The ultimate Black Pill

At this point of the decadence, only Islam can fix the West

You know it very well, and won't admit it's true

>kikes gone
>degenerates will be removed
>SJWism removed
>women will become women again
>niggers will be put on their place (look up in youtube what happens to somalians and other africans in Egypt, Morocco, etc)
>the saudis can lose their hegemony and be suplanted by a new house or state who will take control of Macca, perhaps even a european one

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Correct, Islam is anti degeneracy

Unironic white revert here

I would actually consider converting to Islam (even though I'm an atheist) under the condition that I get to keep my precious foreskin, don't have to wear shitty clothes, and get to have a qt 3.14 Muslim wife that I can bang in a hijab.

OP typed all this while fucking his goat, beating his wife, and making a suicide vest so he can blow up innocent non Muslims.


Niggers are equal to anyone else in Islam so no racism pls.

Islam is multiracial religion so fuck off.

muh melanin frequency.

Wrong color, habibi.

>non Muslims
But that's wrong.

You don't have to get circumcised

western decadence is too strong i think, unless muzzies go full jihad right off the bat and start cutting the heads of sodomites and other reprobates, they'll succumb to the same cancer that has killed every other conservative ideology

Wow shut the fuck up nigger

if op was a doctor

>at this point, the only way to get rid our sore toe is to literally amputate our entire foot
>at this point, the only way to get rid of our pimple is to literally skin our entire face
>at this point, the only way to get rid of our arthritis is to literally jump into a wood chipper

please do all 3, op

if you need another people's religion to fix your problems you deserve to be conquered and subjugated.

if you by saying "only islam can fix the west" actually just mean "islam is useful force that keeps tensions high and can result in the strong proving themselves and emerging stronger after overcoming forces of western kike-run decadence/collapse and islamic desert religion" then i'd agree with you

Most of the shit in the OP is bullshit memeflag LARP
But really
Jesus never said he was son of God and he certainly wasn't Osiris or Horus

Alright, fuck it, I'm converting now. Later losers.

knowing chinese makes this image very painful for me

can i still have my gf(male)?

Why's that?

So you have no argument?

i'm talking about the attached .jpg


Which religion isn't you dumb nigger?

See gif.

Amish or Orthodox Judaism. Plus European neopagan or white cosmotheism

islam is to be eradicated off the face of this planet for the mental disease/environmental disaster/retardation catalyst it is

You'll never succeed, our numbers only grow

>implying the metaphorical equivalent to the western degeneracy is a sore toe

It's more like a heart full of cancer that needs to be removed and replaced.

So people looks different, wow, big deal.

you'll be absorbed by the decadence as everyone else

no. stop posting, consider suicide.

kikes know how to deal with you just fine and your kind is too mentally retarded to break free from their play
furthermore, you are born and raised into a slave mentality, one that hinders any kind of future that doesn't involve being uppity niggers

We've seen worse than this
The Turks survived

put your finger down cunt, you aren't telling a modern human anything interesting with your sand psychobabble bullshit, get a job and stfu

We're onto them
Never again

do us all a favor and blow yourself up at the front door of a rival mosque

That's haram

Races not people
Different species

You worship a demon

>So people looks different, wow, big deal.
See the difference in the size of the frontal cortex...

is that why you're among new world mongrels?
if you weren't a larping incel, your children's children would be degen consumers anyway
you've forfeited that match as soon as you ran away from your desert shithole like the bitch that you are

Aye, theres the rub.

Nuclear extermination of all muslims when?

Amish are still Christian and orthodox Judaism is still Judaism, so you still can convert to them, just because a few numbnuts decided to make their own faggot club doesn't change the core of those religions
European neopagan? Cosmotheism? Nigger stop pulling bullshit out of your ass

This is a poor analysis, would you like a better one or is this the internet irony thing for spiritually jailed whites?

I was highly considering it. Being a white man of nordic ancestry, my people have failed me even when I output the most in terms of being a gear in my community.

