeze when they express their sexuality and show off their goods?

>Why is the bum angry by some faggot parking a bentley next to him and eating a big fucking sandwich?

"Bake the Cake!" yes, the sexually permiscuous who insist on perversity to make themselves feel more secure in their degeneracy actually do that, user.

are these girls of legal age?

You say that now until you run into an existential crisis once you realize your wife or gf has been tricked into seducing and fucking and blowing 80 men before you kiss her on the cheek at night

There's nothing wrong or even "beta" about virginity.

Because the lifestyle this depicts leads to deep regret - and it's being marketed down my throat.

Ever seen a hoe like this in her forties? One that itsn't completely fucked up and is actually having a meaningful life? Because one day, your grandious ass will grow wrinkles and cellulite, and your tits will drop below your knees, and nobody will want to fuck you; and the life you have been building upon your vanity and ape-like mating rituals will crumble.

If you make your life ape's, you are no more than that: a sophisticated ape.

>justifying degeneracy
Go back to selling your wife in Amsterdam.

>Do they come to your house and force you to stare at them?
user says as he literally invades our space (by his own accord) and forces us to stare at them while we are in fact in our homes.

Not that I'm complaining, I voluntarily clicked on the WEBMs (and they're pretty shit) but there is some deep irony there. Seemingly yes they do come into my house and force me to stare at them, whether by their own machinations or the actions of a rogue admirer, the result is the same.

>American flag
Well they're under 25 so for you, no.

because all woman are whores till they get married. kom op man dat weet jij toch ook?!

Just wait till they are 30, it's hilarious to watch girls in that crisis at work.

No, stop with the sophistry. Go right for bringing up "Bake my Cake!" and rub their noses in the tyrannical establishment they support, user.

ok stop, diamonds here that hoer in the grey pants....HHNNNGGGG

Yes. 14 is legal here in Germany burgernigger

>muh dik

Because they're pushing it as a normal and healthy thing to do, when it isn't.
Men are expected to behave in a certain manner and so should women. Acting like a whore is unacceptable, and should not be normalized.

Well you seemed to be doing a good job of that, I just had a sudden realization of the irony of that post.

>our space
This is not your personal blog or safe space, fagget cuck

Lexee smith is KANKER lekker

these would probably be really IF I wouldn't know about the world a bit and I would be very well aware how these women talk and think

This is nigger behaviour.

Well I would have thought New Turkey would allow immigrants the Sexual Emergency defense.

I got a semi erection so I stopped watching, I feel bad now

We invented twerking as a weapon to prime your white girls for our BBC's, lmfao.

problem? i am only human

Baboons do this

now that is hot

we invented twerking to get your hormones raging so you're steal more Powerade


The real virgins in this scenario are you faggots who bust in your pants just from seeing a woman in tight pants.

Those of us who can get pussy disapprove of degeneracy for the same reason we reject mass (((commercialism))). We don't need this shit shoved in our face 24/7. Any woman of real value knows her sexuality is a commodity, so she does not give it away for free.

>(by his own accord)

Look at your own OP post idiot, it reads as one of an infiltrator provoking the host - and that clearly was your goal here, make no mistake about that.

>I feel bad now
Typical fagget

Speciaal voor jou

dancing is always going to be sensual and therefore touching on the sexual but it's this mimicry of nigger and spic culture that is very embarrassing

> Except...

The real virgins in this scenario are you faggots who bust in your pants just from seeing a woman in tight pants.

You seem to think about this a lot.

Jealousy obiviously

here we go again. kanker lekker indeed

About what exactly...?

its funny how the complaining of the "right" is becoming equally cringy as the "left"

Look at these white women wanting the black man.Why do you guys think they are dancing on our songs in our manner its because white boys cant satisfy them, after all the biggest fantasy white women have is to try the BBC.

Veel plezier fren

actually it's being rich, women are niggers of human race


I have no issue with whores being whores, but twerking is disgusting ape mating ritual shit.

