Gooks the worst race after niggers and other colored shitskins. Idiotic sloppy eyes, closed mind, robot consciousness, flat monkey face, slavish flirting with white people, hive mind and
lack of personality, intelligence without real creativity (they still steal western and european patents).
My country full of half mongoloid hybrids, it's like living on cemetery. 40% of east slavs are mongrels with admixture of paleoasiatic subhumans, pathetic and passive inbreds with low androgens. Gooks already takes your colonial place in Africa:
Betas which mating with gook garbage girls BTFO. We know that white dumb roasties and coal burners need to be tortured and killed in the most horrible way, but euro losers must be ashamed by white society castrated and killed by their hapa sons.
Kikes want you to spoil your heritage with GOOK AND NIGGER DNA
The weakling? Freak? Fatty? Is your penis very small? This is not an excuse to give your fucking genes an exit in the form of an ugly hapa. Do you want to find a submissive slave wife? You're an idiot! You're a complete and naive idiot! All females are the same, the function and behavior are the same. If you can not find a worthy female among your community, you are just a weakling and a loser and will stay. Completely disabled? Super freak? Blast the wealthy Jews on Wall Street or shoot niggers in the ghetto and do an hero for endless Valhalla and peace

Other urls found in this thread:

750,000 years ago Homo sinantropus aka Peking Man with Mongoloid features

"On the Relevance of the Regional Continuity Features of the Face in East Asia" also found that a form of facial flatness is unique to China (i.e. only appears there at high frequency, very rarely elsewhere)

Shovel-shaped incisors are commonly cited as evidence for regional continuity in China.

"It is the pattern of shoveling that identities as an East Asian regional feature, not just the occurrence of shoveling of any sort

a non-depressed nasal root, non-projecting perpendicularly oriented nasal bones and facial flatness are unique to the Chinese region in the fossil record and may be evidence for limited regional continuity

Bushman are an example of original human founding stock that show a combo of both: Mongolid (epicanthic fold, flat face, flat head)
Negroid (dark skin, curly hair)
both of these phenotypical groups also share the traits of: flat nose (platyrhinus), prognathism
also, if not from the ancient stock then it can be attributed to: Fetal alcohol syndrome, fetal features of human (undeveloped nose etc), neoteny etc

basically, the undeveloped human fetus is exactly a Protohuman (having features of Mongrid)
neotony is retaining the features of protohumans that also exists in the fetal state

those infantile/fetal features are shared in Negrids and Mongolids.
True Caucasids are distinctly less infantile than all other races. Caucasids morph out of the fetus-face state.
though some borderline "Caucasids" have infantile features retained from the fetus due to either:
upper-paleo origins (non-neolitic)
mongol/negrid mix
fetal alcohol syndrome

>Platyrhine (flat nose)
>receding chin
>hairless body
>bow legs
>long torso, short limbs (short legs)
>tibias (lower legs) shorter than femurs
>flat ass





Nobody is listening to your lies. Asians are white.

>Asians are white
Amerimutt racial theory



Hapas are gross to look at.


Her skin is white.


Skull shape, genes, Neurophysiology of brain, androgens>skin tone
Gooks are Homo sinantropus among us


anti bump




I love the open Russian flag. You studied well and deserve your shekels.

You would still fuck though. Here's a solution, revert to Islam and get a white qt and then a second Asian qt.

Russians are asian.

Either you are larping behind a Russian IP or you hate yourself.

El goblino

Eurasian not asian, and not all Russians are eurasians, only 40%
Already mentioned that read with open eyes you fucking nigger.

I’am atheist but thank you for your book.

