Suddenly the "White Genocide" makes more sense. You guys literally forgot how to breed

Suddenly the "White Genocide" makes more sense. You guys literally forgot how to breed.

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I don't understand what your point is.
China and India are about boobs and reproduce like jackrabbits.
Europe is also about it.
So what exactly is your point?

Babies come from butts not boobs, retard

A girl can have a nice ass with a small rack but a girl looks like shit with a flat ass and a huge rack

Looks like you need to go back to biology 101 retard and learn about the birds and bee's

>babies come from butts

>Babies come from butts
Holy crap, an idiot.
Also tell that to China and India
You point makes no sense, and you should be ashamed for being as dumb as you are.

India, China and other big asian countries like boobs, so does europe


Is Argentinia, dare I say it, /white/?


>Implying that vagina and ass aren't essentially one in the same

Indians, Argentinia and Egypt confirmed white

Said the faggot

This is a known fact.

are you 11?

Said biology.

They really don't anymore. Their population is declining

>no counterproof
Babies literally come from their mom's butt not boobs. There is no hole on the boobs

only the black ones do

Anyone in the mood for a pot roast?

You sure about that?

>america likes butts just like niggers
top kek.


China's birth rate now is 1.6. That's like first world average.

Sage, Report, Repeat.

>Thinking babies don't come from butts
Fucking pirates.

t. underage incel

>Posting la cretura
Got a good laugh out of this one.

Argentina is whiter than you, Tyrone.

>Muhammad joins the brawl

Only niggers prefer butts

That's the fucking point, they all have low birth rates.

>Pablo thinks he's not a nigger

> Brazil is whiter than Cred Forums.

That's right goy, only degenerates breed. Play your vidya and be happy.

ZOGmerica is a nonwhite shithole while Argentina is actually white. Knowledge is power.

Look at this fucking retard that thinks babies don't come from the butt. Why don't you go back to Plebshit where you came from

Sorry nigger only blue countries can be considered human.

The planet is overpopulated , whites recognise this and are just acting in the most humane way possible , there is simply a holocaust coming from lack of resources.

Obviously third world countries are going to get hit the worst in that regard simply due to the numbers , breeding isn't a problem , we do not require the earth to inhabit 10 billion people.

Im anglo you mutts

You don't make babies with asses Tyrone, they come from the different place.

Sure thing, Canada.

Portugal should be red, fake map

True. Human vagina is fucking disgusting.

So brown babies come from asses? That'd explain a lot desu...

I don't think there's any doubt that Argentina has a larger percentage of white people than Amerimuttland.

>Mi es √ągleses mi swearo


My man!

yeah u come on the tits and it breeds

fucking faggot

No wonder boobfags need [REPLACEMENT MIGRATION], too afraid of asses.