Why do they think this is a winning issue again?

>1994: run on gun control, get curbstomped in the midterm elections
>1994-2018: continue pushing gun control but outside of CA and NY can't get a Democrat elected dog catcher
>whine and cry about the NRA and their enormous bloc of single issue voters and yet continue pushing gun controls
>some jackass shoots up a grade school in CT
>push gun control OVER 9000 because this must be it!
>literally can't get a single thing done outside of some EO's because THE VOTERS DON'T WANT GUN CONTROL
>Trump gets elected in no small part due to stance on strong gun rights
>some douchebag shoots up another school
>MUH GUN CONTROL on every social media platform and news outlet 24/7

Don't these dumbshits realize that pushing gun control only increases pro-gun voter participation through the roof? FFS, lots of gun control groups are broke because nobody sends them money but Sorsos, and yet the NRA has a huge war chest because millions of individual voters send them money to fund the defense of their rights. And yet they still push on. What gives?

Never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake.
There is nothing "sensible" about this new round of regulation. Chicago had and will continue to be the shining example of "gun control" that the left so desperately desire, and nothing else needs to be said.

Trump will sell us out on gun control because he is a brainlet without principles who only remembers what the last person he talked to said.

I doubt it. Trump knows his base, and knows that going soft on gun rights is electoral suicide.

Ok, keep feeling like your rights are safe if it makes you happy.

I never feel like my rights are safe and pay close attention to gun politics, like many gun rights voters do.

To clarify: I doubt Trump is going to flip-flop on gun rights, but if he does, I'll happily stay home next election.

My rights are never safe, but Trump will by be the one to take them away because he knows who his bread and butter voters are.

More guns but fewer owners than 1994... If the next generation doesn't want to get a drivers license why would they buy a gun?

What gets me is how they frame the NRA as the lobying arm of gun manufacturers. I guess its typical dem pandering to their ill informed base. The NRA went through a period when there funding was way doen because they were not hardcore enough. A lot of people switched to Gun Owners of America which was responsible for pushing the NRA back to hardcore no infringement. Now, i want my fucking cake back.

That stat has been debunked. Gallup has shown more owners and lowest support for gun control in history in 2016 and 2017.

Because polls in 2016 are so accurate.

>More guns but fewer owners than 1994
lol keep telling yourself that. The reality is that the amount of people dumb enough to admit to a pollster that they own guns is smaller than it was in good ol' government trusting 1994.

But keep fucking that chicken, my flaghiding faggot friend!

Truthfully, I'd pay to see Trump tweet out "The second amendment was a mistake." Nothing done about it, no further mention of it, if he's asked to elaborate, he deflects to Hillary. Liberals lose their mind because they're forced to either agree with Trump or betray their beliefs, conservatives lose their minds because they're forced to disagree with Trump or agree that guns were a mistake, and I get to sit back and watch the shitstorm online with a bag of popcorn. Everyone wins.

let the retarded demoshits run on this losing platform

>fewer owners
literally 200 million americans

fuck off kike

>But Soros
Bloomberg is the heavy hitter when it comes to Fun Control groups. He says the NRA has omnipotent power, yet he's worth more than the entire annual budget of the NRA.
Plus, fuck the NRA and their compromises. Gun Owners of America is the only no compromise gun advocacy group, and that's why if you want to join one, they're the guys to put your money on.

>muh GOA
I know, I know. You're right. But the NRA has the advantage of huge numbers. The answer is to be a member of both.

I dropped my membership with the NRA when they agreed with the push on bump stock bans. That's not standing up for the 2A. That's a sell out move, and I won't give my money to them.

Eh, I'm a life member of the NRA since 93 so I'm not going to leave just yet. But yeah, after that I have one foot out the door.

NARAL and the ACLU showed us the way - you don't win by compromising.

Anyone else out there that can shine a light on the Liberal mindset?

This is true. The liberal kikes never compromise on ANYTHING, be in immigration, gun control, tax hikes, etc. It's one reason they're so effective in ramming their policies down our throats. Because they don't compromise at all, and neither should we.

If this is a false flag it's working perfectly