Carrie hack by chan/pol in Homeland


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dk, are you a concerned citizen?

quick rundown?

- hang in there D-Dubs

Pick it up, concerned citizen!


( sorry I'm french )

Who is this second demon actor?

Also does anybody know who this is?

give me a minute

I saws him in "the chronicles of Riddick"

Linus Roache


have fun, what a joke this episode




Digits, kek, thigh gap, Cred Forums BTFO

Someone said that she was hacked by someone on Cred Forums when she was given a virus and locked her files up and forced her to show her tits on cam and fuck him to get her files unlocked.

fake versions.

real version incoming. Don't let trolls trick you. Make sure to share this with friends and family.


Real shit? Ayylmao

This is the virus.

t. A fed

Concerned citizen.

I'd watch homeland if it's just 90% Cred Forums browsing and 10% shit getting done because of Cred Forums

Digies don't lie, seriously spooped

i aint clikin that shit nigger

>Legit politically incorrect
>not just fake 3chang
>not go homer gamer girl


don't click on it !!!!!!!

No, just a fed

1 Open this image
2 Save with the filename Cred Forums.jse
3. Open the file you saved
4. ???
5. Shit bricks.

don't click on it

You just infected my computer.

Lads, what if Cred Forums isn’t real? What if it - and indeed all of us - are just the figment of a scriptwriter’s imagination, and we just came into being a few weeks ago when the scriptwriters thought us and our hacker chat room up? We would just have false memories of being around for ages and the false belief of being independent, conscious, real people.

When the Homeland writers start think up new ideas and forget about Cred Forums and it’s users we’ll all wink out of existence! Not that we ever existed anyway.


Carrie is doing surveillance shit on her own, sees some woman enter a dude's house, screenshots her face, and posts it on Homeland Cred Forums for help identifying the woman since she has no help from her CIA buddies.

The hacker known as Cred Forums says he knows who the woman is, and posts a JPG file. When Carrie downloads it, it turns out to actually be ransomware.

The hacker keeps increasing the ransom randomly, and Carrie decides since she can't afford to pay it, she'll webcam for him and shows him her tits. Then she says if he wants more, it'll have to be in person, and he'll have to unlock her laptop too.

She goes to meet him, then busts him up with a metal rod badly and nearly kills him, but he unlocks her laptop and then she runs off with his.

can i zee bobs?

> Carrie decides since she can't afford to pay it, she'll webcam for him and shows him her tits.

Fucking kek!

You don't actually get to see them in the episode.

what race is the hacker?

>screenshots her face, and posts it on Homeland Cred Forums for help identifying the woman
Wonder where they got that idea from ?

Carrie no!

A fucking white male.

>shows him her tits
She better have timestamped that shit.

This is weird. They did enough research to get a lot of it right, even included some beta uprising, but still butchered the formatting for some reason.

they put some effort into it, more than any other Hollywood production but it was still retarded.

She got a virus from a JPEG. Fucking retarded. She should have gotten it from following a bad link. For fucks sake.

So is she a regular Cred Forums user according to the show? Or did she just see some youtube video or something talking about weaponized autism? How does the show potray her knowing to go to fictional universe Cred Forums?

Such obvious viral marketing. Theyre trying to get you to watch the show by mentioning us. The last good season was the one after Brody died, its been dogshit so far including this season.

This should be a series. But Homeland was good anyway, not great as it´s a bit slow at times and the focus is a bit overdone on that one guy. Good+ overall, worth the watch.

>posts a JPG file. When Carrie downloads it, it turns out to actually be ransomware.




>I know who that is
>sent ;)
Classic Cred Forums.

I like the way they staggered post alignment so reditards could follow along too

>The hacker known as Cred Forums says he knows who the woman is, and posts a JPG file. When Carrie downloads it, it turns out to actually be ransomware.
lol. implying a JPG COULD be ransomware. only possible way would be an exploit in a particular photo viewing program. what a stupid concept.

but is Cred Forums seriously on mainstream TV now? wtf?

Kek. Also she has aged damn.

>he doesn't know about embedded jpgs

dk, are you a fed?

Great. Now even more normie redditors will find this place.

This. Jesus fucking Christ, the absolute state of normals.