Explain yourself nigger.


the short legs of east Asians. Something dwarfish about it, unnatural, perverse.
The long torsos and short legs.. the way they scuff their feet when walking because they can't talk regular strides... they tend to shuffle along as if they were wearing flip flops because they can't raise their feet very high off the ground.
they are more heat tolerant than other races and tend to wear warm clothes on warm days, when everyone else is in t shirts.
it's even more glaringly indicative of geographically isolated human evolution than some of the other obvious racial differences because it affects the basic frame of the skeleton.
Some of the women would look alright if it wasn't for the freakishly asexual dwarf legs. A pity.

they are basically a race of tall midgets. european included the mongoloid race in their mythology as the angry, malevolent dwarfs always stirring problems.

not only are they midgets, but they are the least sexually dimorphic of all humanoids!!

the females have little sexual phenotypical divergence from males. the male has a clit that exceeds his female counterpart by only an inch! both sexes share the same hair, shoulder, hip, breast, ass proportions. the mongoloid female is just prepubescent boy with a vagina, where the mongoloid male is a prepubescent girl with a large clit

this is striking when comparing the immense sexual divergence between caucasoid sexes.




Average 30s degenerates.




I was in this thread already lol.



No way that anyone is reading all the stuff you wrote, OP.

They are literally Homo sinantropus
which did not finish off by Cro-Magnons





Man, I love Asians chicks


tfw no gook gf



Enjoying the pictures of the Jews in the Philippines?

slavic not white

Sad. These ugly losers need to get an ugly white wife, there's 50% of each gender and if these fucks get a chingchong, the ugly women nees to go get a nigger as well

Russian soyboy desperate to divide a race
Never trust a russian

VERY angry roastie

>The ugly vs. qt guy is back as well

they're fucking ugly.

Jesus, they're like gremlins.



>1649594198387684(...).jpg (134 KB, 912x960)
ahh, the ever so powerful white man staking his claim in the 3rd world shithole.
fucking tranny and underage prostitutes to make him forget that he is undesirable in his home country.

Would you look at that. Sage these shitty threads.


Slavs are linguistic group not a race. Shut the fuck up. All Slavs are different with different racial types. Most of Slavs are white
I am with dick just hate fucking insect gooks. Stay mad Ching Ching Chong
>divide a race
>already divided with Homo sinantropus aka mongoloid race
Dumb amerimutt nigger what a fucking shame

>I am with dick just hate fucking insect gooks. Stay mad Ching Ching Chong

Yes, sage shitty non racemixing threads goy.

>I am with dick just hate fucking insect gooks. Stay mad Ching Ching Chong

>doesn't greentext "t."

They all have braces. why?

>there are faggots out there who wouldn't fuck this literal goddess if theyd have the chance

And it's ugly as a fuck.

Based Ivan is right. All these incels and their stupid was yellow fever need to neck themselves.

>gets mad at being called Jew controlled mutt
> calls newfag

growing up as a peasant in a farming community doesn't provide much opportunity for braces. they finally have the money to do it when they become prostitutes.

All of them are overweight for an asian.

>replies to self
>calls self a Jew controlled mutt




>90% are white cunts or niggers

>and not all Russians are eurasians, only 40%
fucking kek

best body in the world
thicc asians are ok

Non Japanese

>implying japanese folk and the yakuza wouldn't clear them off the streets
I fear for future generations though
I've met a lot of japs and they are too westernized

>idiotic eyes

>not knowing that the yakuza are hiring blacks to use them as guards for their clubs and porn shops
You really dont know what you talking turk.

Most likely, they were ignored. Just like how Ferguson was ignored in every place except for Ferguson after a week.

That is probably the most anglo person i’ve ever seen lool

>a bunch of kshv

What did the retard mean by that?

shes pregnant so her milkies are bigger than hitomis now

>not knowing that the yakuza are hiring blacks to use them as guards for their clubs and porn shops

what the fuck

>plastic surgery rate in South Korea is 2.26%
>plastic surgery rate in America is 1.25%


It's hard to convince people on an anime image board that Chinks are entitled anti-white fifth column scum of the earth.

aaaww, kawaii desu nee~

every korean that doesn't look subhuman had plastic surgery

99% of koreans are uggly as fuck

The ones who get the most mad at others finding Asians attractive are the ones with the biggest cases of suppressed yellow fever.

