Cernovich drops bombshell
Get the fuck in here the FBI is literally collapsing right before our eyes

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t. Mike

So this is the power of the Gorilla Mind

Blocked mike on all social media, lispy faggot follows me here. Good news though I guess.

Maybe 60 Minutes can attempt a hit piece on Cernovich like Scott "well its a fact because the Clinton campaign said so" Pelley tried a while back.



Pic related is the CIA Officer in charge of trying to 'handle' the Inspector General of the Department of Justice


Not a huge fan of Mike but I don't get the hate for him either. The alt right is bound for failure in its current form if it hates on idiots even when they can be useful. Same shit with Milo.

At this point I expect the alt right's ideas to be taken up by smarter more serious and more forceful and violent people in 20 years time when the problems facing the west are more imminent.

this, hope he's right though

Cerblovich strikes again.

>Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz


This tranny cock sucker is right every now and then, but he's still a tranny cock sucking degenerate who should be mocked.

hes a racemixing jew

Bonobo Brainwave

So? Saving the west would take a generation anyway at this point. You progress in stages. You can hold erstwhile 'allies' at arms length temporarily.


Someone explain what he means and what the implications are for the completely retarded.

Say what you want. It doesn't really matter anyway. We're all playacting until the shit hits the fan. Nothing is getting done until serious systemic collapse starts, then militias and military defectors will lead the charge. I just hope people like Breivik get freed before it's over.


Probably some more federal government corruption hype that will go nowhere because laws literally don't matter.

Replied to the wrong post.

Mike Flynn was framed
Flynn guilty plea will be thrown out
Any FBI investigations (literally any at all) between 2013-2017 are likely over due to the fact that no judge will know which evidence has been tampered with or changed

antipatriotic russian nigger


this is exactly why the fbi needs to be cleansed throigh the justice system. i have 0 faith in our law enforcement anymore.

It's a legitimate scoop like the others he's had in the past year. No fanboy of Therno but he has had scoops and this is another one

>No fanboy of Therno but he has had scoops and this is another one
He's an annoying opportunist who I don't trust 100%, but he's been right before so I don't write him off completely.

The new

People have been speculating this for weeks. What evidence does he have? A "source" that just so happens to be telling him something that other people have already suggested is going on?

sage this fucking retard

nobody gives a fuck about some ape idiot making a monkey tweet wtf

kike therno is fake news and he just reads me and rips it off

fucking dead man walking

>other people have already suggested is going on?
welcome to kike thernos world

the first original thought he has will be his first original thought

the only document that matters is MJB doc and it will fuck up the FBI and CIA even more, everything else you hear from alt kike twitter retards is fake news disinfo.

sage kike therno


Its okay to gas kikes.

Does he expound on this? Don't have Twitter

Picked up by GP

>MJB doc
What's that?

Mostly shills, but also borderline retarded Nazis who don't know when to shut up and hide their power level

remember who the enemy is


Long nose get kicked out this many caves:
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Makes Grug think...

No shit, now work on hiding your fucking power level and stop burning useful bridges faggot

hey Mike, will you finally die you fucking jew nigger

you stupiid amerikan capitlist pigs, I kontrol ou is Presidant now,

let dat sink in, Mr gooreila mind

it will happen with or without any bombshells from cernovich

What's up kikebart shill?

So does this tie into the Mueller Investigation since it started in 2017?

>FBI agents take notes during an interview - these summaries are put on a form numbered FD-302. The agent who interviewed Flynn did not think Flynn lied. McCabe altered the agent's form 302, fabricating what Flynn had said, to secure a guilty plea for Mueller.

It’s like this.. the fbi is caught altering evidence and deleting the record of alterations from the record.

So basically they can frame anyone they want. The only reason we have evidence of this is because they Targeted Flynn and Trump is president.

They could have and prIbabky have been doing this for decades.

