Which would you have preferred Cred Forums...

Which would you have preferred Cred Forums? A large healthy population of native tribes living in America with no blacks?

Or the way it turned out now?

Also, which tribes were more advanced? Africans or Indians?

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Neither had the wheel or written language. They at least had the ability to make fire. So, tied for second to last.

So which would you have preferred? The way it is now? Or have a minority of Indians and almost no blacks?

>No written language, no wheel.

It's true that racism makes people more ignorant.

Indians have a higher IQ, so I'd take them.

I think they are less violent too depending on the tribe.

>Friendly reminder that the old world wheel was most likely invented by middle easterners
>Friendly reminder that the cart was invented by chinese

I dont have to choose any of those two stupid options, lad.

I live in an area with a lot of Natives and they are just as bad as blacks. I was bar hopping and some native grabbed a garbage can and threw it through a car window because he wanted to dig through the cars ashtray looking for cigarettes butts with some tobacco left. It is common knowledge around here that natives come down from the reservation to commit crimes specifically for the free food at jail.

Friendly reminder the Olmec empire at its height extended into southern Texas and those were just trade outposts. Friendly reminder the American plains Indians had not even attempted writing until Sequoyah. Friendly reminder that the wheel was so common in Europe the term is actually indo-european in origin. Friendly reminder where you live is trash. Friendly reminder you wouldn't literally even exist without European intervention.

No blacks.

Ill take an indianburger

Where you at island nigger? You are the world version of fucking Oklahoma. A bunch of shirftless turds that gave up half way.

Natives are really hit and miss, their retards are just as bad as chimps and almost as plentiful.

i pumped an american one time.

Think about where they would be with the resources we have burned on the fucking orcs.

As usual racism can't stop themselves from idiocy as it's the foundation of their ideology.

Not knowing.

Per usual spics reading comprehension is terrible. The question was America, not the Americas.

I'll take the featherniggers. Specifically, the Cherokee.

>My cherrypicked arguments don't seem to give me my desired effect, must move goalposts.

The Solutrean first Nations had more advanced tools, clothes, art, and society which created the moundbuilders and Old Copper Culture.
It would have been better that the archaic siberIndians never invaded.

The goalposts are exactly the same as posted. Read. Fun fact: nearly all Olmec were illiterate.

You're just as bad as the afrocentrists.

Neither a wheel nor writing were required for this structure.

Wich tribe had the best womens ?

Gib cherokee milkers

Native Americans have some real qts though.

>nearly all Olmec were illiterate.
Nearly all the peasantry of all ancient civilizations were illiterate, what's your point?

No shit. Almost like literacy is a yardstick of civilization. Being that being able to read is incredibly important. So without an actual written language it would be really hard for anyone to read.

Native American hate drugs and love guns while doing jobs like lobster fishing, logging and even law enforcement.
Black's just shoot cops and sell drugs.

>no language.
Ha ha ha wow.

I need this guy's stream link. He's my favorite meme of the moment

>written language
The tards are out today.

He's right and you're a retard.

>So without an actual written language
They had written languages. There is no "actual". It's either a written language or it isn't.'

Also, the alphabet was taught by superior Semites (Canaanites) to subhuman wh*tes.

>Friendly reminder you wouldn't literally even exist without European intervention.
Small pox killed native and you Spanish fuckers needs natives to survive the winter and learn the hunting trails.
Read a history book nigger.
George Washington learn ambush tactics thanks to natives too.

Yet we have Olmec texts.


It could be that you are full of shit and know less than nothing?

Show me one written language in precolumbian America.

How about this one you decided to ignore?

I think it's safe to say the wheel was invented in several places at the same time. You start rolling things on a log and then you slice the log to make a wheel.

Reminder: The Cherokee Nation WILL return.


>their retards are just as bad as chimps and almost as plentiful
Not really no. Most of my family went either military and law enforcement or trade schools and colleges.
If you use drugs and are a drunk on welfare you're a black sheep.
Bouns round most natives live in the country side and the ones in cities get educations.

