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>Latest interviews with Assad

>Live MAPS

>Fan maps

>E Ghouta Feb 18
>Afrin Feb 17
>Idlib Feb 14
>Random Feb 12
>DeZ-Bukamal Feb12
>Yemen Jan 31

Devs Feb 19
>Turkish backed rebels are on the verge of capturing the strategic town of Rajou in NW Afrin
>Damascus; Rebels fire mortar shells, missiles into residential areas of Dhahiyat Al-Assad, Bab Touma and Bab Al-Salam
>SyAf launch large scale airstrikes across rebel areas of E Damascus in towns of Shifounyah, Douma, Hamouriyah, Sakba and Masraba
>Russia demands immediate withdrawal of US forces at Tanf Military Base
>Turkish FM warns ‘nothing can stop us’ if Syrian gov’t forces aid YPG in Afrin
>Syrian troops gather in northern Aleppo, YPG official denies agreement with Damascus
>Heavy shelling by Turkish artillery in towns of Harbul, Maryamin, Sheikh Issa, Tal Riffat and Tarandah, possibly to deter SAA
>Buses filled with Kurdish YPG volunteers from Sheikh Maqsoud District of Aleppo reportedly enter Afrin region
>Lavrov condemns Iran’s remarks about wiping Israel off the map
>Kirkuk; PMU starts campaign to clear IS sleeper cells that are currently active in the Hawija District
>ISIS kills at least 25 militiamen near Kirkuk in ambush


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Death to maghrebois, of course.


First time I agree with the kike

Death to erdogan

This, to be quite honest.

Friendship with TURK is over
Now KURD is my best friend


>Khalifa Haftar asked #Russia to set up a military base in eastern #Libya, the Head of the Russian Contact Group on Libya, Lev Dengov, discloses to Egypt’s Youm7 newspaper

me>shit>jewish jew>r/sg except al i-tranNEET>al i-tranNEET in jail


I knew Dora was not to be trusted

Does Assad have any good reason to even aid the kurds?
Kurds are too slimy to be trusted.

Someone post the honeland webm pls

#Assad regime killed 300+ civilians in East #Ghouta today

MENA is such a weird place
I feel like this picture is supposed to feel odd or disturbing yet i'm not phased the slightest

>Roach gains

they were probably s*nnis

But why?

Probably wants to equal the field to that both side hemorrhage as much as possible.

>Turkish deputy prime minister says there will be serious conswequences if the SAA enters Afrin
regional war when? how fucking full of your own shit do you have to be to threathen a country for being in its own territory?

Civilians with military equipment

>being in its own territory

Who's the purple?

Are the iraqi shia /ourguys/?

todays gainz


>Put civvies in a cage
>Blow it up
The Jihadis want as many civilians killed as possible. The way to save as many as possible is to bomb as much as possible and kill the rats faster.

No. they are a bunch of retarded sand monkeys

>being in its own territory

Are you retarded or something? Afrin is in Syria, the Syrian govt would have the right to move its forces there if it wants.

>no argument
Roach intellectuals.

there will not be our base in foreseeable future, we have enough hemorrhoids in Syria.

I think the red circles are the next gainz, and the black ones are the eventually following gainz.
What do you think/sg/?

This tbqh.

yeah where were assad like a year ago back when k*rds are LARPing that they will never let assad take an inch of their land? why doesnt assad want to be in other of his own territory like the oil fields to east or kamışlı or whatever?

this whole thing is so funny and idiotic. its like no one takes any kind of lessons in middle east except us.

>Please backstab me
>Please backstab me
>Please backstab me
>Please backstab me

Thanks for the map.
When is the olivebranchtwitter gainz infograph I wonder?

Youre a retard and a newfag. Assad has been busy cleaning up ISIS the last years. Now that ISIS is over, the FSA/HTS is next, which is exactly why the Turks are illegally invading a foreign sovereign nation.

>this whole thing is so funny and idiotic. its like no one takes any kind of lessons in middle east except us.
>destabilises a country containing mountainroach
>mountainroach chimp out on your border
>except us

>Youre a retard and a newfag
>Now that ISIS is over
>retard and a newfag

we are taking lessons hence the op on afrin, al-bab and if it happens manbij etc.

yeah sure what is assad doing against the yellow stain on his syria in the meanwhile?

this was todays gainz

kurds are syrian citizens, turkey is a temporary distraction, he'll have to unite syria eventually.

>sends ground forces into syria
>learning lessons

The Kurds have been warned many times that there will be no Kurdish state. Plus, lets not pretend that the "yellow block" doesnt have US FUCKING MILITARY BASES WITHIN THEM.

>Rus askeri uzman Konstantin Sivkov, Türkiye'nin NATO'dan çıkmasının tamamen gerçekçi bir senaryo olduğunu söyledi.
>Konstantin Sivkov says TR out of the NATO is realistic

>posting jihadi propaganda



>kurds are syrian citizens

syria wasnt giving k*rds ID cards till 2006 HAHAHAHAHA. and it was erdomeme who "convinced" assad to give k*rds ID cards as well. my god. i mean /sg/ is by far the best place on Cred Forums but even then omg.