Women use overt displays of sexuality to hide the fact that theyve got no other redeeming qualities. Also, I'd be OK with women dressing like sluts if women didn't simultaneously complain about men gawking at them and muh sexual objectification. You can wear what you want, just don't expect men to treat you any better than a whore.

The goods market is oversaturated, making them worthless. We need an embargo on goods to encourage distributors to improve their quality.

t.white boy
That might be true if you are white but then why is it that they go out with us even if we are nothing going for us? I will tell you its because white women melt at the sight of black men and the only way white boys can compete is by being beta cucks.

imagine hating yourself this much, to go online and talk about muh dik.

this is why every single woman is always going to hate you niggers , even nigger women hate niggers , it's quite funny.

Why are poor people so autistic and angry about rich people showing off their yachts?

looks like an animal on heat though

if you seriously have no problem with this being either your wife or your daughter then you are a spineless faggot.

>Fact check
100% true

>these are the women that demand we stop sexualizing women.
Nah fuck off these are strippers.

nice cat

Good, ole' Florida.

What if you're gay and married and don't like ooga booga nigger dance?

don't make this about blacks guys they don't really matter it's just THEY want us to think blacks are the problem

No problem with degenerates being degenerate as long as they do it in their own space. Don't shove it in my face or my community's face. Remember the "gay cake" case? You're right in that you DO have the right to be degenerate, but you DON'T have the right to force others into it.


Nigel be careful what you post online or you might be sent to prison by May.
I dont hate my self, quite the opposite I am currently living in white pussy heaven right now, the amount of white women I fucked here you couldnt believe and all of the white cucks here do nothing.I cant wait to go back to UK though after all I am british and there is nothing you can do to stop me.

Are you on your phone or something. These girls look closer to 30 than 18

they're 15

they're upset about what they can't have. like socialists.

any other stupid questions?


Why does no one watch tv anymore?

Swallow the red pill already and realize we run this shit. Your women across the whole planet in places where they never even seen a black man before are being taught how to move their bodies for our amusement.

Because it cheapens sex, making reproduction a thoughtless act. Naturally the social value of the family starts to disintegrate and the moral fabric with it. I would have thought this was obvious.


hay what are you talking about nobody listening to you

ITT a fucking retard who knows nothing about human sexuality, neck yourself

Your country has public places in which engaging in sexual acts is legal, right?
What's the problem"beta virgins" have? How about the fact were receding in terms of civilization?
You want to act as a civilized person or as a monkey?

Good job, nigger.

t.mad cancuck
Its alright man your women love us black men there is no shame in accepting it just accept your place and we would be alright.

why wont my wife bf let me watch than have sex anymore...please Cred Forums help me

Niggers run nothing. You are just useful tools of the real (((power))) behind the scenes.

> people expressing their sexuality and showing of their goods?
Jeez, I wonder why.

Women have to slut/whore to the maximum in misguided hopes of getting a few minutes of attention from an alpha male

WE do run things shut up you beta mouth

That cunt with the braids and the twerking. Too far gone. Hang her with the negros.

wrong nigger, it's not anger, but disgust and pity.nigger culture leads to nigger type of suffering: STD ridden bodies, women raising their kids alone and men unable to control their urges end up in prison, all just cost to society.it is sad to see those people taking wrong path because jews told them to.

Chicks who do that are marking themselves out as having no worth beyond sexual titillation. No dignity, no self-respect. They are fucktoys, nothing else. Little teenage girls don't really understand this though, and when they're doing stuff like this, it's a reflection of poor parenting and possible absence of a father altogether. Teenagers don't understand the bigger picture of sexual dynamics or life and hence they don't understand how much they degrade themselves when they reduce themselves to being nothing but a piece of meat.

In any case, no one sane wants their mother or daughter to be one of these twerkers. To support it would be like pimping your own mother or daughter. You might as well spit on your own mother and daughter and kick them for laughs.

ooooohhh shut upa your beta moutha WE a gonna run your tings now capiche?

they think any attention they can attract to themselves is good

Yes, yes. We all know youze wuz kangs, nigger. Is Popeye's not open today or something?

This guy gets it

Delusional negro ape.