I see a cute titty monster and a pair of ayy lmao

What is this meme about Asians lacking creativity? I wouldn't say that Japanese or Chinese people aren't creative or weren't creative in the past. All of this sounds like bullshit, right at the same level of anything that has the words "evolutionary psicology" in it.

oh neat you said something subjective with nothing to back it up
mind if I post more data? Oh look at that

>tfw no jap gf

agreed asians are subhuman and mixing with them is just making more asians, they're worse than niggers

It must be especially hard if you can't even spell the messages you try to convey.

>plastic surgery
c'mon cousin you know better


please sauce


how do you white gals feel when a japanese MALE is 10 x cuter than you will ever be. You must feel crushingly defeated.

Don't be like us guys, dont breed yellow

Good we need it more fuck race trading fags who date skanks , half breeds, and gooks


Cause its a lady boy with plastic surgery

>fuck race trading fags who date skanks , half breeds, and gooks
>uses pic of lana del race mixer


Oh, look it's the border state slav north pontid who got cucked by a gook chad and now can't stop making these threads.



who the fuck is ferguson

The portrayl of white babe next door ....not literally her she is a mutant

Question - are any reliable stats about hapas being more prone to depression or is this a meme?

Second I think you haven't seen a white woman without make-up. Naturally beautiful women are rare.

i could've sworn it was her album cover either way I gotcha burgerbro fuck asians and racemixers

The only ayy in that pic is Hitomi but id still fuck her

>bring white people to japan
>they try to turn it into a liberal shithole

How much do you get paid to post this shit, Vlad?

there are more than a dozen of pornvids that prove you wrong

District with niggers

look at her nose? her eyes? her face is less round? It's all plastic surgery, surgery doesn't get rid of genes.

looks like the typical nigger too

What do you expect from us?

One of the many containment shitholes in Missouri.

Sometimes the answer is in the question.

anri never had plastic surgery stupid eesti

damn gooks I wish godzilla would already finish them off.

these tiny dicked, transgender, animal abusing, earth polluting degenerates can go eat a bag of horse dicks in a chinese penis restaurant.

she is prob my favorite porn star, shame she married a guy from dubai for the money


How mad does a roastie have to be to make these threads?

These daily hate/love Asian women threads are retarded. If you like Asian women, cool. If you don't like Asian women, cool. Who gives a fuck?

>a guy from dubai

hes japanese tho

you're being lied to she has 100% had surgery you gook lover meme flag using faggot

I don't judge people how they look or by race. I judge by personality. Chinese people for the most part are the coldest most vacant people I've ever met. Try to get one to smile without talking about money or real estate. They aren't much different from the feranghi. They are a godless, soulless people. It's bizarre. Is it society or race?

>these tiny dicked, transgender, animal abusing, earth polluting degenerates can go eat a bag of horse dicks in a chinese penis restaurant.

You've literally just described America.

>comparing south east asian mongrels to honorary whites in Japan

ethnic japanese or we wuz japanese?

t. fat balding obese incel

Men are just as fat as the women

You like asians because they're the only women that reciprocate your attraction

White people who date asians do so because of western moral decadence.

young asian women act like kids. it's ridiculous

>no proofs


Roastoids care.

>reddit spacing
>nazi flag

he works and lives in japan so i guess japanese


Maybe you shouldn'tve targeted liberal Asian chicks quite as hard as you did, shillnormbros.

What happened literally every other time you tried that?


It's called purity, Hans


ie. too tight?

too skinny and too virgin

But Anri isn't korean?

they do asians are subhuman and always try to mimic whites, they want to be whites that's why anime characters all look white

Okay? But Anri is literally 50% white


I can show you my dick mutt. Roasties don’t care about white losers like you
The only reason why I creatin threads is hate. Asians are fucking ugly and hideous
Also guys with gook fever are latent sick pedos because of gook infantilic features

But can I fuck a white girl?

