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>AG Sessions on Sun Morning Futures 2/18/18
>VP Pence @GOP Reagan Day dinner 2/17/18
>VP Pence @America 1st Policies event in TX 2/17/18
>DefSec C.H.A.O.S. Mattis inflight presser 2/17/18
>NSA McMaster @Munich Security Conf 2/17/18
>DNI Coates on russian election meddling 2/17/18
>This Week @State 2/16/18
>Tiffany/Barron arrive in WPalmBeach 2/16/18
>Pres Trump/FLotUS Melania @Broward County Sheriff's Office 2/16/18
>Pres Trump/FLotUS Melania @Broward County Hospital 2/16/18
>Pres Trump/FLotUS Melania arrive in WPalmBeach Fl 2/16/18
>Pres Trump Departs DC 2/16/18
>VP Pence/2nd Lady/Rato after visiting border 2/16/18
>VP Pence @RNC in San Antonio TX 2/16/18
>VP Pence in Hidalgo TX on immigratin 2/16/18
>VP Pence/2nd Lady arrive in TX 2/16/18
>DepAG Rosenstein indicts 13 russians 2/16/18
>SoS T-Rex presser w/RoachFM Cavusoglu 2/16/18

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HI MY NAME IS ELIZABETH KEANE AND I'D LIKE TO BE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES WHEN I GROW UP! - said something yesterday in front of her 'skinny' mirror at the OFF-White House right before she PMS'd and assassinated an American hero.

Fuck off slut

>Hey, America

>not breaking your spaghetti in half
It's like you WANT this to happen.

>post yfw El Goblina invites you to her hotel room for a game of spin the bottle

you're fucking fast

>this was, unirronically aired on TV

the main female character in Blacklist is also named Elizabeth Keen. weird.

>El Goblina
Jeb needs to tell his clan to back off


she looks like she eats a lot of tator tots

GAS jews


I forgot about that. Very odd

good night random czech - those last breads were fun

Haters will say this was photoshopped

>someone else is still watching Blacklist
i thought i was the only one left

I have no idea why political leaders here would run on fighting the border wall. I personally want it for our security too and know of no other Mexican who really gives a shit about it.

Happy President's Day!


Too thicc.

ily kac

What about citrus?

Just here to say fuck Trump, and fuck you racist facist insecure losers.

I have no anime figmas
....i might have to get an anime figma of her and hide it somewhere

KAC for First Lady (2022)

Its on my list

Are there Mexicans who support the wall over there? I'm just curious.

There’s much bigger redpills, that’s just dipping your toe in the water. But I’m sure you dont want to hear this since most on Cred Forums think they’re the most “redpilled” person in the world and no one can tell them otherwise.

>adopted sisters
>didn't even grow up together

>TFW ptg doesn't banepost with you because they're all normies who came here from Reddit or from watching Homeland and you banepost alone like a small guy


Pure yuri?

>pictured: democrat 2018 midterms messaging.

nobody thinks about you ever, but Trump/his supporters are living rent free in your mind so much you came to post that. again, nobody cares that you hate us

Small guys and hotheads aren't allowed.

beggars can't be choosers


Get this hothead outta here

Things that make you think.

i never thought baneposting was very funny unless it was directly applicable desu

Don't know havn't watch



watched it*

Madam President

dk, are you a Fed?

>CIA niggers, they glow in the dark. You can see 'em when you're driving. You just run them over, that's what you do.

Can someone clue me in on why Bruce Ohr was only demoted and not, you know, arrested for seditious conspiracy?

so bill clinton?

02 a cute!

It looks good. If i could stop posting on Cred Forums for 5 fucking minutes, id watch a shit ton of anime just from this season alone that is building a backlog mountain

figure it out user. your confusion is your answer.

There was a screen cap where she said she was cia

It only took Hitler 2 years and he won the Reichstag.

The mechs are sometimes unironically cuter than the actual girls

that otto wells dude somehow looks more evil than hitler


History really does repeat itself.

Yes, read it sometime ago but I didn't watch the anime.

>The CIA is mimicking our banter

>a high school child saying anything worthwhile

Why are commies obsessed with what children say?

Why is something more true if a child says it?

blessed image

how about a gold star?