I know I would be a perfect fit for Islam as I share the same ideals. I already started to read the Quran.

would you rather the west was destroyed and replaced by communism or islam?

Not a LARP. Been volcel since I reverted. Almost a year.
Banging a bunch of women concurrently caused me a lot of problems.
But now I'm discussing marriage to a hijabi QT 3.14 chem eng subhanallah can you believe that?

So what?

If people look different we should be mean to them?

Doesn't seem to rationalize racism.

>Flag of hebollah
>Literally the only people on earth legit fighting the KIKES while the west are deepthroatimg their circumsized cocks

Communism is fun because it requires you to mill around aimlessly playing video games or tweeting about communism while decisions are made on levels you're not even aware of because Marxism intentionally avoids discussing them.

I can't stand churkas touching russian women, and they are all islamists, therefore I can't stand islam.
If they remove themselves to their mountain monkey republics then I'll consider adopting your medieval death cult.

Turk spotted

Yes we should. Fuck off shitskin and kill yourself

This is literally how da'wah works

You really showed me now, such a great argument.

T. Russian intellegencia

Muslim's just have to wait it out until the unsustainable post modernist system that controls the west destroys our countries via low birth rates and immigration , and then they'll fill in the void.

Go drink some vodka, Vadim. Rational thinking isn't your thing.

Allah planned this

>if you need another people's religion to fix your problems you deserve to be conquered and subjugated.
Amen :^)

When Europe converts to Islam, it will be the strongest continent on Earth. Fact.

What the fuck is that?

I'm an ex Muslim. I have other reasons for not reverting.

Hardcore Christianity would work fine

White revert here. My wife and I intend to have at least 5 kids inshallah.

Nothing wrong with wanting for everyone to stick to their kind.

You try to rationalize the similarities between our species, but it looks stupid and. I do not drink vodka and I hate Russian people, and I want all the people of your population to die in torment. just because you not likeme: your face, your culture. Seriously, it would be great if you all died

preaching, visibly doing good deeds etc.

>so no racism pls

You are defender of multiracial religions, so you are 100% Turk or German cuck

Then I don't understand what you mean. Please rephrase.
If your other reasons are "being a homo" well you're in luck you can:
>Ask Allah for forgiveness
>Quit being a homo
>Quit talking about how you used to be a homo
>Find something productive to do with yourself outside of banging dudes
This is actually how this shit was deal with through most of Muslim history before the Jews and the (((Sauds)))

Glory to the mighty Soviet Union, the worker's paradise, the home of the elegant and sophisticated Russians!

Islam+whites gives me the heebeejeebees.

The first person that said "that's how Dawah works was trolling you". Dawah is proselytizing basically.

Better get used to it, my friend.

kike religion not needed

How does that prevent churkas from touching russian women?
We were doing fine as pagans.

They are both Abrahamic religions, so still a kike religion.

You were getting chased around the steppe
Qutuz stopped the Mongols
You should read how he did it

You can do it, but it's not a must, it's an objectively rational thing. A personal choice it is, you fellow Rusky try to claim otherwise.

I don't rationalize them, I just don't care. I don't see how difference must lead to hate or segregation.


As an ex Muslim engineer, I'm not very optimistic about the future desu. I think people have to realise we cannot go back to an age where religious morality dictated everything. I don't even think degenerate secular humanism will last this century. Nihilism is inevitable as technology progresses. We'd need to stop technological progress to return to the old system.

“Never forget that the rulers of present-day Russia are common blood-stained criminals; that they are the scum of humanity which, favoured by circumstances, overran a great state in a tragic hour, slaughtered and wiped out thousands of her leading intelligentsia in wild blood lust, and now for almost ten years have been carrying on the most cruel and tyrannical regime of all time.

Furthermore, do not forget that these rulers belong to a race which combines, in a rare mixture, bestial cruelty and an inconceivable gift for lying, and which today more than ever is conscious of a mission to impose its bloody oppression on the whole world. Do not forget that the international Jew who completely dominates Russia today regards Germany not as an ally, but as a state destined to the same fate.