>50% white

>white women are such complete degenerates that the average white german man mistakes purity and femininity as childish behavior

even though porn is degenerate
she's fucking perfect
holy shit
I don't even like asians that much but damnnnnnn


Interesting fact: China has the fastest-growing Christian population on earth. By 2030, China is expected to become the largest Christian country; overtaking the dwindling Christian population in the United States.

>Based Chinese

or you could be a pedophile?

But I thought she's an ugly ayy lmao with plastic surgery?

Race. Biological determinism
Genes are 70% of personality that’s why no nigger geniuses

She is half white, her father is an Englishman

Gaze upon your replacement, roasties

>kike worshippers
>gooks with copycat syndrome
XDDD MAGA BASED)))): Based asian))) praise KEK

Chinese are subhuman insects, they are incompatible with western society.

Chink women are conditioned from birth to find white men irresistible, manchild soyboys that spend all day playing video games and watching anime can't attract a proper white woman so they resort to ching chongs.

asian women require little effort to charm, many naive people fall victim are throw their genes away.

The fall of Christianity is a major factor in why White Men and women increasingly racemix, they become enamored with foreign culture/sprituality to fill that void that kikestianity left behind.


Oh my, if even they've fallen for the Jew, then civilization is over for good.

>tfw hapa
pls help

>posts a Jew

You cant make a fake vagina look good tho

Umm, friendo, Estonians and Finns are asian too

>no penis
Fucking dropped.

makes sense then

she still is ugly compared to hot white women

only a small % i took a dna test and I have no asian admixture my 4 friends also had none

move to Asia

yes, even jews are falling for chink trickery, 100 years ago mark would have married a jew, had a jewish son, and his legacy of jewing people would continue for many generations.. but instead he marries the first women that gives him attention and his bloodline ends with his future school shooter mongoloid hapa retard son



shes half white half japanese
retards itt i swear



>white women

is it better to be hapa in asia than it is in the west?

Well, Jew + SE / Oriental is the recipe for an Elliot, after all.



also only a small % of white women race mix



>huwite w*men

and Aryan + Honorary Aryan gets you this

No, Asians are not accepting of hapas like people are in the west



but is it really better to be hapa there? does anyone know for sure?

Majority of white women literally want more africans/arabs in their countries because that's what they vote for

That's anti-white male. Just like you.

no, hapas get bullied in Asia
you would expect from a confirmative culture that anyone different gets picked on
models do not represent the majority like in any case



Ah, that's why you hate white people. You're a LARPcuck snownigger.

sure thing, Hideki





but we hapas don’t make it in the west either. what must we do?


half brit, half japanese

Would you have been okay with a Third Reich victory which as result would Germanize the good stock of Eastern Europe and Russia, give the east slavs some puppet sattelite states for labour and deport the rest behind the Urals (Himmler plan)



When girls have full face like they do unnngh


Fucking abomination. Those dicklets with gook fever need to be gassed

Gewoon geen kinderen krijgen
Niet zo moeilijk toch?


take the black pill


Yes. Germans are soul of Europe.

It's eurasian not european-negroid

maar ik wel kinderen
als ik kinderen krijg gaan ze er zo uit zien
hoezo zou ik geen kinderen mogen krijgen?


>Gooks the worst race after niggers
>implying that Gooks are inferior to turkroaches and sandniggers.

now some hapas mongoloid slant supremacist has arrived, great

Because of white men racemixing - when we go to war with China, millions of hapas will have to be exterminated, it's easy to deport asians as over 80% were born oversea, but hapas have no home.

That is a shitty meme, all hapas are mentally unstable, whatever mix

>trying to discourage whites from racemixing with slants
>hate white people

The only solace I get from seeing asian/white couples is knowing that their offspring are easily discerned and your corrupted shittier genes can quickly be eradicated

Kill as many muzzies and niggers as you can and go to an hero.

Real life

no he included Africans
what are you talking about

Her fault she had to smash up his toys.

by virtue of you being part white, ching chongs will fetishize you

and your children will look completely asian

You hate white men. You want them to "save" women like this. They can't be happy with an Asian girl, according to you. They aren't real men if they don't marry this.

