You do realize this solidifies Culture Marxism's hold on our media...

You do realize this solidifies Culture Marxism's hold on our media. Say goodbye to your all white Lord of the Rings and Star Wars movies. America and the world is multiracial. Our media is diverse. Accept the race mixed future goys because there's no turning back now. The globalists have won.

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No one saw this movie. All I've seen is faggots like OP non-stop spamming every board with this stupid nigger shit

Sage, Report, Repeat for all troll threads.

Aslo that shit is false and the movie must earn far more to turn a profit.

It's just a fucking movie

Let the media go all brown.
Eventually everybody will look up and around, and see a few whites in a corner, with no images of them anywhere else.


>Just a movie
>Implying media doesn't have the power to share entire cultures and histories

Red pill all slide threads.

>You do realize this solidifies Culture Marxism's hold on our media
it was solidified long before this film

Richard Spencer did a review of this movie yesterday that I thought was good. He said this movie was going to be considered a cultural touch down by Hollywood. It's going to spark the creation of mainstream black films.

>A movie about KANGS N SHEIT

Think before you type user.

>Citation needed

I'm confused. Spencer thinks more black films will destroy Hollywood? Why?

Star Wars was already destroyed. LOTR is finished, it's unlikely they'll make another for a long time.

Also, movies are a flash in the pan. No one will care in a few weeks and niggers will still be niggers

That's where you're wrong. Shit like this changes an entire generation.

>Here’s why: The volume of evidence shows that when audiences see on-screen representations of themselves, particularly aspirational ones, that experience can fundamentally change how they perceive their own place in the world. Black people have beenhistorically underrepresented on screen, and blackwomen in strong roleseven more so. Shuri provides a science-y role model for black women, a groupdistinctly underrepresented in STEM fields.
>Movies can have an even longer lasting impact. A good movie changes the audience, and we have tons of evidence to back that up:
>After the release of “The Hunger Games” and “Brave” in 2012 — both of which feature women protagonists who use a bow and arrow — girls’ participation in archery competitions doubled, according to astudy by the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, citing data from USA Archery. The study also found that 7 in 10 girls reported that the protagonists in those films had influenced their decision to take up the sport.

>The first film in theIndiana Jonesseries causedthe number of students studying archaeologyto spike.
>“Jurassic Park” minted abunch of paleontologists.
>And if you want your kid to become an engineer or astrophysicist,show them some “Star Trek.”


Nicólas with a C, that's the hispanic way of write it, not Nikolas, that's eastern european.

There is some good Hispanic literature out there. I recommend "The Seven Madmen."

Nigger you can't keep buying tickets to your own movies to push up the numbers forever.

I heard George Soros was bussing niggers to the theaters

I suppose if it has the broad appeal people are claiming it has. I doubt this is influential among gooks or spics desu.

This does probably exacerbate white guilt and inflate the niggers ego. That said, perhaps there's something good to all this. Rising expectations and a narrative further disconnected from reality could serve to redpill more people, or at least set up the conditions thereof.

If only they would heed the call and create their own "black eden" back home.

I heard it is doing pretty well because they got all of the dindus into the seats.

You don't need the entire country to watch it, just enough to turn a profit.

Lel it’s just a m-o-v-i-e for christ sake. You are such a dumb jew, kys.

You do realize there is a complete split between society happening right? I see it more and more. Friends, colleagues, familie.. people who where basically down with a bit of multiculturalism with a pinch of marx. And now? Complete abandonment of that forced shit. TV sets getting no use what so ever anymore. Going to a movie? Yeah, nah. Celebrity who? rapper what? news? everybody is tuning out.

that girl is cute

>Black people have beenhistorically underrepresented on screen, and blackwomen in strong roleseven more so. Shuri provides a science-y role model for black women

niggers actually think it's a historical documentary about them

it's interesting that when a black sees something they find inspirational, they're simply inspired to mistreat people. more excuses to beat and mug whitey.

>Haha no one will pay money to see this nig movie
>Breaks box office

Cred Forums was wrong, yet again.

>see a few whites in a corner, with no images of them anywhere else.
Good. Then you will know what it feels like to be a minority you fucking leaf.

218,000,000 opening weekend.
I guarentee if you put every nigger in this country together thats not in music you wouldnt even see half that amount of money.

These are people, however. Expecting niggers to stop nigging because they see black panther is absurd.

>solidifies Culture Marxism's

That's both funny and sad.

Nobody cares about this movie in my irrelevant non-country

Imagine actually thinking this was going to make niggers stop being niggers
You guys are beyond hope

Serious question, how much does Soros pay you? Is it an hourly wage or salary based?

What record did it break, exactly? I mean, it's doing very well, but hardly unpresidentedly. Outperformed by Civil War and Iron Man 3, neither of which had anywhere near the media presence

Maybe so. But it was predicted.

Spoiled and pampered? Sounds great

Gasp, a Marvel movie did well? What a fucking shocker.

