1984 vs Brave New World

Which book is better or more Cred Forums approved? 1984 or Brave New World and explain why

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They're too different to be compared as one being better overall. BNW better describes the moral degradation we've seen in the Western world since the sexual revolution, but 1984 better describes the progress of (((government))) control.

The Perennial Philosophy


>More accurate

Also this. If you ignore the syndicalism.

I should get my hands on this book.

in the year 1984 i would say that the soviet union was 1984 and the west was BNW

today i cant realy say

Am I the only one that thinks both are more or less ideal societies?

We live in a mashup of the two.

1984 was terrifying
Brave New World was a whiney faggots who couldn't into modern society

Brave new world= eugenics

You should read both to understand both.

1984: How control of thought and society by authoritarianism leads to corruption and dystopia.
Brave New World: How pleasure and freedom can be used to destroy people, lead to dystopia, and enslave people to their own hedonistic pleasures (i.e. drugs, sexual degeneracy, lack of morality).

I read very little because I find most books not interesting enough. I easily finished Brave New World but couldn't make it past the first 20 pages of 1984.

you didn't read the books

wow. you didn't read the books either.

If I had to choose a reality I'd choose the brave new world reality because in that one at least the strong can break out of the shell of degeneracy and better themselves.


>ack of morality
state enforced* lack of morality.

Basically this.


Fucking leave.

whites live in huxley's dystopia, one of perpetual distraction

muslims and jews live in orwell's dystopia, having things forbidden to them by their god, and hating others as a daily activity

This irrevocably and wholeheartedly this.
Never assume that anyone wanting to control is going to use a single playbook.

>and hating others as a daily activity
you think progressos and antifascists don't hate others daily?

1984 is good but largely a meme. We live in BNW

Orwell´s book describes Reddit
Huxley is about Cred Forums

How did you figure this out? If you have read BNW you would know they use contraceptive implants and have recreational sex with different partners, pretty accurate to modern society.

I preferred Fahrenheit 451 as well.

1984 is about bad government stuff
Brave New World is about another kind of bad government stuff

wow. and that was totally the point of the novel and not just to illustrate the difference between "savage" man and the modern culture of the futuristic world.

Actually Huxley wanted BNW

Animal farm is the good shit, names the Jews and is more applicable than 1984. 1984 is basically the USSR regime applied to the west.

>not just to illustrate the difference between "savage" man and the modern culture of the futuristic world.
yes, Huxley wrote it as a warning to all his "savage brothers" that they would create a future of slave whores

nobody listened


Brave new world explores the fascination of the upper / measure classes with savages & the medicated pacification of society; the savage lands are Mexico or Peru or one of those south American holes been a while since I read it. The smart are at the top, even betas and epsilon's have a place as cleaners and all must consume. It's post race so people wear different colours to signify class and intellect which is basically just advanced level racism (epsilon level subhumans bread for menial work only wear light brown I think it was and everyone hates that colour) but the savages are basically present day. I could go on but that would spoil the book but I think it's a closer future. Everyone's so passive and kept busy all the time and have orgies all the time and worship ford; replace ford with Google to make it more contemporary

Read both.
Brave new world is pretty accurate tho so maybe start with that one.

Huxley was j woke
Mond was literally introduced as having a long hooked nose

1984 is a communist wet dream
BNW is a global corporation wet dream

We're a mix of both.

Orwellian internet, police force, intelligence agencies and news media, death and taxes.

The rest is Huxley; drugs, beer, TV, retarded populations, movies, music, trivialities and fads, TOWIE culture. Women tattooing themselves and getting piercings to appear 'indifidule' etc.

real life

Both. It is necessary to read both in order to understand how we have arrived where we are. Both George and Aldous were right about many things. Viewing it from the position of someone who lived in the times those books were published the combination of these factors that create our real life contemporary existence would be viewed as absurd and contradictory.

Truth is stranger than fiction. That fact is only made more terrifying when you realize that fiction is already pretty strange.

It's eugenics none the less, does he not live alone in the end, does the state not have the monopoly of reproduction? Is their society not based on genetic make up and genetic class (not social class) literal A,B and C grade humans. I would suggest you watch 'the lobster' that s a pretty good modern take on it.