This school is extremely jewish, isn't it.
These kikes took it personal when a spic goy killed their tribe.

See this? How do we make it more red?

Hi there

How do we rid the world of Das Boomer??

>Can someone clue me in on why Bruce Ohr was only demoted and not, you know, arrested for seditious conspiracy?
one good theory is from TheLastRefuge2. see

>fearing sassy cat posters

>Maravilla picked up on a problem that has plagued exclusive magnet academies in the Sacramento region for years. They are meant to draw the best students from across their districts, but they often become enclaves of white and Asian students from middle- and upper-income homes – schools within schools catering to limited demographics.

>Preschool, a stay-at-home parent, stable finances and other educational and social resources often allow higher-income white and Asian children to begin kindergarten with a stronger start, said Darryl White, president of the Black Parallel School Board, which advocates for minority children in Sacramento City Unified. Those kids build confidence in their abilities and often benefit from the perception – both in their own minds and in their communities – that they are smarter than kids who lack parent involvement or good schools.

>they are smarter than kids who lack parent involvement or good schools.

>they are smarter than kids who lack parent involvement.


(you) you

because optics comon user

Why not just multi task. Im currently writing two big assignments, shitposting and watching Steins ;gate

>antigunners spend hundreds of billions of dollars shilling their opposition to the US Constitution
>the NRA puts like 3000 bucks into pacs

theyre hoping society as a whole will bend over backwards for their demands like they did pushing the gay and tranny shit

>thinking that fucking bronies would ever be able to banter competently

oh i dont watch homeland bc i have a dick

Moo you fucking (You) cow

This one's 4U



>spin the bottle with 'that'

was today's poll the statistic that saved europes morale?

>I am just a concerned never Trumper
Lol if you are so concerned why are you posting so???

>Akko posters are forgotten in history.

its me not the pirate

Mexicans want the cartels gone. It'll never happen.

zero shame having fapped to this many times

>If the left really cared who the gun industry was supporting



>feeling good!


I want the wall to get rid of the cartels.

>it's definitely grassroots goy!

Because what happens is i watch an episode of anime
>lol good screen shot
>save it
>post it on Cred Forums
>get into something else
>make an edit of the screenshot i just took
>photoshop for 13 minutes
>make memes
>make some webms
>oh fuck only watched like 5 minutes of a show i am 7 episodes behind.

How about a browser add-on/extension that adds (((brackets))) to their name on twitter? :D


>pic related
is anything big scheduled for today? I just woke up, darlings


Remember goyim women can't sexual harass men

months of kellyanne milf posting back in 2017 say otherwise. I saved all the pastas.

Mr. Jones, are you in here?

Is today's show gonna be good?

I could use a Big Enchilada-Tier redpill


i wish Junior would tweet this... or James Woods would be even better.


Kek the femdom fantasy pastas?

I only got up recently myself, besides Oprah being btfo and Trump hosting a club party I haven't seen anything interesting happening.

Watch the animu on a laptop without image editing software.
Then you can't get desturbed by the urge to meme

>doesnt put sage in all fields
>doesnt use a meme flag

fucking normies


somebody please explain this meme

Just a concerned citizen bro

I remember them very well, Kellyanne is only for lewd. her fucked up face means that you have to go into the fetish dimension to be turned on by her.

>i know the right answer
>i just don't FEEL the right answer

Sessions opening an ivestigation into fbi using fake dossier to get warrant. Newest news i heard.

Oh shit I just realise this was suppose to be Cred Forums I thought it was Cred Forums

so was that episode on par with the second life one, the cyber bulling movie, the GG episode, or the exploding van

watching these Homeland webms is like watching your grandpa try to skateboard


d-do not poo in her hat!

Most leftists are overgrown children.
>dude let's just share our toys
>working is gross
>don't tell me I can't play pretend in public (trannies, etc.)


Gib me Link

A concerned citizen

this shit is truly exploding van tier


does joe live under a rock


He was appointed chanceler and took full control he never legitimately won the Reichstag.


WALL, mass deportation of spics and helicopter rides for Communists.

>Partially neo-nazi

Dont have it. Punch it into jewgle you lazy nigger.


President Trump was born to rule

president's day
so salt-mining


Based Supreme Court.