See Dumb wh*tes keep getting BTFO once again.

i wonder when we'll start taking
>geographical location
....into consideration as to why some areas of the world progressed and others didnt. With all the sand stone, limestone, obsession with kings thinking theyre a living god needing to be immortalized, flat open land needing to travel as opposed to dense forest/hills or barren wilderness filled with no water and lots of things that can kill u....

it really makes you wonder how much we can thank religion and narcissism

The Algonquin helped geroge Washington so there's that one.
Apache tribes are douchebags though.

It would be so nice to actually have a civilized conversation in here.

But we can't stop rural and suburban retards from posting.

Yet again spics and niggers. The Olmec very lightly extended into modern day Texas and only as traders. Their civilization made a tiny if even intelligible mark on what would become America.

They didn't have a written language but they did have language passed down.
Retards sure are out today.

Except for the mountains of evidence that support the Solutrean theory like Anthropology, geology, and archaeology.
If the Smithsonian Institute supports the Solutrean theory over the Behringia theory all Americans can too.
The Turtle-Island believers are a cult.
Solutrean Theory is Science and math.

This if you think the wheel is a hard concept it's you who are dumb.
Even the Aztecs had wheels.

500 BCE writing script. That is before most wh*tes had anything resembling writing.


There's also en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mixtec_writing

And last but not least, this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maya_script

I'd link Aztec script as well but wh*tes who felt emasculated by a more advanced culture felt the need to burn everything. They did the same with the Moors in Spain where they burned every book except for medicinal works which they stole.

Friendly reminder that America is a continent, not a country.

Mayan calendar seemed pretty complex and advanced

So who was the most advanced tribe? Was it one of the 5 civilized tribes? And how much more advanced where they than the most advanced African tribe?

>why didn't native America settle in a winter wasteland and not a place were its warm enough to live.
Birds travel south during the winter and deer hide and wood tools don't last too long with erosion.
You are aware fossils only last because it gets encased in mud.
Forests change all the time.


Reminder that North America is the Legendary Atlantis.
Solutreans were the First Nations.
The only recorded genocide was the Pauite killing the Si-Teh-cah and stealing the land.
No human race is actually native, indigenous or aboriginal to North America, and the Archaic Indian is just a neomongloid.

It was both.

>Also, which tribes were more advanced? Africans or Indians?

Indians were genetically more Homan but both sides are warlike cannibals

There were no deer then just mega-fauna like shelk and mammoth.
The YD killed them all and then huge bands of migrating Asians moved in from Alaska.
The "forests" got wasted too.

By modern standards, the most advanced subsaharan African nation was in Ethiopia and in West Africa, both were empire of trade and did significant amount of conquest.

It is not comparable however because native American nations were isolated from the rest of the world until recently. So there isn't much trade to do in comparison to others.

>WE WUZ: The post

Just mock him, he is just going to ignore the facts because his primitive brain can't comprehend anything.

>Was it one of the 5 civilized tribes
Alot of tribes turned into uncle Tom's and learned English and got educated... Everyone loves civilization.

>geographical location

Are you retarded nigger? It's the hyperborean blood, every non-European is a half-assed animal and it's all there is to it.


There were supposedly five tribes in the east that were considered "civilized". WLP even claimed that they were more "caucasoid" than their counterparts. My assumption is that these eastern tribes encountered early europeans and conquered or assimilated with them. I'd take any tribe from the east on that basis.

>every non-European is a half-assed animal and it's all there is to it.
Says the literal nigger that was holocausted by Russians and Germans.
Die in a ditch nigger.

Anyone will eventually figure out the wheel if they had an actual need for it.

The Moche of South America. They were the only tribe to develop bronze working.
As for Africa, several of them had iron working.

We Wuz The First Nations!

I agree some places in Alaska cannot grow food like maize due to perma frost in the land.
But new england is all farm land... Crazy that people live were farm land is easy for raising crops, livestock and good for hunting.

It's neanderthal admixture, the abbos split from the Euros 60k years ago and some of them look kinda human naturally.

