this page needs to learn this lesson and have some empathy about yourself

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>emotional intelligence

get gassed kikes

>not being ruled by emotion means i dont understand emotion


Actually it means you understand emotions so well you know when you're not thinking logically and how to recover from it.

Retard. Go look up the definition of empathy. You can’t have empathy about yourself.
Spend the rest of the day reading the dictionary, kid.

You're talking to a bunch of schizos and autists. They don't understand emotional intelligence.

>emotional intelligence

>emotional intelligence

It's a social skill

adding "about yourself" is just a saying. I feel like it's british in origin (example: have some manners about yourself). The point is that this sub lacks empathy


What is emotional intelligence?


Just as they don't understand Santa.

"the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically."

>ITT a bunch of autists trying to understand emotion
Is this what the robot uprising will be like?

>Call people sadistic sociopaths
>Dont understand why they're unaffected.

I think you're all terrible but trying to reason with autistic people is foolish.

>Be me.
>Debating lefty friends I've known since high school.
>One a liberal the other an AnCom.
>Make arguments based around facts.
>Lefty friends say that I am using too much logic.
>I ask if they want me to use more logical fallacies like they do.
>Get blocked.
Literally nothing of value was lost.

But i'm agnostic and that's a person who uses twitter so they're not even a real person just like you, OP

I can't empathize with people not of my own race.
If I had the choice between a saving million various darkie kids and a single pupper, I'd choose the latter

that's the problem. this shit right here is the shit this post is directed towards. so much hatred and malice and we ask you to be nice and now we're "triggered".


>muh emotions
What are you, a bitch?