The danger to which Russia succumbed is always present for Germany. Only a bourgeois simpleton is capable of imagining that Bolshevism has been exorcised. With his superficial thinking he has no idea that this is an instinctive process; that is, the striving of the Jewish people for world domination, a process which is just as natural as the urge of the Anglo-Saxon to seize domination of the earth. And just as the Anglo-Saxon pursues this course in his own way and carries on the fight with his own weapons, likewise the Jew. He goes his way, the way of sneaking in among the nations and boring from within, and he fights with his weapons, with lies and slander, poison and corruption, intensifying the struggle to the point of bloodily exterminating his hated foes.

In Russian Bolshevism we must see the attempt undertaken by the Jews in the twentieth century to achieve world domination. Just as in other epochs they strove to reach the same goal by other, though inwardly related processes. Their endeavor lies profoundly rooted in their essential nature.

A. Hitler.

The chadchens >>>> Russian virgin pidorashkas

Brah secular morality doesn't work. Just look at that guy that shot up the school in Florida.

You really think Muhammad Jethro is going to let you spoil his raping and killing kids?

Different biological species = different motivations = conflicts
It’s fucking simple you fucking stupid cunt


Tovarishch, all workers are united in our righteous struggle against the bourgeoisie. I find your thoughts about the races extremely unsettling.

>Different biological species = different motivations = conflicts

lol, no...

You go in conflict if you choose to, we are free agents unless you claim white people are not.

(((False flag)))

Whites will take Islam to a whole new level.

I don't support secular humanism, just don't think we have any good replacement for secular humanism or trad religion for our modern world. Things are just changing too fast.

what's the point of Islam if 90% of its followers are committing haram every day

>stop technological progress

I would actually be on board with this. We should have stopped at flipphones and only worked on the medical technology

promoting Islam is like burning your house down to get rid of termites.
Sure the termites are gone but so is everything else.

Are they though?
I'm not even talking about the ones you see all the time on your Rothschildsvision

The Anglo has evolved.

huh, why Christianity is okay but Islam is not?

Many cures have been found and are horded for the Imperial elite
The Romanovs had a toxic bloodline, why do you think they were culled?

Still no, Mohammed

I hope not. Whites have the tendency to fuck up everything good. From democracy to capitalism and religion

I urge you to search a bit about the Islamic Golden age and Sufism, moderate Islam is compatible with civilization, infact, if incorporated properly, it can even enrich it's culture a hundred fold.

Christians aren't trying to kill people in the west.

Listening to music is haram

Whites invented democracy and capitalism.
Whites fucking things up is just generic civilisational stuff.

Conflicts is natural, we are not brothers. Fuck off shitskin.

It is
I don't find myself listening to it much anymore

So you want people to become Amish basically?

Neither Muslims.

The West is the one killing Muslims in MENA.

Drinking beer is haram, eating with your left hand is haram

Tovarishch, your increasingly anti-communist diatribes compel me to declare you an enemy of the people, you shall be hanged.

Therefore I choose atheism or slavic paganism, if religion is absolutely necessary and humans can't stop degenerating without one.
>You should read how he did it
You're the one trying to convert me, you do it.
I know it's not a must, but I feel disgust when I see someone other that a slav touching slav women.
I don't see how any of that relates to what I said.

Yeah that's why I don't want us to be changing Islam, whites would end up making it the same cuckfest as they did with Christianity

You're an apostate and will be killed. Enjoy your time as western degenerate.

The only part thats missing is that islam will no longer exist and all religion will be exposed as scam.

I've considered it too, as a strong conservative it would be two fingers up the the leftist liberal scum..

Making friends with the other gender is haram

I doubt, Western converts and their families are so devout.

>Whites have the tendency to fuck up everything good
You are wrong.

Most music is crap anyway, bunch of drugged up faggots crying about how their momma didn't love them

I rather listen to nasheeds with a message to follow Allah's will.

