What happens there?

What happens there?

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a place for local people to enjoy and tourists to keep on fucking driving.


Finger steaks

They're the other potato niggers, not to be confused with the soulless potato niggers

A TV show about an old guy who lives off grid in the mountains.

the alabama of the pnw.
dumb fuck inbred conservashits who live in fear, hate and greed.

ruby ridge

I live here. It’s awesome. Stay out.

Mormon rejects that cant even make it in Utah

I also live here. Racists, red necks, and potatoes, nothing to see here, move along.

potato farms and cattle farmer cattle grazing on public land with paying...it time for the usa to take back our lands from them moocher

*without paying their fees

Future black ethnostate


We still hang niggers here, come see for yourself, faggot.

I can fish within 5 mins of my house. I can camp, hike, or hunt within 15 mins of my house. It’s awesome. A lot of my new neighbors are from California and Utah, however.

Lots of mexicans, surprisingly

somebody got to pick the potatoes and make the french fries

Finger steaks, fry sauce, and freedom. Also, rodeos, young mormon wives, and white supremacy. If Cred Forums was a state, it'd be sweet, sweet Idaho.


Gun shows in middle school gymnasiums and white supremacy

>lmao rural retards

I always forget that fry sauce is a local thing and ask for it when I’m out of state, and usually they just hand me ketchup.

One of the reddest states in the country. Also home to racism, potatoes, a large Mormon population, and breathtaking nature.

American potato niggers

Are the Californians more conservative or are they like ones who move to Colorado and Oregon ?
Also why are there more people moving out of California than moving in, is it due to white flight, high cost of life or both ?

Califag here. Where is this? I wanna be your new neighbour

What’s fry sauce?

Mayo mixed with ketchup and relish.
There's probably onion powder in there too.
It's good shit

nothing, stay out

We seem to get a mix of Californians, though most seem pretty conservative actually. Cost of living is super cheap here, which seems to be the main reason.

Looking at this thread, what the fuck happened, are we getting shilled this hard? Why are there so many literal faggots in this thread?

South Fork of the Snake River.

Here’s a lake that’s in the middle of it.

Sorry, we are full fuck off.

Literally worse than Montana in every conceivable way since your Chick-fil-A somehow sucks, what do you even do differently than the southern locations? Oh yeah and Boise is populated with rude, unfriendly white people. And I'm incredibly white so I know it's not a race thing.

Not sure why my pics are sideways. Guess that’s what I get for an Idaho education. ;)

I like Wyoming and Montana just fine, go there all the time. I went to grad school in Missoula. Boise is full of people from out of the area, and it’s a little overpopulated for what it is, hence the rude ones. Come to Idaho Falls, Ammon, Rexburg, Island Park, and you’ll see plenty of ridiculously nice people.

CDA, right?

>desire to go to Idaho increases

Missoula gets a bad rap but I think it's nice. Thank you for the recommendations, maybe I was too quick to judge, I'll have to check those places out next time I'm traveling around the pnw. Come to think of it, one of the nicest ladies I ever met was from Coeur d'Alene, what's it like there?

Stay out.

I honestly can't remember having heard of anything ever happening in Idaho. The only reason that I have to believe that Idaho actually even exists is this guy

Sorry, we are full fuck off.

Northern Idaho is one of the most beautiful places in America. Califags stay the fuck out. You made your bed, stay with Paco and sleep in it

If Idaho had a tech industry near the mountains I'd move immediately
Colorado is becoming hell with all the Californians flocking here like locusts

Wrong on almost everything about what you said.

Coeur d’Alene is nice. A little different vibe and climate than where I’m from in Eastern Idaho, but they’re both very scenic and homey. I wouldn’t recommend Twin Falls or Burley unless you like high-plains deserts because they’re literally in the middle of nowhere with sagebrush all around. And Pocatello is usually called the armpit of Idaho, despite having Idaho State University (or maybe because of that, actually).

Kys faggots and move along we are full

There's a shill invasion.

I’m shilling to keep people the fuck out of my state

Yeah, Boise is a strange outlier from the rest of the state. Everybody is pretty nice around the state.

Seems like an ok guy

Apparently so. I'm very patriotic about my state.

Yes. Niggers need not apply.

Yeah. He seems to be an all around good person and does what he loves. I wish we had more people like him.

As long as y’all don’t mind driving in this kind of action.

I was only in Pocatello a couple of times as a child because my stepdad had family (and another family) there. All I remember is that there's some really gorgeous properties, but I think those people had some money so I kind of got the idyllic view. The actual city seemed.. Armpit-y and kind of bleak

I hope all that snow in the north will help with the upcoming fire season.