Who cares? If anybody ITT is legit triggered by this movie then you need to get off the chans for a bit. The memes surrounding it are funny and all and it's hilarious that there are apparently some blacks who think it's a documentary, but at the end of the day you're just getting whipped into a frenzy over a throwaway capeshit movie that everyone will forget about as soon as the next low brow culture war battle crops up.

Hollywood will never be /ourguys/, just ignore them like most sane individuals have been doing for years now

blacks are less than 15% of the population

Social Justice is actually cancer to business.

>hurr durr white people invented everything and pioneered new lands and disciplines because they saw it on tv

No one in their right mind would pick Leslie over Letitia

Nationwide release of a Marvel movie smack in the middle of the dump months. YES I said dump months it,s a real thing.
It's muh Powerfulz
It's Provacitives
We Wuz Kangs
The Jews literally hyped this up to garner sales and the trolls fell for for the bait.
The Jews literally sold black people a watered down Mien Kamphala.
I warned the newfags of this but nooooo.
Now they should know that an honorable death is the only acceptable answer for their dropping the ball.

its mostly media lies. its not a big deal. a bunch of people at disney are going to be fired in the next 2 years. there is a difference between perception and reality.

(((they))) fancy themselves gods but cant change anything. so (((they))) just lie. they keep it up they will end up like that coal burning heiress. her father gave the order to have her killed

The only reason this is successful is because it's a Disney movie. Disney simply will not let any of their projects fail. They mobilized the entire media to shill for this movie.

Disney is the evil epicenter of all of this. Stop Disney and you win.

she looks like a fujoshi

>No one saw this movie.

Obviously a lot people did for it to have made over 100 million dollars already. Black Panther is OFF THE FUCKING CHAIN, MAN!!!!! Stay mad, faggot. kek :)

Shuri is waifu-tier.

>and the movie must earn far more to turn a profit.

Which it's doing. This movie will EASILY make over a billion dollars. EASILY.

visual proof


a cute fujoshi

>a lot people did for it to have made over 100 million dollars

You are correct.

"The world-wide struggle between the primary races of mankind the ' conflict of color/ as it has been happily termed bids fair to be the fundamental problem of the twentieth century, and great communities like the United States of America, the South African Confederation, and Australasia regard the
'color question 7 as perhaps the gravest problem of the future."

Those lines were penned in June, 1914. Before their publication the Great War had burst upon the world, At that time several reviewers commented upon the above dictum and wondered whether, had I written two months later, I should have held a different opinion.

As a matter of fact, I should have expressed myself even more strongly to the same effect. To me the Great War was from the first the White Civil War,
which, whatever its outcome, must gravely complicate the course of racial relations."

More interesting than what I expected.


No it's not.

Why are you even on Cred Forums ?

Is it just to bait people ?

>dutch taste

no wonder Netherlands is .......

*fill in the blank with random bantz*

If 15% of the population goes to see a movie, that will be by far the highest grossing movie ever

There were anons here who were posting their ticket stubs this weekend. Pretty sad stuff

>and the movie must earn far more to turn a profit.

Which it's doing. This movie will EASILY make over a billion dollars. EASILY.

>black panther is a revolution
why are we living in fake world?

Me and my girlfriend went and saw the Black Panther movie, she seemed really uneasy during the fight scene between the two half-naked black men and moved around in her seat.

Now after the movie she's sitting on the floor at the cinema texting with some friend telling me that I'm free to go home and play video games and that she'll come home in a few hours

I don't think you have anything to worry about, the globalists will never win

I'll save you 15 bucks

>Nate silver
>"the volume of evidence"
>"historically underrepresented"
No, to all three.

maybe if black culture weren't just absolute shit, yeah. But nothing is going to change. They are still going to demand everything in return for nothing.

who tf pays 15 dollars to see jewry, jfc no wonder the kikes have all this money

U afraid of stronk wymyn in science, white boi?

Black Panther didn't race change a white superhero into a black one.

He was a comic character conceptualized and written as a black.

- no interracial romance
- love interest is black
- it's not like it's Miles Morales Spiderman
- black extremist BTFO

Go home Sven let her get blacked for a few hours while you play video games.

Let idiots think what they will. The key is to not take anything they say seriously nor give them any attention. Honestly if people are really losing their shit over a literal work of fiction it's either gotta be a meme, in which case shame on us, or it's a demonstration of some kind of collective IQ decline. In either case it's already received too much attention.

I watched a pirate version, Bucky looks weird and washed out in the post credits so I've lost all interest in Marvel now. Also sage for another shit thread.

>Say goodbye to movies
You're a few years late to the party.

females are a meme

the cuckshed never stops being hilarious

A jew has to be behind this.

>97% Critic
>77% Audience
Kek, this is gonna be another TLJ fiasco isn't it.

wasn't the marketing technique similar?

She looks like a nice homely girl. I don't know why these guys are being so hard on you. She's not a super model, but she looks like she'd actually take care of her kids and can suck a goofball thorough a garden hose.

I mean nowadays any action adventure movie marketing campaign is similar to another. This isn't like the 60's when all the films produced were made by different production companies

It's important to remember that both these franchises, BP and SW, are owned by Disney so they're going to market it in the same factory-produced way that they market everything. Bright lights, flashy colors, cool music - while the movie will have none of those things and instead be a social commentary on da whyte mens rashysm.

