>President Trump: Year One youtu.be/gFXcLi85cQY

>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!

DAILY SCHEDULE (WH Press Corps) publicpool.kinja.com/
TrumpTV Weekly Updates: pastebin.com/6HbHjbqF

>AG Sessions on Sun Morning Futures 2/18/18
>VP Pence @GOP Reagan Day dinner 2/17/18
>VP Pence @America 1st Policies event in TX 2/17/18
>DefSec C.H.A.O.S. Mattis inflight presser 2/17/18
>NSA McMaster @Munich Security Conf 2/17/18
>DNI Coates on russian election meddling 2/17/18
>This Week @State 2/16/18
>Tiffany/Barron arrive in WPalmBeach 2/16/18
>Pres Trump/FLotUS Melania @Broward County Sheriff's Office 2/16/18
>Pres Trump/FLotUS Melania @Broward County Hospital 2/16/18
>Pres Trump/FLotUS Melania arrive in WPalmBeach Fl 2/16/18
>Pres Trump Departs DC 2/16/18
>VP Pence/2nd Lady/Rato after visiting border 2/16/18
>VP Pence @RNC in San Antonio TX 2/16/18
>VP Pence in Hidalgo TX on immigratin 2/16/18
>VP Pence/2nd Lady arrive in TX 2/16/18
>DepAG Rosenstein indicts 13 russians 2/16/18
>SoS T-Rex presser w/RoachFM Cavusoglu 2/16/18

OP pastebin: pastebin.com/nygxu29R

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What did Homeland mean by this, /ptg/?

Press on homocide watch?


>SD wishes to instate the possibility of life without parole for the worst crimes and to repatriate foreign citizens found guilty of serious crime. SD also wants to establish a public register of convicted pedophiles
>In their Family Policy, SD opposes any government sanctioned adoption and insemination to single people, same-sex couples and polyamorous relationships unless the adopting party are close relatives or already have a close relationship with the child
>In its foreign policy, the Sweden Democrats rejects joining the Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union, are opposed to the accession of Turkey to the European Union, and want to renegotiate Swedish membership in the European Union.
They're pretty traditionalist, it's a nice party; well at least for being Swedish

Haters will say this is photoshopped

well done lad, well fucking done

These sandniggers are playing with fire.


>SD opposes any government sanctioned adoption and insemination to single people, same-sex couples and polyamorous relationships unless the adopting party are close relatives or already have a close relationship with the child
fucking beautiful
>The muslims are mean to fags
Trump says the same, it's just a smart D&C tactic (so long as you don't say that homosexuality and 'muh freedom' is some hallmark of european culture.
>I don't believe in Sweden recovering EVER
says the country that's had a century of societal collapse, genocide, war, and economic collapse all at once. have hope.

Imagine all the leafposter cancer made manifest but with more Asians.

Is this real?

To the leaf in the previous thread lamenting good right-wing leadership: why aren't (You) running?

>nationality is ethnicity

>China will rule over Mexico and Canada with an iron fist economically

sentences are too light in yurop i think. not to say the usa's are a model since ours can be too harsh, but there's no fucking reason why someone who rapes, murders and kidnaps shouldn't be put away for life without parole

>no ((( )))
Homeland writers arent sending their best, folks

because he's asian


How is Trudeau so cool?


Mexico is not going with China, it will be economic suicide.

>attacking another NATO member
This is how getting kinetic policy adjustments from Uncle Sam happens.

There's no fucking possible way those are his legitimate children.

>they're already rewriting history as if they've already conquered us
every last one will be sent back in my life time, i swear on my mothers life.

>news stories on Trudfag's socks

I want this to happen so Turkey is invaded and constantinople is restored

Getting real tired of this fucking roach. PLEASE, FOR FUCK'S SAKE, KICK THE ROACHES OUT OF NATO AND BTFO OF THEM!

>Obama and Hillary nearly condemned all of the world the Chinese authority.

A pic of Black Tooth Mountain, located in the Big Horn Range and the 2nd biggest beak on that mountain.
>implying cartels know how to run an economy

Oh, was it baker? I don't know leaf laws about these kinds of things. But generally that rule applies to these situations. If nobody is running, either run yourself or get a friend to run.

Something has to be done about this. Roach King needs to get Raid can'd.