>we call that April

How's the climate over there?

Coeur d’Alene and the Silver Valley north of town is amazing. Northern Idaho may be the only hope for the white race.

We just need some periodic rain all summer. Seems like it comes in a couple early waves, then dries up through summer making Fall ridiculously dry and burning thousands of acres every year. It’s still been an awfully warm winter, though.

It kinda depends on where you are at the time. The south is a mix of desert, foothills, mountains, and forests. Hot in the summers and cold in the winter.
The north is mostly forests and mountains with plains near Lewiston and Moscow. Colder and usually gets more snow then the south.

That's good to hear, I never experienced anything close to southern hospitality and warmth when I was living there, and in my experience northern people seem to universally be the kindest, so staying in Boise as an adult was disheartening.

Yes, compared to last winter in Boise. We have only gotten one full day of snow with some snow coming in every month or so.



I think it has something to do with a lot of Idahoans being able to trace their family to Confederate soldiers. Lots of Confederates came to Idaho after the civil war apparently. The southern hospitality seemed to follow if that's the case.
But, besides Boise everyone is pretty kind. Especially in the small towns. If you're lost in one of those small towns expect a native to come up and ask if you're lost.

We’ve luckily gotten more than that over here (Eastern Idaho), but nowhere near what we normally get. Ironically up by Island Park and Yellowstone they’ve had a decent year for snow. Storm systems keep going north. Still nothing compared to last winter, though.

Yeah. Never seen anything like last winter in a long time.

Nothing for you, fucko. Fuck off we're full

Good. Keep believing that. Fuck off we're full

>Not wanting polsters moving to Idaho to offset the Mexican flood.

Mormons can't even cut it in Utah. DLC belongs to the catholics save for Tabernacle square

When I was a kid, I remember having 6 ft. tall drifts around the house and having to dig out cars several times a winter to even open the doors, but it’s been a long time since we’ve had that kind of action, at least that extreme.

Fuck off we're full

Ha, ha.. you must live in Priest River

Why get people to do what guns and wall could do just as easily

I remember when it use to take me two hours to clean snow off the driveway. My dad would say "Son, there's snow on the driveway." And two hours later it would be done.

but actually it looks like a very based and comfy state

Sounds just like home. That's nice to know.
Oh and this is a little off topic but speaking of Confederates there's this video of elderly Civil War veterans doing the rebel yell, video had just gotten sound I think, and it's really amazing. Thought maybe somebody in the thread might enjoy it.

I’m just glad I have a snowblower, even though I’ve only had to use it like 7 times this winter.

It will be once we rid the lazy piece of shit Californians trying to ruin everything.

Idaho native who lives in the Bitterroot Valley just south of Missoula.
For those of you who have never been to these areas you should keep it that way. Save yourself the misery of the experience. Outsiders are hunted for sport, crime is rampant, and gun violence is off the charts.
Everywhere else is a better choice for you.

Why does an Irishman need subtitles?

he has a potato in his throat :s

Potato farming and fiscal responsibility.

I shot a mule deer just to eat it.


I was born in Gooding but grew up in Heyburn right across the river from Burley. Yes it's high desert sitting on massive lava formations, but in less than an hour I could be skiing at Pomerelle at 8000+ feet.

True, the mountains are never far away, I just prefer the Idaho Falls area, myself. Lots to do, super close. For Idaho, an hour drive seems like forever, but in a big city you’d only make it a few miles. Haha

I've been in Montana for the last 21 years, but I trip down regularly to visit my family there. The top of the Bitterroots next to my house is the Idaho border. I visit northern I daho on a regular basis and frequently sail on Coeur d’Alene and Pend Oreille, but spend most of my time on Flathead Lake here in MT. The largest natural freshwater lake in the west.

Boise-fag here. Traveled the country for a year or so and decided to get the fuck out of Atlanta, GA and move somewhere new. Heard good things about Boise, so I figured I'd try it out. Been here for 18 months or so. It's a cool town I think. I live just outside of downtown on the West side. Anything is better than Atlanta. Haven't met many people or made many friends unfortunately, but that's partially my fault. Lease is up in 2 months, so I have to decide if I want to stay here or not. The /out/ around here is ridiculous though. I love how I can be down in the Snake River Canyon fishing in 40 minutes or up in the mountains in the same amount of time. Really is the main reason I moved out here. Unfortunately, my Jeep isn't trustworthy right now so I wasn't able to enjoy the warmer weather we had the past few weeks up in the mountains or foothills. Gonna get colder this week too. To stay. or not to stay? Decisions, decisions...