>Islamic Golden age
When will the meme end?

You mean the Arab and Persian scientific renaissance retard. Muslim imams and caliphs would actively persecute those individuals that confronted religious dogma with empirical research.

Ah, the quintessential German.

The poo is scared

You are right it's ((((whites)))) I mean

lol just wait for the next white chimp out.

We're gonna make nazis look like schoolgirls

This is what the average British male will look like in 2080.

You ain't gonna do shit, lardass.

>being friends with women

>Every muslim has to life like a wahhabi

I'm not against converts, I'm against those who want to change Islam, either with good or bad intentions

Why do all of them look like mouthbreathers?

and it's beautiful

Yeah, just wait.

Except that Islam is a fucking joke

They're Iranian soldiers and they're going to destroy the unholy NATO-Saudi-Israel axis, just wait and watch.

It would cease to be the West if Islam took over though. It would be like shooting yourself in the face because you got a pimple. Sure the pimple is gone but you are also dead, not much of a solution.

Far from it.

Religion is the cancer holding us back as a species.

I'm not changing anything. I read Ibn Hazm

Pic related goes out to all the m*slims ITT.


What does the holy Qur'an say about trying to change the teachings of the prophet?


Is that why they fuck goats and rape little boys so much?

This is your grandson.


Don't do that
The Ahmadiyya are people who do that

You are pathetic and weak if you are considering surrender to an archaic cult of moon idolaters.
Surrender monkeys, the lot of you.

>*autistic screeching*
Poor soul

Is pic related the only white Muslim in existence cause I see that ginger faggot every time there’s a thread about white people and Islam


Here's a list of critics of Islam back then: , Christian Priest, worked with the Khilafa gov, and so his uncle and grand father, called Mohammed (SAAWS) the anti-Christ in an anti-Islam book.ʿarri , atheist, fedora by today's standard, vegan, anti-natalist, critic of every religion. , agnostic, skeptic and critic of Islam, wrote about skepticism of religions overall and mainly Islam (in fedora ways).

The list of New Atheists-like centuries ago is long.

You know nothing about Islamic history and you just assumed Muslims did what Christians did in Middle Ages, which is Eurocentric and ignorant.

Nah, there are loads of whites converting every year. In the thousands in Britain alone.
Take the real greenpill.

this guy is never wrong

Daily reminder.

True, I'm against "reform" too.

The only attempts of reforms I see are from the likes of Irshad Manji and such who are not really Muslims but identify as such.

Islam doesn't have hierarchical religious institutions so good luck reforming.

I am beginning to realise this is the truth.

Im a blonde Dutch guy. Excessive freedom is destroying families and society.
Islam shows us how some sacrifices are needed for the better good on long term

>no Alkohol

Think again mate.

CATHOLICISM is right there you degenerate heathens. Heiliges Römisches Reich Deutscher Nationen 2.0 when ??

Most importantly, Islamists are basically okay with multiculturalism because it creates a Muslim v. Kaffir condition.

they should all be skinned alive

Islam can't fix anything. Well, maybe, just maybe it can fix a chaotic pagan sand person culture stuck in the stone age. Maybe. In any modern or even semi-modern context it can only bring ruin. Because it's program is based on subverting virtue. Not necessarily intentionally, but said subversion stems from the viciousness of its founder who was a mentally ill egomaniac eaten up by lust, greed, and envy.

Moreover, Islam is a false religion that disproves itself in its own scripture. So to follow Islam requires intense denial and cognitive dissonance. Islam is vicious, promoting many kinds of vice as virtue. It's incompatible with any kind of stable society. It discriminates against and persecutes all non-Muslims, and this isn't optional. It's based on a delusional self-conception among its followers (like believing Muslims are the best of peoples just because). And society will never be Islamic enough for the true believing fanatics so they have to be repressed by the ruler, and repression leads to other wrongdoing and arbitrary abuse of power. Hence instability. Islam has always been parasitical. Its so called golden times stem from pillaging other lands and exploiting non-Muslims (like via a special tax), but that's entirely unsustainable for any kind of stable society so regression in all ways is inevitable.