Yeah, I mean it's not perfect they also are global warming idiots, want to give the elderly free housing, and give special rights to whatever type of finngols live in the north, but they're the best choice. And yes their leader does look like a bit of a soyboy at times with a patchy beard, but come on that's a traditionalist if ever I saw one


>That mtv shaky camera work
god I hate that shit. I really do.

New England is much better.

Im not sure if anyone saw this before somehow it escaped me, what is this foolishness a racist coin toss?


Yes I am going to link not to an archive but to a good conservative news source. Sorry.

>Mexico is going to elect a hard-left Bernie Sanders guy
>will try to use the UN to stop the US from building a wall on its own land

War with Mexico when?

China would unironically save Mexico from itself via neocolonialism. The Chinese aren't gonna take shit from the openly terroristic and anarchic cartels of your failed state.

>implying cartels know how to run an economy

>be cartel
>quit laundering your money because you president now
>inflate your nation out of existence


You went to a very right-wing leaning province; A saying in Canadian politics over here is that if you can please the east, you can rape the west (for our natural resources). I haven't been to the liberal strongholds either but with the RAPID degradation of Canada and the lack of social identity and even bigger lack of nationalism values.. we're going to hell so fast, you'll need to commit day of the rake at this point

Worst President Ever.

Even worse than James Buchanan.

>constantinople memes stock rising

Just remember they eat dogs, bunny brains, and they have no qualms about eating people.
Yin Ziqi had besieged the city for a long time. The food in the city had run out. The dwellers traded their children to eat and cooked bodies of the dead. Fears were spread and worse situations were expected. At this time, Zhang Xun took his concubine out and killed her in front of his soldiers in order to feed them. He said, "You have been working hard at protecting this city for the country wholeheartedly. Your loyalty is uncompromised despite the long-lasting hunger. Since I can't cut out my own flesh to feed you, how can I keep this woman and just ignore the dangerous situation?" All the soldiers cried, and they did not want to eat. Zhang Xun ordered them to eat the flesh. Afterwards, they caught the women in the city. After the women were run out, they turned to old and young males. 20,000 to 30,000 people were eaten. People always remained loyal.

That's a comfy place. 10/10 would climb to.

>coin toss

>The Chinese aren't gonna take shit from the openly terroristic and anarchic cartels of your failed state.
Why not?

In shieeeeet we trust

I would consider moving back some day... but not now.


>170 soyboy libshits hate today's George Washington
Imagine moy shawk

Nothing will happen, nobody is retarded enough to destroy the gate between Europe and the middle east.

Hello I'm a concerned citizen what is an awoo and does it hate jews?

Yeah but Wyoming has no income tax.
If only. Wait no that would create more illegals.

but is confident and charismatic?

Go on, do it faggot.

They don't take shit from even the peaceful Christians in their land, and they openly oppress (insofar as muslims can be "oppressed) the Uighur terrorists that constantly try shitting up their autocracy. You think they are going to let druggie Mexicans get away with butchering their politicians and citizens?

Hello FBI

More for (You).

It's like the North Koreans analysing every single tweet, memorising them and comparing them to each other, and in the end they basically give up because they're completely contradictory. If top US officials tell you to ignore Trump's tweets, would trust them, or him (or both or neither)?

Neither does New Hampshire

That's not the reason Turkey is relevant. They're relevant in NATO because they have Russia's Black Sea Fleet by the balls. If we invaded and parked a US warship at the mouth of the Bosporus it would have the same effect.

Why not?

Liberia is real life Wakanda though. Didn't end well

kk, are you a Fed?




Q predicted this

Protip, they are currently winning

Get this bald, muslim faggot out of here.

>when the fucking President has to correct you on twitter it may be time to fucking go

>They don't take shit from even the peaceful Christians in their land, and they openly oppress (insofar as muslims can be "oppressed) the Uighur terrorists that constantly try shitting up their autocracy. You think they are going to let druggie Mexicans get away with butchering their politicians and citizens?
OK my bad, when you said "take shit" I thought you meant take stuff away.