Garbage. This is such a one-dimensional analysis. These things help "change an entire generation", sure, but they are not even close to being sufficient. Those films would've had zero impact if released in a time prior to female liberation. In fact, the culture has to be shifted for these films to become popular in the first place.

It's insane if you actually believe that. The mind of a stormnigger truly is fucked up to behold.

the war is just beginning

>you will know what it feels like to be a minority
i'm standing here with my hand out waiting for my minority gibs, user. how long until i can expect those sweet, sweet tax dollars?

Nice larp, Sven.

At $13 a ticket, about 6 and 2/3rds million tickets have been sold. This doesn't mean it's all unique people or that many even saw it.

Not quite, because black panther is just a generic marvel movie, and thus not offensively terrible like TLJ

If Jews are so powerful as you claim and make you fuck each other into arses and dress like other sexes. Why can't Jews solve the Polish question?

>smashes records
in 32 movie theaters out of 2000 nationwide.

Except you know, gun laws have only loosened up since then. Americans are less for gun control than ever right now, which is why the media has turned to weasel words like "sensible gun legislation" to try and act like there is support for anything. If Sandy Hook didn't turn America against the 2nd Amendment, nothing ever will.

Black need their own entertainment vehicles so that they keep their knuckles off of bond, thor and roland dechain.



Whites are a minority world wide how will I be treated if I go to a gook, nigger or spic country?

the hero of lord of the rings is literally a race mixer

Homely means ugly

Anybody else not bothered by this movie? I'm kind of happy for blacks that the Jew gave them something to aspire to. Even though, I know they'll never be able to get anything even close to this kind of cilivsation. The best blacks can hope for if they really, really get their shit together is Arab tier.

We need to get Mel Gibson to produce a movie about an alternate universe where Hitler won the war. And then contrast that movie with the depravity of the modern day to what could have been. Also we need to get Mel Gibson to produce a screen adaptation of The Camp of The Saints. If we can get those two movies made we'll have white revolution not long after.

> it's unlikely they'll make another for a long time

This is a good thing. Why the fuck does everything have to be an endless serious of sequels? What ever happened to telling a good story with character development, a story arc, and a conclusion?

Now everybody wants open endings and sequels until the story has been milked so dry everybody is sick of it.

>I can't wait until Tranformers 87 or Faster and more Furious 27 comes out!
>When is the next batman reboot?
>When is the next Spider man reboot?
>When does the next avengers movie come out?
>When does the next star wars movie come out?

And how do you think the culture shifted? Via the media. It's a positive feedback loop.

Blacks don't even have a passport...

>Black Culture

What even is that? There are black people all over the world with distinct cultures.

Who does Frodo fuck?


>No sources provided

I'll give them that. When the black community has a movie to rally behind they come out in force. Look at every Madea movie

>being this dense just to avoid the topic of Aragorn being both the savior of men and also marrying an elf

>the hollywood circlejerk keeps on jerkin
>this means cultural marxism wins

It's like all those people that wanted to move to Pandora after avatar came out.

So the controlled oppositon broke appart?


Thanks Webster. I wasn't aware of the meaning of the words I specifically choose to use. You've never heard ugly women make better wives and fuck better?

she wasnt getting uncomfortable she was getting turned on

Aragorn would be racemixing no matter who he was with. He was the last of the pure blooded Dunedain. Dunedain aren't like normal men in Middle-earth. They live to be like +200 years old.

Black people are willing to spend 10-12 dollars to be told they are hot shit and not just dumb animals. All the profits go to the white man and the Jewish man. This is the very epitome of white exploitation of black people. Sad.

>share entire cultures and histories
>of make-believe countries

>Get out
>Call me by your name

Wew. I love the destruction of the West

>With art and costumes Inspired by actual African cultures

So when do they adapt this into a movie where some niglet lectures sassy Latina dykes who keep shushing whitey?

Have u seen it?
Is it actually good?
If so i do not give one shit about it being a hit.
But if it is a total turdfest social justice pushing garbage then yes i will be annoyed.
Maybe ill try an pirate it today. I want to at least seen it before judgeing.

Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is great. Why don't these film classics that every film student watches have more reviews?

China... 'dislikes' blacks. Not sure if you've heard.

what hollywood myth did it smash?

Are you retarded?

>buy a bunch of tickets
>look how many goys saw our flick, goys.

I hope a nigger shoots you in the fucking cunt.

it's controlled from all angles.

>A divided populace is easier to manipulate

>needs all that shit to turn on a light bulb
what a fucking nigger

Violent crime.

jews aren't white

Someone post that picture of Peter Parker becoming Spider-Man after a radioactive spider bites him then that 'sheeeeeeeeeeeeit' nigger meme guy tries to get bitten by an actual black panther but gets his face sliced off.

Both options are horrific. Am I the only person that thinks Letitia Wright is an absolute butterface??

I would say with confidence that movie would not get nearly as much "praise" and earnings if it was released only 5 years ago.