Just white people things

Freeze! Stay where you are!

you need to stop playing vidya games, user

Seriously? I live in Bellingham, WA and while it's 85% white and there's almost no niggers, it's still full of faggot SJW liberals. I've been thinking about moving to Idaho, is it really this great?

Nice blog post, nigger.

The southern parts want to join with Utah, the central and norther parts want to be a separate nation.

Thx bby :)

>filtering your photos

Hello teen. This is not instagram, please go back there.

+Almost entirely white conservative population
+Super nice and friendly people everywhere
+Super affordable (cheap rent/housing prices, low tax rates, etc)
+Awesome outdoor recreation
+Great place to raise a family
+Affordable universities with high acceptance rate

-Boise (and surrounding area) is the only place in the state with a good population. Everywhere else is rural
-Relatively boring if you don't like the outdoors
-Slow internet
-Relatively cold year round (30-60°)

Living within 20 miles of a forest where I could make it to Canada under forest canopy, or realistically never been seen by humans again should I choose

Also, I have a grocery store, a electronics store and a gun shop all within walking distance of my house

>relatively cold year round

Why even bother lying in this thread? I'm relatively new to Boise and even I know it can get hot as balls in the summer. Hell, last summer I think it was over 100 for at least a week in a row. Definitely over 95 for 2+weeks. Summer is hot and dry, winter can get cold... Although this winter has been mild. Last winter (and my first real winter since I'm from the South) was pretty gnarly.

The rest of that post is pretty accurate.

Oh no, my feelings!

hey, feelings are for gays. if you want to be gay go to oregon


Potatoes, mountains, Mormons, and white nationalist compounds.

>cost of living is cheap
your piece of shit californian house flippin faggot, leave the state of idaho and take these shithole refugees with you

>t. potato miner

Boise is the retard/libshit/tourist trap. Fuck that shit hole.

Idaho? No you mom da hoe

This. Wyoming seems great too. Idaho is too close to Washington to not be trash, but what do I know? I live across the country

t. Southron

and you can stay in California

Idaho frens?

Idaho, no, u da hoe

Wyoming is pretty awful except for a couple of rich tourist towns. There is quite literally nothing there. Just go on google maps street view and start moving along the highways of Wyoming. Hours of nothing, just shrub brush and truck stops. Jacksonhole and Yellowstone are pretty great to visit but I would never live in Wyoming for any reason. Only state more desolate is North Dakota.

Idaho is so boring that the state government thanked the creators of Napoleon Dynamite for raising awareness.


That's exactly where I went that day lol, I don't live there though, I'm from Eastern Washington.
Robert Jay Matthews did nothing wrong.

Nothing fuck off we're full

>virgin wyoming faggot
>chad Idaho Potato miner

>t. Potato miner

How does Montana compare? Not looking to move to either. Just curious

People ski and shoot things. There are also lots of nuclear engineers, cowboys, and farmers.

Ah found the Cali boy who's ruining Oregon atm

Bellingham is pretty nice man, my sister lived there for a long time, but yeah, if you like a more rural community, then Idaho is a great place to go.

This happened in Idaho


Montana is great, best state in the area. But really do fuck off, we're full.

Lots of sex. Idaho girls love to suck dick. And it's BOY-SEE you dumb faggors

>best state in the area
>in the area
Exactly. I already live in the best state in the country so you won't have to worry about me moving there

>best state in the country
So you live in Idaho?

I actually went here like 5 years ago and litrerally saw pickup truck w/huge confederate flag riding through and drunk ppl riding in car like fro a movie about racist ppl. not sure why confederate flag they are in the north.

What about other right slanted, white, born-on-the-soil Americans?

you're not welcome here anyway faggot.

No, my state does more than J U S T grow potatoes. We're #1 at tobacco AND used to be the best at textiles. We're high class

Fuck off Wyoming. No one wants to live there. People get trapped there and can't escape.

So I might go here for college. How’re the med schools here. Also I’m Greek and have a beard so I look like pic related. Will I get shot cuz someone thinks I’m Muslim

Idaho is also the GEM STATE keep your shitty textiles homo

Yeah for such a Mormon state it's pretty degenerate here desu. Not that I'm complaining

Fuck off shitskin we don't take kindly to your kind around here

Don't come here for college.
Sums up pretty well

Ok :(

Mint, lots of mint. Largest mint producer in America...fuck Idaho

Potatoes are the best thing in the world. I just ate like 2 kilos of potatoes.