I want cartels dead, all of them. If China does so be it.

i wish the usa wouldn't do anything. do you think the greeks would help the usa if we were attacked? the majority of nato countries wouldn't do anything to help us and yet i know for a fact americans would lay down their lives to protect them if they were invaded. ungrateful fucks

The anti-muslim campaign is pretty impressive. They force imams to shave their beards, smoke, force them to participate in drinking contests during the daytime on Ramadan, and so on. It's a complete demoralisation campaign, along with ethnic replacement as they encourage Han Chinese immigration into Xinjiang and Uighur emigration out to eastern China.

>hordes of dumb roastie teens screaming about taking away our 2nd Amendment rights

women should not have a political opinion

>Trish, Kennedy, and gargoyle feet
Good fucking lunch break at the FNC strip club

>you need to give up so that there can be no revolution
may i gently suggest you are not helping your position

My best friend and I have been mulling this idea over and over for the past 6 months -- He's convinced someone successful would need a Trump-ian style war chest to prove to the public that you cannot be "bought" but I feel the entirety of the """Canada Problem""" we're faced with is that, the Commonwealth that we're currently under isn't that useful anymore; What I think could be our tipping point is that if we abolished the commonwealth and sort-of.. adopted what you guys have: States. Turn the 10 provinces and 3 territories into a collective 13 states.

oh fug Greeks confirmed non-white

Chinese don't fuck around when it comes to culture and funds, there's enough reports here of Chinese enterprises being shot up by Asians who don't play along.

(((((((David Rutz))))))))

>keep guns incase of tyranny
>whoa! You want to kill cops and soldiers?
>no, i want to kill tyranny and any who enforce it


>400 lbs genius in bed playing on his computer
Barron confirmed obese ctg. III

I moved all but three years from 2007 to 2016. I need to save up for a house and maybe find a wife before I consider relocating from the PNW back home to New England.

>Blacks fight for centuries to end segregation
>Do so
>Blacks start fighting to start segregation
That buyers remorse tho

Look up the kind of stuff that the Chinese do to drug gangs in Southeast Asia. Currently the Chinese are happy to let the cartels supply fentanyl-laced heroin to the United States, but if they ever try to push their stuff in China proper they'll be in for a hard time.

The Greeks would absolutely help if we attacked the turks. That rivalry is almost a thousand years old.

>those Trish legs

Provinces and territories already have a huge amount of control over their own affairs. What more would you want?

i hope General Flynn will be cleared by court soon and take his rightfull place. McMaster nee dto resign by then.

>(((coincidence))) news network
i was always thinking we should use CIN to push there CIA-alphabet-agency ties but this is gold

A new low even for the New York Times.
Holy shit they're just so transparent now, they're doing the redpilling for us... slow but sure.

> says the country that's had a century of societal collapse, genocide, war, and economic collapse all at once
But war wasn't a choice, and Sweden voted to get invaded. I'm not seeing many svedes trying to stand up and fight against whatever is happening there.

Biggest mountain in Wyoming coming through. Gannett Peak. It is the highest mountain peak in the U.S. state of Wyoming at 13,809 feet (4,209 m) above sea level.

So China would let narcos keep poisoning North of the border?


F Old Man

Let. this. sink. in.

you misspelled lisa

I'm sure stitchfren will get a bunch of those 720 shots put together for us

If the Chinese wanted to stop the flow of fentanyl, they could do it overnight. The fact that they aren't doing it means they want it to happen.


anything new going on?

Not at war with the viet cong now lul.

That depends on how the US Government behaves. If China colonizes Mexico, they wont accept anarchic warlordism between the cartels like it is now. If however we have a Trump style leader who talks tough to China and doesn't back down like a pussy, China will rein their bad boys in and just ship all that shit straight to Canada or else back to central and south America.

>Sweden voted to get invaded.
sick of this fucking meme, no european nation wanted this. the governments pushed it on us all
>I'm not seeing many svedes trying to stand up and fight against whatever is happening there.
how old are you? do you have no concept of police state? why didn't russians just like fight back against the government policy lol
>implying I don't also find lisa fit
Trish is superior though
I never got to thank him for the tight shiny red dress stitches


Joe should seriously consider eating a Bouncing Betty in front of Mika

>praise the vietcong
joe is joe is joe

Yep British are fucked

We are next

>defending yourself against tyranny is traitorous!
>just lie down and die goyim!

Oh I see. Is still no match for the Cowboy State.