Current "minorities & POC" political climate is driving wheel behind the movie. It was heavily pushed down negro throats & advertied for free by crappy SJW Buzzfeed, Huffington Post etc etc. websites.

I just hope this SJW madness will end soon, like emo movement went extinct by the end of 00s.


well no, she's a nigress


It must suck to be so fucking delusional

If the movie makes enough money, it will serve as evidence that this type of blatant pandering works; it won't end. Expect even more.

Well her competition in bongland being creatures like pic related, she has nothing to be ashamed of.

>How many Obamas can you have?
>How many Black movies will succeed?

And yet they voted in obama

Is this a lot of money to you? Lol Euro poor fags forever poor.

no taxes? you wish

so proud of my state (Indiana)

Never mind, I found it. kek

>the globalists have won
Yep. They're fucking their own future up in the process though. All of mankind damned. Can't say I care anymore. Given what's happened, I there's nothing left to save. I'm just going to watch porn and play games until some nigger or the government shoots me and steals the few things I have left.

This is the Great Filter. We won't pass it.

Alt right movies give a lot of money to the Jews in Hollywood. This is a good thing.

op made the claim so he needs sources.

Perfect; the one on the left gets nasty, you know it
>Alroooight ladies! Weeey!

The person in charge of choosing who gets to be a "critic" and who doesn't on Rotten Tomatoes has dyed hair. That should answer your question.

shitty bait, burger

too proudy

truly, spencer is a genius

>Get out
>Black Panther
>Mad Max: M'Lady edition
Slowly I began to hate them.

A real gauge to how good a movie is is staying power, and with only a few days in, there is no way to judge this movie yet. I can still remember all the dipshits crowing about how fucking progressive the last Star Wars was, and look where the movie is the toilet. Super hero movies usually do pretty well, but this one is not going to be the uber hit the SJW and nigger crowd thinks it will be.

>The first film in theIndiana Jonesseries causedthe number of students studying archaeologyto spike.
>“Jurassic Park” minted abunch of paleontologists.
>And if you want your kid to become an engineer or astrophysicist,show them some “Star Trek.”

I just wanted to be a wizard with dead parents

oh wait

Untrue OP, they cannot lie about every movie like they do this one.

I-it's still exactly like this ;~;

Don't forget to sign people, we will do more for the Black community then the actual black community has ever done.

I am sorry to say: I went to Venice last year and the place was full of beautiful women. Especially Italians, but also Dutch and some nips. Saw a first group of ugly women and I went in and I found out, they were British. Sad!

>like i said? That's why i differentiated them.


And what myths are those? That a movie with black lead doesn't sell? Because I literally can't think of anything else right now.

>i actually liked her in the movie
>beyond the we wuz kangz stuff the movie was actually quite nice, not revolutionary, but nice

nah you're not letitia is bae

So far 36% of the audiences have been nogs and 33% white (source: deadline hollywood)

>more shekels for kikes or gibs for nigs


No one will remember this move by summer

my mistake by reading too lazily, i know whitey isn't benefiting from this movie in any way though




1 day ago it earned 192 million. 2 days ago it earned 218 million.
Either they can't math or they're all circlejerking the movie making up numbers.
I'm gonna go with making up numbers.


>Say goodbye to your all white Lord of the Rings
Why? It still exists and I have the directors cut boxset in my room. I can go watch it anytime I want. Does it make you mad that the greatest series of films of the 21st century have NO black people in it?

No fantasy movie is going to convince niggers to build starships.

They will let YT be free or die. Negotiation is over.

All this does honestly is make black people only want to breed with other black people. I say it's a win.

This. I don't see the harm of this movie doing well.

>Petition made by Cred Forums to shit post on
>it's getting bigger then expected
>Actually thinking that kites would share their shekels with nigs.
>Jew Disney either does and gives their money away making them think twice about making a sequel
>Jew Disney either doesn't and looks like a racist corporation that will be boycotted for not sharing their shekels.

But is it any good you racist faggot?

are we the jews now?

>movies don't influence
You need to leave the board. You're undereducated and ignorant to the history of propaganda. American society now prefers the visual mediums to the written word. History is no longer read by the American mainstream more than it is viewed. This means global corporations like Disney now possess even greater power to coerce the perspective of national histories onto multiple generations, from white teens to ESL immigrants and their kids.

When Top Gun was released, the miltaries saw boosted numbers. This lead to its producer Jerry (((Bruckheimer))) becoming a military and intelligence consultant inside Hollywood, and he's also friendly, as most Hollywood producers are, with Israel power players.

Hitler used films to sway popular sentiment, and direct it at enemies of the German state. You fucking moron, you swipe-minded monkey. Advertising works. You think Disney movies pushing Jewish-transcorporate agendas don't work? Disney does not care about America's history or white demographics. Disney wants a world of conformed mass consumers, which means max profits at low risk. Always driving toward more profits, bigger audiences, a more streamlined emotional spectrum of imagery that can be exploited.