Go to Seattle or Medical Lake, WA instead.

Atleast tell me how degenerate Boise is. I got accepted into Boise state. Is it a good backup

During my 4-on shift all I do is bag and stack 40-100lb bags onto pallets. The potato mines are hot as fuck, and you get in shape fast. Srs business. You're welcome for the potatoes senpai

Exactly that degenerate.

Listen here Mr. Potato head. Don't be rude.

>only 2 mil population
We might have to go uhhh seize those gems

Good luck I'm behind 7 potato quarries

They fend off the invaders coming from Seattle

Boise State is full of hoes, so easy lay but all the good ones get wifed up early so not great for a long term good girl if you're in grad school

Doesn’t count if it’s vodka friend. Also why do poles drink so much?

>potato quarry
Wait what?

It's the next place to be swarmed by nu-males once the entire western seaboard becomes too expensive

They don't appreciate their beautiful landscape and women


>your head

This... North Boise is already unbearable

Thx famalam

your mom's mouth

Mexicans and Muslims.


>public land
As in the land everyone pays for in their taxes? Why should they have to pay twice when farmers already get fucked by our welfare state. Kys commie fuck

This. The migrant workers never left and Obama imported plenty of Somalians for us to enjoy

i got u mr 1 post by this id shill. dumping what i got

Bench is filled with Vermin. The Valley is fucked.

Some great trout fishing.


>butt blasted NC faggot

Keep your shitty trees-only scenery, pollen storms, and nigger-overloaded cities you cancer exporting textile homoluster fuckboy



The fastest growing economy in the US happens there. With one of the strongest middle classes in the country. Great place to live.

Yep I'm just saving up for some land by Kuna hope that's far enough for a while

I live off of Warm Springs and I say it loudly 'Fuck St. Lukes'

When US reaches SHTF status, Idaho will quickly correct its problems.

sheep busting

Anyone know about the National Lab up there? I have an opportunity to get the fuck out of New Mexico and would end up in Idaho falls. Seems like people in Idaho don't welcome newcomers, but I am white, conservative, and originally from a very small urban area. Tips??

sheep kids


Where are you bby? I needs frens too.

Idaho Falls is a good choice. Bunch of INL buildings there, just don't fuck around with them. Get a place on the outskirts of town for privacy if you can afford it, but close enough for good internet if you care.

Avoid Rexburg. Rigby is alright but small.

People in Idaho are super nice. Even if you're black or Mexican they'll treat you with kindness. Being white and having a beard isn't so out of place.

No idea about med schools though, other than they're generally more affordable than other parts of the country, along with Oregon and Utah.

Eastern Idaho fren


>keep your
biltmore house
>shitty trees
outer banks
>only scenery
Great Smokey Mountains

Our cities are trash, tho.

depends where you end up with
idaho is heavily Anglo and if you end up near old Anglos then playing the traditional game (have your wife bake pies for the neighbors) will let you figure out who's cool and who's not

also have another sheep

Micron has brought in some good tech jobs in Boise. But the niceness of the state won't last. It's going the way of Colorado. Just take a look at sun valley. Californian and celebrity vacation hotspot. Second dryest place in the state. Biggest golf course.

Potatos and racism won't last... Tragic

Ok thanks there is an opening in my field (Physics) that I may appy for at the labs but it is a pain once you initiate that process so I want to make sure I am going to be able to like it.

How hard is finding a single woman up there? Late 20s early 30s without a kid would be ideal. Also, how expensive is land?

Ok ya thanks I can def act like an uptight white guy I will just drink and smoke weed in my own place.

>not sure why confederate flag they are in the north.

Because it scares away minorities. I went to Uni in Spokane, WA, and I had a black guy in my dorm.

He said his father told him never to go over into Idaho, and avoid the literal neo-nazis who live in CDA.

Not difficult at all. Also, not very, typically cheaper the further you go out of town. Get into the farm lands & shit. Excellent privacy, fishing spots, trails, etc, all that awesome stuff. But then you have to deal with septic tanks and (pretty typically) electrical or propane heating for winter. (Gets expensive.)

There is a shitload of drinking & weed smoking in Idaho fren.

I live over by the mall. If I decide to stay here I'll definitely move closer to downtown. Warm Springs is comfy, I stayed at an AirBnB there for a few days when I first got here while I was getting my living situation figured out. I've never dealt with any healthcare or anything here yet, so idk much about those around here.

So far away :(

I've been to hot springs somewhere along the snake river can't remember the name though

If you're working for INL though you'll be making money hand over fist vs. housing prices in Idaho Falls.

