Why are Americans so obnoxious?

Why are Americans so obnoxious?

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>Why are Americans so obnoxious?
because fuck you, that's why

It's not americans, it's gingers. find a picture of the cunt I bet it's a fucking readhead. there's a cave near me called hastings cave and always the fucking ranga kids break stalactites n shit. it's atrocious but I've become racist against them gotta watch the slimy mofuckers

Also goes to show serves zero purpose.

Mutts have no respect.


Should just bury him alive and make a new terracotta soldier outta him desu.

Really not true. I know exceptions don't make the rules, but when dealing with anyone from outside the US, I go out of my way to be as courteous and respectful as possible, very careful not to come across as too loud or assertive. Spent enough time here to know what people think of us, so it's just my way of contributing to what could possibly be better future relations. Probably pissing in the wind, but I try.

Kinda rich coming from the Chinese, since there are signs written only in Mandarin reminding tourists not to shit on the museum floor in most of Europe.

>Americans have to "come out" as atheists to their parents

>Americans must obtain a so-called "fancy booze licence" from their local sheriff to consume any alcohol other than Coors, Budweiser or Miller

>Americans are encouraged to become obese, as the extra fat serves as protection from gunfire

>Americans are implanted with a special microchip at birth which sends a moderate electric shock through their bodies every time they acknowledge that they lost in Vietnam

>Americans refer to the metric system as "The Forbidden Knowledge"

>Americans are shot dead by North Korean border guards in their dozens annually during attempted guerilla attacks waged with the intention of "getting revenge for Pearl Harbour"

>Americans who find themselves in the presence of Israeli Jews must perform a "submission hoedown." This involves a highly choreographed dancing performance demonstrating the American's subordinate position to the Israeli. The hoedown ends with the American loudly proclaiming "YOU DA BOSS, YEE-HAW!!"

>Americans refer to Type 2 Diabetes as "The Burden of Manifest Destiny"

>Americans visiting Auschwitz are frequently reprimanded for attempting to restart the ovens for usage with their reheatable Holocaust-themed packed lunches

>American babies are "vaccinated" with shrapnel in order to ward off mass shootings

>Americans have formally petitioned the Oxford English Dictionary to change their definition of snow to "God's refutation of the falsehood of global warming."

>American children are required to undergo the "McDonald's Initiation Ceremony" on their fifth birthday, where they are taken to their local McDonald's and must ritualistically consume every item on the menu before reciting all the advertising slogans in chronological order

>he thinks he’s the norm when it comes to American tourists
I work in tourism.
You are the exception.


Should have shot it to shit with a FREEDOM GUN.

Because fuck the Chinks.


american here, it's true

> I know exceptions don't make the rules
I realize, hence the preface. I'm no liberal, but it does kind of bother the shit out of me knowing how other Americans come across to foreigners.

Pasta is still so good

and "Ding Jinhao was were" is scrawled in Mandarin on a carving in an Egyptian pyramid.

The Chinese are street shitting amoral little monkeys and nobody cares if someone accidentally broke off a thumb of one of their Terracotta Warriors, a fake history scam that Mao pulled and the world is supposed to pretend to be real.


>caring about what foreigners think
i'm sure to act extra obnoxious towards eurofags and chinks.

Can confirm. I have to hide behind VPNs to learn about meters and kilograms. Feels bad, man.

Pretty bad, but doesn't compare to damaging the actual works. If people could get away with a slap on the wrist there'd be nothing left of the Army, or any museum.

I'll bet you deny the Amerimutt meme, too, you fucking dipshit. Grow up.


While it's a shame that this happened...how much chinese cultural history was destroyed when the Three Gorges Dam was built? Or during the cultural revolution?

>waaah, waaah! other people won't act like sissy little faggots like me! mama mama!
blow it out your ass

Like invading their homeland illegally and burning American flags? You have to go back, Pablo

*Ding Jinhao was here

This is rich coming from the fucking chinks! They should be upset with their tourists abroad. It’s disgusting.

They have damaged actual works. Chinese tourists are banned from many historical sites in Sri Lanka, Bangkok, South Korea, etc because they keep on breaking shit.


That's funny because Chinese tourists are notorious for doing shit like that

Museums have to have signs in mandarin and they do it anyways

Pic related, ancient Egyptian tomb

Well, fair enough then.

The politest and kindest people I've met have been Americans, as have the rudest and most obnoxious. (This obviously excludes Germans and Israelis.)

>ever leaving america, for whatever reason whatsoever
i only act like that when they're visiting the united states, you stupid fucking yurofag.