In your dreams maybe.

these kids should go kill themselves and join their classmates

this shit is being coordinated so heavy it smells

i'm guessing the DNC is paying them off

>opposition to an amendment of the constitution constitutes a hate group

I guess you could consider AfD right wing when ever other party in the country wants to build a pipeline straight from the dunecoon land to hyperloop all of them to Germany to racemix with.

That would take a while.

>memes are hoaxes and disinformation
Goddamn these Marxists' heads are so far up their agitprop asses

>Julian Roepke

Actually a UK Labour politician came up with interracial breeding camps.

>partially neo Nazi
I wish, I really do.


>label it as neo-nazi
>still second-strongest party in germany
wew lad



There is even an Alex Jones character (shitty Alex tbqh).
The writers messed up the last season. They thought Clinton would win.

Like Joe kinda right wing,or Bush kinda right wing?
Either way, choose one faggot.

It's the answer though. Trump won white men in every one of those states, and white women in all but WA.


>Der Güblinė

Who /ProudShitholer/?

well no because
*leans into mic*
by the time I became Prefect, the occupation had been going on for almost forty years

Damar pull up those stats

Op that's my hometown, pls no dox

Like right wing kind of right wing. (so not like Bush and Joe) Pro German, anti Muslim.

>Lying one Cred Forums
come one user thats notnice

>Do Something
lol only impotent rage tweets from trump


Very nice.

I'm just watching MSNBC and thinking...

How is possible that this girl that has suffered a really traumatic experience of someone killing people in her school can be in the tv and look so confident and just ok and I I'm so broken when nothing so serious like that has happened to me?

>partially neo-nazi
if only
made me kek

G-guys, what's happening?

What's Idaho like? The only parts of it I've seen are what's visible from I-90, which is basically Coeur d'Alene and a bunch of tiny hamlets in a steep valley.

Macron always looks like he's so deep in his thoughts, what do you think his plans are?

Sauce on the Jewish part for the shooter.

this is excellent
anons, I have a question: is it worth it to date a woman who is pretty much blackpilled? (said to me that life is """literally""" suffering and pointless because we all die in the end, work is just a distraction to life which is """hell""" [she actually said this lads])
she's from the Netherlands I think, and has blonde hair and blue eyes and fairly thin...

President Obama, after spending hours talking to and consoling Sandy Hook survivors cried during a speech giving for that dreadful occasion.

Trump spends 15 minutes touring a hospital, takes a smiling "thumbs up" photo, and goes back to Mar a lago where he is later photographed at a disco party.

Not my fucking president.


Very high birth rate for Whites there

The shooter.

Dukat did nothing wrong.

Fooken Washington. But I should have known.
Party at Sandpoint! Your house better get ready.

You honestly think civilians can resist a government determined to oppress them?

Here's how it works. They'll show up at your workplace. Or they'll get you on your way to work, or coming back from work. Or there's going to be a knock on your door in the middle of the night. If you resist, they'll just kill you. Then they'll kill your family. So you'll go along, and if you're lucky, you'll be allowed to go home eventually. If you're lucky, it's an official visit. If you're not, well then, it's going to be men in masks and fatigues, and if they're wearing badges or patches or insignia, they'll be covered up. There will be several of them, and they'll show up out of the blue, and you won't have time to be a hero. You'll get a hood over your head.

There'll be rules and then there'll be consequences. If you know what's good for you, you'll obey the rules, and you won't be bothered. If your neighbor makes trouble, well, safest for you to rat him out, so they don't think you're involved. You'll start worrying about what you say and who you say it to. After all, anyone might rat you out. So you'll be careful.

Maybe your phone is tapped. Maybe your internet is monitored. They got programs now, all they have to do is look for key words. They have algorithms to track purchases and movements, so if you're doing anything suspicious, you could be flagged. They might have a file on you. They've got a file on everyone.

So, you're just going to be a good little boy. And you're not going to make any trouble. And everything is going to be fine.

That's how it works.

John Wayne fantasies are bullshit.

>what do you think his plans are?
too complex

*Jihad Julian

They paid hiroshima for Cred Forums's likeness right?

also pic related

Who? the girl?

kek, have the animated version

>smiling with other survivors who are smiling is bad

kill yourself

Become Jupiter.

