Explain yourselves Brits

Explain yourselves Brits

Show your flag degenerate

Bbc and some people who work at the nhm thought their feelings were more important than fact so their is your result.

>Damage control

Brits are niggers. Just that simple.

black skin with white features

a phenomenon not unlike the first Native Americans who had white skin with features more resembling modern Native Americans.

Jew propoganda.

Light skin evolved as late as 8,000 years ago, and this nibba is 10,000 years old. This is only surprising to creationists, and it does not de-ligitimize white Britons claim to their homeland.

The people who lived on the British Isles 10000 years ago were Western Hunter Gatherers who lived all over Europe, so it's not really a `Briton' to begin with.

Angloniggers BTFO

Blue Eyes = White

>the ancestors of the Anglo-saxons were still half way around the world at this point

Black people literally created white people

The problem is big brain nibbas accepting this jew propaganda because it has "science" tacked onto it. That picture isn't science. It's an artists representation. As an artist let me tell you a secret. We make things up. all the soft tissue on the face is made up, the fact he has a beard is made up. The style of the beard, hair and yes, skin colour is made up. Essentially a left wing artist took the absolute most extreme interpretation of the science in order to support their shit politics.


Even if this is true I don’t get the point. Nobody believes whites descended from the heavens. Although that’s honestly one way to look at genesis. But scientifically speaking it seems likely we evolved from Africans or something similar to Africans, and so yes at one point in time way back our ancestors looked like that, but who cares we evolved past that. Just like we used to be fish, but you don’t see me wanting fish granted citizenship

Oy Vey goy, (((science))) proves it. You were always a negroid country.

why is this so shocking? i thought everyone knew we came from nigs

>White feautures

Maybe by British standards LOL

So modern Brits are just evolved niggers. This argument goes both ways, fag.


For me personaly,Darwin was very wrong and all pseudo-science myths invented after him about his theories are wrong and fallacy.


Assume Chedderman is factual.
>proves that lack of melanin is an adaptation to climates away from Equator
>fastest HBD model yet proving human evolution and subhumans BTFO
>literally shows that Native Britains are evolved past shitskins and they should be deported off the isles.

top kek, you're alright plebbit


They had to make him a smug looking nigger too didnt they

>blue eyes
white according to varg so whatever

Why do the whitest people today have the highest WHG admixture? You'd think the most would be in Turkey and Southern Europe.

Almonds activated.

Doesn't whites coming from blacks just prove white supremacist's point that they're superior?

Presumably because Indo-European invaders didn't want to live in the snow.

Oh you're the guy from Cred Forums who said he was coming here to shitpost in that millionth Black Panther thread! Sage is not just for pagans.

Uk Police is a laugh, please kill all niggers

We wuz Meghan Markle.


It merely proves that we evolved away from dark nigger skin into nice whiteness.

Blue eyed white people came from Atlantis ( North America).
Eventually Solutreans/clovis lived from the sea and blue eyes adapted to it.

>the first man 10,000 years ago is only related to 10% of the population

Isn't Charlemagne related to pretty much every Western European? And that was only 1300 years ago.