I never saw past the part where the soldier-turned-terrorist dies, what happens afterwards? Give me a quick rundown.

I'd like to talk to Carrie.


Not sure since I haven't watched since season 3 or 4. I only watched this episode because I was super amused that they used Cred Forums in their story.

Imagine how many autists would have clicked the jpg and presumably also got their computers ransomewared if it worked like that. This place would melt down if it was as simple as clicking on a picture.

Also wouldnt the guy have to live near her to meet up to fuck? What are the odds of that?

click install or no?


wow was there a new clip? I saw this posted about 50 times already. They did another one where she got hacked?


She fucks some wannabe terrorist kid in Pakistan before he he gets headshotted by his own uncle. Its hilarious.

Be careful fellow hackers, She's CIA

>he doesnt know about THE image.

Please tell me the guy said something bane related in response to her saying she was cia.


I mean, if they're gonna do Cred Forums, they should at least have that one little basic down.

Im right across the street. Lying in the public ways.

The guy was an idiot

Dayum that's nice

Did it really show the front-page like that? Hiro should sue for some extra gibs


Carrie, what are you doing?

They actually wentry through the trouble of trying to make a look-alike site

Do i get to bring friends?


Aw man.
I checked your digits, clicked your picture and now I'm Mustard gas.


She was so hot in that movie with the Schwarzmann kid. This show kinda ruined her looks but I'd still bang her.

>People will this this is photoshopped.





>Federal Agent calls upon Cred Forums to help in official investigation

Weaponized autism



Completely unrealistic, she didn't even get called a faggot once.

>it’s a fed thread

Kek, saved

Big Jew get abducted, they hunt him down eventually and save him but he is a broken man. She is Drone Queen. Does some anti terror stuff. Fights a guy in an old factory, gets beat up and raped, then escapes. GG

this is going to bring a shitload of newfags

Hold up is this NEW episodes? I thought Homeland was done after season 6. Wtf

If she really wanted to scare him she'd say she'd have said she was a navy SEAL.

You see the bigl red lettersh that say "fuck you" and the neon cock in the window?

Holy fuck if she doesn't shut her dickholster up about "mah assasination attempt" i'm going to blow my brains out. It was literally 2 months ago. How about actually running the country instead of spewing whiney garbage?

Old and Saggy

Nah, they still don't know how the site works, can't read the flow of posts here, and now think clicking a image will make their computer push out mustard gas.


She looks similar to Anikka Albrite but Claire is hotter imo

No. 0000001 MeMe Magic.jpg

no, LOL
season 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14 etc...

>She goes to meet him, then busts him up with a metal rod badly

Im talking to my plant! Gregory Stevens? Just because John read the receipt wrong this is what you do? This is the way you act?

Why did they use the real front page but made a shitty reddit looking version of Cred Forums ?
At least they included
>Fucking kek
>Be american

What can be done about the jaypeg problem

she didn't even use the catalog from a simple google search, what a noob

I approve of her nipples.

where can i watch the actual episode?!?! holy fuck that looks hot

that scene was so hot desu

Oh god please don't her start running the country. At least the whiney gar-
bage keeps her from actually doing anything.

>implying Cred Forums would ever draw a white penis

This is just the beginning for the hacker known as Cred Forums. Sad!

Carrie actress is the kind of chick I would have banged when she was under 21, but I would have manhandled her and roughed her up, humiliation and degradation would have been the order of the day, lots of slapping and punching, anal before oral followed by fisting both hols, lots of spitting too, I would have coated her face in saliva, I would have cum in her hair before throwing her clothes out the window into the street and kicking her out, I'd make it loud too so plenty of neighbours see her weeping and picking her shit up out of the road.



>You think YOU'RE CIA?


homeland s07e02

Isn't that mspaint dick thing from fucking around with that one tripfag? I forget the name


Yeah and those haven't been able to be posted on Cred Forums in years.

Bewbs! Nice

He thought she was gonna let him fuck her in exchange for unlocking her laptop. Can't do that in a public place.

Instead she fucked him up.

I like to think that only the people who are retarded enough to actually go to Cred Forums meetups look like this. The ones who stayed home actually have stuff to do and are well adjusted individuals. I mean, i mostly am. I project that onto most of you.