What the fuck is that?
First time I'm seeing a positive variant of RonPaul.

Iraq's Hashd al-Shaabi: Militants disguised in army uniforms ambush paramilitary troops north of Baghdad, killing 27.
Did you lads see this yet?


>being in its own territory
>he doesn't know about misak-ı millî

Why does it matter? Things have changed and now the kurds are letting the saa in, its still sovereing syrian territory and they can do that without having to listen to anything turkey says.

>ISIS does ISIS things
>water is wet
>fire is hot

yeah and suddenly after all those years afrin is "syrian" clay? kek.

pfff stop with this bullshit already. we will never leave nato unless nato itself disbands.

Give it all back.

>yeah and suddenly after all those years afrin is "syrian" clay? kek.
In English please.

yeah apparently they arent, olive branch is going on as planned.

>sovereing syrian territory
this has to be the funniest joke of syrian war desu

Assad wasnt fighting ISIS, but I agree that it doesnt matter what previous arangements were with the kurds, this is all happeing inside syria and if syria chooses to do something, it doesnt have to concede anything to turkey.

It's always been Syrian clay. When the Kurds were on it they didn't care, they had other things to deal with and knew they could take it back easily enough. If Turkey wants to get involved that's a different threat level and they have ever right to throw them back over the border.

/sg/ is dumb

after all those years of 0 USA bases in it, Assad suddenly remembered Afrin was Syrian clay and decided to "deal" with them.

its not that hard to understand.

This but unironically.

It only turns out good if you listen.

>b-b-but h-hafez...

i d like to see Assad to be this proactive about other k*rd held areas desu.

>pfff stop with this bullshit already. we will never leave nato unless nato itself disbands.
You are entitled to have your opinions, but I don't think so.
AKP is moving from 1st World/Western power block in the speed of the light. If only you knew.

Priorities man, priorities. Were you not hear in the long struggle of Aleppo? Were you not hear on the long road to Al-Tabqah? Things were looking very differently 12 months ago.

You're missing the point, read my post again. Kurds owning clay isn't a major threat to the state, Assad can take it back whenever he has the time and resources. If Turks occupy the land, it's a major issue. He's not stupid enough to let them roll in and set up a buffer state.

>give me a (You) MaghreBased, the White and Based, please, please, please

Anyone else miss this lad?

its not, AKP doesnt want to be butt buddies with putin. they prefer westerners due to their much bigger economy and political power. we are shaking hands with putin because we have to right now due to k*rds.

we are too much integrated into USA and Europe system in many matters, economy, military etc.

Stop this nonsense, you are physically hurting me.
Who the fuck listens, how can things can get better, how the hell th-AAAAAA

It's in the devs, with less detail

Same goes for erdomeme tbqh
Big burger obstacle is quite anooying isn't it?
Sensible turk

I replied to the kike, not you faggot.

>we are too much integrated into USA and Europe system in many matters

I have never considered Turkey integrated or well-adjusted. Even if AKP wants to align west, it's doing a poor job.

God bless Assad

So did Weimar Republic.
I understand the doubtful approach, but simply brushing it off as impossible is not logical.
Yuanoil, Russian influence, Chinese industry crumbling because of Trump, all of this points to a space where Turkey is not NATO.

i was here, if Assad has any priority its to close all the small pockets and than sit tight while we deal with the k*rd infestation.

k*rds betrayed major to everyone in the region. they need to be dealt with. if assad really thinks dealing with k*rds is a good thing than he is asking for a 2nd civil war literally.

no wonder syria is in a civil war to begin with, my god this administration is bonkers.

>be k*rds
>tell assad to gtfo
>turks roll in
>assad offers a deal
>k*rds say no
>but the turk dick is too big to handle
>k*rds go to assad crying
>instead of milking them dry assad just says *okay i ll protect you guys and in return you dont have to give anything*
>this is somehow considired 2039123D chess in /sg/

of course its not a major threat to Syria because those lands arent Syria anymore, they are a de facto state right now and assad cant do shit about it.

turks occupying the land is probably the best thing for assad because we will give them back. we cant hold onto them. its practically impossible for us.

>after this post
here's one (You), now fuck off

Lemme guess.
You're animeposter
Your engiroach

Give me (you)s if I am correct.

lol, is this gonna be aleppo all over again.
>hello mr trump.. we are noor and alaa from ghouta... evil assad regime is killing us... please invade syria.
based iceland.
Muslims, jews and mutts NTFO

>those lands arent Syria anymore
This is where you're wrong. It's obviously Syria. If anything Turkey invading is preventing the Kurd-Assad war you're hypothesising because the Kurds will make concessions on autonomy in return for protections from the Turks, and Assad gets the region returned to his orbit without having to fight the Kurds. Big fuck up by Turkey.

