Jew here

Jew here,
Red pill me on my people

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Just like everyone else, except brain damaged from circumcision trauma

most intelligent and the dominant race on earth desu

can confirm

what are asians though?

better than whitey thats for sure

Very smart

very physically weak

ugly on average

You guys suck. I'll be lmaoing @ you niggers when we're gassing you all.

whos we?

Just read "Mein Kampf".

Palestinian Diaspora here. When we retake Palestine back and kick you Jews out... Do you think me building a hobbit home near the sea of Galilee would be as max /comfy/ as I think it will be?

mj knee about the JQ

Do you fear the king of pop?

Any cure for the last two?

You lack insight into the emotional life of the goyim and their reactions to your actions surprise and distress you.

This. As a clan, they mastered human psychology early on and used it to position the clan in it's current dominant position. This is why so much of the world dislikes them. People don't like getting out foxed. No one likes getting mind fucked all the time.

Educate yourself

>playlist links

The Rothschilds claim that they are Jewish, when in fact they are Khazars. They are from a country called Khazaria, which occupied the land locked between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea which is now predominantly occupied by Georgia. The reason the Rothschilds claim to be Jewish is that the Khazars under the instruction of the King, converted to the Jewish faith in 740 A.D., but of course that did not include converting their Asiatic Mongolian genes to the genes of the Jewish people.

finnish genes rule the world

So like...burgers then?

Your people are the most disgusting abomination to have ever walked this earth. and you should all kill yourselves to make the world a better place.just stick yourself in the oven. do a flip faggot jew !!

>JIDF using Finnish proxies






Less intelligent than Unitarians, Quakers and Episcopalians yet somehow run everything.

marriage is the hands of rabbis so that's why
Porn illegal? What?
Feminism and diversity, trust me we have our share of brainlets..
Wall - yeah
Paying african ilegals*** to leave. And the lefties want them here because >we are the nazis now

From my backpacking days I found that ashkenazi/mizrahi (especially Moroccan) mixed gals to be the hottest and slutiest of all Israeli jewesses. Miss them.

Nomadic group of people who try to subvert the native population everywhere they go. This is why they've been kicked out of every nation they've ever inhabited.

Well jews keep subverting and trying to destroy the countries in which they reside so people begin to resent them. Most of the leadership of the communist rebellion in Germany in 1918 were Jewish. They started it right after it looked like Germany would win. With the end of the Kaiserschlacht the allies tenuous position was even worse. The only thing that could change it was the threat of a communist take over. Many Jewish elites and Jewish industrial moguls helped to create the treaty of Versailles which only further decimated and ruined the German people. The Jews were behind the Russian revolution as well and their regime killed at least 50 million in Russia. That figure excludes the 20,000,000 Russian soldiers sent to their deaths in the Second World War. The Jew always subverts his host country and causes massive suffering a death. That is why you are resented.


USS Liberty, 9/11, Boston bombing, LV, Newtown, Florida, hawaii missile.
Jews are the number1 terrorist organisation in the USA.
Ban the assault Jews, deport them to their homeland.


Those are fake


Your proof that they are fake?


Do you want the truth or Cred Forumss truth?

Google kike

Question: "Why did Jesus rebuke the scribes and Pharisees so harshly in Matthew 23:13–36?"

Answer: In Matthew 23 Jesus pronounces “woes” on the scribes and Pharisees, the religious elite of the day. The word woe is an exclamation of grief, denunciation, or distress. This was not the first time Jesus had some harsh words for the religious leaders of His day. Why did Jesus rebuke them so harshly here? Looking at each woe gives some insight.

Before pronouncing the woes, Jesus told His listeners to respect the scribes and Pharisees due to their position of authority but not to emulate them, “for they do not practice what they preach. They tie up heavy, cumbersome loads and put them on other people’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them. Everything they do is done for people to see” (Matthew 23:3–5). The scribes and Pharisees were supposed to know God and help others know Him and follow His ways. Instead, the religious leaders added to God’s Law, making it a cumbersome and onerous burden. And they did not follow God with a pure heart. Their religion was not true worship of God; rather, it was rooted in a prideful heart. Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount emphasizes the true intent of the Law over the letter of the Law. The scribes and Pharisees emphasized the letter, completely missing its spirit.

They are based off a book where the author estimated iqs, he never conducted tests or visited most of the countries for that matter

There is only the truth. If it is not true then it is a lie.



In group preference, high intelligence, extreme frugality, lack of compassion for out of group individuals, all leads to being labeled a subversive force in society.


Ah. But it is still true that the average iq in Africa is in the high 60s. Also don’t trust Chinese stats on Chinese iq. They only count the best in their country instead of all of those who inhabit it.

mix with the goy

Even the Indian stats are fake , it's just a circle jerk as their testing methodology was quite inconsistent too

Burgers do catch on quick dont you.
My post implies Cred Forumss truth is just propaganda

Let you kazhar milker goddesses be impregnated by white goym. It will improve their genes

physically weak? Im jewish and most of the people I know are 6 feet tall with a good chin, I think jews are at a much higher risk for being prone to bugman consumerism however.