The fbi is corrupt, all the more reason to never talk to them, never give them anything cause they are looking to make a false case against you if they question you

Hmmm...Cernovich. Sounds slav.
Let me just make up some shit, say it on the internet, wait for it to propagate, then deny it's real news.
Hi, I'm Mike Cernovich. I make shit up for a living because being a PoS lawyer wasn't shitty enough an existence.
Your mother must be proud of you contribution to humanity.

top kek, OP btfo

It's literally the evidence used to get Flynn to plead guilty.

Wow, a personal attack with such veracity, you must love your job

MJB Doc? Got the sauce?

Nothing will happen to the bad guys. Nothing ever happens to the bad guys.

Nice, Horowitz needs to speed this shit up

I'd say he's correct for once

>le monkey mindlet
Be gone thurnovich

If only the useless republicans would capitalize on this. But they'll snatch defeat from the jaws of victory every time, useless party.


I hope Mueller sees all these shenanigans and friends with Comey or not sees that he fostered an environment of corruption.

This is actually huge if true


You do this for free nigga? I can make irrelevant arguments for. 00000001 eth per reply

What was the name of his book again?

>Mandrill Musings

Your mother's mindset?

not really. prove the field agent didn't falsify his own 302 in order to acquit MF but mccabe altered them so that they were telling the truth and not lying to save MF.....oh wait you just absolutely can't..imagine that..

Instagram knows??

Fucking dope. Yeah the other agent wanted to acquit Flynn and doctored them. Not STRZOK and MCCABE the two who are already on the fucking record doing shady shit to fuck Trump. Haha you're funny little shill. Good thing IG Horowitz was able to get the physical devices and recapture all those "lost" text messages between the election and May 2017 huh? I guess if nothing fucky happened during that time period it will all come out in the wash, right?

Inspector General, pekka

nothing happened. I'm not scared. you should be though. you trumpkins are going to have a rough time in the midterms.

Uhhh yeah about that
Try to keep up. Your talking points are stale as your mum's bread box

how has your life changed since adopting the Gorilla Mindset™ Cred Forums?

>muh Blue Wave
More like dirty puddle

I didn't make an arguement that much is obvious, just dislike cerno and yes my opinions are free.

This is just a distraction from Mueller who is currently closing in on Trump and his associates in Russia via Deutsche Bank and money laundering. Get ready Drumpkins.

Trump predicted this.

That's because the good Goys, don't wanna be bad..... at some point that will have to change.

>Deutsche Bank and money laundering
why does this sound familiar? Oh yeah, the whole HSBC/Lynch/Comey/clinton foundation thing.
>life is reruns

Possible happening bump

How many natsoc triggered cucks are in this thread right now? Top kek.

>All these shills attacking the messenger and not the message
Rly makes me think

Shills are on overdrive

Cernovich isn't even a useful idiot though. He's just a useless idiot.

There is no message. Cernovich just makes shit up or gets it fed to him by Breitbart Zionists.

I mentioned this earlier on, cooking the 302s was well a known insider practice despite the constant "muh federales integrity"

Even Dems know they'd be guilty of subverting democracy.

Yeah sure ok haha yes

Cernovitz is controlled opposition
Ignore him, he's there to throw up smoke and mirrors from the real problems

Get fucked. He’s usually accurate. No need to chimp out

Yes, ignore unsettling information, maybe it will go away

Please let this faggot be right, just this once.

>MJB doc
>What's that?
a made up abbreviation meant to keep you wondering, most likely

Lel does this mean that the story is going to be
>Flynn interviews with Strzok and tells him verbatim what they already know.
Strzok and McCabe distraught that they didnt get what they wanted which was for Flynn to slip up so McCabe alters the 302 to make him guilty of lying to the FBI. The judge who sentenced Flynn doesnt allow his lawyers to see evidence, ends up having to recuse himself. New judge orders this evidence to be shown to Flynns lawyers and puts a hold on sentencing.

Is this going to come out and Trump is going to have to publicly destroy the FBI rats even further and allow Flynn back as NSA director or have him spill the beans to congress as part of the investigation?