>It's going the way of Colorado.
This fucking sucks to hear. I lived in Aspen for a while and can't believe how the Mexicans invade to live 10 families to a house to send money back home. Ruins the whole city and the richfags from CA make land impossible to buy.

>But then you have to deal with septic tanks and (pretty typically) electrical or propane heating for winter. (Gets expensive.)
No worries I am from northern Minnesota originally so I can relate to this.

Ok good to hear. I hope to see you anons in about 4 months. I'll post a thread when I arrive and we can meet up and have a beer.

So the entire state looks like an abandonned stripminning site plus erosion
Also why are your clouds so low?

If the address was 808 then you BnB'd on my street, the owner of the house lives nextdoor...

Hope I'm there to see said post. I know where all the best bars are in Idaho Falls anyway. Some don't have any signs or indications they even exist, so you have to already know about it or go with someone who does.

No, I mean 'Fuck St. Lukes' because they've fucked up traffic all around that are with their bullshit construction that the City immediately caves for

Because they're located next to Montana, which is The Big Sky Country, and we stole all the sky from them.

I'd like to move to anywhere in America, this place seems better than big urban centers. Any jobs for teachers? I suppose your schools are okay since it's only white people.

>strip mining
That's because it is
And it's fucking awesome here

Looking to make about mid 80K. I just have an undergrad and experience no PhD. :(

Any other tips from Idahoans? Maybe things NOT to do? I always learn the hard way of what not to do and got in a lot of fights when I lived in Hawaii and California because of it.

>I know where all the best bars are in Idaho Falls anyway.
This legit was going to be my next question. I fear locals due to what I have had happen when moving to a new state.

>Maybe things NOT to do?
The advice "lurk moar" applies here, except in real life. Just hang around, and observe for a bit, you'll get it down.

Don't go venturing onto peoples land uninvited or looking shady. Chances are you will get shot.

>I fear locals
If you're not an awkward soyboy and even passably white you'll be fine.

Addendum: Warning shots are typical though too, at least at first.

That's literally where I live

Ok great tip. Living in New Mexico I have learned not to even enter a place unless the owner fucking opens the door. If they say 'come in' when I ring the bell ... I ring again!!

Ya I am a white minnesota farm boy who was raised on a dairy farm so I can ride horse and handle farm shit. Very white just a touch of plains Indian so I have nice hair.

Thanks for the info guys was honestly looking at the job listing this morning and this thread pops up. Destiny.
Main worry is women though so I hope I can find a wife worthy chick. Physics doesn't allow me to meet any women it is all fucking dudes.


You're good to go fren. Come back home white man.

It was one of those smaller, older duplexes that are right off of Warm Springs. like 1/4 mile from the Pen. Was a super comfy little spot. Cute girl owned it too which was a nice bonus.

Ah, yes... I forgot about that. I don't go downtown much. I usually stay out here. I actually haven't been downtown all that much, although I like it. I may very well end up staying here and move closer to downtown so I have a better chance of meeting people. What do you do? I'm just working some bullshit customer service job right now and it's killing my soul. Need to commit to this state or get out. I'm just kind of in limbo right now.

As a side note, I fucking love Boise Airport. Takes me like 20 minutes total to get from my apartment, through security, to my gate. God damnit it's like heaven compared to Hartsfield in Atlanta.


Also, where in MN? I was raised there too, actually. Coon Rapids.

Like what? The Crown??? LOL. Really not a lot of bars in IF, most of them are serious dives, but that’s kinda’ what makes ‘em cool I guess. I’d rather drink lakeside or in the woods camping.


Depend in your age, what part of IF you live in, etc.
I live in lower income areas, and generally people mind their own business. If you need a jumpstart for your car, people will help you out, but most people I know are pretty private.
So don't worry about people not being welcome. They won't suck your dick, but they won't be socks to ya.

>Lakeside or innawoods
Ideal of course, but not always manageable with groups of friends. Also, The Crown is alright I guess. If you don't mind old people playing billiards all day then R&R Bar has cheap tap.

Also, there are like 6-7 bars JUST downtown IF.

Ehhhh. It's full of liberals, soyboys, and SJWs. All the women here have stupid dyed hair, there's like 13 crafy breweries, there's a pinball bar, there's a board games bar, there's a tabletop games store that also serves beer, there's like half a dozen comic book stores, the only christians here are ELCA lutherans, WWU supposedly has the 6th best undergraduate CS program in the country but literally has a "Director of Social Justice Programming"... the list goes on and on. I used to live in Berkeley, and this place is way more unbearable in terms of being a faggoty liberal hellhole. They're all up their own asses about having gender neutral bathrooms; but other than the college, it's a fucking jail economy. The city actively works against any legislation that would help get homeless white men off of the streets and off of drugs, but if you're a spic and not even a citizen, you can get a full ride at the college. It's disgusting.