In short, Islam is 5/5 cancer.

There are scholars in traditional Sunni Islam who poopoo your whole "revert" concept that is common among ignorant converts who take their cue from all kinds of Interwebs herpes preachers and don't even understand simple concepts like taqlid.

Just so you know, jews are not a race. Israel is multi-racial, and jewish religion is just the dominant one. the second dominant religion is islam, there are circassian and druze muslims in the army. The jewish race never existed, Abraham was from what is to day Iraq. Arabs are semites, not all jews are semites. A jew from Yemen will never call a jew from Russia a jew, he will simply call him Russian. Jews from north africa have little to nothing in common with jews from europe. There was a time with a lot of hostility between middle eastern jews and eastern european jews, they are even culturally very different. Deep down israeli people know jews are not a race. Many people in israel are atheists or questioning religions. Who ever says or thinks jews are a race, is living a lie.

But why the fuck dou you want islam when you hace christianity? Both are almost the same shit with the exception that Christianity is mainly practiced in Europe and Latin America. Actually we Mexicans ran to Christianity like flies to shit...



The West has two problems: 1) degeneracy, 2) dysgenics.

A hard-core religion like Islam fixes (1) but arguably makes (2) even worse.

And Muslims are the violent ones?

Tfw I tell the truth about Islam to my friends and family. Am proud of it unlike most lying apologetics that do not know the religion.

Only 21 years and already made 3 people convert to Islam.



It's hard to explain. Just read Homo Deus by (((Yuval Harari))).

>Wanting humans to go back to a controlling Medieval society where people died at like 35
Lol no way, hail science forever! We don't need your stupid religions!

ITT:retards falling for propaganda from goat fuckers

>teleports behind you
>converts to Islam
>implements sharia law
>saves your shitty cuck continent from sinking
"Heh, no worries, kuffar."

ITT Iran defense force

Muslims are the inbred, third world rapists. Good at attacking women, kids, animals... You are amateurs when it comes to real violence. You'll see...

Muh science.

If you actually know how science works. You know that mean and median are not the same.
In the medieval times the child death rate was high. Dragging the mean down alot.
The median was slightly higher then modern times.

Retard sheep

Muslim woman are a blessing

That's not true. People back then lacked basic necessities and were controlled by religion to prevent them from making their own lives better.



Now that is the true final solution to the jewish question

Don't you have a building to blow up achmed?

I understand how shit modern liberalism and post-modernism is, but Islam is shit too. I dare any Muslim or anyone thinking of converting to make it fifteen minutes into this video.

And speaking of what an incoherent, Satanic, depraved mess the Koran is, why are Muslims coming here and not the other way around? Why don't you all elect to live in Muslim countries and see how long you'll last?

And incest that destroys genetics and no sense of nationality. According to Islam a muslim should feel closer to another muslim half a world away rather than to his non-muslim neighbor of the same ethnicity.

Islam is a matrichary where prudish old women beat their sons into rabid animals to secure their stations. Think Drow society if you're familiar with the reference.

Muslims are kikes.

Their beliefs are much the same.

>Muslims are such savages
>REEEE we will rape and kill you all
I understand, that you're just releasing the aggression you gathered during your daily life in the more and more degenerate becoming britain.

To add to that, do you faggots ever ask yourselves why Islam only spread through the Middle East through violence and not preaching and peaceful conversion? Because the Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians saw the darkness and sickness of Islam, and these civilizations had to be forced and subjugated to Islam, and even with every incentive in the world politically and financially, Christians and Jews still survived through Islamic civilization, paying their jizya, staying true to themselves.

Just as a quick example, Muslim men can have up to four wives, but Mohammed had a "revelation" that he could take more. Allah "spoke" to him again. The Koran also empowers fathers to marry their deceased sons' wives. Another one of Mohammed's random revelations.