Why is Trump attacking people on twitter?
Mueller must be getting close. Daffy Donnie is attacking everyone and everything in an attempt to make himself look better. It just isn't working Donnie. You have zero class and it shows.

>racist facist insecure losers
It's "rascist"


What's this guys deal /ptg/?

boards.Cred Forums.org/pol/thread/161087060#bottom

Economically liberal and socially conservative mainly when dealing with immigration. Most of the right wing parties in Europe are like this besides UKIP.

Remember, the cartels control Mexico. The politicians are just puppets. The wall is a complication for the cartels.

why the fuck is cho's pic on the columbine-side??

At least learn how to link to other threads before posting

Shhhh, quiet, you'll wake him.

Also what a gay pasta

if obama cried like that pussy obama they'd just say he was giving crocadile tears

you can't reason with leftists, they are human drones not human beings, they have one objective in life to make society easier to recieve free shit and to get pozzed in the ass from their local travyon


Hiroshimoot will be happy with the free advertisement

So they're actually good for Germany then?
Not just some meme bs?

she's gonna be needy.
can't say that i'm good at "converting" those types, but what's supposed to work is to give them hope in your relationship. the flaw is, if she doesn't work out, the breakup will be rough

does youtube do this with any other country?

that creatura on the bottom right is the worst 56% I have ever fucking seen outside of that hideous deformed nigchild """"""""actor"""""""

I would trade a million sand nigger refugees (preferably Christian ones) just to get rid of that el abominación de los judios...

Actually good for Germany hence the kvetching

Yeah they put on BBC too.

I will personally hang every franxfag

people can be brought back from nihilism


Tell me about the hot, why does he heat the head?

I KNOW! hahah
Snapped the close cap



probably not
check npr, bbc cnn

What is Kansas like? My dad said it was very flat and rural 29 years ago.


do they say that channel 4 is regulated by the British government too?

el demonio del pueblo escogido...

Yes. They threaten to improve germany for germans. The most anti-semitic thing possible.

Yes Immigration is the most important issue in Europe right now. If you want lower taxes and less government assistance then that will have to wait for later.

how embaressing

The jew (((Leo Frank))) raped and murdered a gentile child in the early 20th century. He was executed by The Knights of Mary Phagan after his (((defense))) tried unsuccessfully to pin the crime on a POC. The (((ADL))) was born out of this case.


Shit. I know I can inspire hope and all but I hate messy breakups.
Is this true? How can you even bring someone back from that? Perhaps I'm just too optimistic these days.

Trump gets in a lather over Oprah, but Russian interference, no reaction.
I guess he doesn't owe Oprah money and she doesn't have any pee video on him.


Thank you for your hate. We couldn't do this without you.

>Germany might actually uncuck their shit in my lifetime
Could it be the biggest happening since the Blitz?

>the government is going to kill the only demographic that pays more taxes than it takes in benefits
>american soldiers are going to execute their family members and friends all over the country with no backlash
>the feds are going to create the most powerful civilian insurgency in their own nation that the world has ever seen in order to placate some women and butthurt minorities

How do we get Hollywood to stop making fun of us, /ptg/?

Whitepills. In the case of women, pregnancy.

>1 post by this ID

*teeth kissing intensifies*

Uhh, guys, where is Trump?
The presidential motorcade was rolling from Mar-a-Lago at 8:55 AM. Pool did not see POTUS enter motorcade.

Motorcade pulled into Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach at 9:09 AM.

Press vans broke off to hold at lounge at Palm Beach International Airport.

No word on the presidents activities at the golf club. Trump skipped golf the past two days in the wake of last weeks school shooting.

Pool has not laid eyes on POTUS since Friday night, when he met with injured victims and first responders from the Parkland shooting.

To reshape France to the vision of the Bogdanoffs.

MSNBC is attacking gerrymandering and saying it's the sole reason Republicans are in power. Pennsylvania is going to kick Republicans out by redistricting Republican districts so they are more blue.

>Remember, the cartels control Mexico. The politicians are just puppets. The wall is a complication for the cartels.
I know, makes me sad and angry. Not much I can do desu.