*the undocumented, unofficial, plan that the german command had no interest in pursuing, as composed after the war by the allies

not european-negroid, kalergi plan is about creating hapas too.

id chill with farm man.

>be beta nerd
>marry chink expecting to get submissive wife
>she's a batty bitch
>regain some semblance of masculinity by doing what your father's father did and beat your wife for acting out of line
>kill her and go crying to your mommy

>long torso and short leg.

You must be a fUcking bigger cuz whites have this also.

This body is good for swimmers (Michael Phelps) while Long legs and normal/short torso is for niggers in the NBA

its more about getting rid of white people

Niemand zegt dat je dat niet mag
Ik zeg alleen als je niet wilt dat de toekomst vol zit met nog meer abominables je geen kinderen moet krijgen, het is immoreel. Er zijn al genoeg bastaards op de wereld, en als je je voorplant dan doe je precies wat Kalergi en de Zionisten willen. Kijk maar naar Zuid Amerika wat er gebeurd als de samenleving zich vermengt en het bloed niet meer puur blijft.

This was on Investigation Discovery as well lmao

The future is paleskins vs shitskins.


fix your quote then it clearly says eurasian-negroid race will be the future of europe, eurasians are sissies and negroids and emotional(easier to lock up in a prison system like fema camps)

kid deserves a life and shit, and people deserve to be happy, but fuck man. that mom looks like a chud, or hills have eyes. fuck. thats some of those oklahoma meth genetics.



Eurasian-negroid, you end up with something like in South America. Favelas, littering everywhere, criminality, cartels, rape, murder, torture, Enjoy!


are you guys retarded or something? it was a rhetorical question dumbasses.

>hates that she'll have a son over a daughter
so she already has a lot in common with yellow fever fags

No, that's exactly what they indended, germanization, deportation and labour force. It is not allied propaganda. Allied propaganda says the extermination of all eastern european peoples, which is nonsense


All you yellow fever retards need to realize that whites are being bred out of existence.
The jews are spewing out propaganda towards whites and are making them betray their race. They target women to mix with browns and blacks, and they are targeting you men to mix with asians. You need to realize that IT TAKES BOTH WHITE MEN AND WHITE WOMEN TO MAKE MORE WHITES. Men are just as susceptible to their propaganda as women, and only CTR or Shareblue shills would ever promote whites mixing.
Yellow feverfags bring up the argument that asians are more traditional, but how the fuck is it traditional to fuck foreign cock? These asians are not being traditional when they fuck you, they betraying their race as much as you.

Remember that whites are only 14% of the global population. There are over a billion asian women in the world, with most of them looking the same. White women on the otherhand are some of the rarest in the world, especially ones with blue/green eyes. Stick with your white women, the same women your ancestors died to protect. Europa has been invaded by the asian mongols, the Turkish Ottomans, the Arabian/black berbers, and time and time again white men died to protect our very way of life. It would be SHAMEFUL to your ancestors if they saw so much history die out just because you fucking fell for a non-white woman, the same stock of those we fought all those centuries ago.

Ill link muhammed ali to drop some anti racemixing points

It goes for all races that a women of another race will never understand the struggles of your people as much as a fellow white girl will.

Take it from me, a fucking Canadian who has seen my countries largest cities infested by the Chinese. I can not go to any city without seeing a Chinese advertisement. These people are not your friends, they want to extinct you.

No, she's literally you. You hate white men. You would kill white men if they didn't "save" your precious tradthots. You want to kill white men's children.
>hapas will have to be exterminated
You're just like your friend here.

Both of you hate white men. You promote white feminism; gynocracy controlled by white thots.

90% of White americans men and women are cohibating/married to other white people

95% if you include le 56% hispanics

There are plenty of quality white women, if you can't find one then I'd rather you not reproduce at all.