>China complaining about obnoxious tourists

>Americans must obtain a so-called "fancy booze licence" from their local sheriff to consume any alcohol other than Coors, Budweiser or Miller

What??? No wonder they're such squares.

the gooks can go to hell, the regularly vandalize ancient monuments all over the world.

They're indeed terrible


How bad are Norwegian/Scandinavian tourists compared to other tourists?


Though ill admit the vast, VAST majority of grown adult gooks are usually polite and decent folk

The French hate your tourists for a reason

this is absolutely nothing compared to the behavior of chinese tourists anywhere on earth

LOL that's only to sell liquor, and if we're being honest, the law is literally one of the only remaining examples of da white man systematically keeping down nigros via the good ole boy system.

Selfie must have beenso bad... Even the statue couldn't resist not thumbing it down kek

How has this meme evaded me? Praise be

I honestly don't know man. It pisses the rest of us off too. I recall going to a tour of an underground cave system where the tour guide asked everyone very nicely not to touch the walls because they were made out of a type of mineral that dissolves when in contact with the oils on your skin. I went again years later and the whole fucking tunnel was several feet wider because people kept touching the walls.

There's one to six in every crowd. They don't listen to anyone, they don't respect anything, and they are probably sub-100 IQ. They're stubborn as fuck and the only thing that'll fix them is a bullet.

>t. self-hating burger
you're the problem you kowtowing little fagboy

Did you even read your own source?
It says that the Germans got fake terricota warriors from another source and that the Chinese are sueing them for trying to pass it off as real.
I.e. the fakebess has nothing to do with the Chinese but with the germans

I demand severe punishment for China over Tiananmen square and Tibet. 10,000+ dead.

If you think defacing and destroying things for no reason is acceptable merely because the people who do it are American then you're one of them, faggot.

t. Obnoxious piece of shit requesting a beatdown.

I don't give a fuck about chinks killing each other but they really fucked us in Korea. The clay thumb is just the beginning.

Americans who find themselves in the presence of Israeli Jews must perform a "submission hoedown." This involves a highly choreographed dancing performance demonstrating the >American's subordinate position to the Israeli. The hoedown ends with the American loudly proclaiming "YOU DA BOSS, YEE-HAW!!"

It takes years to learn this dance.

I think it has something to do with the fact that most tourists are affluent relative to the general populations they come from.

and also that you're more likely to here about some terrible thing a tourist did compared the majority that just went somewhere and enjoyed their vacations like civilized people

Unironically agree with the chinks here.


>Niggers rob a store
>Its ok you dindu nothin, go back to america
>Break a stupid statues thumb

>Tiananmen square
was a non event. nobody died. not even the guy who stood in front of the tank.

as far as tibet well you would also have to demand severe punishment for the brits with northern ireland and america with the philipines post WW2

because its not legal to beat the ever living shit out of someone.

The difference between America and the rest of the world is that we have 1-6 of these people out of a crowd, but in most other places, the majority is these people.

The kids, and more importantly, the parents who let them get away with it need to be brutally slapped whenever stuff like this happens. I've seen the same shit happen to Lurray Caverns since I first went there as a kid. Place will cave in eventually due to a slight earthquake that would have been avoided if people had just listened to the guide/signs incredibly clear instructions

To be fair the Chinese are also badly behaved in museums as this hidden camera footage shows:


Are you fucking serious? They squished 10,000 free minds with tanks you fucking idiot, the dude who stood in front of the tank fucking disappeared forever. GET THE FUCK OUT OF AMERICA YOU FUCKING CHINK SHILL FUCK.

I unironically support the death penalty for stupid people who damage historical relics.

>was a non event. nobody died. not even the guy who stood in front of the tank.
What exactly happened to that guy user?

No one wants a proxy state under foreign sphere of a competitor, enemy military alliance or a different ideology or state in their border/neighbouring it. Just look at Georgia, Ukraine trying to join NATO vs Russia, USA regional allies in East Asia and interventions, an Islamist hotbed Chechnya trying intervening in Dagestan, Monroe Doctrine, Zimmerman telegram, etc.

Fuck that, that was elitist government demon chinks killing the free minded individualists. I hate China and their government. And the new chinese being born are robots.

>not destroying other nations' history
shows them who's in charge.
i broke an ancient lamp from iran with a bat.

Why is everyone so obnoxious.
We have done worse to China than the US has ever done.

>Kinda rich coming from the Chinese
Kinda rich coming from Americans
Americans have a much longer history of shitting up places with their vulgar behavior. They would be banned from not just most Museums and other public places but also resorts and restraurants if it wasnt for MURRRIKKAA BIG GUN BIG BENIS MURIGGAA NUMBA ONE. The only difference between Chinese and American tourists are Chinese tourists come in bigger numbers and dont chimp out as if they they are KANGZ AND SHEEEIT when they get called out.

