Is Vegeta our guy?

Is strength what matters most?

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>angry manlet

Vegeta and Goku are immigrants and Bulma and Chichi are roasties. The show promotes racemixing with extraterrestrial monkeys and planting the idea that racemixing produceses offspring that have superior genes. DO NOT WATCH

>the half-breeds are all soyboys while purebred saiyans are alpha and train to get stronger

absolutely disgusting
their voices in any dub are so shit it makes me puke

I'm fine with Vegeta's Jap voice, but outside of that Frieza and Black (probably Zamasu too) are the only big improvements over the dub

They've gotten better in Kai/Super desu.

Prince of ALL Saiyans and a GOD?

Nice going OP. You posted the dubbed version instead of the subbed version. Now get out.

Can you fucking put subs next time thanks

Their jap voices are way too high for me to take seriously.

only people who say sub > dub for dbz are trying too hard. vegeta constantly overestimates his strength and nearly wiped out earth two times because of it. I blame writers for always having to make goku save the day and making vegeta retarded and weak so goku looks better.

It's even worse
>Half-breed is the one with highest potential
>As a teenager he outpaces both his father and the price of the pure breeds
>Because his father is either dead or training is basically raised by single mother
>Because of her he follows the way of the soy

Female superhero? Thanks for sparing me this crap.

I'll stick with true patrician's action-adventure anime, Hunter X Hunter, JoJo, Yu Yu Hakusho. The Dragon Ball universe can remain as a warm memory.

>I'll stick with true patrician's action-adventure anime, Hunter X Hunter, JoJo, Yu Yu Hakusho. The Dragon Ball universe can remain as a warm memory.
My sides

>women in DB
>blue hair
>weak storylines to appease soyboy sensitivities
>completely OP to the point of hilarity

Why do they do this? Why did they make pure breeds somehow weaker because muh (((human))) emotion is powerful XD?

Stop watching anime.

but goku is better than vegetable
gohan never wanted to fight, he only trained because the world was in danger

Come at me bro.

Oh boy, DB thread. Here, I made dis

Kek, always gets me when Cred Forums vocabulary is applied to random shit

>angry manlet (as mentioned)
>inferiority complex
>ultimately inferior to that which he hates

Only difference is Vegeta was man enough to admit his inferiority, Cred Forums shies away from that. They're like Vegeta before he ever grew as a character.

>the half-breeds are all soyboys
The fuck did you say faggot

>gohan never wanted to fight
After picolo arc he did, he was constantly sneaking to train, but he wanted to be a good sone more, so after cell, when goku died he wanted to fulfil his mothers wish and become a scholar



>Watching Olympics with Mom, because MUH BONDING WITH SON
>Gay commentator
>I tell her that he's a soyboy
>She turns and tells me no
>She says he drinks almond milk
My sides



Dropped it on the first episode of Diamond is Unbreakable, it's fucking hideous and the new MC is a soyboy cuck

goku is stronger but I wish vegeta would've gotten his time in the sun besides getting his ass kicked all the time to whatever enemy to make the threat more imposing. he's supposed to be goku's rival but he never gets a chance.

But Cred Forums or White Nationalism is growing you sandal wearing nigger. You are the one who cannot stand the sight that one day most people won't even be on here.

You sad fuck.

>Dragon Ball

Trunks is a fucking soyboy and only women like him.

>pol is a manlet with anger issues lmao


Goku is literally voiced by an old woman. GAYYYY