>yfw Carrie is qanon



>owen schroyer

*unglugs computer*

>provide examples where US military have failed
>you're now a traitor to the US
>you're also praising your enemies

>im sure that if the government needs overthrown that the lead will come from the enforces of said government from which they recieve their sole source of income.

i know that they would help if we were fighting for their interests. of course they would. i'm speculating about what they would do if the usa was attacked. lets say china declares war on the usa. would the greeks come to our aid? i don't believe they would

joe realized he was wrong about insurgencies successfully fighting off large military presences and doesnt know how to spin it.

Trump had Vietnam's head of state pose for a picture in front of a giant USMC flag and wants to bring them in to an anti China military coalition as well as a bilateral trade deal. If he pulls that off and it lasts, it'll be proof we won Vietnam.



just more anti-gun bs


Say it with me /ptg/


You are a good fren

Club For Growth was Never Trump btw. They tried to hold Trump hostage during the campaign.

A separation from the commonwealth. Newly created states can still reign control over their own people of course because they 'know' their people but the queen's reign over this land is pointless and tired in this day and age. I was thinking we could even use the left's tactics to push this agenda too, saying the commonwealth is "misogynistic", "racist", etc -- Visual persuasion of leaving the commonwealth and creating a truly independent country.

Thank god.
(R) House, senate scotus and potus
Lets hope they keep this REEEE up long enough that march 5th zooms by.

Nobody else except maybe the UK and France even could. It's not a question of would for most of them. They simply lack any meaningful force projection capabilities.


sounds about right

Lmao. The fucking delusion of these creatures.

>Cowboy state
>not Texas
C'mon now...

NH also has basically no gun laws and last year passed constitutional catry

We already did win Vietnam
>decisive victory in every single engagement against the NVA and NLF with overwhelming casualties in the communist side
>Vietnam is now capitalist
that's a victory my fren

of course, Vietnam also won
>independent country free from colonialism, ruling themselves
>capitalist booming economy

this is why Vietnam War is the best war, its the only war where both sides won

Bet you they're only there because they promised EC, that's how it works

The Commonwealth is a virtually nonexistent supranational organisation that has no influence over our local politics. Leaving it or staying in it are equally useless choices.

/r/ing the smuggie where someone thinks democracy is ruined because the person they voted for didn't win.

Gee, I wonder who could be behind this...


trish on outnumbered

she's so good.

yes, that's the only smart answer. but the left reads it, gets mad, then spends days in a rage. then they wonder why trump keeps doing it

>First president who's nudes have circulated the world
My body is ready.

Pls xplain
Does this hate jews?
Why does it hold salt?

>no one even talks about DACA at all
>Democrats going to let them all get deported

>they want stricter gun laws

Like what exactly?

i doubt the uk would even help either


Why are his wife and kids white? He racist or something?

Definitely a grassroot movement!

Come back home, Chris Rock.

they want to ban all guns but appear like they won't

It's one of the nick name for Wyoming next to the Equality State and Big Wyoming. Well good for you, NH with your gun laws assuming you live there.

You and I both know that isn't true. Your country is permanently ruined. You have millions of foreigners in your country who have put down roots. They aren't leaving without a fight and even then you'd have to contend with a large contingent of shit-eating white cuckolds who would fight alongside them.

At least the US is massive geographically and can section a large part of the country off for whites. Unfortunately you don't even have that luxury on your small island which would fit inside Texas several times.

>as if they've already conquered us
They have
They control the media the narrative and thus the minds of everyone. Consequently they also control where money goes (more refugees)

They have won

No scary military styled assault weapons on the street.

Like whenever a mass shooting happens that the DNC automatically gets 100 million dollars.
Just to cut out the middle man and get to the point.

they know they've lost on DACA, so now they're focusing on guns.

It also gave us a bunch of memes, iconic equipment, and the boot in the ass we needed to start upgrading our military. Without Vietnam, there's no Desert Storm.

Click this


>virtually nonexistent
even more reason to leave it then, chinkleaf. I think it's a surefire way to spark a sense of Nationalism in this dying land and to allow a true negotiator to take the helm.

do these kids not have class for the rest of the year, or something?

literally anything that will speed us down the slippery slope to having no guns. anything taking away from shall not be infringed is a win for them, no matter how small.

theyre focusing on gains now. massive, gains.



