Has real Christianity ever been tried?

Has real Christianity ever been tried?

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yes, by cro-magnons

No. There has never been any such thing as a successful REAL Christian state because this world is ruled by Satan and such attempts to bring about a kingdom of heaven on earth are doomed to fail until the second coming.

Yes, let’s do it again.

Recently? No. Christianity is a shadow of its former self. The bible has been corrupted and edited by men trying to push their agenda. It's a joke.


>Has boneless structure created solely to control humans ever been tried?

satan is just a allegory for people who don't believe there is a god above them and they are a god themselves, basically what a jew is raised to think

>Jews think they are superior, therefore they are Satan


Yes, and it destroyed the indigenous European cultures and religions.

Here is all you need to know about REAL Christianity.


Jesus never started a religion called Christianity.
He started a branch of Judaism, that the followers called The Way, and some called The Nazarenes.
The early followers did follow it. They were attacked and killed and pushed to the side and forgotten by history, as the message was changed by followers who had their own ideas, and morphed the Christian faith into what would be more accepted by the people around them.
These "Christians" then came together in Rome and formed a new Christian faith.
The Way has never been tried as a State.

>Satan doesn’t real
He is very real and Jews worship him.

oh it exists it's just anyone that is a (((protestant))) wouldn't know

yeah, what a loss.

Once, ages ago, when the system was still pure and untouched by cultural cross pollination. It died out around the 6th-7th century.

This, and with it so went our tribal unity, sanctity of language, philology, and spirit of combat.
Cred Forums has done well to revive these things among our folk.


Not really, even in medieval times kings would readily ignore the Bible to achieve personal gain. There hasn't been any state that choose Christianity above all other things.

1,000 years of Byzantine rule

They had rivers so that doesn’t count.