1984 is more accurate IMO, because it describe the authoritarian turn that western states have been making during the last few decades.
The UK really isn't much far off than being exactly like in the book, I give them 20 years.

1984 = Societal Controlled through Constructivist Means
BNW = Society Controlled Through Essentialist and Constructivist means

The UK is much more like BNW.

>rampant consumerist Fordism
>culturally obsessed with drink and drugs
>promiscuity encouraged
>socially engineered worker classes
>controlled and enabled by a centralised nanny state

Movies based off of Brave New World seem to be better.


Yeah but the CCTV cameras, hatespeech/newspeak laws, and rampant propaganda all smack of 1984

1984. Brave New World was a guideline. 1984 was a warning

I've wondered why Fahrenheit 451 never gets mentioned.
Bradbury knew already what was going on, and predicted what's about to follow pretty well.


F451 in my opinion is a light version of 1984 where thought crimes are banned by banning books. but it doesn't go into the though of actually changing how people speak like is being done in real life (undocumented immigrants, refugees, no holocaust denial)

Our political class is too incompetent and our police too underfunded to create a totalitarian state.

BNW was implicitly totalitarian though, the Alpha Plusses ran everything - that was their Totalitarian ideology.

Agreed, Moshe
But for today north korea is an example of 1984, and most of the world is a mix of those.

Brave New World is more accurate.

The leaders are paternalistic. They drug the populace. Sex is pushed.

The populace is controlled by appealing to their base, primitive desires. Hedonism.

Anyone that prefers 1984, or feels that it's more accurate is an absolute brainlet.

Both are amazing books, but I enjoyed BNW more just because of how relevant it is and and illustrates a society that puts pleasure above morals.

This guy knew what was going to happen. Someone red pill me on Huxley.

Yes, but the puritanism of 1984 does resemble many commie shitholes.

>reading books
Why are there middle aged women on Cred Forums?

It's a matter of how you perceive the world, not the intelligence. 1984 is very accurate if you think about tv's watching you, ministry of truth etc. Really og's up to you if you choose the way of overindulgence or fear, they are both here, attacking you from all angles

>no need to ban books
in bnw they banned pretty much all books and had the govt step in to manipulate genetics and behavior to create a peaceful society
fucking retarded. read the book again. 1984 and BNW are nearly identical, describing ways a large governing body could control the masses in a greater way than what we've seen previously. the difference is the technology and methods used. 1984 is DRPK, BNW is US

In regards of prophetic books, this one it's really accurate.

"The most disquieting feature of the present situation,
however, is not the war but the peace. The white
world's inability to frame a constructive settlement,
the perpetuation of intestine hatreds, and the menace
of fresh white civil wars complicated by the spectre of
social revolution, evoke the dread thought that the
late war may be merely the first stage in a cycle of

In fact, so absorbed is the white world with its do-
mestic dissensions that it pays scant heed to racial
problems whose importance for the future of man-
kind far transcends the questions which engross its
attention to-day.

This relative indifference to the larger racial issues
has determined the writing of the present book. So
fundamental are these issues that a candid discussion
of them would seem to be timely and helpful."

Spot on isn't it.

I don't know if there is a word accurate enough to depict how we are controlled. They call it 'political correctness' which in itself is newspeak. There is nothing correct about how we police our own thoughts in order to avoid being singled out and ostracised.

The reason this world is becoming such a shithole, is because people don't read.

Correct answer is:
3/10 Brave New World
2/10 1984
2/10; Fahrenheit 451
2/10 We
1/10 Neuromancer

we are living in a mix of both of these

No it is you pretentious faggots that turned away from God and family.


No it's because people sit watching TV all day reacting to every little thing they see, priming their brains for more and more dopamine fixes.

It isn't turning away from God and family, it's not giving a shit about it because all that matters to people is being like TV and move characters, and not being left out of the next big thing.

God (the god of exoteric religion) is a tyrant, part of the problem we have today is the natural human instinct to recoil from the horrors seen in the bible and in history.