Yeah too bad about all the niggers.

Town of 82 people called Urbank MN. Actually went to school in Battle Lake. Nearest big town is prob Alexandria (where I was born) or Fergus Falls. Lived in Andover for a while in my late teens. Almost died in a car wreck once on Andover and Bunker Lake Blvd.

Ok this is reassuring to know. Really trying to key in on the outdoor life and also the white people. I have lived among brown people (New Mexicans, Hawaiians, Californians) since finishing college in 2004 and I need to get back to all white like I was raised in.

Any /sandpoint/ frens? Am new and cold

literally where I want to move to.

I work for an IT/Telecomm company up off of Vista and am the IT/Phone service provider for about 100 businesses in the area and as far away as Hailey and Ketchum
Was being head hunted by Scentsy a while ago to work at their headquarters in Meridian, but they're in the shittiest location imaginable on Eagle Road.
This place (where I live) is great because everyone knows each other and are immediately suspicious of outsiders, and rat on suspicious activities that occur on the Nextdoor app, getting little shit busted for driving too fast or playing music too loudly at night.

It's getting somewhat worse though, last time I was at WinCo it looked like a goddamn UN Relief effort, with sand Ninjas wandering around blocking aisles....

Neat. I know where Urbank is, been through there a few times. Got out of MN about 10 years ago now, so its been a while. Fuck Blaine.

Also, most minority here is mexicans, but they're all almost exclusively working in the potato mines. I also work there, but was fast-tracked for management position because white.

As a gook, if I work at INL, what's the chance of getting lynched? trying to weigh btwn oak ridge, inl, or commifornia

Tiny bars, but true. The Celt is a little bigger and nicer. Then you got Karen’s, Samosa Club, Fords, Frosty Gator, etc. Boise still has a better restaurant/bar scene by a mile, though, but it’s mostly college kids.

You should be alright as a gook, especially if you speak English well. From time to time there are chinese or nip tourist busses that come through, where one out of 10 barely speak da engrish . Everyone hates them.

None, there are imported Chobani, child molesting sand people being imported that the locals hate more than people who speak unaccented English

If you want a good food/bar scene just drive an hour south to Pocatello.

Ya I left MN in 2008 and never looked back except a couple times for a family reunion and once to bury my dad. That state has gone to shit and I can't believe they went blue in 2016. Fuck all the Somalians and SJW bullshit they can have that and those awful winters.

Good to know I can handle mexicans pretty well. Blacks are the real problem.

I can tell you as someone that works for a national lab in New Mexico you will be welcome with open arms. You asians are fucking smart and have math on point. A little weak on 'doing things right' but that is just cultural. What field? We got German physics guys coming in due to being strong on Quantum. They make bank.

Everyone here sees working at the INL as pretty much “the” job to have.

That's cool. I need to find a job that I can turn into a career. The more I think about it, the more likely it is that I will give Boise another shot. I don't blame you for being wary of Eagle Road. FUCK that place. Only been on there once or twice and it is hell on earth every single time. One of the great parts about moving out here was the lack of traffic and short commutes, but if I had to work on Eagle, I'd lose my sanity. Crazy how much and how quickly Meridian is growing.

I'm so mad about what obongo did to MN.

good to hear. i kinda grew up in middle michigan, and did my study in the dixieland.
makes me miss rural american life, which i consider "authentic" american life. i guess PNW rural life is differnt from midwest. but whatever.

well, unofficially welcome to Boise!
it's great here, people aren't too nosy but polite and respectful to each other, Boise is what I imagine everywhere in the US was 50 some odd years ago.

It started under Clinton really but yeah Obama fucking accelerated it. Gotta keep Turkey cheap. I would rather pay an extra buck a pound of chicken and have no fucking Somalians, but that is why I had to leave because they didn't see it that way!

Even though I am leaving New Mexico I can tell you that asians do very well here. Not only because you will be welcome at the lab, but the mexican chicks here would love to take you home to dad and have babies. Not kidding every latina chick I have been with has a thing for asian dudes. You are short and brown like mexicans but also smart and have strong family ideals. Consider NM bro.

Fuck Boise, but if that's what you want to do, good luck. You'll need it at the rate that tourist/libshit trap is going.

