What would it have taken for Trump to lose the election?

What would it have taken for Trump to lose the election?

No Wikileaks?

Flynn instead of Pence?


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no Hillary?


The only people who voted for Trump are rural and suburban retards.

City people all voted for Hillary.

Bernie perhaps (he's a socdem cuck, not a socialist), but it's irrelevant to the topic. Because he's also a "middle finger" candidate.

>trump voters: have access to own means of food production
>hillary voters: urban welfare junkies

>What would it have taken for Trump to lose the election?
Trump dying.

City people are fucking retarded. Can't wait for day of the rope, they're the first to starve.

>calling the winning side rural and suburban retards
The proper term is a basket of deplorables.

Remember the obama phone lady? Real geniuses in the cities

What was he doing? This webm is such a mystery to me.

I think the kid was trying to get the guy to get out so he could use it.


By dems' acknowledgment, it's the opposite because dems think niggers are too retarded to have an ID.

SCP-173 movie when

A nuke on DC

But, voting is for retarded niggers who don't realize the Jews own every horse in the race.

My favorite theory is that his approach is to steal from the most vulnerable with a planned exit, so he unlocked and opened the door first prior to grabbing the phone
Minimizes the awkward "I grabbed your phone while you're shitting, but hang on the stall door is locked one sec" moment


That moment where he implied people should revolt and shoot judges that Hillary would appoint, was when I was really worried that the public in general would condemm him and it is over.

a straight white male that didn't shill diversity