Do people really belive this? like... all mexicans are like that?

do people really belive this? like... all mexicans are like that?

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Yes, all Mexicans are killers & rapists.
All of them.

The ones coming here illegally are

> #NotAll
Fuck off

Wtf I rape now

100% of all mexicans, living or dead, have been rapists and murderers. No exceptions.

No, but probably just enough to be worried about it

lets go murder and rape morritas, in that order

Many. Liberals think all Mexicans are dimwitted 50 year old Guillermo's from Kimmel or 90 year old abuelita Cunt-sway-lo cleaning ladies who make Mexican food for rich white people.

Lots of the dudes in the ghetto are just as bad as niggers.

"Some I assume are good people"

Don't believe the #FAKENEWS

If you pay attention to context, that's not what he said. He was referring to criminals. Saged slide thread.

how's med school going?

nah but most of them are shady as fuck.
t.worked in Cancun

Ey compadre Cartels control 46% of your country so yeah...pendejo.

>nah but most of them are shady as fuck.
>t.worked in Cancun

I do understand your experience

fucking cancun scammers with overpriced items

HEY! don't call me pendejo! I am not made out of stone! I have FEELINGS! calling me like that was way out of the line, pal!

That's not the full quote, frijolero

The problem is that America gets what you guys call “Chusma”. We don’t get the educated social contributors but instead we get the ghetto people you don’t want in your country

As a people they are incredibly violent and without fear. The full Aztecs especially. Been to Mexico City many times and the police presence in the city is unimaginable. Walls of cops line streets sometimes. They're in full battle gear. Armored trucks throughout the city. And that's just another day in Ciudad de Mexico. Hola!
Even with all that the city is pretty dangerous.

No seas mamon.
Mandame los links de las putimorritas oh legalice alas de 17


Mexicans are shit people with no civic duty who use positions of authority to extort their own people. Enjoy your mordida.

i believe all burgers are fat and stupid. there's nothing wrong with stereotypes.

I understand the feeling

I am mexican and I hate (((some))) other mexicans

I am sorry that you are only meeting the worst of our country. But let me tell you that I have met many wonderful people here in Mexico, that make up for the lack of "normal social behaviour" of the other mexicans.

The mexican problem is not about class, culture, social economic level or anything like that. The current problem is the anti-social behavior that is not being attacked;

people with loud music, not wanting to learn language, not being clean, etc.

I've watched enough bestgore to know Mexicans are the most violent. Even Jihadis don't go to the extent Mexicans do

FPBP also OP fucks his mom

A lot of father/daughter cp is Mexican too

Lets be honest desu, your country is literally half owned by the cartels and everyone pretends the rest of the world doesnt know it.

stay in your country mexishits. make sure you pay your weekly fee to surenos.

I'm actually afraid to tell you who owns america.

oy vey?

The ones that come here are for sure

As a mexican who became a legal citizen I can say that I'm glad I left that shithole because not only is it full of rapists and corruption. The cartels who run the show are on the same level as isis. Only reason I go back is to see how family is doing

do people believe the truth... i sure hope so

Rest of speech..." some are good people." Fuck you OP.

>all mexicans are like that
I mean some, I assume are good people.

Sounds like what every race does to each other...In one way or another YOU are being played. No escape, have a nice shit posting day.

Considering that your drug war actually kills 20k people at year... yes, it's credible
Also, wtf is pic related?


Congratulations on a lucky escape. On my last business trip to Mexico, a cabbie in Mexico City complained nonstop that he'd been happily illegal in the U.S. for ten years but then after the election, he'd thought it best to do what they call self-deport.
Yay Trump!!!
He hates being back there though it's his country. Even Mexicans hate Mexico.


Instead of telling us how to think, look at your own communities and ask yourself why people think that way. Then, work on fixing that. White people have tried to atone for colonialism, but don't mistake atonement for weakness.

i do not believe, it is a statistical fact

If all Mexicans aren't like that then why do Mexicans need to flee Mexico?

In this place? Truth is everywhere. Pick a post, any post.

It depends on what kind of "mexicans" you're exposed to.
One disagrees because he's thinking of his mexican friends he knows from college.
The other agrees because he's thinking of the stereotypical obnoxious mexican with 8 kids in Cali


No. Some Mexicans are the mothers and girlfriends of rapists

Economics, US dollar is worth more than peso. Canada, too far, and their dollar is shit.

True I saw a cp where the mother was holding the daughter for the father to rape

There are a lot of criminals that cross the border into USA from Mexico. In fact a crazy high percentage of women who cross the border illegally end up getting raped along the way. That is who trump was referring to. This picture doesn't even quote him properly.... imagine if you were a criminal in USA and wanted to escape the Feds coming after you. What would you do? Head south and cross the border!

I have never bribed a white person.

Yes even the mexicans in columbia and el salvador and the ones in the middle east.

of course not.

My own experience being an immigrant in Japan revealed that most people that voluntarily leave their country of origin are usually, at the very least, immoral or degenerate weirdos. Many are criminals. I am so happy I came back to the US.

A lot of Mexicans are bros.

Yes you have, its called Taxes. You think all that money goes to help your fellow citizen? hahahahaha keep kidding yourself.

You forgot drug dealing.

Anyways, they won't be allowed to carry themselves the way they have been, for much longer. The violence, rape, drugs, are spiraling more and more out of control all the time. It will eventually reach a breaking point where they either establish full blown fascism to fix everything, or they get fully blown up. Either would make the world a better place.

Literally nobody believes that all Mexicans are like that.

Dios mio...

>Mexico ranks the most obese country in the world in adult obesity (as of 2013), and first for childhood obesity with about 4.5 million children diagnosed as such. Mexico passed the United States as the most obese country in the world

No, that's always been about the cartels. You know, the cannibalistic torture fetishists who rule the northern half of your country and survive by smuggling drugs across our border.

All of them are
Nice try rapist
Not lots of dudes. All Mexicans male and female either rape or murder. Proven fact.

Your entire nation is a by-product of spanish conquest and rape. Before that you killed people in blood sacrifice in the tens of thousands to consecrate shit after you raped and plundered the said city state in question. This isn't even going into the fact that you've had multiple "revolutions", which simply acted as a pretense for you kill and rape each other.

You are, without a doubt, a nation of theives, murderers, tyrants, rapists and drug pushers.

Only took 19 Muslim's to change America forever.

Mexicans fucking hate white people


You just described the current state of every nation on this planet you idiot.

Aztec blood. Don't want it here. Tainted spirits.

yes, mexico you are a disgrace. just look at california or texas under gringo control and now look at tijuana or juarez.

gringos won that land in battle and made it prosper now you are crying and want it back so you can transform it into a narco state.

canada and USA doesnt need a wall, you on the other hand you need to be caged.

You are equating bribery with taxation? Are you fucking retarded?

Mexico is a disgrace of a country