Is it making fun of when they get so much wrong?

>my name is mudd
well damn time for some primus

>doesn't understand the meme
la muerte de la luz...

These people shit on the NRA giving money to politicians but dont care if AIPAC does it more

I love Rahkhaiil Matahafv!

fuck off cia nigger. stop forcing your memes here. your kind isn't welcome outside of a death camp.

The Sweeden democrats will most likely be the largest party in the next election. there defiantly seems to be a trend here.


So they want gerrymandering? Courts have decided that everything has to be in parity.

>where is trump?


checking those -- would a nihilist even make a good mother? that seems like a oxymoron

> The Sweeden democrats will most likely be the largest party in the next election
Are you telling me it'll get even worse?

how old is she? i felt that way for a long time after going through my atheist phase when i was younger, how there's no point to life and why do any of us even bother and well guess what just about everyone who talks like that is full of shit because if they really felt that way they'd just end their miserable life but they never do, they just keep living so they can keep on being miserable and whiny. you literally grow out of it too.


>The Sweeden democrats will most likely be the largest party in the next election.
Tbh likely not. Swedes are eternal cucks, what are you going to do?

>Driver of one of the press pool vans was detained during security screening for what he said was a personal firearm found in his baggage. Driver said he forgot to leave the firearm inside his personal vehicle before entering van.

>Screening took place off club grounds in parking lot across the street and roughly an hour before press vans joined up with presidential motorcade.

>Driver was not allowed onto club property so a White House staffer drove the van instead. White House staff said all drivers were replaced after the incident. When press loaded back into vans, driver was being questioned by an officer.

>When on club grounds, another van grazed a Secret Service vehicle in the parking lot. Damage to vehicles appeared to be very minor and no one was hurt.

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania is going to force the redistricting of Republican districts that will harm Republicans and basically make it so Democrats control all the districts because gerrymandering keeps Democratic voters out of Republican districts.

>How do we get Hollywood to stop making fun of us, /ptg/?
First they laugh at us

>doesn't like appropriating the memes of butthurt europoors
low energy beta

Please do, it's too much of a hassle to do it my self

what poll? Can someone explain whats going on?

Because enemy media tells you what your enemy is thinking and doing. Why would you want to be in an echo chamber?

>Sweed Democrats
It can get worse?

Know what the enemy is saying. There's value in that so long as you treat it as intel gathering and not a news source.

Just invade them already. Annex them like you did Crimea. Put them out of their suffering.

Calm down dude. It's just a forced meme used to laugh at sandniggers

Sweden has been a mess ever since you effectively kicked them out of greater affairs. This is from a marvelous book from the 70s.


Baking. Worry not and be just.

Where in Idaho is that? Looks very comfy

Calm down. They are DINOs.

(You) need to figure out why she is blackpilled. Remember that it comes from a lack of hope. Give them hope for the future, and it gets fixed. Many here were blackpilled before the golden escalator.

MSNBC is citing Australia and how great Australia is. Wish Australians would just die.

Sandpoint. bing.com/images/search?q=Sandpoint map&qs=n&form=QBIR&sp=-1&pq=sandpoint map&sc=8-13&sk=&cvid=A77934AF0563403AA419520D318D6CFE

The opposite is also true. Gerrymandering keeps Republican voters out of Democratic districts. The courts won't approve a map that is not 50/50. It's always done that way.


She's 23 and a virgin. Not that bad on the eyes either. You're right though, I felt like that before until I realized it simply isn't for me.

Yeah, about that....

Sun Tzu. They watch it to inform those that won't. Everyone should know himself and know his enemy.

yea i found it pretty funny but it's peaking when you have them as practical unholy-demons

Knife attacks on the rise.

Sweden Democrats are very right wing and have connections to the old right from ww2. that's what I hear atleast.


Fuck you, too, jew. Your time is coming.