Did I forget to mention death penalty for apostasy?

You white converts are cucks of the highest order. Your ancestors fought so hard to save you from this.

British women look much nicer in burkas.

>inb4 "ree it's a hijab"

Some people don't understand the difference between a religion and an ideology. So sub-human... reminds me that the majority of people on Earth will always have a follower mentality and not a leader mentality.

not fucking soon enough

>no sense of nationality
Meanwhile the turks here are the biggest group of pratriots/nationalists in this country.

Nice effort posting.

I agree. The fathers of the Abrahamic faith could never have dreamed of what was possible in this century.

I just dont think Islam or any religion or even secular humanism will have the answers for the many questions our children will face. How will trad religion deal with Eugenics, Cyborg technology or Sex Robots? How will Humanist philosophers deal with super AI? Humanism assumes that each human is unique and precious, and that the human experience trumps all. Free will is important etc. What if an AI knew what was better for you than yourself? Should you sacrifice your free will/or your perception of a free will and personal agency for the optimal solution for all your life's problems? Is a self aware AI entitled to rights? Should masturbating to a sex robot be considered adultery in Islam? I think many of these questions will destroy any hope in secular Humanism or trad religion becoming relevant for the next generation. These are outdated ideologues, that cannot be adapted to a post humanist future.


Deleted comment

>1 post by this ID
saged and reported

Muslims fuck boys in the ass and claim they aren’t gay

All Muslims need to be put to death, all Arabs along with all non whites need to be sterilized

t. An atheist

Great reading. It’s a shame we aren’t taught about this in our schools.

No that’s just Germans who accelerated this mess with Mama Merkel.

Islam is by far the most degenerate “culture” imaginable. Just because you make your women wear bin bags and brutally murder them for being raped, it doesn’t make you honourable. Quite the opposite in fact. Keep fucking young boys and goats, I’m sure allah the merciful won’t mind. Faggot.

Fuck off, Murat

Christianity didn't do that?

Fuck off, Abdul.

>M-Muh meme's told me so!

Kek is that Ezra Levant in the glasses?

Both must be removed from the west Hans.

Modern Christians, Islam, (((merchants))) you name it. Our race should be our saviour and our culture our religion. Science must be embraced but atheism shunned.

As far as I remember isla-mutts post this guy because he's a direct descendant of the muhammed pedo guy or smth.

We don' t need the goat fucker religion for this. All this can be achieved with christianity, the religion our countries and laws were based on - the religion of our ancestors.

Hahahaha HA.

The ultimate black pill, OP?

You want to know what it really is?

It is the intelligent people versus the stupid useless eaters.

The final black pill is that most of you dumb fucks will be spayed/neutered, or euthanized, for the sake of the human race.

Unfortunately, with intelligence comes empathy. That's why it's taking so long to take out all you useless twats, and that includes most of the Muslims in the world.

Once the world has rid itself of the human vermin, things'll be a whole lot better.

Empathy is a thing of Euro genes, not intelligence. You could boost a nigger's IQ to Newton levels and he would still throw his toddler son at a wall when he chimps out.

Nukes are for faggots, these retards will destroy each-other and the leftovers will feel the wrath of God

Nobody wants your memetic cancer religion Mohammad.

You judge a tree by it's fruit.
And what grows on Islam's branches?

>nothing but failure, murder, more failure, dumbassery, more Islam and did i mention failure?

Literally a retard-cult.

Please tell me about your experience. If OP isn't joking, I find myself beginning to agree with him. What possible hurdles will I face going down this path? Do you attend a mosque? Could you tell me about your experiences there? Thank you.

Shit, that makes more sense than I thought it would at first. Think on it, fellow fa/tg/uy anons.


>sandniggers killing whites
>sandniggers raping our women
>sandnigger claiming the west for themselves
No Achmed you are part of the problem, not the solution.


Me, too. Gave me one at the local mosque. Wouldn't mind reading it with others with more knowledge though, as there is a lot of history and information in the footnotes, which is quite interesting.