There are anons on Cred Forums who are 18-25 who are literally dangerous in their arrogant ignorance. Look at the influence an IMAGE BOARD has. Disney employs top psychologists, as do all tech/media companies, include Jewgle and Apple.

Disney is not content simply make black films, films which I'd have no problem with. Africa exists. There are heroes there. So it goes. But Disney is using the black film was a weapon to accelerate a demographic paradigm shift against whites, in America and globally, and this is wrong. Whites made Disney what it is. But now Disney prefers a less remarkable, easily molded mass consumer. And it's exploiting blacks/women, to force change to benefit Disney and elite Jews: creating a borderless NWO serf class.

scheming like this makes be feel greasy and unclean... looks like it.

well, orcs

Fan vad jag hatar såna som dig kan du inte bara hålla käften

Few of the actors playing Orcs where black mostly Samoan and a few white guys.

>solidifies cultural marxism's hold on our media
>by promoting ethnonationalism

orcs are literally niggers anyway

>orcs are literally niggers anyway
They sometimes go beyond that

the hypocrisy is part of the package

>nig entho: ok

>white ethno: nazi kkk

Give it another month, and it will be just as popular as SJW Wars was.

It really really doesn't. Good aspects of isolationism are shown, yeah, then villainized as 'exclusionary'... even though the retarded tribal structure is really to blame. The love interest is there just to say BRIDGES NOT WALLS WE GOTTA SHARE EVERYTING WIT DA WORL. Wouldn't ya know, Wakanda is shown being more open and accepting of outsiders near the end, even though that never happens in the comics...

Yeah, and they had to do literally every subversive thing they could to make this happen. If they let it stand on its merits it would just be another shitty superhero movie. This movie was political from the start. I'm sure a lot of the budget went into getting the media to generate a fake controversy over it, and to censor ratings. Its just a shitty move. Why aren't people more worried about outrage being manufactured to prey on the ethical sensibilities of retards to make a shit ton of money? Why isn't anyone descrying the fact that they are being shamelessly manipulated.

That was their plan but we spun that shit around on them and divided the shit out of their commie golem while pushing normal faggots further right. The notion that they are 'easily manipulating' our plebs is easily dispelled by taking a quick gander at the comments sections of news articles, especially since that shooting. The plebs arent buying it and they are starting to name the jew.

I can believe you said that user, The Orc community will not stand for such an insult.

>solidifies Culture Marxism's hold on our media.
>A movie about an isolationist monarchical ethnostate doing well.

your jew masters are pleased by your money pouring in

pls read

>progressives progress towards degeneracy
>conservatives try to conserve traditional values
yeah, that gap is gonna grow

I hate how right you are. High quality post.

Hollywood is going to view this movie as a success. You're going to see a lot more black movies. Expect to see movies where there are "token whites" and the cast is dominantly black. They're going to start marketing movies more towards blacks since now they are aware there is a market for it. It's not going to destroy Hollywood but you are going to see more polarization as whites in movies fade away. Everyone on Cred Forums can shit on the movie as much as they want but in the eyes of Hollywood this will be viewed as a success. They've been tip-toeing around multicultural films for a while now but this movie is going to push the envelope.

By the end of the movie, Wakanda ended its isolationism. So what's your point?

There's no way a whole race can be that stupid. Right?

>minorities have suffered
>therefore its just that you suffer
>suffering is just
>minorities suffering isn't injustice
nice circular logic you have there

it did the same in the comics and it was destroyed by Namor.

Can't hardly wait for this to happen.

best post in this thread

it's a miracle that the LOTR was even allowed to exist so recently. crazy how much things have changed in the past 2 decades

Why is it that of all the movies to get attached to black people those this movie? A fictional movie, own by a company full of rich white men, and that was created by a Jew.

I'd be interested to know what the marketing budget of this film was.

How do you know it was a made up marketing ploy vs actual edgelords complaining about the movie? There are literally dozens of nigger hate threads on just this board everyday

Why is that necessarily a problem? Minorities have been in side roles for decades. Why is it a problem when white people's aren't the main characters?

thank you mr Poseidon

Because you falsely believe Black Panther was random, that Kevin Feige and Bob Iger simply rolled the black-colored dice. The opposite is true. Bob Iger gets his instructions from political powers, few of which have American interests at heart, some of which are curdingly subversive.

You probably don't know that Iger, Disney's most successful CEO ever, wants to cap his life's work by becoming US president. And that Iger literally walked off Trump's WH advisory board after the Charlottesville car thing.

Disney has a monopoly on entertainment. Even before Rupert "Zionist War Carnival Barker" Murdoch sold Iger 20th Century Fox. But Disney doesn't stop at entertainment. Its real money is in social geo-political engineering. Just as Facebook's is. You think the media turning on Zuckerberg in 2018 is unrelated to Trump's victory? Zuckerberg failed the NWO. Whereas Iger is their Golden Son now.