Family isn't cool, remaining in a constant state of teenage romantic infatuation (portrayed on TV) is what people want nowadays, along with cold hard instant sexual gratification.

I think Allan Watt mentioned in his interview on Infowars that the Huxleys were related to the Darwins if I remember corrrctly? How deep does this rabbit hole go?

No he didn't

A globalist agenda for a dumbed down domesticated society.

Both great reads, but comparing is apples and oranges

Personally like BNW better, I guess because I saw the 1984 movie before I read the book

I only read 1984, It's like a 15 year old level book, everyone should read it in 9th grade or something

And animal farm right after that

None of them. Stop reading fairy tales and read the word of God.

The real genius of 1984 is not in describing how the government will use technology to enslave us, but how they will use language. By eliminating words they eliminate the means to express thought, and eventually eliminate the original thoughts altogether through limiting the meaning of words. The example they give is that in newspeak they have the word "free" but only as in "the dog is free of lice" or "the yard is free of trash". The idea of freedom, the kind of free they talk about in the constitution or rights of man doesn't exist. Moreover if someone who only spoke newspeak were to read those things, they wouldn't understand what they were taking about.
The principles of newspeak really is the best part of 1984.

Well the Huxleys were also a family of naturalists, and Aldous was a member of a socialist think tank if I remember correctly. I'm no longer prone to conspiracy theorys like I was when I was younger, but he probably was aware of some social theories that led to his genius creation of BNW, he probably saw the primitive development happening in pre-war society, put pen to paper, and we are now seeing it's realisation, not to mention other civilizations going the same way (Rome, Babylon etc) before their decline, it would be prudent for think tanks to consider all the possibilities.

Yes, I think as the west continues to decline, things will get worse, and it may be that BNW has to naturally develop to keep us going, even if it's artificial and depends on everybody doing as they're told (at least at first).

There is reading, and then there is actually understanding it.


Cred Forums wishes it lived in BNW
Reddit wishes it lived in 1984

1984 is about nazis, BNW is about commies

I'm afraid that absorbing and processing that bullcrap has caused a short circuit in your brain and rendered you mentally ill. No one likes a smartass. It's as bad as (((meditation))) or apathy to be precise.

>reddit spacing

got any links for this? I'd love reading up on this possible connection

I like Brave New World the best, but not as literature. Leftists keep mistaking the dystopic government scheme to manage the sense-addicted as the "end result of capitalism!!!1!1", when it's clear as day in the plot that it's been engineered that way by elites to lull the population into oppression.

You have to be a very, very special kind of stupid to make that mistake; gold-standard pleb filter.

>very, very ' special ' kind of stupid


Anyone read The Circle by Dave Eggers?

Don't watch the movie.

Basically what if Google doesn't stop one day.
1984 for the 21st Century but with a friendly layer.
Ignore the blurb about female ambition, it isn't about >muh stronk womyn

free as in freedom is an abstract thought, pretty powerful, abstract thoughts are what western civilization is built upon.

What's scary - grab a book from 1918, read the words, how many are still in use?

Go back to 1818, how many are still in use? How many of these words would you hear in daily life?

In fact, read a page of a book from the 19th century, feel that struggle, how bored you feel, how much detail they went into about such little things as how someone is dressed, or a quirky personality trait.

Then watch 10 minutes of TV.

Or, turn on 1960s Star Trek, and compare it to the Trek of 2018.

Its happening, we are losing our intelligence, whether media is driving it, or is reacting to it I don't now.

Not really I thought maybe someone else had a link or some red pills.
You could watch this.


I have no idea what you are talking about, and what does pottery have to do with anything.

Do you not see, incorrect usage of words is another example of the growing western retardation

It's like Nero fiddling as Rome burned, and then saying "oh, this fire is terrible, the damned christians, kill them all, it's their fault"

Anyway, Croatia has no claim to the west, you're no better than a sand nigger now fuck off.