Truth is a Jewish invention

The jewish people are literally demons. Been thinking about it recently. They killed the son of god, then got to write the historic tales about it. Used their murder and twisted facts to create a weaker religion that they then used to subjugate and destroy stronger cultures all throughout history. Now they use their influence to corrupt and rape our youth.


They refuse to integrate and become the authors or their own destiny when people hate them. Also many will integrate I find that the big issues with the Jewish community tend to be coastal in the US but the ones who do not integrate are a constant source of division. As in if they get involved in a somewhat homogenized area/culture they favor their own and teach the young to exploit the idea that they are minorities rather then see themselves as part of the group.

Essentially you create your own golem assholes stop it.

Pol is a collection of people not just one hive mind. There will be disinformation and things that are wrong. But if you could say what pol’s truth is in a very broad sense it would be that if the Jews are involved it is not good.


We rule more than half of the world but we choose to destroy it instead of leading it properly. As for individuals, we might not look like it but we're extremely inbred. Our high intelligence comes at the cost of mental health - schizophrenia, paranoia, cognitive dissonance and many, many more diseases. This is the reason why we suffer and why we spread our suffering across the world. I find myself subverting, dividing and turning people against each other without even realizing it. Our lives are a curse that we will forever be hated for until the very last Jew falls dead in a gas chamber.

Jude in Israel will be minority in no time. What do jews think about that and how will you fix that?


no need to tell me, goy chicks are hot
Is it something in our genes or something else?

ok Jimmy, /x/ is that way

Hitlers camps were for finding that out, and he is right about most of time the /x guy according to you

>Let you kazhar milker goddesses be impregnated by white goym. It will improve their genes
I didn't ask about improving goy genes.

As a white presenting jewish person, we jews need to make an effort to purge our khazar bloodline from the 80 iq semites larping as jewish.
Everytime I see a curly haired brown eye shitskin jew I get very angry inside when I think about these semites ruining our ashkenazi iq.
If youre an arab rape babby and have dark skin, and or brown eyes/ curly hair and call yourself jewish, please just sudoku or convert to islam and do us intelligent jews a favor.

Schumer, Feinstein, Wasserman-Schultz, and Soros are trying to either kill you or bankrupt you.

I’m not sure why you do it. There was a lot of inbreeding in Jewish communities because everyone hated them, so they had a very limited gene pool. Not to mention the mental trauma of cutting off the skin of an infant’s penis. Why would you do that. Why is that part of your religion. Why to you export it to other cultures. I resent my parents for circumcising me. Why is it that communist regimes are always jewish. I don’t know why you do what you do but it Has killed so many. And now the Jewish machine in Hollywood spreads degeneracy all over the world. I don’t know the endgame and I don’t know why but I hate what is happening

They had possibly the longest head start in global trade because of their world position second only to the Egyptians who had to dominate through slavery because of nogs.

They were positioned in between Europe, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and China.

The Jews never had very large numbers because of their avoidance of aggression between them and their neighboring far more dangerous civilizations.

The Jews are hoarders and slavers but possibly the best book learners in the world. There knowledge retention always gets them important roles in any field of higher learning. The hoarding and slavery always bite them in the ass

>marriage is the hands of rabbis so that's why
That's like saying marriage is in the hands of catholic priests, that's why.

And the point of African immigrants is that Jews lobby hard for it in Murica and Europe while doing the exact opposit in Israel. But Mike and Halsey discussed that on Warski already.

>very physically weak

If you do not have blue eyes or at least green/ hazel eyes, you are not white, and youre certainly not jewish.
I hope israel sterilizes every sephardi and mizrahi shitskin

cutting dick makes you transgender

Yeah well, they fit your ethnicity quite well, you're a fellow semite after all

> Cred Forumss truth

#openboarders for israel

So you say

I make a concious effort every day to not subvert normal people but its fun when im in uni and I turn leftists against each other

You need to get woke son. You know the real jews were black. How do you think they survived in the desert for 40 years? Your pasty ass would have died from skin cancer.

I think John Milius, Leonard Cohen, Oliver Stone, Stanley Kubrick, Captain Kirk are pretty cool. Not sure about Mike and Kirk Douglas, but they certainly were good role models in their movies.

The distance from Cairo to Jerusalem is 263 miles or 400 some odd kilometers. How do you get lost for 40 years on such a short journey?

>cherry picking

Even if some films may be considered good or non-subversive the truth is that 99% of the trash exported from Hollywood is degenerate shit. Even some good actors are just the tools of the Jew.

Moses did it on purpose so his people had time to shake off the slave morality. Also the commandments are an instruction set for how to have people get along without killing each other. How do you think that came about if not for the 40 years of jews fucking with each other that preceded it.