>Ape Aspirations

>Cernovich claim the "fascist" alt-right has no future and moderates like him will lead the way
>fades into obscurity and irrelevance


>FBI agents take notes during an interview - these summaries are put on a form numbered FD-302. The agent who interviewed Flynn did not think Flynn lied. McCabe altered the agent's form 302, fabricating what Flynn had said, to secure a guilty plea for Mueller.


Originally he was leaked stuff by Bannon, but Bannon is now off somewhere contemplating suicide. Show one thing cernovich has been right about since Bannon went insane and killed his career. You can't.


Hi Mike
What's unsettling is your jewishness and tactics
The fact that everything you bring up is of little consequence is almost amusing if it were genuine, because that would mean you've missed the mark 100% of the time

Unfortunately that's far too coincidental to be believable so it's more likely and given the evidence seems to be that you're just a spout to pour deliberate filth into the pool that is modern political commentary, thus muddying the waters for anyone who wants to see the scaly creature lurking on the bottom

Some fucking virgin neck beard talking shit about the way someone talks via anonymous Cred Forums text......some faggots will always be faggots.

It's ''neckbeard'' there, Mike
The faggot is you

We wuz FBI'n shiet

You foolth think that your fringe movement hath the chancth to reach the kind of audienth I have?!

Oh, wow, do you sound like a retard a lot and get called on it?

It's probably not just online

Better to just rip the bandage off.

check them and wreck them, silly cunt

y u mad bro

So now that we're back to a self proclaimed fishing expedition, is there a legitimate reason NOT to fire Mueller and disband the Special Council?
Asking for a friend.

anything can be done with the right bonobo brainframe

Thernovith is a fag, but hopefully he is right on this. He has like a 20% success rate, though.

Probably kek

A leftist pretending to be anti-Semitic. Interesting.

When You shills try too hard in telling people to ignore information, it stinks, it looks fucking weird. You out yourself.

Anyways shill modifying 302s is a huge fucking deal, and a couple other journalists have already hinted that this happened.

Baboon brain

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>Gorilla jew

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>macaque mystique

Cernovich lol did he “just whip it out”?

Yeah like pizzagate

> be Mike Cernovich
> Hype the shit out of Nunes Memo
> Red pill it was the "end of MUH RUSSIA"
> Memo released, everyone goes WTF was that
> Embarrass the TRAIN forever
> Doesnt Hero himself like a goodboy with dignity
> Keeps Tweeting like we are supposed to take him seriously anymore

Why do we have the biggest retards on our side? Him and Spencer taking LARPing to a whole new level, bringing the whole movement down with them.

Yea, probably.
It's not just him. People have been speculating this for weeks. Gorilla man is just calling it a "scoop." Unless he has real evidence that everyone else doesn't, he is just speculating like everyone else, and he should fuck off.

the alt right was partly created so "leaders" could be (self-)appointed and then take it down in a resounding victory for the establishment.

They tried to frame a General and a President.
Military intervention when?

It doesnt matter if its bullshit. As long as we meme it it will happen. We could be colonizing the stars already if you newfaggots would just learn how memes work

>everyone goes WTF was that

that memo red pilled the shit out of so fucking many plebs its not funny. None of this is about getting the kike system to work, its about waking up the plebs to the necessity of extermination.

gorilla retard go away

Oh thit!

Bump for Alpha Centauri
and extermination

Did you dumb niggers even read his book?

>fbi using “my dad works at nintento” tactics to spy on presidential candidate
Gas yourself boyo

You know the Jewish story about the golem?

>creating a group to redpill normies will work in their favor
How? Blame all crime on alt right? That seemed to work well in 2016

Thources tell me that op ith a faggot

yeah. you think these guys are turning on their masters?

they didn't create the people doing the redpilling, they created the label so they could pigenhole people and paint them as a whole

>tfw dora loses her map

>throw the baby out with the bath water
I don't think so, unless you have proof he was compromised a long time ago.

>they didn't create the people doing the redpilling
They have a few talking heads interspersed. But yeah, it's mostly a group of convenience. To isolate opposition into a box that normative society is pre-conditioned against.

Should I read monkey thoughts?