I visit northern idahjo every summer with my family. We got to Silverwood for a weekend and camp there. It's nice to walk in to a grocery store and nothing but white people. The locals are not rude, and they always are helpful. I've looked into buying land there it's pretty cheap.

i was never really exposed to hispanic culture, but with redneck/midwest/hipfaggotry cultures, so dunno how i would fare, and AM having any kind of preference? sounds new kek. anyway, thx for tip. why leaving NM btw?

They keep trying to come here to Montana as well, thank God we're having the worst winter in 100 years. Literally.
1908 had the record of one degree colder than this morning.

Fat inbreed gingers. Also potatos

Thanks man. I love the /out/ opportunities out here as well. I'll have to check out downtown a bit more. I've kinda turned into a bit of a recluse for whatever reason. Once I get out more and get a little more established here, I think Boise could be home for the foreseeable future.

Why the hate?
At least in my neighborhood there is a complete lack of diversity and so my kids can bike to school and not need locks or anything, and property values are so high that vibrant culture probably can't afford to be resettled here by the government...

Boise is Idaho's asshole. Degeneracy gravitates to the area, and while its not terrible just yet, trends indicate libshit hotspot status in ~10 years.

>why leaving NM btw
This place is hell if you are a slightly right leaning white male looking to find a white woman and settle down.

>complete lack of diversity
Any other states like this? My hometown in Minnesota USED to be like this (well we had one black kid) but not anymore. I have heard Maine and West Virginia are still pretty white, but I suspect a lot of SJW and blacks are there actually.

Also, I see groups of nothing but white kids from elementary walking home all the time, etc..

Boise has the best coop grocery in the country so there's that.

los almos is? is the the ppl working at the lab, or the city in general? as much as i know how to bridle my tongue, i dunno about long term. INL or ORNL it is? . well, im not white, so i guess i may get a leeway kek

Idaho's asshole is Caldwell, especially in the summer when the sugar beet plant makes the whole city stink like vomit. Degeneracy is tolerated in Boise thanks to the lesbians and the North End Faggots that try and push the LDS legislature to budge on anything, it'll revert back to status quo soon.

What is cost of living in general. I know it varies across a state like ID but what do you guys get cheap and what do you get screwed on? For example energy is cheap as fuck her in NM, while leisure activities are fucking expensive.

Forgot about that place. I can agree to this.

You can get a high quality 3Bed/2Bath apartment for ~700 a month. Houses are cheep too.

Oh, and that's in a good in-town location. Cheaper the further out you go.

Gas is the only thing that immediately pops to mind, it's higher here than anywhere else aside from LA/NYC and Hawai'i
Other than that everything is very cheap.

I actually work at Sandia so I live in Albuquerque. People at the lab are typical science types so they struggle with social shit and don't really do anything outside the office together. Albuquerque has a crime wave going on and we are a sanctuary city so if you say anything positive about Trump or against illegals prepare to get your car keyed.

What is a gallon of gas today? Like $2.25? How much is milk at walmart? Like $2.50?

Thanks btw this is good info.

2.25-2.50 range is pretty typical per gallon of gas. First two gallons of winco brand milk at the Winco in IF are 1.50 each. Back to 2.30 something I think after that.

White people stuff

I just want a few acres and a fucking A-frame. Been city living for far too long. Thanks again.

>Gas is the only thing that immediately pops to mind
Moved from Maui HI to ABQ New Mexico and I will never forget when I went to fill up my car here. $5.50 a gallon on island and then $1.80 here!

I live here, the criminals are all hispanic despite them being a minority. Other than that great hiking trails and family values (mormons)

The way it was meant to be. If I get the job at INL I am gonna run for a political office in a few years. We are gonna keep ID white.

>few acres

Off the top of my head? For that + decent house on the land? 150-200K? I should look into that again, been a minute.

Shit, where are those? That's quite a bit less than I'm paying for my apt and mine isn't overly nice and is out by the mall. I haven't looked in a year or so though, but I thought that places would just be getting more expensive. Then again, I chose this place because I wasn't sure I was going to live here and it was one of the few places that offered a 6 month lease, so I knew I'd be paying a bit more of a premium for some flexibility.

$2.45-$2.65 for gas.

Idaho Falls.

Bunch of my neighbors work at the INL, I've even gotten a tour of it before.
The leftists here are very leftwing as a reaction to the natural rightwingedness of the state.

Oh lol, duh. Wasn't paying attention to the context. My bad homie. I was thinking Boise. Disregard.