Of course Pajeets like you wouldnt know.

>only in Mandarin
and English for you know who

>free minds

Or terrorists, depends which way you look at it.

Exactly - my country's geopolitical interests are pretty directly opposed to China's, so as history has shown, that causes me to look at events through a certain historical lens. Coming from a country whose geopolitical interests are utterly unaffected by the existence of China, like Portugal, you have a different perspective, with more sympathy for those ant people.

>putting something worth $4.5m out in the open

Was it Logan Paul?

>and english
because it's the lingua franca you chink apologist

what terrorism were they committing then exactly?

Americans and chinks are equally obnoxious.

and you shouldn't be surprised people treat you the same way you stupid fucking nigger brain. thats why you have nigger & spics that will try to nab at you fags whenever they can because fuck you thats why.

The terrorist was the one with the weapon. AKA the one with the huge steel tank. Maybe you should consider how much of a terrorist corporation and elitists are. Money is evil and so is China because its the biggest sellout in the world. Siddhartha Buddha cries, he gave a lot to give them their minds, poor Tibet...

Because of (((Jake and Logan Paul)))

>so desperate to believe american superiority that you would be willing to destroy ancient artwork that could teach and provide enjoyment for entire generations ahead of you
Reminder that you're a fleshy meat sac stumbling around on calcium stilts that probably won't survive to 2100.

they're both the worst type of tourists anywhere. they're so fucking unaware of their surrounding its unreal.

>Americans are shot dead by North Korean border guards in their dozens annually during attempted guerilla attacks waged with the intention of "getting revenge for Pearl Harbour"

100,000? it was at least 1 million you fucking curry nigger. No one disputes the 10 Million deaths confirmed by CNN testimonies


we need to nuke the chinks, they are disgusting ant people. 2 nukes sorted out japan real nice, I think 12 in china will do the job.

i don't give a fuck about museums and artifacts. especially chink artifacts. flood them all

>dude nihilism lmao
you're just mad that i'm destroying your culture.

Coming from people who shit on the streets of countries they visit, excuse me if I don't really give a fuck

Wow they did that right in the middle of the square?


A dead soldier, is the most useful soldier. That cop got not only a picture taken of him but embodies the disharmony in China and the overbearing laws that cause their people to suffer. Thank you for posting this dead hero and individual that embodies the atrocities of Tiananmen square. Heres the one that was enough to spark outrage globally.

During the whole of the opium wars I don't think the Brits ever broke the finger off one of their statues.

It's like when you lend a person you trust a favourite book and it comes back with scuff marks, folded down pages from where they couldn't be bothered to find a bookmark and pages stuck together. It's an insult to your generosity and you are unlikely to run the risk of doing nice things for them again.

Lol who is he kidding. That rice nigga took two to the back of the head in a corn field and was left for the birds.

The fuck are you on about, leaf? Canadians and completely indistinguishable from Americans when they are abroad except for their proclivity to randomly proclaim they are Canadian to anyone who will listen.

What would be the global political impact if every American man and woman looked exactly like this?

"EASTER ISLAND / A Japanese tourist was arrested and subsequently released for damaging a moai on Easter Island, in which he scratched his name and that of a friend.

The man was identified as Yukihisa Sekiguchi, 28, and was caught in the act by a businessman who reported him to the authorities, who ordered his arrest to Investigation officials.

The Japanese graffiti covered an area of 40 by 15 centimeters and according to experts, the damage is irreparable. The moai is part of the sanctuary of Ahu Tahira in the Vinapu sector, one of the most visited on the island.

Sekiguchi was placed at the disposition of the Court of Letters of the island, which prosecuted him for infraction to Article 38 of the Law of National Monuments.

He was later released and continued his journey to Tahiti and then to his country. The Japanese rises sentences of minor imprisonment in its minimum to maximum degree, that is, from 31 days to 5 years.

The mayor of Easter Island Pedro Edmuns expressed outrage at the lack of respect for the island's heritage and regretted that the law is not harder to punish these acts."

Just kill them all.


>China getting mad about tourists doing dumb shit
delicious ironing


>An Englishman
>Calling tourists from another nation obnoxious
I don't think I've ever seen an irony of this magnitude before

Did that statue come out of your familys collection Chang? Is that why you're so upset?

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>Why are Americans so obnoxious?
Throw them in jail for being so much of a fucking retard. I agree with you 100% britbonger. Trust me when I say this....We are not sending our best. These are people that have no common sense, and think the entire world works like the USA. They don't even think for a moment that we are a minority in our thoughts and rights.