Disney has an agenda now, subtly deployed, where they are tapping the energy of American holidays, to loosely anchor their products to, then supercharges them with baited "controversy" and online division, until the movies are not only subconsciously linked to the holidays, but overshadow them. Black History Month is now Black Panther Month. And Black Panther 2 will arrive in 2020, election year. Now imagine that Michelle Obama runs against Trump as this happens. Iger helps Michelle get elected. Then Michelle helps Iger get elected: first Jew Zionist Globalist president. The power of Disney.

Disney shit the bed however with Last Jedi. Star Wars is supposed to supplant Christmas. But Kathleen Kennedy is sloppy, self-pleased. Killing off Luke Skywalker like a bitch is symbolic -- white males are dying out, losing power -- but the execution was ironically nigger-tier. So Kennedy dumped god-tier money to the Game of Thrones Jews to takeover. They left HBO, where their Modern Black Slavery show was in limbo. Guess what? Star Wars is going Afro Jew too.

They already made star wars user.

America is going through a transformation akin to what South Africa has. When the dust settles theyll be poorer, less influential, crime ridden and mostly black. Almost evey normie is going to think its an improvment over the old racist america.

Its going to be a painful time, unparalleled in history by nothing except the fall of rome. The nuclear arsenal will be held by a "United States" which would be more accurately be described as waring african tribes. The Chinese are going to assert economic superiority, the slavs will become the dominant military power and with the decline of the US navy the high seas will be a lawless zone.

Thanks Disney.

the nogs won't give US gibs, you fucking idiot.
We're the only race generous (and stupid) enough to waste money on foreign aid/welfare for niggers.
You think Based China gives a flying fuck about the apefricans they're colonizing as we speak?

How do you know all of this? Your reasoning seems sound and scarily accurate.

As "predicted" by Israel's prime minister David Ben-Gurion in 1962.
>America becomes socialist shithole
>Russia a fledging isolated state
>Israel becomes HQ of NWO
>Israel oversees global police army (China)
>world wars abolished
>global socialized (((college education)))
>advanced population control

It's right there. Israel's first prime minister laid it all out. Jews say it's conspiracy. No, it's on the record. Israel was created in 1947 and always, always saw itself ruling the world within a century. Media and movies are the KY Jelly to make Americans bend over for Jewish BBC

>America and the world is multiracial.
Except this movie, which was nearly all black and advertised with mono-ethnic propaganda.


It probably wasn't even that bad a movie, but all the political bullshit being dragged into it just ruins everything

Could you imagine actually believing this?

Then why does black panther join the diversity team aka the Avengers?


>make movie with 100% niggers
>tell niggers they WUZ KANGS
>promote the idea that this is what erth would look like if niggers WUZ KANGS
>every nigger on the planet sees it
>soyboys also see it cuz muh marvel
anyone is surprised by this?

The good thing is it won't work twice.

Make Black Panther a 10 part series running 50 years and Africa will still be a shithole.

I'm a white person in Vancouver
I already know what it feels like to become a minority in my hometown you kike fuck

I don't watch TV or movies.
I don't live in your world.
You don't live in mine.
Fuck niggers. Very common mindset and it ain't going anywhere.
You're just a bunch of fools parted with their money by a bunch of snakes preying on you.
We will always have our nice white communities, they will always have their shithole communities.

Gary is the dingleberry of Chicongo, doesn't represent the state. Not even close

>Say goodbye to your all white Lord of the Rings and Star Wars movies
So nothing of value was lost?

lol Jewywood is just tapping a new market. And when the nignog market dries up, they'll just make a spic superhero movie, then a muslim one, then back to normal.

Kansas is now unrestricted as well

If you see a jewish man standing next to a white man 95% of people would say - without knowing - both were white.

Stop gobbling that jewish scheisse down your throat. JEWS ARE WHITE!

There's no "normal" after all of that. Whites will be a minority by then.

what options do we have?

also earn the goods from capitalism

what earns "the blacks" from this fiction-movie

Create media that exercises strength and intelligence. Just as (((they))) do. If you aren't creative, make money, save money, invest money in white creators, see rewards socially and financially. We are in a war of visuals and communication. Whites don't have to only work with whites. Whites could have made Black Panther, and hired Coogler. Instead, Jews did. Do they control the message and history.

The key lies in aesthetics. What Cred Forums has accomplished with aesthetics, with humor, with autism, these are lessons to exercise in the real world, in the commercial marketplace. Look at Pewdiepie. Why can't anyone here compete with Ben Shapiro? But the true example is of course Sam Hyde. Invest in him, he's branching out. Assist him however. We win through lels, not Nazi tiki bullshit that gets snowballed into Jewish counter movements. Look at Ben Garrison. What does a George Lucas Ben Garrison look like? Why did we lose the proactive need and hunger to create? Cred Forums is that remarkable middle ground between action and voyeurism. It's a war room. And it makes sense that many here would rather plan and plan and plan than fight, since this war is fought through creativity and visuals. Don't criticize whites like Jones and Peterson, just do what you see needs to be done. It will take five years perhaps. But Jews always invest their time, do the same.

they why do they need to rig reviews?

You're not wrong. I don't have much hope for the U.S.A. As soon as Trump is out of office the left will tear apart anything he accomplished. We can't rely upon politicians. The only thing we can hope to achieve is to wake up white Americans to what is happening.