>My assumption is that these eastern tribes encountered early europeans and conquered or assimilated with them.
That's how natives in Nova Scotia (new Scotland) inter breed with the Scandinavian who sailed over from Greenland and ice land.
Youre right, natives are race mixers.

Stop clapping those talon cusps at me. War is war, hyperboreans always fight. We got kicked in the ass but we are still here and aren't disgusting mexican mutts.

Where are your flying pyramids? and how did the mean brown man from the south lands came and stole your advanced utopian white society?

Except a giant volanic explosion called mt Mazama wasted North America, then the ash melted the glaciers into the biggest flood humans ever witnesses, lake agassiz.
Sorry but Indians werent here yet and nothing survived the YD.

Well aware. Just as I am of context when replying to a question. The OP was asking about America. Despite his chugging of semen I would wager that he was referring the current nation of America and not the incredibly large landmasses of North and South America. It is fun watching the leaf and the rapebaby get hot over how wrong I am.

Shut the fuck up nigger, you're worst than the streetshitting rumanians.

There's not such thing as the first people in North America.
Besides calling natives white gets them mad as hell.
I'd say some tribes went the way Neanderthals went.
Either died out, interbreed or isolated.

They didnt. Told you. Nature killed the mega-fauna and the Clovis/solutreans.
Real factual empirical recorded geologic events.
Your argument has nothing but BS.
I have 500 skull photos, DNA reports, and geologic reports.
You have muh Turtle-Island.

I'm only thinking a few hundred years how far back are you thinking?
Did new England and the Midwest have volcanos?

Without a shadow of doupt no more niggers!!!

Well that's funny coming from Americans.

>Amerindian skulls don't look like that.

Amerindians had multiple haplogroups and skull shapes.

Yeah at least natives go and learn trades or get educations.
Not too many sling crack and shout for the death of cops.

I bet you call Mexico 'United states of Mexico' too?

The Younger Dryas event/Impact. YD
York shower- same impact event.
Mt Mazama eruptions.
Lake Agassiz mega flood.
Sorry wagon burners, you cant compete with actual Science.
These cataclysms happened unlike the beringia theory.
The Clovis mammoth hunters were european 24,000 years ago.

They flooded after the volcanic ash melted the glaciers at the beginning of the holocene.

Fucking kek, your people are a bunch of superstitious niggers selling crack at liquor stores and smuggling their nephews through the US border in literal trash cans xddddd

That is why I said it. It also lends dubiousness to the person's heritage in regard to its purity.

Thats because the First Nations were europeans and not neomongloids.

>24,000 years ago.

They looked like the brit girl.

This, no aztec blood savages plz

Oh you mean the 6 nations of the Iroquois Confederacy. The government that Americans adopted and modeled as their own, while drafting the bill of rights. The same government style that stupid mutts are allowing the two party system to piss all over.
Don't get me started on this America has lost it's way,
But it's nice to know that every American is now receiving the same shit education they used to dumb down those on the reservations.

That fine English african american gent has a polish gf, how does that make you feel, white boi.

North american natives and andean natives have oval shaped "caucasoid"-looking skulls. (see pic related)

No, I call Mexico Mexico, maybe you guys should've come up with an actual name for your country.

Yet they have D haplogroup blood.

Something in your theory doesn't adds up.

compare an actual Solutrean chief with Red Cloud.
Its obvious Europeans were the First Nations.

Not really, cause europeans went in a completely different direction and the DNA doesn't match up, there is traces of european blood, but there's also traces of other 4 origins.

They didnt mix much, very few Clovis survived the YD.
Windover Bog has 168 X Haplo bodies, even post YD had European DNA.
You can try Ansick baby but I will crush that stupid theory with more fact.

I personally think that some native americans have scandinavian, basque or celtic blood from a long long time before colombus. Prove me wrong.

Nothing at all, shitboy. Women don't fuck baboons, only a mexigger would do that.

Interesting, but I was referring to this...

>Creek (Muscogee)

>Five Civilized Tribes

Wtf did he have green eyes?

Yes, the parts of america that are closer to europe have european DNA, but the rest of the americas don't, do you fail to see the implications?

Or should I point them one by one?

Could it be...?