I'd agree on that but only for about the last ten years or so. The Jews at Holly Wood used to do some great stuff, but the good Jews are pariahs there as well, so...


circumcision is a leftover from older times and existed in all cultures that lived in deserts. Started with other culture before jews came to the scene.
Inbreeding is a problem with muslims more so. Only jews who sort of have that are the religious ones in their small pocket society. So the ones hated all over the world were those who mingled and strayed from the faith
In order to not cause problems with the religous population marriage is not taken from the Rabanut. Most people want a seperation of 'church' and state.

About immigrants you must understand these are not the same jews, right? In israel the majority is right wing and redpilled hard while in the states, you get the 'intellectual" soyboy

As a fellow jew i must say we must be taken accountable for our oppressive influence and step aside to let the marginalized have a voice. Our time in history is over.

Easter is coming! As a christian i'm ecstatic as it is a time to celebrate our people and religion! :D

Because it never happened. Why do you believe it. The first half of your Christian religion is just the Jewish holy text. You worship a Jew.
I won’t even get into the the highly unlikely existence of god with you. Just that your religion is cucked

Everything had to evolve from something user.

but if were assuming that jews are a standard deviation smarter than whites, that means that when we start getting into highest iqs every recorded, more than half those people are going to be jewish. Look up a list of the highest iqs in the world, and like 30-40% of the list are jews like bobby fischer and judit polgar.
Its the same reason why even though blacks only have an iq 15 points lower, they are never represented in academia or any fields of excellence because the odds of them having an iq above 120 are near impossible.

Jews are pariahs for a reason. They constantly subvert and destroy. They aren’t have been universally hated in every country and culture that hosts them. The problem does not lie with 99% of the world. It lies with the Jew.

Halsey tried to pull the same stick and both of you know that it isn't true. At least not that often. See:

I love how whenever jews are mentioned every jew on Cred Forums comes out of the woodwork. Goes to show how paranoid jews are when half the traffic on Cred Forums is probably paranoid jews shilling

I was talking about Jews like John Milius and Captain Kirk in Jewish owned and run Holly Wood

misha nonoo is a qt

Mix with niggers to gain strength
They're dumb as fuck, but they've got the muscles to work in the fields

They are the people that manage to get banned from flights the most, from what I have heard.

Not gonna lie: I fapped to Natalie Portman once when I was a teenager.

t. 56%

for some reason allowed to have an ethnostate.

Says here: holocaust. Says there: Rothschilds. And there: (((USA)))

Why are so many Jew coming out of the woodwork to protest the proposed ban on circumcision in Iceland? Why do jews still to this day removed the cut skin with their mouth? Even if jews not don’t have as much of an inbreeding problem now it is only because in recent times they have they subverted and guilted enough to make breeding with the Jew seem a noble task. You still have many many generations of inbreeding in your blood. Jews produce the negro culture in American which glorifies and promoted the ghetto slum degenerate lifestyle.

you just KNOW

A Jew is a Jew no matter that they say or how they act.

Pretty hot, but I think (((Eva Green))) is perfect

Sometimes, but not all.

Your people are a proud and noble people who have lived in the tunnels of the earth since ancient time. You have expert miners and craftsman produce exquisite items of the finest gold, silver,gems, and Mithril.

Oh wait that's Dwarves, you're a Jew you steal everything and cheat everyone even your fellow Jews. If it wasn't for your ability to seem pathetic and harmless your people would have been wiped out long ago.

Really makes you think

So a dark elf/ halfling hybrid?

If you trust an actor to be what they say they are you will get burned. Also are you a German or someone who’s using a proxy. I went in an exchange to Germany some time ago. It was really beautiful, I was in Rheinland-Pfalz. My group had a game where we’d see how many nigs we saw during the whole trip. It was 42. I did see countless Turks and Africans I’m larger cities but I don’t think Germany is lost.


The "jews" that control earth are a mix of nasty European money magicians that formed an international thievery system by lending money to competing nations.
It become so much of a problem in 800-900 era that they were FORCED to choose an abrahamic religion for their people so they couldn't use black magic and be an unidentifiable criminal cabal.

The opposite occurred, forcing the money lenders to unite under Judaism gave them a religious scape goat for practices not based in anything holy.

They used their new identity to swindle their way back into every country and by 1750 or so they had essentially global financial control.

Ritual sacrifice, usury, disgenic attack, third world immigration, slavery, monopolies, assassination of royalty.

John Milius, Leonard Cohen, Oliver Stone and Ephraim Kishon are not actors though. And Captain Kirk pulled his Vavra on twitter. And what's more Henry Kissing said: "At the end of the war, I never thought that the time for revenge had come now. Just like it had been wrong by the Nazis to see Jews as a category, it would have been wrong to see the Germans as a category."

Not a footfag at all, Noseberg