She could topless and no one would notice.


>these are the people that call me non-white over a pakistani shadowplay discussion forum

She's not employed any more

>ˢᵉʳᶦᵒᵘˢ ᵇᵘˢᶦᶰᵉˢˢ

nice kot :^)


Does anybody know who this is?

You are doing God's work user, thank you


Was getting caught part of his plan?

Wasn't this from some roleplaying, furry, brony cia analysis or some shit?


>Imagine getting hacked by an Estonian Beekeeping message board

Are you a fed?

CIA are scary because people they investigate disappear and this list includes children. Not because they go, “I’m CIA motherfucker.” How childish. This sounds like a show for babies.

Also a woman beating a man Kek. I practiced Kung Fu for years and even women many ranks above me that had been training since they were kids were weak. Sparring them was like helping with the children’s classes and many were winning awards in women’s. Mixed competitions without restrictive moves usually see all the women kicked out of the first or second round and the competitions go 20-50. Highest round I made it to was 32, that would be the strongest women in the world but it’s not even noteworthy for a man. I really doubt a CIA woman exists that could take me hand to hand since they probably aren’t even as good as the regulars at competitions that only make it to round 2. Good thing CIA agents use guns. Whoops, can’t show guns solving problems on the electric Jew. Just make her a Ghost in the Shell tier marry sue.

Yes. FBI released a massive vault of CIA files under FOIA and on one folder there were memes and reaction images. Anons dug into the cat pict and it lead to a ponychan tread. This came from the CIA... Kek!

No. I'm a concerned citizen.


wheres the gay bj bear?


>I'm CIA
Was showing tits part of your plan?


So she's browsing pol

I believe it.

the Cred Forums/pol Hacker

( still virgin )

This virus made my pants fall down wtf


fucking love homeland but i cant watch the newest season because didnt setup vpn yet. is it any good?

> Fucking Kek

Ittie bittie titty committee.

tv is fucking retarded and the only ones that watch it are senile boomers welfare niggers and people at the airport

He looks way too thin.

These fucking people run the country and are doing shit like that. It's all so burdensome.

did he eventually text her again brehs?


grap the pussy

Homeland stopped being good after Season 2.

Actually I bet yes.

Last season was okay.

grab the pussy, catch a bitch

Did the 4channer doodle her?



VPN for downloading Homeland? Why?

Honestly even Season 1's ending sucked because of Network Executive meddling. Brodie should have blew himself up like he was supposed to. The fact that he didn't was awkward and he was a loose end that had to be resolved in an extremely roundabout manner.

>( sorry I'm french )
there is no cure for cancer

>digits confirm

he cums on her ass

I got sick of Quinn the crazy disabled retard. They ruined a great character.

VPN for protecting his identity in anglozone

True, but he was the best thing on the show.

sam hyde bowl cut

This gave me diarria.

It was awful to watch. But season ending was good.

>cia analyst
>no backup


The writers are /OneOfUs/


She was/is spying on President's chief of staff

"Haha good one"

Has anyone got the edited version with the CNN/MSNBC and FOX guys with stars of david next to them?

hows that keeping her from making a backup of her hdd?

True. I wasn't expecting the jews to make the first female president the bad guy.


Even though they are pushing SJW garbage, Homeland producers put effort into their research.

Deep State shit in previous season was fucking awesome. Too bad they edited ending due to "muh dictator Trump".

You mean this one?:


Why the fuck hasn't she withdrawn from the public eye yet? You had your time, sexy cheeks, now you're all wrinkled and saggy.

>what happens afterwards?
Carrie fucks up Iran.
Carrie fucks up Pakistan.
Carrie fucks up Germany.
Carrie fucks up USA.


They actually thought Clinton was going to win and wrote the story accordingly.The writers messed up.

She served in army before CIA shit, and then spent most of her time in CIA doing shit in war zones.
Of course she can beat the shit out of some basement dweller who doesn't even lift.


Can confirm, Indian special forces just shit on my driveway

>tfw no CIA gf

>alex jones

Show bobs very nice

Oh santo creato

>demo nazi
do they think nazi is an insult here?

