Why do poor uneducated white males vote for Republicans when it against their own interests...

Why do poor uneducated white males vote for Republicans when it against their own interests? Why do they act like one day they will become rich?

In fact, why do so many Americans actually believe they are going to be rich one day? What is with this illusion?

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It's the collective psychosis of the American Revolution. The Declaration of Independence was the most effective piece of propaganda ever devised.

they fell for the capitalism meme and most of them are very young here. They didn't learn their lesson yet. Its no wonder late millenials and gen z's are becoming increasingly socialist. Boomers ruined our lifes and they benefitted from capitalism and planted the meme into our heads. Ironically they are also responsible for the downfall of the same system that made them rich.


Because they believe in something bigger than themselves?



Looks like you used the wrong pic for your 11,000th posting of this thread OP

Why do pseudo-intellectual liberals insist on implying that the only reason someone would vote Republican is from a desire to be wealthy; is it merely projection?

>poor uneducated white males

Stopping the mass migaration of low skilled labourers is in their interest though.

More illegals to undercut their wages is not in their interests. Republicans lowered their taxes by 2-3% and doubled the Standard Deduction.

Sage, the "not in their own interests" buzzline is always a slide thread.

white women looooooooooooove bbc
why is this

Most Americans will get a few hundred dollars at most though. While at the same time millions of Americans are fucked because the 10k cap with property taxes. Not everybody lives in the bumfuck of nowhere in Mississippi where property taxes are 500 dollars a year.

Meanwhile at the same time, millionaires and billionaires are getting hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions of dollars in tax breaks.

Also you have to be a fucking retard if you work a job where illegal immigrants threaten your job security. How about you get a real job?

So... what's going on in this picture?

Yes yes it fucking is.
Also white women are overrated and shitty.

i also dont understand that the Republicans freed the slaves, the democrats did their utmost to deny blacks to vote while republicans went out of their way to fight for their right to vote.
Now suddenly democrats are the happy diverse bunch and the republicans are the racists.

Why is OP such a faggot

because the Democratic party is out to screw them even more through political correctness and mass migration.

Things will change soon. Boom.

>How about you get a real job?

IQ bell curve applies to whites as well so not every one of them can get a real job, but they're still smart enough to vote in line with their own interest.

Democrats take the marxist approach now long term, so they can have their slaves back.

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American culture in a pic

The first Democrat that's pro second amendment would probably be the antichrist with all the support they'd receive.
A lot of people aren't too keen on that whole baby slaughter thing though so there's that as well.

itt: shills talking to /leftypol/
>in all fields

>paying more money in taxes to fund my demographic displacement is in my interest

Yeah. Vote for the party that is anti-white, anti-male and pro-immigrant. That'll help white men for sure.

>republicans care about me
>democrats who happen to be run by whites are anti white

You really are retarded aren't you? I swear GOP pays shills to shill their party on this board. It has been getting worse ever since Trump.

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you must as well be posting pictures of the garbage man taking out the trash, because that's what it is

I voted against hilary cause I can't stand that cunt.


It is called evolution and natural selection.

Poorfag here. In what way does the left serve my interests? No no I don't care about what they say, I only care about what they actually do. Flooding my country with muslims hasn't made my life better in any way.

You're right, they should vote for the party that will hike their taxes in order to pay for welfare for kangz and illegals. That will surely make them """rich"""

Because the democrats openly detest white males. Why would white males vote for a party which claims to hate them?

>Why do poor uneducated white males vote for Republicans when it against their own interests

Why do liberals believe this retarded nonsense? The sole purpose of the left wing parties in all western countries is to destroy those countries. So why would voting for them be for the own interests? There isn't a single issue that the democrats have that would benefit white people. In fact virtually all of the democratic platforms are anti white and anti male. The reason why white males vote for the Republican party is because they are the only party that has there interests in mind.

Because the dems want our guns, when the poor don't have guns, we have nothing.

>It is called evolution and natural selection.
it's not a coincidence that most garbage collectors are black

Quick reminder the american dream died decades ago and there is more social and economic mobility in Canada and Latin America.

Poor Americans are fucked because of a culture that exists to lie to them and ensure they remain right where those who benefited from the culture originally want them. The fact they believe all the shit that's peddled to them because they prefer the idea that they have some hope in the current system instead of accepting that it's totally fucked doesn't help.

Give me one good reason that a white male should vote Democrat?

If they are a homosexual or tranny. Those are the only cocksuckers that vote democrat.