>Nazism Power Hour
>Most Jewish President in American History

Any new Melania photos? She's very photogenic

kinda feel bad for Canada...but thats just karma now for electing JUSTin 'Trudeau' Castro

the best ones are when they're creatively aping movie and tv scenes, like the one where Saruman creates the Uruk Hai
>Who do you serve?
or the running left4dead boomer (which becomes a double entendre)
you could probably do it with the The Thing from John Carpenter's The Thing

>The Sweden Democrats believe that the current Swedish immigration and integration policies have been a failure. They oppose integration because they believe that integration involves "meeting in the middle" and do not think that the indigenous Swedish people should have to bear the burden of what they see as a reckless immigration policy.[65] SD feels that the current situation, with a large number of immigrants living in cultural enclaves, is not beneficial for the country. They argue that the immigrants themselves are rootless, that there have been rising antagonistic tensions between various population groups (socially, ethnically, religiously and culturally), and the immigration in itself, SD says, has caused social and economic strains on the country.
Yeah they're alright

Absolutely correct. Thanks for the advice, anons. She (briefly) touched on those subjects on why she is unhappy but I told her it's probably due to her perspective and how she's actively seeing the negatives and not understanding or appreciating the positives to life. I just haven't dated in a long time and I thought you lot would have something to add to this pointless situation. Thanks again

>thread shall
I hate all you niggers. I will personally burn your houses down and consume your biomatter.

>56% human 44% dog
>more human then you homo sapien

Don't get fooled by the name they are actually helpful in the long run.

>do not think that the indigenous Swedish people should have to bear the burden of what they see as a reckless immigration policy.
>They argue that the immigrants themselves are rootless
music to my ears

If we had an election today, our ((conservative)) party would win a minority government.

Post faster you dogs.

Don't blame me I just got here; have some thighs and relax

Okay 290 here we go.

>thread shall
...not be infringed

Canada is determined to become further left than Sweden and I genuinely don't understand how. I've been to Alberta numerous times and it's based AF. I've never been to the liberal population centers like Ontario and Quebec, though, so I imagine that's where the cancer is.

well that's true in the case of Childs and Nauls


What do you guys think?

They used to be conservative, lately they've become more liberal
>The muslims are mean to fags
I wish they would just be a real nationalistic party,
Still the best choice out of the parties in the Riksdag


>More Canadians than ever before dislike Mr. Trudeau's Liberal government, whose approval ratings are now identical to Mr. Harper's before the last election

>The share of Canadians who say Mr. Trudeau's Liberals are doing a "very good" or "somewhat good" job has tumbled to 37 per cent in the latest poll, down from 43 per cent in 2016.


Probably but we don't even have a decent leader for the face of the Conservative party, mate. We should try and take back our country.. but what do we do about our gold situation??


Neo thread Neo bread I will eat your biomass if you joepost.

Interesting. I don't believe in Sweden recovering EVER (you literally need to start shooting people to have the effect at all), but it'll be something to observe at least.

(((polls))). Even if they show what you want, they are not to be trusted.



Perfect small town

Compared to Ivanka's visit literally no one cares

>Many here were blackpilled before the golden escalator.
I wish it was that easy

>Remember that it comes from a lack of hope
Isn't it more a rationalization that nothing truely matters, and would it not be more potent to try and give the individual a reason to care again?

That was fake news, somebody shopped a Daily Mail article, and it was supposedly a Green Party policy. It's so close to their actual policies that hardly anybody noticed.

I get sick of this shit. Here's my situation
>full-time warehouse wagecuck loser, part-time graphic designer and writer
>single parent, son in my custody from the start to le current day
>lots of beans and rice dinners for me, reserve 2/3 of animal proteins for kid
>live as modestly as possible
>never been to jobs and family services
>turned down better jobs in order to raise kid, no fucking day care or preschool with niggers
>kid does math, reading, and home science stuff year round, even during summer break because commies run the schools and try to poison my kid
>make sure kid does stuff outside of school, like piano and boxing
>only three grand in credit card debt, not great I know but could be worse
>kid can skip a grade but haven't pulled the trigger yet
>kid uses good manners
>kid's friends also have good manners
>tired but pleased, still much work to do
I made my bed in life, and now I have to lay in it. I may as well make the best of it and try my best to raise my kid to be a productive White citizen. Fuck these assholes crying about everything. Remove all illegals, name the jew, and remove them if they have a problem. If niggers keep pushing it they should be dealt with as well.
Seriously, the number one problem is communist jews in public and higher education, followed by pols holding (((dual-citizenship))). They must be punished.