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25th of Febuary 2018

"don't look at the flash"

52.52 13.41 Berlin
37.98 23.72 Athens
22.29 114.16 Hong Kong
35.69 51.42 Tehran
35.69 139.69 Shinjuku, Tokyo
49.61 6.13 Luxembourg
52.37 4.89 Amsterdam
35.23 31.77 fucking sea near Cyprus
1.29 103.85 Singapore
40.42 -3.70 Madrid
46.95 7.45 Bern
50.45 30.52 Kiev
38.90 -77.04 Washington (near White House)
41.90 12.45 Roma/Vatican
51.51 -0.13 LONDON
52.23 21.01 Warsaw (interesting)
-41.29 174.78 Wellington, NZ
43.73 7.42 Monaco
47.14 9.52 Vaduz
29.37 47.98 Kuwait
35.23 31.77 again a fucking sea, same coordinates
48.85 2.35 Paris

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Sage, but mods deleted your thread for a reason. This stuff probably belongs on


stupid larp

Those threads are just FBI tests to see how fast Cred Forums can decipher things

it was probably a larpfag. Anyway, we figured out locations, can't do anything about it. So we can wait and see if anything happens

the audacity of those faggots to test us when they got outwitted by 13 Russians and a retarded Jew kid in Florida

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it was just morse code. how fucking dumb

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who are the mods anyway?

Holy fuck I hate LARPERS. Please GTFO 4clan

Fuck This!

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wtf that's not my image
this is what i tried to post


FBI is in this thread

nothing important shows up when you search the date.

They want some more do they? damn mooselambs are dumb

shill city
bumping again

Numbers tell the truth




because it hasn't happened yet?
also the other thread said leap day (feb29th) - that's kind of important if it's ritual based at all

Take your shit elsewhere

weird photo bro

maybe we need a war tag? /allahsnackbar/

......, - ... ,-... ..., -.... ,-.... .... ,..... -- . - .., -.

translation: ISIS sucks dicks all day

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