It's not a problem necessarily. It just goes to show that America is a changing country and I don't like the direction we are heading.

Budget: $200 Million
Box Office: $404 Million

I'd say its already turned a profit.

Somewhere a bunch of shlohmos are getting rich.

>Black Moloch
The mask barely looks anything like a panther. More like an evil owl.

Wait until the Hollywood accounting kicks in :^)

Elves are higher blood than men
Aragorn's blood is so special only because it has higher elf DNA than men have at the time
Think of elves as super aryans
By 'racemicing' aragorn is becoming even more white or atlantean
Well technically numenor (that aragorn's line preserves) is atlantis and the elves seeded it
In tolkien's world Men are niggers but the best of menniggers are white because they have more elvish blood

guess they wont be so great anymore

Does this mean nigger kino is back?

Neither do southern whites kek

You raised a point though
Aragorn racemixes (thereby seeding a renewed noble human line, but still)
Frodo never gets to reproduce, nor does Bilbo, the hobbit top aristocracy (hobbit kangz if they had any)
Sam has children right away: the dumb but heroic hobbit peasant
We learn of pippin and merry's children only in the appendices
So the overall fertility result of the epic is pretty clear
The highest men have another shot at grandeur, but we understand and are told it is inevitably short lived and men will resume degenerating right after aragorn's reign. It was just a last flicker on the genetic fireline.
Hobbits don't get any better. Idiocracy sets in there as well.
Tolkien's is a very tragic world. History is a constant fall with brief shiny moments.
And you know what? The archeological track record agrees.

That's probably a really good thing. Now white people will be motivated to start their own studios and make their own movies.




>We need to
Please no vaginatalk

What do you wanna bet that niggers start to name their kids based on this movie? I say we have more movies so niggers keep embarrassing themselves.

Chadwick is a cool name

>This is the very epitome of white exploitation of black people.
tell them that. all they see is muh wakanda

>what will really happen
>oh sheeeiiitttt nigga wwaaakkaaaannnddaaa we wuz kangz and kwaynz
>go home
>post on black twitter
>get drunk and high
>go to sleep
>wake up
>post on black twitter
>get drunk and high
>go to sleep
rinse and repeat

>movie about black people being kings directed, written and produced by white people
>somehow so progressive / means niggers was equal
Why are people so fucking dumb

it literally says from the 1991 book behold the pale horse you retarded piece of shit


A capeshit Marvel film starring a black superhero did well WAAAAAAAAH
Go lift some weights and get a clue instead of shitposting here, you white nigger.

what was that, white boi?

China...sorta really likes this movie.

Wrong. Black Panther is a supporter of Wakandan ethnocentrism and traditional paternal autocracy (monarchy).

What Hollywood myth? Blacks don't want to be known for anything positive

>low IQ blacks flock to movie theaters to watch Jewish fantasy film which compliments their superiority complex
>this is surprising to anyone

Wait, does this mean we can blame certain bad behavior and trends on violent movies, videogames, and music again? Or let me guess, it only applies to good stuff?

But it was written and directed by black people

Citation for the comment in that book. Where's the supporting evidence?

The difference is that being a violent criminal isn't associated with being a hero in most cases. At least not in children's videos games.

You got proof of that? I want to see this prophecy

europe's population nearly tops a billion and the anglo sphere tops another billion. you are not a minority cracker

Oh I get it now, so heroes can influence children to take up archery, but anti-heroes and rap music does nothing detrimental to society whatsoever. Thanks for the clarification.

>You do realize this solidifies Culture Marxism's hold on our media. Say goodbye to your all white Lord of the Rings and Star Wars movies. America and the world is multiracial. Our media is diverse. Accept the race mixed future goys because there's no turning back now. The globalists have won.

nah. this kind of antagonistic marketing didn't work for lady ghostbusters, and it's unlikely to work again for niggershines 2 (cf. last jedi)

pedowood got imdb and rottentomatoes to remove their message boards in order to control the narrative and limit word-of-mouth damage (i guess it's cheaper/easier to astroturf on reddit or twitter), and they'll probably work to remove user scores soon. there will always be sheep flocking to the latest brainless shitpile, but they expended a ton of promotional effort to pull this off. you try to repeat that too much or too soon and it loses its impact, even on the peon brain.

What is Rhodesia, what is South Africa
Deluded mutt

Nigger I don't pay to see any movies...why the hell would I care about this stupid shit?

Borders stay shut, dumbdumb

It's a famous forecast, and it's important because it was from 1) Israel's first founding Prime Minister 2) proves the endgame of Israel's nation quest and ideology. Spread it. Images of it are often posted here, but not often enough. Merits its own thread.

Well, the impact of graphic p0rnography instilled with politicized agendas is becoming very evident over the last decade. Funny how MSM never discusses this within the feminism debate. Few guys would deny this mass access hasn't impacted them as a teen to adult.

Black Panther hasn't been released in China yet, so don't post disinformation.