Rabi pls outspoken radical lefties don't survive here long.

Also, civ getting a "tour" of just because

They travel in groups so it's a small echochamber for them.

>outspoken radical lefties don't survive here long
Fuck this is what I am going through in New Mexico in reverse. I am not even that right wing and I try keep my mouth shut, but I am 'The Trump Guy' at work so whenever something happens the SJW don't like they come at me with pitchforks.

Makes sense they travel in packs.

Get out senpai. Get out now while you can.

I'm trying just gotta finish this contract I am on. My boss actually used to work at INL and speaks highly. He always threatens to go back and Sandia just gives him more money so he stays here.

See you guys in four months!

the blm does not stand for bureau of land management you dingus

Anyone else live in the Moscow area, or just in/near Latah county? If you're a family-oriented white person in their 20s, I wouldn't mind talking. My wife and I feel isolated in the liberal shithole Moscow/Pullman is becoming but I have a good, stable job here that keeps us in this town and we're having a baby, going to homeschool when our kids are older. Our goal is to find families like us and network together to make sure our kids are well socialized and not have any degenerates posing dangerd to them. Email me if you want to talk.

[spoiler][email protected][/spoiler]

>tfw another white man coming home

Blaine here frendo. Up in the UP for undergrad cause it's comfy and white at the moment but I swear I'll prolly never leave Minnesota.

Lol, oh bunker. Buddy of mine lived on bunker and with the recent work they did on her this last summer it was hell to get to his place. Added in another lane but they left it dirt road for a solid few months and she was a blast to hoon this said nigga's 76' Impala on

This, you disturb the balance here and you'll slowly begin to realize that people stop returning phone calls and messages...
Witnessed it during the election, when a SJW friends wife began picking fights with people about posts, and slowly but systematically she began being shunned by basically everyone until she eventually STFU and stopped.
She's still blacklisted at any party I host

There is also a small Freemason presence.

Glad to see someone so close to Coon Rapids, but old habits die hard senpai. Fuck Blaine.

In IF atleast.

I would actually enjoy living in this environment for a while.

feds execute women and children

Forgot about that. Spoopy

Weirds me out seeing other people from IF lurking on Cred Forums... guess I’m not alone!

Right? Figured most other ID shitposters were Boise snowflakes or Rexburg Mormons.

spics, injuns, and inbreds
and potatoes

If you meet a guy named Luke in the next year and he says he is new to Idaho, buy him a beer cuz that is me.

It sounds fun handing out redpills, but the problems of this state prevent your work from bearing fruit. Navajo hate anything politics so you can't win, Mexicans hate Trump even if they are legal, and the whites here are very low class and poor so they need welfare and think they deserve it.

yea best you never go take up space there faggot

I assumed mostly Northern Idahoans with the whole Cred Forums vibe.

Get ready for pickup trucks, mountains, fields of farmland, shitloads of weapons, etc. American right here senpai.

nothing but taters, totally boring, nothing to see here, move along.


Idaho is an incredibly beautiful state. It features natural splendor which everyone likes, and conservatives (especially Mormons), which are not as universally liked.

mormon kikes importing spics and samoans to try and (((take over)))!!!

mormon kikes can’t even make it in ny or illinios or missouri

hot women, stupid fucking people, horrible ennui, suicide, heroin and meth, potatoes, guns, nice weather, beautiful lake and that's it (also lots of racists so you'd all fit in well, but you'd need to like farm work and not having anything to do)

salmon fishing?

Hands down, best state and place on Earth. Wish I lived there, it's my life long goal. Rednecks, natural beauty, rural, farming, conservative, outdoorsy, nigger free wonderland of awesomeness.

also: are there snakes on snake river?

>Boise is populated with rude, unfriendly white people.

no its not

Ada county went for Trump

You seem educated Leaf. That is a good assessment. Are you a hoser though? Or a maybe a knob eh? Tell me about the syrup, where is it?!

>Living in New Mexico I have learned not to even enter a place unless the owner fucking opens the door
Why ? Also the state is like 50% hispanic but unlike most of burgerland the spics in NM seem to have been there for hundreds of years so my question is : how many of the NM hispanics are recent immigrants and are they goblinos ?

Mexico takes over. Viva Mexico!

Neither. I'm an Anglo in Quebec who LARPs as an American

Not on the river, but you best watch where you're walking during warm/hot weather because you can get tagged by a rattler if you aren't careful. Bullsnakes as well, but they're cool and eat rattlers.

Whats funny is Idaho gets a lot of its potatos from here in Montana and calls them Idaho potatos.