1984 + BNW = Protocols

Sorry, that was kind of harsh. hugs

Date of BNW: 1931
Date of 1984: 1944
31 + 44 = 1975
1975 was when Steve Jobs started working on computers

>names the Jews

>Steve Jobs' Apple Logo
>Apple bitten in logo
>Women today are heavily addicted to iphones and social media

both combined but really Brave New World is a shit book and lord knows why it's acclaimed. I think perhaps the only people that think it's so great have never read it and just go off what they've heard

>Not reading the inspiration for them both: We

Sounds like someone got too much alcohol in their birthing pool

The pigs are a metaphor for the Jews and the Bolshevik party (many of the bolshevik party's high ranking officials were Jews

yes, it happens, but that's quite normal. Because of the rapid advancement of technology in the last few decades we have many new words and some words have other meanings (like, for example, "to tweet"). But overall, agreed. Look at what the hip hop culture did to the English language, literally "we wuz" became if not a norm, then nobody bats an eye anymore. The simplificaton of the language also has something to do with English becoming the most popular language & many non-natives learning and using it.

>I'd choose the brave new world reality because in that one at least the strong can break out of the shell

And that is pretty much what you can still do today. We definitely live more in a BNW world than in 1984.. yet. We are constantly afraid that our system will turn into 1984 and we should be but at them moment we are still closer to BNW. Be a man, break free.

Based norsemen.

it was a good book but really hard to read because of the (purposefully) chaotic narrative by the main character. The thought of having your imaginaton removed is terrifying

But then Napoleon wouldn't be a pig would he?
>God (the god of exoteric religion) is a tyrant, part of the problem we have today is the natural human instinct to recoil from the horrors seen in the bible and in history.
Ironic, right?

Yes, recoiling from one tyrant, right into the arms of another.


Fucking terrifying how accurate this is.



He's related to Darwin's friend, Thomas Huxley.


Who can write about a wishlist and make it happen globally unless they're involved.

Most of these are portrayed as one choice excluding another but in reality they do not


brave new world. Orwell is either a retard or a false flagging jew. You can't control people with pain and fear, they'll naturally rebel.

Brave New World without a doubt. Huxley was as based as you can get.

1984 is honestly baby tier

Very different, both good reads, you'll go paranoid for a while after reading them though.

Good thread OP
I'm currently reading 1984, will read BNW when done

Wow, you don’t understand either books.

I thought people are controlled by information overload in the book, theyre is so much info available everyone is just distracted and doesnt give a shit about whats actually happening.

He didn’t name the jews, he was just calling the bolsheviks pigs. Sure most of them were jews but he wasn’t just calling them out.

Brave New World is a terrible read. Huxley was a terrible writer and his language is all clunky and goofy. Orwell is a much better writer.

1984 is more realistic as this sort of this sort of thing has happened in the past and is happening currently.

The parts of Brave New World that go to show future horrors are too contrived and simplistic. They seem more far fetched and not as insightful, despite things like anti-depressants and porn becoming ubiquitous in society.


1984 is about an authoritarian gov, either left or right. BNW is about getting people to love their servitude. Our society is a mix of both. Also Orwell and Huxley were insiders, these books are a blueprint, not a premonition.

rhinoceros is a good book, though it kinda talks bad about the nazi's.

1984 is better written, but BNW is still a fantastic book. BNW isn't even that far fetched, think about how we all grow up in different environments, that is where the base of your future is laid. If you have rich parents you are more likely to be successful compared to people born in challenging environments. There are exceptions but in the end you are what you were made to be.

One of the fewer ideas that Orwell gets right is the idea of newspeak, however the way it works feeds more into the control as described by Huxley

In BNW they have a literal race of servant retards, have flying cars that can go from NY to New Mexico in an hour or two, the people are disgusted by genuine emotion, etc

I don't see those things as relatable, they are like covers of Popular Science magazines from the 50s.
People are growing more and more emotional these days, the opposite of BNW, but very much like the parts in 1984 when they sit around and become enraged at pictures of the enemy during propaganda sessions, exactly like today with our media.
1984 is a state of constant war to control the population, exactly like today.
In BNW the people have incredible standards of living, in 1984 things are much worse. 1984 is again much more prophetic here.