I am not impressed with her performance


That just sounds like your retarded sperg interpretation of someone liking a certain outfit and being proud of your body. When a guy jogs shirtless is he just telling you to use up his boypussy like an onahole cause he is just a sexual object? Or does that only apply to women?

Netherlands flag so Russian poster. You fools make a disproportionate number of posts to this American forum from irrelevant small countries which means your proxies are there.

Thanks for making it obvious. Nothingburger nations whose populations are less than many US cities suddenly take an interest in subjects utterly irrelevant to their lives? No fucking way.


fucking niggers

t.mad white boys
Its alright you just cant compete there is no reason why things must be banned because you whites cant keep your women from going to us.I mean look at twerking and how it has spread in every country even in those where black population is extremely small, it just show how much you women want real men and not some beta incels white boys.

>showing of their goods?
People are not goods you slave trading kike.

t. roastie
when I jog shirtless I'm invited women to view me sexually, that's the fucking point.

Russian twerk team

Okay, Achmed.

if anyone is wondering, this girl is lexee smith, and she is underage

>white girls fuck tyrone
Shes a kike!
>white girls twerk
Shes a nigger!
>white girls convert to islam
Shes a mongrel!

This is why no one takes you seriously...

The only people who whine about this shit are fags and virgins. Women walk around in skimpy clothing and life is fucking good.

So you have "no worth beyond sexual titillation"

This is fair, aquafresh. Accelerationism is the best thing you can support now. When fertility rates fall under 1, most children get raised in single-parent households that turns them into soymonglers and arabs/nogs births become over 50% you'll see the error of your ways.

Why do Chads get all the sluts? I literally observed it IRL two nights ago. In a crowded bar one single dude made out with like four girls before picking one to leave with. Meanwhile me and every other beta there just smoked cigarettes outside and watched.

I am black though not a turk but whatever float your boat man.

Honestly i side more with islamists... the west is degenerate and white women are trash who need to be enslaved.

When I put myself on display my worth beyond that is a moot point. Sluts do it and think they deserve respect; I don't care if a bitch respects me or not.

they look like they are desperately trying to fuck the floor


Because women are supposed to dress (and behave) modestly. And it doesn't make me angry, just disappointed at women in the current year.

>I am black though
I don't think "gypsy" is an african tribe, faggot

Women past 30 would take a 6/10 guy with a brain and decent personality over a 9/10 Chad. Younger women are all about 'if it looks pretty i want it'

It's like a child wanting something and the parent saying no. They'll wail about it

Same principle

Fucking disgusting nigger tier behavior.
I wouldn't even touch these whores with a stick, in fact, i would beat them with it.

I am a black british born that came here since I was sent by my job to supervise the new branch that was open here.

The type of women who hang around bars are not pure virgins, do you go to the gym and wonder why everyone there is so health-conscious?

That's great Tyrone, now fuck off back to Africa.

I'm literally more Anglo than you

Why are european fags such pedo apologists? If you want to be a degenerate go ahead but don't push this to kids.

How can anyone that is not a teen find this remotely attractive? I am disgusted. As for us not owning public places, I agree. They are free to do as they will, and I am free to say that they are sluts. Zufrieden?

Of course they do. Teenage girls are "exploring" and "testing their limits", as it's often described. They are clueless about how it really comes across, they just enjoy the attention. The big picture becomes clearer as they mature.

These chicks are not out on a jog. I'd have no problem having a daughter who's a sprinter and competes as an athlete. On the other hand, the reason twerking exists is sexual stimulation. There is nothing else to it. When you choose to reduce yourself to a piece of meat, you've determined your only worth is as a fucktoy. You might as well tattoo "I'm a cheap thrill" on your forehead.


Why do black bois get so upset when they see a successful, intelligent attractive black woman with a white man?

Back in H.S. I dated a 9/10 black girl for a year that looked like pic related. EVERY FUCKING TIME we went out in public we ALWAYS got approached by angry black "men". Theu would either yell at me for being an ebil huwite rayciss stealin their wimmin or, more frequently, they would try to approach her to either 1) yell at her for being a race traitor, house n****r, coon...etc. or 2) try to convince her she is just being brainwashed by her oppressor/slavemaster.