Give them a few years in the gulag. HARD LABOR. Let them pay for their crime in sweat. Hopefully then when we get them back, they will be a productive member of our society.

Its a shame when we need other countries to beat them into being better citizens.

Thanks hall monitor. What would we do without you?

>>Americans refer to Type 2 Diabetes as "The Burden of Manifest Destiny"
You mean the Price of Freedom. Also, Burgers use Merriam-Webster, not Oxford, because 'Murika FUCK YEAH!

>Leaf opinion discarded

>The terrorist was the one with the weapon. AKA the one with the huge steel tank.
>not the dinduuus burning policemen alive with molotov cocktails
>t.(((antifa))) terrorist

Wouldn't matter even if they were real, they were made by Greeks and therefore rightful European artifacts therefore they have no say in how we treat them


Tank man was just walking home with his shopping, it is quite sad that the western media have portrayed him as some sort of protester just to fit their rabid anticommunist narrative.

Yes, more than once. The exact order of events is unclear, but I don't believe our media any more than I do theirs. A lot of the lynching of soldiers was apparently at Muxidi two or three miles away. It does look as if the whole thing was more complicated than the "soldiers massacre peaceful demonstators" narrative we were given.

How did he manage that? I visited the terracotta warriors in Xian and they were all in this massive ditch. How did he manage to nick a thumb?

They didnt squish the Antifa, they just squashed their rioting. Maybe you should know the difference between getting run over by a tank in mass numbers and dispersing huge violent crowds that aren't even protesting anything logical they're just angry.

>>Americans have to "come out" as atheists to their parents
Atheists are a disease

Nice proxy, chang

You're a clown and a shill.
He clearly stood his ground to overbearing power he is the last Hero China ever had.

I warned you

Firing squad, it's a burger after all.
>be American
>get shot

To be fair, egyptian shit isn't worth preserving

>During the whole of the opium wars I don't think the Brits ever broke the finger off one of their statues
Kek, we literally burnt down the Summer Palace, destroying countless works of art, please don't post about topics you know nothing about

Americans are actually the most loved tourists believe it or not. You're just spoonfed shit by the mass media and believe it like a good goy...ironic, isn't it (since you think you are "redpilled")?

Get some fucking Elmer's glue.

They should cut his hand off and call it even.

I’ve seen the Terra cotta army in coins and someone needs to explain to me how he got close enough to do this

The soldiers are benign unearthed in a giant pit that’s 2 stories down so how the fuck did he get down there without being reprimanded

>implying Chinese shit is worth preserving

They just need to turn him into street food, they can just say its Dog the chinks won't tell the difference.

The french have hated our tourists since the beginning of the 20th century
They hate us period so it's not like it matters much
Literally every one of my family members that have visited from 1948 all the way to just 10 years ago wee treated like shit with indignation and borderline hostility. Was it everyone? No, was it common? Fuck yes

The fact you think the truth is "nihilism" tells me about all I need to know. Sub-100 IQ it is.

China has some nerve when they disgrace other peoples monuments and think nothing of it.

Was probably a dick move in retrospect, but I wish we could go back to being 1/3 of the level of Not giving a fuck about other peoples.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. He changed literally nothing and died. Donald Trump hit the nail on the head when he said something to the extent of "I don't know about you guys, but my heroes actually did something besides being captured."

Yeah but, the French are a bunch of faggot crybabies. They hate everyone.

On your hands and fucking knees cuck

>Americans are actually the most loved tourists believe it or not.
At some point our stupidity and girth will out weight the money we bring. Then what?

The Americans had it in the middle of the uni's quad open to the air and rain. It was put on a pedestal where there was a racist general statue removed from last year, so they thought it would be safe. Apparently it kept having drunk students put traffic cones on it and mardi-gras beads but the security guards were too out of fitness to catch the people doing it.

Canada isn't this daft is it?

I wasn't implying anything of the sort
The only things worth saving that they made are all enviormentally projects like moving entire dams and rivers and those aren't going anywhere

>with more sympathy for those ant people.
They killed American soldiers in Korea. I am sympathetic with American soldiers of that time than fucking Yang. You must ask your superiors if it was worthy to die for Southern Gook vs Northern Gook + Chinese Jew and instead letting every asian kill each other.

>, with more sympathy for those ant people.
Sympathetic if they keep staying in their country

Twinkie defense

>>The fuck are you on about, leaf?

I think he's on about this. Only Americans wear t-shirts with profanities when visiting a cathedral. Believe me, son: no-one has ever mistaken an American tourist for a Canadian.

>but the security guards were too out of fitness to catch the people doing it.