>After the release of “The Hunger Games” and “Brave” in 2012 — both of which feature women protagonists who use a bow and arrow — girls’ participation in archery competitions doubled, according to astudy [sic] by the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, citing data from USA Archery. The study also found that 7 in 10 girls reported that the protagonists in those films had influenced their decision to take up the sport.
Great, so we can extrapolate from current trends that the film Blacks Panther will influence African Americans to double their enrollment in humanitarian organizations that provide relief and aid to African countries in order to help restore the continent's nations back to their former glory, right, user?

Some further background: Ben-Gurion resigned in 1963, the very next year, and the year of JFK's assassination. Ben-Gurion died in 1973. And the Supreme Court of the world, in Israel, wasn't finished until the 1980s. I'm sure you've seen this structure here, with its giant pyramid, as financed and dedicated to the Rothschilds, specifically Dorothy.


>girls’ participation in archery competitions doubled

WOW they must have had a whole dozen competitors that year! Talk about a societal shift!

why is anybody surprised that BP is doing well in it's opening weekend? its been hyped to all hell and it has a built in audience of diehard viewers. That's enough to create a huge initial wave, but not a sustained audience. My guess is the box office will drop off much faster than usual and and the total haul won't be nearly as impressive as the opening would suggest.

I was just in santa Barbara CA and there was a line for the 2pm showing. Looked like mexicans and whites

>Normalfag friend said he liked the movie other than a character that was forced political garbage
We may not be completely fucked.

It's over lads

Does it?

>mass media brainwashing works pretty much 100% of the time
>but when white people suggest media is pushing obvious anti-white propaganda, we're crazy

Boy, am I surprised. Lay another lump of shock on me my dude.

>mfw my favorite movie growing up was death wish

This nigger gets it.

>a movie that i said was going to flop because it had niggers in it didnt
>let's make an ass out of those darkies

I was not aware movie theaters accepted EBT cards.

I hope the movie at least failed in China guise?? Those chinks hate niggers and it's the second biggest movie market in the world.

So you guys do realize that the villain was everything Cred Forums hates? He was a radical black supremacist who wanted revenge against whites. And he was the bad guy. Is that not a good message?

Deez mah twinz, T'Challa an' T'Chaka.

>So you guys do realize that the villain was everything Cred Forums hates? He was a radical black supremacist
What do you think Cred Forums is? Black supremacists isn't "everything Cred Forums hates". The average Cred Forumsack fucking loves black supremacists; they want to self-segregate. The goals of black supremacists and the average Cred Forumsacks are exactly the same.

Nigga you dumb.

>The plebs arent buying it and they are starting to name the jew.
I do believe this is the real reason for the acceleration of their plans. Blaxploitation movies came and went once and it'll come and go again. People who are into movies should probably take notice that movie trends just repeat over and over again over the decades. Black Panther's a flash in the pan despite the one faggot in this thread that posted FiveThirtyEight. Ironically the faster the Jew works the more people take notice. (((They))) could have boiled the frog a little longer but they might have missed the window of opportunity.

Italy is experiencing a revival of fascism. AfD is about to become the second biggest party in Germany. Brexit happened and Britain is going full 1984 to the dot. Trump is in office and giving energy to dozens of grassroots movements. Japan is consistently resistant to non-Asian immigration. Sweden Democrats are gaining power by the minute. One of the biggest non-default forums on reddit is devoted solely to sucking Trump's cock. More people browse Cred Forums and its axis of evil (8/pol/, MPC, /mlpol/) than ever before.

The masses are starting to wake up.

287 replies has to be some kind of opening weekend record, no?

There is no harm if the movie does well. The blacks are funding white people by going to it. This is good for white people.

>doesn't count the hundreds of millions they spent on advertising
It'll turn a profit, but not the kind they want.

>The blacks are funding white people by going to it.

>implying i give a shit about seeing these capeshit movies

Movies studios typically online receive 50% of what a film makes at he box office over its total run. They get like 90% of the opening weekend box office though so off to a good start. Also, the marketing budget is often as big as the budget for the movie itself for this type of release.

>Say goodbye to ... movies.

Don't have to. Did many years ago. Learned gunsmithing, woodworking, metalworking, archery tech, and weaving skills instead.

Then fiber spinning, quad-copter piloting, and ancient Greek and Old Norse.

Fuck Challahwood.

Or, and hear me out on this, it's just a good movie in February, when nothing good comes out.

Hey, Marion Levy. Haven't seen her in awhile.

The Pew family made hundreds of millions of dollars liquidating the white working class in shipyard and oil/refinery towns of the NE.

Then they moved south to offshore jobs, evade culpability for the hundreds of thousands of whites they killed deliberately via asbestos exposure...and teach us all about religion.

Birth of a Nation was "Just a fucking movie" too

I realize kiwis live on their heads n all, but $100 million isn't even 10 million tickets in a nation of 340 million...and most of those were bought in blocs for giving away.

Like Challahwood got the goobermint to give them tens of millions for tickets to Selma, then forced schoolkids to go see it "for free."

I am glad to know that blacks are taking important measures to fix the race wealth gap such as spending more of their disposal income on entertainment.

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