>Women don't fuck baboons

Show me one Neomongloid skull before the YD then.
Archaic Indians are not that old, and they were never the First Nations.
The oldest sites in the americas are in Virginia and offshore Virginia, not South America, not Canada, not Alaska.
This is basic math.

Scandinavia was under Ice then.
Solutrean Iberians were waaay before any Basque Magdalenians or celts.

Once she's tainted by a nigger she's always a nigger. Read a fucking book, mutt. - journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0045592


Our ancestors should have:
>killed all the indians
>never brought slaves over and simply picked their own cotton
>specifically written into the constitution that America was to forever remain a 99%+ white nation, inhabited by those of European descent
>Barred jews from any involvement in US politics, media, banking, etc

All problems would have been solved.


Tuscarora joined in 1722

Was referring to this.
The five Iroquois nations, characterizing themselves as “the people of the longhouse,” were the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca. After the Tuscarora joined in 1722, the confederacy became known to the English as the Six Nations and was recognized as such at Albany, New York (1722).

The Clovis started on the east coast and traveled west to the Rockies.
So of coarse the post YD Archaic SiberIndians dont share the same skull or DNA.
The oldest sites are on the EAST coast and all the preYD first nations are Europeans.
Alaska was still under a glacier. The Beringia theory was debunked last year.
try again.

What about the asians ? They built a lot of infrastructure over there and aren't as problematic as the negroes.

Literally Wingdings: The Language.

Sure point them out and I will debunk them all.

>>never brought slaves over and simply picked their own cotton
Every dominant agricultural society had slaves. It simply wouldn't have made any sense not to have them back then.

This is only tangetailly related, but the spanish conquistadors described what amounts to a caste system that consisted of different races... and these civilizations were all in conflict with each other.

Way it turned out now.

Explain me please, how did D haplogroup natives reached the extreme south of the americas, before the A and B haplogroup even developed.

Pretty interested, never heard that

The mummies still exist. I'd love to see a DNA test of the blonde mummies.

that is the only true thing written besides mine.
The Uto Aztecians were not the same as the Utes or Aztecs.
Just takes forensic skull studies to prove that.

MtB and X haplo are the oldest found and 9000 years older than anything in south America.
Asians move in huge numbers thats why.

Makes sense. It's an Indo-European tradition that the fairest ones are at the top of the caste system.

I think we are seeing that genetics determine the culture that a people can MAINTAIN. South American Indians and Blacks can be influenced by white culture, but once that contact and influence with whites ends, they revert to what their genetic programming is, which, in both cases, is a people that live for brutality. The white admixture to the Indian populations of South and Central America made possible the rise of the civilizations there.

That's even worst cause X haplogroup it's theoretically indigenous.

North American Native Americans pretty much got civilization perfect, they were the happiest people who have ever lived on this planet and small tribal communities were perfected there, they had no need for technology and were spiritually in tuned. It's sad what happened to them.

Cinmar, topper, cactus hill, Meadowcroft, mammoth Spring, Miller, gault, Llano, Clovis, and Sandia sites are older than anything in South America.


why were south american tribes so much more violent?

We knew we were a wanderer people, so we just wandered further than we thought.

Well without it I'd be dead and without the United States, so...

Yes Europeans are the actual first Nations and indigenous tribe to North America.
Europe was under ice so we know they didnt live there 24K years ago.

Monte verde it's 16.500 years old, not the oldest yet very far away from the european immigration routes.

All over the New World we find legends of Quetzalcoatl (by Aztecs), Kukulkan (by Mayans), Amalivaka (by Tamanacs), Manco-Capac (by Incans), Viracocha (by Aymaras). All of them describe: a tall white man, blue eyed, with long blond-reddish hair and beard. Numerous PRE-HISPANIC Caucasian mummies have been found in South America with fair hair, some with blue stones covering the eyes, as well as gold masks with similar striking blue eyes, matching the legends of the pale-skinned Sun-gods.