And besides, my own tribe has written me off, so why not try?

I understand you clearly have never been to an "Islamic" country. They are unironically the most degenerate, unholy nations in the known world. They hide all their demonic shit in plain sight, all the men fuck boys and those who are not pederasts fuck their own cousins and inbreed 10-to-1 over any other country.

They're filthy, stupid, and worthless.

id rather be dead than fixed that way

200+ replies.
Report them.

the reddest of pills are the hardest to swallow

why the fuck is 666 in greek not 3 times the same figure?

Read Mukkadimah Ibn Khaldun

This, only Shiite who have hierarchical religious

That's right goy, they're filthy terrorists!

>Keep fucking young boys and goats
core issue is polygamy->no enough women for every boy->subclass of angry men->channel this disruptive force as muslim conquerors of infidels(women).it cannot exist without conflict with outsiders, if there are none, then other muslim sects become infidels.
tldr:islam is inheritedly wrong and should be purged from earth.

>westerners are killing muslims
>westerners are financing terrorists
>westerners claiming the world for themselves
No goy, you're part of the problem, not the solution.

Like you're any better with Justin.

What are those in pic?

>Being a white man of nordic ancestry, my people have failed

I know that feel, if you don't conform to the (largely) female liberal epectations you are basically a weirdo at best and at worst a sexist no nazi who they would hang from the nearest lampost given the chance.

Dear god it has got to some real dark fucking end for something as retarded as islam to look like our only hope

Poland's border's always open for native Euros, if you want to become a muslim go ahead though.

I wouldn't become a muslim because I am an honest Aryan. I won't adopt a religion I don't think is true.even if it meas the female take over is halted. If you look at it 99% of our problems are due to females getting power over males.

Very true. First wave feminism was already too much.



I am ok with several of those things

>teleports behind you
>converts you to islam
>single handedly saves europe from kikes
Nothing personal, kuffar.

Where are the news networks reporting this shit.

Is the whole MSM seriously just thirsty for Islamic conquest?
They make me sick.

That's exactly the essence of what i get from these tryhard muslim threads.

>Islam is anti degeneracy

No. Removing the jew, and accepting violence as an acceptable answer to threats will.

You don't need Islam to put women back in the kitchen, you need men to stop being pussies. Men need to stop acting like pussy is gold and women are oppressed. They aren't. All a women cares about is looks to secure a chad, and she can easily obtain those in the modern world.

Calm down you nazi!

>you need men to stop being pussies

You can literally be jailed in the uk for slapping some whore on the arse - the police are mainly men the judges are mainly men and the prison officers are nearly all men - the whole fucking society revolves around women and their fucking useless fickle desires.

The problem is way worse than jews and niggers

>You don't need Islam to put women back in the kitchen
This is literally it.

They're weaker and ACTUALLY ATTRACTED to the idea of being dominated - do it and we win this war in one fucking swing.

The (obviously muslim retards) pushing for Shit-slam as the solution to this quite simple problem are like a fucking snake keeper trying to hard-sell you on the idea releasing 300 venomous snakes into your house is the ideal solution for your rat problem.

>The Romanovs had a toxic bloodline, why do you think they were culled

....the jews murdered them

Except you can get away with anything if you're attractive.
So just BECOME attractive.
It's so easy - just lift, dress nice, have a modern haircut and (always buy expensive shoes), and that's it.
That's your unbreakable shield.

Your sword to go with it is the confidence to, without hesitation, say whatever's on your mind.

I do it all the time at work in an office environment and people frequently compliment me on it, because i just come out and say things, but do it tactfully and with some canter of authority behind my voice.

Islam is just another jew golem, the borders of Evropa has been paved with muslim skulls since the dark ages
If any of you anons unironically consider white sharia a viable option know that your ancestors are rolling in their graves


Then we shall have to convert that pavement of skulls into a mighty wall, it seems - so these fools remember just who it is they're dealing with.