Seriously though, Trump, don't fucking flip flop on this.

Whats wrong with background checks? Or is it okay that niggers just out of jail can go and buy guns?

There's a difference between enforcing current standards in background checks, which might mean fine-tuning the law, and gun grabbing. Learn to read, user.

Of course he is for gun control, he doesn't want his cracker pigs getting shot at by poor blacks trying to defend themselves from unlawful arrests.

I didn't say "grabbing", I said "gun control", which includes background checks.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with a little background check, right? That's how they start, and then they ratchet things upward. That is how every cultural/political change happens, little by little. Next they will see that this changes nothing, and will want to work towards their real goal, which is confiscation and disarmament.

>buy things when they could just steal them like a nigger

>1 term.

Get ready for another nigger president, Trump is working hard to make that happen.

The nut who shot up the church in Texas should never have passed a background check. That was an example of our current standards failing. Nothing wrong with fixing that.

>current standards in background checks

The boy who massacred the children in Florida passed a background check. He did nothing illegal that would have prevented him owning a firearm.

I think we should let the ADL run the background check system to filter out any potential right-wing mass shooters, don't you Cred Forums?

Nigga that's totally off the table. Don't know why people are even afraid of it. It's logistically impossible, it's legally impossible, it's culturally impossible. . . there's nothing in the American way of life that supports this type of mass confiscation of private property.

I can see the NRA lobbying to require background checks for private sales though. Not like it fucking matters for preventing crime but it'd stuff more money into FFL pockets.

>says he's open to it
>gun sales spike
>says he thought about it and decided it's better to have more people armed
4d chess

Trump knows what he's doing. He's 8 steps ahead of everybody else. Dont believe me? look at what he's done so far. Literally never made a mistake

background check are a meme, also they fucking work when applied, its just leftist and jews claiming the opposite as not to look like the opportunistic piece of shit they truly are.

Hell, anyone can dig up this article from some lying Jew who claimed he managed to get guns without an ID/background check only to be revealed the Jew came into the store acting like a total cunt, wanted to buy a gun but actually got refused because he didn't provide ID. Or something very similar to this, I just explicitly rememeber how every single accusation the jew did, he was actually the culprit.

So it's ok for niggers buying guns whitout any checks?
>Next they will see that this changes nothing, and will want to work towards their real goal, which is confiscation and disarmament
that is prevented by 2nd amendment retard
how does a nigger steals in a gun store whitout a gun?

I remember this! Some failed "exposé" by some asshole reporter. I'd love a link to this.

They could pretty easily screen out a lot of these crazy fuckers by adding SSRIs/antidepressants to the restrictions on the drug question portion of the form.

Didn't he support the clinton era assault weapons ban? Of course if he backs gun control here he will lose most of his base.

Gun control has never stopped niggers from getting guns, and it never will. Only law abiding citizens are affected by gun control

>screen out

In Texas or Florida there are no checks during a private firearm purchase. There is no screening out when there is no screening.

yeah stupid fuck, thats not a slippery slope or anything

>99.9% of the population is prescribed something
>Suddenly being prescribed something is you ineligible to own a gun

the solution isn't gun control.

to get on top of this issue, murika must build a wall. it'll be the greatest wall ever built. it'll be a monumental wall.

don't forget the bump stock story after the Vegas shooting. NRA and Republicans signaled openness to banning bump stocks... and then once it was out of the media circus, never talked about it again

Dude you've been all over this bored for like 6 months now I appreciate the classroom participation but can you change up the character a bit

>how does a nigger steals in a gun store without a gun?
Where the fuck are you from? take off your meme flag. You can't be this retarded