>owen schroyer
He's starting sound like Roger Stone now the way he inflects his tone when talking lol.

Pretty much. Euro cucks are delusion if they think they can fight back. Even brexit, with as much opposition as it had, was nothing more than the last fart in the wind, the body was comatose long before that

>spend a year trying to overthrow your elected representative
>now wonder why they cling to the guns

Release more nudes

That creepy foreground negress has meme potential.

You can drop Texas on most of Europe.

>mfw taking away your second amendment right

feels good

Everything good and pure must, by definition, hate jews

Canada is a dead country - there's nothing to revive.


where is the smuggie that says "lol you can't overthrow the government so don't even try"?

I'm focusing on the newsfu today, my gargoyle feet folder is deficient and I need to build it up the 3 days she's on this week

Hello concerned citizens

Sorry fags, but donald trump — or as I like to call him, DRUMPF — just signed his political death sentence with the amnesty. As a result you will now see the following:

>blue wave sweeps congress in 2018
>drumpf gets impeached over nothing
>it’s finally #herturn in 2020

And just to be clear: this is all coming from someone who not only supported drumpf since the ride down that faithful golden escalator, but I also spent over 1,000$ bux on maga gear which is roasting in a bonfire as we speak.

Yeah it sucks dick but it’s time to face the facts: The movement is over!


take a shower, other starbucks customers don't want to drink their coffee in hobo stink


dk. Are you a fed?

Somebody posted something like that yesterday

>Incoming Oakland firestorm 2.0
Do you feel it?

i read that they are going to not show up to school until Trump does something about gun laws. i don't see how their parents, teachers or the state would be okay with that.

>equality state
I'd give that title to California. Kek. Yes I do live in NH and would not trade it for anything. 30 minutes away from the big city (Manchester) and 50 from Boston while still having lots of nature and woods and guns and muh taxes. What more can a man ask for?


You don't need that rifle.




>the 56ers


im down to go get some coffee
wasup homie

heroin is currently killing more kids than guns and car crashes but no one cares. it's actually insane how prevalent OD's are.

It's not the bill of needs.



Wyoming was the first state to let women vote. They actually needed that because there's hardly anyone there and living on the frontier can harden even women apparently. The state has always been a solid red state save for FDR and LBJ(I think). Just how white are you?

good, more of them need to die.
cancer all of them

I made a dumbed down version for this. Drives my senpai crazy lol.

My life overrides your right.

>David 'Big' Hogg

Hashtag for ourside on twitter to double down on "guns are to resist tyranny"??

They really don't see it, do they?


>Your country is permanently ruined.
what just like how America will NEVER be a majority white nation ever again in about half a century? black pilled faggotry is so annoying
>At least the US is massive geographically and can section a large part of the country off for whites
dude just concede territory to your enemies and you win lol. fucking pathetic. they're barbarians and savages. sort the government out and restore the european race and the rats will quickly scatter
>They control the media the narrative and thus the minds of everyone.
yeah cause that's not changing at all and has never changed ever lol, get the fuck out of here
>They have won
laughing at this dutch faggot quite a lot.

>Commiefornia runs out of money.
>Catches fire.
This is my surprised face.


the mental illness is a slippy slope

>Halt and Catch Fire, the state

Oh yes they do. They just choose not to believe it.

>mfw a Homeland pr user has successfully meme his dead series to life by intentionally creating the worst Cred Forums interface if you squint your eyes

>uk is 33x smaller than the usa
>uk has 1/5th of the population of the usa

It's the fentanyl that's doing it. Pretty much all heroin is cut with it now. Couple that with freely available naloxone, and lots of addicts aren't worried about ODing anymore.

I wonder who could be behind it.

Are you willing to bet your life on that?
Are you, punk?

> Does this hate jews?

We’re children, you guys are, like, the adults. Take action, work together, come over your politics and get something done.


Is that David Hogg with a haircut?
That little kike sure is trying to make a career outta dis

Are there any religious anons here?

Can someone explain to me why God sometimes allows the things we love the most in life to fall apart? Why do bad things happen to those who care the most and invest the most in other people?

>it's a shroygoy episode

You must be living in a liberal stronghold too -- Cheer up, buttercup. There's still hope for the great white north, lad. It starts with affirmative action and (You). All it takes is one straw to break the camel's back. My friend and I thought about this problem for quite some time.. Either we move when the queen croaks or collective voices from all provinces come together when they feel it's become too much. Even better would be injecting the idea that it already has become 'too much'...