Usually we just ignored them or laughed them off but if they persisted, she would tell them that she would've considered dating a black guy if they knew how to step up and be a real man. They would usually respond by sputtering incomprehensible expletives and retreating with their tails between their legs.

You can pretty much see the exact same behavior any social media platform of a well known black woman who is 99% of the time with a white man.

So what gives black bois? You talk nonstop about how black "men" so strong and confident yet when you lose your most desirable and successful women to white men you turn into angry racist sniveling cowards. Why can't you handle losing to better men? There's nothing wrong with losing but at least do it gracefully.

#1 men arent allowed to

#2 turns women into whores and whores are useless

Are you the same dutch who was making "How do we stop girls wearing shorts" threads yesterday?

Elliot Rodgers was right

Women who go to the gym are th3 biggest whores. Just like women who go to church.... and women who go to grocery stores.... and out in public....
How long will roasties keep pushing this "not all white women" meme?

Make me, I am 3rd generation and I am now 100% british and there is nothing you can do.Also how easy are danish women I really want to try some pale blonde at some point.

>why do you care? It doesn't affect you

Why is every thread here a shill thread and nearly every post here a shill post??? Psyops? Establishment agendas? Both? Why all the fake ass personal stories and sheeeit? Why is almost every shill a gigantic faggot??

(((They))) are afraid

>Also how easy are danish women
Extremely easy. Easier than Swedish women, in fact.

The darker you are, the sluttier they are for you. Love me some tall blonde Danish sluts.

Because you double digit iq mongrel, it makes it harder for them to compete, it's sexual signaling to higher status males. It gives women higher self worth than is sustainable for society and destroys the nuclear family. Some men are now destined never able to compete for what they once would have decades ago in standard society. We are creating a sexual, shallow society where looks/degeneracy are high value and personality/character take a back seat. People should not be given this much freedom as they always run absolutely wild, jews encourage this, profit off of it and don't practice/encourage such behaviors in their own homes(intelligent worth anything jews). In order to fix society you need to follow the path 100+ societies did before you and remove the jew.

Basically true. MGTOWs have it half-right... relationships are a retarded waste of time, women aren't worth it because they're all sluts at heart, even the ones who act conservative/religious etc. Feminism won, women have been destroyed, it's over, there's no way to win it back. The thing is, you can still pump and dump. They're still good for pleasure, just don't get attached. Fuck bitches, get money. Let the system collapse, it's not going to fix itself over time.

>hairy arms, no tits or ass = high testosterone and low estrogen

her cuck husbands own fault for marrying her and missing all the red flags

see this, the tides are turning

Go suck a cock you degenerate stoner


Why are degenerates so angry about being asked to fuck themselves with dildos in private, instead of in the middle of the street in front of a school full of small children?

Delicious salt

Nigga what does "Expressing sexuality" even mean? Some word constructed to make anything degenerate just fine? Ive never understood the whole thing.


>real men

Like those of us that can support a family?

(((Expressing sexuality)))

The real question we should be asking is why we let degenerates live when they're responsible for the vat majority of child sexual assault.

Because being a sloot actually makes you less attractive than you otherwise would be. Only mouth-breathing sub-human negroid barbarians think differently.

If it's hot grills i dont mind.

Thats a 13 year old.


Check this short ass brotha with this nice Danish chick. She finds him infinitely more attractive than any white guy no matter how tall.


I can't speak for beta virgins who also happen to be autistic. However, its is clear by this point that self-regulation of sexuality is needed for a functioning society. To propagandize promiscuity and overt sexual acts in a manner which is readily accessible to both young and old alike is damaging to society.

In response to this, it's even worse than coming to my house. They do it on camera and broadcast it to millions of houses, making it extremely likely that impressionable young people will see and absorb.

If people want to ruin their ability to pair-bond and have fulfilling relationships past their 20's and early 30's that's their business, but don't broadcast it into my home and target my children.