BNW touches on the cheapening of intimate relationships, but does not do it in a meaningful way, where you would have to point to the past conservative behaviors and beliefs around family as correct. People that read BNW today can see that the cheapened intimacy is bad, but they will never make any connection to past conservative ideals around family and intimacy as positive things and will just go beat off to jew porn without thinking about the connection.

>race of servants
What is China and Africa (China will evolve to rule us in 250 years though, if we let it happen)

>cheap intimate values
Porn (I agree there, though porn has been around for a long time) constant devaluation of family life in the media, propaganda for the "non nuclear family" etc etc

>incredible living standards
Unless you're in a trailer or night noggin your way through life, your way of life is incredibly high.

>fying cars as transportation
You'd think aeroplanes would have been a great shock to most of the people living in the early 1900's

They are both reliable, they are not prophecy, but are a severe warning to us all. Unfortunately most people are too busy making selfies.

I think the world we are currently living in the United States is sort of a synthesis of the worlds envisioned in these two books.

I remember being asked a question during English class in high school regarding Brave New World:
In a hypothetical situation where you would have to choose between being born in either the present world or the World State as a random individual in a random class, which would you choose?

They are both equally good as each other and both Huxley and Orwell were insiders.

>Also Orwell and Huxley were insiders, these books are a blueprint, not a premonition.

I just noticed this comment of yours and you are correct.

Btw good thread Cred Forums, we made it past 100r without acting like niggers.

They’re both great, and anybody visiting this board with more than half a brain realizes that both are being used to crush political dissidence.

It perfectly describes normies and “degenerate” behavior for a lack of a better word. Their total lack of interest and complacency with bread and games going on,

On the other hand we have all the cia and nsa nigger spooks spying on everyone and their mother, actively crushing dissidence and whistleblowers. Media double speak and lies and propaganda shoved down every bodies throat.

Showed this thread to my gf who is a fan of 1984 but has never read BNW. She's left-leaning and asked me why exactly sexual promiscuity is morally wrong. For some reason my brain feels fried today, can anyone help?


They're both amateur hour.

People tend to gloss over how the world in BNW came to be, there's references to commie terrorists using chemical bombs on people visiting museums because old = bad. The natives in the reservation also get gassed every time they rebel. Christian churches are all destroyed. The world controllers also condition babies to fear books by shocking them when a book is put in their room. And everyone is addicted to drugs to calm them down.

1984 is for the Europeans.
BNW is for the Americans.

This slide is accurate. The most terrifying thing about all this is that the West now exists as a sickening amalgamation of the two dystopic visions. Orwell's vision is seen with the deep state, while Huxley's vision is realized through media manipulation, mass marketing, and rampant and frivolous consumerism. It's the worst of both worlds and no one gives a shit.

So now you all know what to read next...

>dictator's handbook

See you in 2 weeks.

Two reasons.

First - a stable nuclear family is a building cell of any successfull society because only in nuclear family a child can get all needed behavioral patterns to function.

Second - promiscuity is immediate satisfaction instead of long-term benefit, which leads to social irresponsibility, which in turn, destroys society.

I won't get into too lengthy conversations but briefly,

>The teleological end of sex is reproduction. Any sexual act done without the openness and readiness to accept a potential pregnancy is contrary to our own nature and nature itself.
>Sexual Degeneracy is directly correlated to unstable and unhappy relationsships/marriages. This in turn results in divorce and/or divided houses, which in turn deeply damages families (particularly children), which in turn sees drastic increases in crime, poverty, mental illness, emotional instability, etc.
>Sexual promiscuity is inherently selfish at the expense of another persons potential well-being. Well-ordered and proper love, with an understanding of the teleological end of sex, is the most beautiful thing in the world--because the act is a mutual act of selflessness. Two people in true love are giving their literal bodies to each other. Those who just want to fuck are doing so for entirely selfish reasons and thus are dehumanizing, not only themselves, but particularly the other person.

Also, AIDS.

If she doesn't understand she might not be the one. Don't expect her to be able to be.

Also gj on getting (u)

because it sucks as literature and only Americans like it

The superior dystopian novels are We and Lord of the World anyways.

Most dystopian novels suck as literature because they're nothing but set pieces in a sightseeing tour.

is an exception.

fpbp came here for this jpg