Checked again mein neggar, and I stand corrected.

Can you tell one apart from American outside of their gay looking Monopoly money they use and leaf shirts they wear?

>Americans are actually the most loved tourists believe it or not.

Only Americans believe that. Anyone who's ever had to deal with an American tourist knows that you and the chinks are by far the worst.

I was more concerned with what was actually happening in the square at the time to warrant a massacre.

>reated like shit with indignation and borderline hostility
The last time any of my family was in France was D-Day. Fuck the french. They are pussies to the core. They are a defeated people. They make being losers a professional thing.

I would unironically support the death penalty for willful defacement or destruction of ancient artifacts.

Lol they treat us nice because they assume were rich. You're only lying to yourself if you think foreigners don't think we're a bunch of loud retardeds who either grew up cheerleading/playing football/wresting OR are 500lb worthless burger sacks of shit.
Like most people, they won't be shitty to you for no reason, but go ahead and ask any given person in a foreign country what they generally think of americans, and the answer will not be good.
>t.Cred Forumslock who actually leaves the house

So if I post a picture of a faggy bong wearing a shirt similar to this your argument is what exactly? How about all your teenaged tourists all wearing Khan shirts everywhere they go?

All that being said, is there one legit reason why I should give two shits about what some foreign faggot thinks? Honest question.

Honestly, spotting other Americans while abroad in Europe was easy as pie. It's cringeworthy because they don't realize how fucking loud they are and that Europeans don't do the idle chit chat bullshit.

Absolutely not. Fuck em.

>forcey fun time is missing

Fuck the chinks. There were some chinks not too long ago who scrawled Chinese characters all over some Egyptian tomb a hell of a lot older than their little clay dolls.

That's because most of them don't have passports.

My Booooyy!

Oops tagged wrong post.

Forgive me, the point still stands.

"Michael Rohana"

Based on some quick research this is an Arabic or Semitic last name.

Pretty sure this was a Muslim or Jew.

That burning APC is from the Square, demonstrators threw burning blankets soaked with gasoline on it, then grabbed the crew as they got out, but apparently they were saved by some student leaders. We'll probably never know all the details of what happened that night, but there were definitely dead on both sides, and apparently PLA fighting on both sides.

dunno, i think americans are BASED

>That's because most of them don't have passports.
I did some math, and over 50% of my family has been out of the country at least once in the last 6 months. Ireland, mexico & a bunch of islands in the Atlantic. I have pondered getting a passport to canada to go steal some pipeline work from the lazy leaf, but the money is too good right now in the USA.

>Oops tagged wrong post.
No prob. I politely addressed you because you may have had a point against me. However, lots of us have been moving around the last year.

>knows that you and the chinks are by far the worst.
Nice deflecting countryman of British tourists. British are only second to the Chinese.

Get the fuck out mouthbreather, you don't know anything about human history.

I love how they have to call them terracotta warriors to make it seem more grand than it really is.
>be chink emperor
>order chink peasants to dig up clay
>stuff clay in to mold, rinse and repeat to the ridicouslus

you can't go anywhere without fatass midwesterners ruining shit, like climbing on top of Queen Maeve's tomb when it clearly states not to do so
that and chinks. Chinks are a close 2nd.

>muh clay statues

theres like hundreds of them lol get over it chinks

If you want something to last why the fuck do you make it out of mud?

Too bad the Chinese doesn’t go after isis for bulldozing ancient pagan sites...

Lexington and concord still burns don’t it ?

if the choice is exclusively among merrylards, gopniks, and chinks, maybe, just maybe

He's a DUDE WEED degenerate faggot

Where do fat fuck Midwesterners get the funds to travel and spread their extremely awful impression of us around the world? I'm seriously confused by this. Who the hell is employing so many fat obnoxious fucks? I can't picture them being anything but a burden in any workspace. Are they all on welfare?

Fukin kek


We should invent our own pseudo-science "traditional medicine" that requires brains and teeth and shit from pandas, and encourage poachers to kill them en masse. The chinks can dish it out but can't take it.

You have no standing to criticize anyone, Britbong.

>the only obnoxious fatfucks are from the midwest
lol kid

alpha as FUCK
God bless America

Jordan Maxwell before he grew the beard?

I never said that, now did I? Stop putting your own thoughts and ego onto other peoples words, let them stand on there own instead of creating ways to be a condescending dick.

I specified fat fuck Midwesterners because they're the majority of fat fucks that seem to always been traveling to other countries and I'm wondering how they can afford that luxury. The rest of our obese people seem to remain in their homes and local Walmart.

>doubling down on his dumb anecdote
that's cute

Brits are probably the worst kind of tourist tho.