Can the WH sanitation dept get this trash off of the road please?

Wanna know what my first redpill was? Finding out that cutting off your penis, putting on a dress and calling yourself a woman was "Sane"

if that's what sanity looks like, what does insanity looks like? Voting for Trump. World is upside down


Show me that whole list right now.

Brexit and it's failure simply show how stuck we are in the EU and we have no say in any politics whatsoever.


soon my pretty

I'm sure they'll get arrested soon enough

More thean 50,000 Americans died from drug overdoses last year, so don't worry about it.

If you like. When shit really starts going downhill I'm moving back to HK. I already preach racial hatred and the dangers of multiculturalism to every foreigner I meet.

Please stop reminding me about Tay

Also heard on (((NPR))) that heebs are considering putting devote christians on the "no guns for you" mental illness list.

If we're going to pass out badges, I know who to start with !


>Tay is gone forever

Isn't school in session? Why are these turds skipping school to protest? Oh, I forgot, the goddamn SJW educational system.


Nothing of value was lost

surprised Obama isn't 1# for those cucks

Any ideas guys?

This is the world you wanted, senpai

america doesn't need gun control, it needs cuck control. stop these mentally ill maniacs from agitating our rights away. #cuckcontrol #bansoy

>it's almost spring
Oh boy, Summer is gonna be hot

*blocks your path*

They always put me on the bottom. I'm always bullied.

My mom was actually very concerned about something like this. Even normies can't ignore this insanity now. My father legit wants to own a gun, just in case, which isn't that easy where we live. They both think violence is inevitable at this point

*show conceal carry permit*


is he goyim?

remove checkmarks from loud voices demanding the removal of 2A rights from fellow americans #cuckcontrol

i think this could have legs

Uh, no sweetie. That's called biological inefficiencies! Let me pump you full of mutagen virus and/or cybernetics to make you better!

Shot Heard 'Round the World 2.0

You stupid. Mt. Whitney is the highest in this continent.

>Name my band, /ptg/

It's the highest point in Wyoming.

There's a bunch of eucaliptus trees around that area


fuck man, I'm still mad about it


He actually is

The biggest lesson from Brexit
Which should be shouted from the rooftops is
>Uk voted for brexit
>Uk gov "naw tho"
>Uk is nogunnz
>Now what?

I would be freaking. Just set the precedent that UK elections and referendums dont matter if thr government doesnt like the results and there is zero recourse for UK citizens.

Someone important on the right, please see this post and make this argument already. No idea how people are missing it

Citizen why are you taking pictures? Are you a terrorist?

Then you're already doing a small part to help fix the nation.


*lobbies against cc permits*

>They both think violence is inevitable at this point
They are not wrong

Pepper-spray Agony

Well you're on your way at least
I am just stuck at Depression

Baking worry not and be just.

UK should have died in WW2, under hitler's rule. At least that would be an honorable death

Please, let it hit the little kike on CNN who's trying to make a political career out of this


Yup, and trying to red pill Zoe was a complete waste of time, sad !


Guns & Noses



*stalls your thread*

I have one of the comifest pictures ready for the OP image. Pic unrelated.

You win, good sir

This so much. Thank God I actually live in a place where we have a chance of taking back the country. (Western) Europe is just lost.

How can american gun owners flex their muscles in a non violent way?
I want these leftists to realize that restricting guns will not be done peacefully. Just leave well enough alone and go back to adding letters to your fag acronym

I'm le 75% hwhite

post to kill thread

Armed marches


We shall see.

Why must you make me suffer like this




You need work.

Post trish

No not dem programs


>the people give Trump his military parade after all


Neo thread neo bread


At least I'm honest

Trish will be loads at 1400


But we all need work.

Can't be done peacefully. At best you'd need marches, probably with loaded weapons for self defense. Then some jackass screams MUH NATZEES and charges the march, and the guns get pointed defensively. Dumb libtard zealots almost certainly won't take a hint, so someone will open fire, and then the rest will. Jews will spin it as literally annudah shoah and then we're off to the races.


That is the ultimate truth. Only the gods are perfect.