Operation : Screaming Banshee (#6)

[This was not my idea, just continuing and spreading the fire]

in order to deal with the porn industry, Cred Forums will conduct one of the most cunning role reversals.

We will false flag feminists all over social media, to attack porn studios for their "Apparent" marginalization and abuse of women for the sake of money.

This will inevitably force feminists and commies to attack porn, because if is a beneficiary of sexist men and capitalism. We will be united with everyone by deception. and will have one target, the Juden in porn.

We make the left attack themselves with a very coincidental silver lining, feminists and hard right shitposters have one thing in common. They hate porn, if we use feminists as the main rule of engagement, they won't see it coming. We can dominate magazines and headlines all over the web including fox news which may pitch into the fight based on their supposed "Traditional" views.

This operation also has more than one victory, it will red-pill normies about porn and at the same time debase feminism to centrists.

We attack porn on facebook, Twitter, ...
Main twitter account that we've made:
Main hashtag is #Pornispatriarchy
(if someone can make a facebookpage that would be great aswell)
We can do this! spread the fire lads.

Also, if you're participating, we must gradually begin this adventure, to not alarm anyone about troll accounts please only tweet once or twice per day about said topic, talk about other feminist shit and viewpoints to muddy the water. If we can get media outlets to report it we've done our jobs, we just need to get the snowball off the crest of the mountain. Because this has huge ramifications for porn studios and will highlight the disgusting practices of feminism.

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I guess I will have to create a leftist account.
I'm down.

Bumping for you.

Bump for victory

It's a noble effort, but it will be difficult. The third-wave feminists seem hell bent on justifying pornography as "empowerment," and the LGBTQwhatever remains relatively silent. I think they also consider supporting porn a nice little jab at Christians. The third-wavers tend to suck LGBT dick. If there is a way to spin pornography in an anti-LGBT light, that might motivate the feminists. I'll give you a bump, though.

I'll bump.

However, it'll likely no succeed. New ages feminist actually see it as liberating or some other contrived bullshit.
Remember that ugly bitch who got punched in the face? Porn whore.
Remember all the feminist who protected her because of that alone?

Fuck off. There are only so many hours on a day, and we have a lot bigger problems than trying to reform the porn industry, which is already as decentralized as it's ever been and will continue to get more and more independent. If I'm going to dedicate my energy to something, it needs to be for a more pressing cause than porn.

Meme Wars Veteran reporting for duty, Sir.

I'm in. Another ruse?

>1% of porn stars make 75% of the money
>they’re all white


Bump for potential

Was there ever a TRS forum thread on it?

For those that don't like the plan or don't believe in it, thanks for reading. And any new ideas to improve this idea are always welcome.

For those that are all in, we need some good propaganda. Create fake social media accounts and make some shit up like feeling objectified. Blame the porn. it's caused that men are learning to accept male domination & female objectification for example. (don't forget the hashtag)
We need regular women to see this. Like those feminists are sharing #Metoo we need them to share ##Pornispatriarchy

pic related is the main Twitter account, if anyone wants to make a facebook account like this feel free.

Happy there's a campaign like that in the works, just keep in mind lefties browse Cred Forums. You're making it too easy for them to neuter the campaign. Saying it started on Cred Forums alone will shut it down.
With that said, there need to be more campaigns targeting degeneracy

We need those regular women sharing the hashtag, and it will be already too late.

Well, there's desperation porn. Guys getting off on women losing bladder control. That should strike a nerve with feminists. It's a rather narrow field, however, and not very meme friendly to normies, pee pee porn. (Though, everybody has heard of the Russian hookers pee pee fanfic, so maybe it isn't too far of a stretch.)

Don't worry about that, most feminists won't think about that.


sure, why not


You guys are like 30 years late to the feminist attack on porn thing

I have no clue



bumps ftw


>You guys are like 30 years late to the feminist attack on porn thing
Mandela effect


Been pushing this on Twitter. Some asshole lefty is warning everyone. We need critical mass on this, not enough kekistanis /shitposting going on


my account just got locked for some fucking reason i didn't even do shit


(((They))) know



Thanks for this!

A fucking shill



Posted against the malignant cunt herself.



better change sides. Lefties love dreadlocks, piercings, tattoos, veganism and all that bullshit.


we should incorporate #fightthenewdrug into the tweets.

please keep posting these, there is nothing as hilarious as infographs on pol.