>be native american
>invent methods of torture worse than the blackest dungeon of medieval london
>lol liberal selective history mode engaged.png
>dont mention native american torture methods on wikipedia either sempai
>as a matter of fact go troll the lekking/lek article on wikipedia right now faggot what are you doing

Indeed. These people are blinded by hate and prejudice.

>blonde mummies


Perdra fudra brasil is older.
South America is not North America.
Their history is much different.

>shitskins with ugly flags banding together

how cute

The only Indigenous race actually genocided was the Si-Teh-Cah.

Truth is man comes from 7 feet tall blonde/blue chad Hyperboreans and any deviation from that indicates devolution.

Jokes on you brother, I'm white

show me the greatest literary or philosophical work of the Olmecs

>inb4 it doesnt exist

I'd much rather have the indians to be honest.

It is older, did they found european DNA there?

>My flag ugly

There is one user in Peru that has his shit together though and made this info graph.
Not all South Americans are dumb.
Usually Chile tries the lies.

Stfu Texas, you shouldn't have gotten a flag on Cred Forums in the first place.

African ironically.
You have your own Chedder Man.

A huge reason civilization barely developed in Africa was that the geography was terrible for it

Africa was the best environment actually. Lots of game, food, low hanging fruit and surrounded by oceans with fish. Tons of metal, coal and resources.
Africans should have been the ones to advance the fastest if the "out of africa" theory was right.

Oh no, too much land, too many natural resources, too many native crops, too many direct land and sea routes to Asian trading centers. The growing season is too long. It never gets so cold that we would die if we don't build well insulated houses and build up fuel reserves every year.
How did they ever survive?

I think what he means is that africans never got hit in the butt by reality hard enough to make them capable of cooperation and creating a stable, prepared for the future society, unlike the European environment where, if you weren't smart, you wouldn't survive in winter.

The truth is there were 3 ancient species.
Denosovian became Mongloid.
Rhodensian became Negroid.
Heidelbergensis became Europoid.
None of them are native to the Americas, but the oldest sites are in Virginia.
Those are the facts everyone refuses to admit to.

Solutreans became sailors and blue eyes are an adaptation to the ocean.
Thousands of years of eating high quality food like shellfish, fish, sea mammals fed their brains omega3 and fatty acids.
they fed their brains and advanced faster than non sea people.
The Med was all simple farmers with no wheel until the blue eyed Phoenicians arrived.
The wheel started as a pully/ block/tackle system first.
Cant sail the ocean without the wheel.

If you have kids, feed them fish, and seafood.
Feed their brains, make your kids smart.
The only reason whites advanced so fast technologically was eating seafood. not the cold, not living in caves.
Feed your brains.
I love you all and want your kids to be smart too.

Tribal asiatic Siberians eat fish nearly exculsively and they never developed blue eyes neither are they intelligent (like 75 IQ or so)

>No, I call Mexico Mexico
Mexico's proper name is Estados Unidos Mexicanos or 'United Mexican States'.

>maybe you guys should've come up with an actual name for your country.
Says the faggot from 'Rich Coast'.

Japanese eat fish and are smarter than inland Mongloids.
Inuit and Eskimo live on ice and blowing snows so they have slit eyes like a camel.
White people were never an Arctic people, they are a sea people, they were the Atlanteans.
Even blacks in the caribbean get bleached and get lighter eyes thats what a Cruzan is.
Blue eyes are an adaptation to diving in the ocean, and staring at it for months/years.
Eating fish and especially shellfish is what makes humans smarter.
Thats why Japanese are smarter than Norks.

Scandinavia and even Poland/Prussia was under Ice when blue eyed people sailed the Atlantic.
Just remember they are not from there, they may have got pushed there into the cold , dark, north, but blue eyed people do best in the caribbean.
They tan perfect, swim like fish, and are at home on the Ocean.
Go sailing and you will see what I mean. Its no secret whites swim like fish.

The First blue eyed baby ever born on this planet was between Florida and the Bahamas on a small island that is now submerged.
The most ironic fact in the world is that blue eyed Atlanteans ( Moundbuilders, Copper Culture,Phoenicians).
Are the only race actually created from and truly indigenous to North America.
Atlantis is North America.