>promote nigger culture to white women
>promote the idea that white women now all love BBC to insecure white men
>encourage white men to racemix aswell

I can spot you a mile away goldstein



Thank you, every point is right

How disgusting. Asians are insect people, why would anyone mate with them?

Ask a 31 year old Asian wizard NEET born in Germoney anything.


This is christian board


His waifu a cute

notice the gaping soy mouth

hallmark of the feminized indolent millennial man child, they cannot find a white female mate so they resort to asian women because a 3/10 white male is a 9/10 to gooks

>having t levels so low that yellow goblins seem beautiful to you

Who is who?


>white birthrates at all time low
>sees their own women being taken from foreign invaders
>doesnt take the ironpill to save his own women from the browns and blacks
>"I know, ill fuck an asian instead of increasing our birthrates to a sustainable level and continue to be replaced""
Yellow fevers are weak men. Gotta thank redpilled whites for having white kids to make up for these betas

She is buryat gook translator from Russia. Both they are from Russia and they are not fuck friends or something she is just translator for Red Ice TV

>those soulless, black eyes
why would anyone want anything but blue or green eyes? why would you ever want mud in your children?

>There are plenty of quality white women
No there aren't. You're a feminist shill.
>there are approximately 545,241 Christian women in the US aged 18-29 who regularly attend Church, aren’t overweight or obese, are virgins at marriage, and are currently single.
>This is approximately 2.15% of the 18-29 total women population (545,241 / 25,332,752). In the US total population it is .17% (545,241 / 320,090,000).

everybody who is white and who racemixes with an asian is a fucking asshole in my book.
I know I can't say much if you get along well with your asian husbando/waifu because love is important and beautiful but whites are at a fleeting 8% worldwide so don't be fucking traitors.

>I’am atheist
Imagine my shock.

Ayy lmao
Hmm really why would he be fucking a 65+ year old asian instead of one in her 20s?
Dude reminds me of Eminem.

Yeah bro asian girls in their 20s look NOTHING like your ugly pic.

Hnnng thick white ass. You do know it’s fine to appreciate more than one race of women right dumbass?


>Yeah bro asian girls in their 20s look NOTHING like your ugly pic.
look at the thread

>ahh, the ever so powerful white man staking his claim in the 3rd world shithole.
i don't disagree it is pretty tragic, but it is a way for the british underclass to have some sort of power or feel some sort of status. i was in bangkok few months ago and there were white men who looked broken all over the place. it was pathetic to see them, untermensch every last one.

reminder that hapagoblins are just as bad as mutts

they are mutts

Look at the thread, indeed. Feminists screeching.

Yeah this thread is full of 55+ year old filipina women and trannies.

Not eastern Asians

Wtf are u going on about.

Do you really live in an area without Asians? Some are quite lovely even into their 40s.

Every race has good and bad women, but rich asian women really spend money on skin products to remain youthful, and they have fat shaming in their culture.


tfw attracted to chinks but there are none here so im safe

I ment negroid mutts
t. subhuman mongrel

Marrying an azn chick is always better than marrying a white chick that fucks or has fucked niggers. However if those are your only two options you need to sort yourself out bucko.

Women are useless retarded baby shitters now

they should all be machine gunned, desu!

>liberal expats who want to virtue signal, plus a few gender study locals 4 ferguson



just find a good white girl. Asians are no better dude, most are self hating of their own race and they just hope they turn out white.
Spoiler, they never turn out white so they divorce you and take all your money

>i like asians for hating foriegners
>i'll fit in right there!



God dam you mongrel americans are so fucking naive

Chinks are not your ally, you love asian woman because they think your 5 incher is giant don't you.

Your CHILDREN WILL NOT BE WHITE, you may aswell adopt a bunch of niggers from africa, you are apart of the problem, how does raising a bunch of chink mongoloids solve the white birth rate?

Marrying an asian chick is the equivalent of a White Woman marrying a nigger, not having any children at all is better than marrying an azn chick

El ogro

>shilling for white women this hard
Hmm.. sneaky roastie

this is a typical standard of chinese woman for the expat