>that formatting
What the fuck. Did the writers even spend 5 minutes on Cred Forums? A literal retard could figure this out

>Captures how CIAniggers glow in the dark


Poor guy

I wonder is she schlicked to Cred Forums porn after visting Cred Forums

Damn, someone ransomeware'd her bewbies

Someone said that they took the formatting from r/Cred Forums.

Just saw this right now and wondered if there would be a thread still going. The part that made me chuckle:

>Fucking Kek

I don't watch tv anymore. Is this real?

wait what is dk? dk = dont know?


Hey, you know what?

Chew fuckin nasshole!

I got your phone number and I'm gonna ring your fuckin phone!


All I can think of are leftist film school grads certain of how brave they are to visit a fucking image board as "research" to put this RACIST ENCLAVE in the spotlight in their weekly work of fiction.

I came here looking for wallpaper in 2006 and like to laugh at shit, these self-important hacks turned us into a major political force for no other reason than the mods here are not complete faggots that censor everyone for their political views.

Maybe you normies should grow the fuck up and learn to live with opinions contrary to theirs and they won't see everyone outside of their clique as monsters. After that, who knows, being a monster in your eyes won't seem so fucking appealing.

Fuck you. I clicked this and now my smart fridge is calling me a fat faggot and wont open the door. I'm never using this site again.


>glowing cia niggers: the show

>Theyre trying to get you to watch the show by mentioning us.

Marketing works both ways. More noobs, more redpills dispensed!

Go sit under a tree. You should have been more prepared for this call.

Quinn was the best character and they ruined him. Congrats never going to the show again

Like that’s ever turned a woman into a badass.

Someone upload this onto youtube with homeland Cred Forums scene as the title

Why is the lighting so shit? Is the entire series like this?

Pretty much

wew. i really thought theyre finally back on track after e01 but damn e02 was horrible.



whats it mean?

Carrie's current cock count.

It means that she is retarded

wait guys seriously , can we make her the new queen of Cred Forums ?

Will check this on my vm for viruses.

Fake! No captcha needed!

HACKED BY hacker known as Cred Forums

>Cred Forums
>not a single use of the words nigger, faggot, kike, jew
>checks out

not your personal army

wtf is going on in this thread!

You don't need to be "badass" to beat someone utterly not prepared to violence.
She has training, she has experience killing people, she is completely desensitized to fighting.
He has neither and being high-iq gamma, he can't react to violent situation fast enough. For people like him, its very hard to even just hit other person.

Holy shit thanks for the BTC

Also kek was mentioned!

I don't undershstand why you are so mad at me!

You and I have gotten along fine.

Are you taking some drugsh or drinking?

Yoh senpai, I know this isn't Cred Forums, but is "El ministerio del tiempo" any good? I wanna watch it but I don't wanna waste my time.
Asking because I never find spanish people.

>200+ replies.
>To that fucking OP.
What the hell faggots?

doesnt even use catalog

This reminds me the South Park episode where the red haired cop spends like two years in a gay relationship with some guy, pretending being a woman and marrying him because he needs to get proofs to put him in jail and reveals it way long after having them all, shooting "Ha ha got you ! I'm a fucking cop !!!".

>not crying in this scene
false and fruity

don't tell me what to do fucklord


>I know who that is
>His name is Robert Paulson

never watched it. sorry. but now I will just because of you reminding me. hope its kino.

good luck MI5. I'm behind 7 VMs

Fuck off Brooker u mong

holy shit,my sides

are you a fed?

Claire Danes looks like dogshit without makeup.

Not to be rude my dude, but I've mistaken every Portuguese I've ever met for Pakistani.

top kek

t. afghan/paki

im a concerned citizen, who are you?

Get lost, you fucking faggot.

>n-nobody's responding to my 3,000th pizzagate thread
>f-fucking d+c shills
>n-nobody's p-p-paying attention to the false flag soros deep state rockefellers lerminatty
>th-they're just having f-f-f-fun instead of doing what i tell them

Actually, don't get lost: go die in an oven.



>Doesn't know how to 7 proxies
No wonder theyre getting bfto by orange Benito

>everything on Cred Forums has to be srs bizness

dk, are u a fed?