>Big burger obstacle is quite anooying isn't it?
it fucking is.

oh shut the fuck up, you have 0 idea about integral structure of NATO etc.

turkey is 100% in nato with all its systems and shit.

we are too much integrated into europe economically. besides europe has money, what does russia have other than cheap tourists that can gtfo because they dont spend money and gas?

also AKP is aligned to west since day 1. remember how europe and usa was all over erdomeme back in 2008 and shit? how turkey was a role model for everyone in middle east? i remember for sure. what changed since then? nothing, its still the same erdomeme, but you geniuses thought turkey was a puppet state. well fuck me side ways apparently we are not. where was european "human rights" advocates back in 2010, when erdomeme was jailing all the brass of turkish army and filling the ranks with gulenists? they werent giving a single damn back then, what changed?

thats why european govs are amazingly butthurt towards erdomeme, because they arent able to just order him to do something anymore and he grow to understand how west treats him like a dog. uh oh, not anymore.

Fingers crossed for more dead turks

>we will give them back. we cant hold onto them.

ok sure

Are you casually forgetting the US air strikes? Are you casually forgetting the US military bases in Syria?

Assad wasn SURVIVING 12 months ago. Now hes finishing up pockets with complete momentum. Were arguing in circles. You hate Assad and the Kurds, thats fine, but dont pretend like Assad can simply walk north of the Euphrates and nothing will happen.

Oh wait...
Wasnt there something...
Didnt someone try and...
Didnt Russian mercenaries try to capture something north of the Euphrates near Deiz-er-zor?

Thats right, now I remember, they got hit by US AC-130s, F-16s, tomahawks, arty...

>It's obviously Syria.
its not, assad has 0 say in yellow land. he cant even touch them. we all saw what happens when he try to say something about those yellow stain on the map like a weak ago in DeZ.

I'm reminded of this somehow.
Yo, how have you been Maltabro?

God willing

Again, read my post. Why do you just ignore the argument? Assad will have influence in yellow land again BECAUSE of the Turkish invasion. You dun goofed.

>Assad can take it back whenever he has the time and resources
Like Golan?

60-100 people killed in Ghouta today and there's barely a mention of it in the news.

Assad could literally genocide Ghouta (providing he doesn't use gas) and get away with it.

cyprus is a whole different deal. we went there to build our own state to begin with and to stop greeks chimping out more.

>Assad wasn SURVIVING 12 months ago.
assad won the war the moment russia stepped in back in 2014-2015 m8, what are you smoking.

i dont hate assad, if i was erdomeme i would ally him already and fuck up all the power balance in the region.


Yep totally the same thing.

>Assad will have influence in yellow land again BECAUSE of the Turkish invasion.
absolutely not. as long as USA is protecting the yellow stain, no one can do anything about it, at least for now.

A bit busy with finals lately but besides that fine.

I just came home and didn't read the thread.
Everyone knows that i don't give a shit about (You)s.

more like Hatay

Icelandics are based as fuck.

>going outside
fucking normie scum

Israels and Kurds are exactly the same apart from a 30 IQ difference

Optimal engagement distance for Turkish sharp shooter...

I have applied to a 1 (one) job today :3
Tomorrow the aim is to apply to 2 (two).
Though slowly, I'm recovering.
Praise me /sg/.

ahh the famous mutt is here with his sub 50 iq.

where do you live?

No bully

Are you sure Emperoach isn't in need of any new recruits for his legionaries?
All jokes Aside good luck m8.

Julian here you are all going to hell

>roaches managed to penetrate a grand total of 10km in 30 days against 3rd worlder k*rds
Yeah, gains...

the taliban are fighting against bigger odds
assad doesn't deserve to rule anything, he might as well chop off his balls

>a country where a lower court can over rule the supreme court

lol what a pathetic land


Wait for real?
Sounds like proper madness

That image is confusing and awesome.


E. Ghouta summary.

How long until the East Ghouta kotel is cleared by the Tigers boys?

At that point... Why even call it ''Supreme'' Court?
No problem.
Not soon enough tbqh.

>65 airstrikes and a day of artillery bombardment4
>against a barely 10-by-10km blob
How is the whole pocket not flattened yet?

Theyre just taking their time. No need to rush in and storm the place.



>implying it isn't already a hellhole of brick and rubbish

New suheil hug pic

Nasrallah is like a poet

Fuck off vezarate etelaat.

>working for iyyr*n

my meme still lives....

#Syria Update: 325 civilians killed by regime airstrikes & artillery shelling on #Damascus suburbs today

Don't forget there are 400k people there.

It's funny seeing all of you disregard AMERICAN BASES on SYRIAN SOIL using Kurds as cover.

dw was reporting last night on the agreement between the SAA and the kurds. south front was whingeing about the conflicting reports from various kurdish sources.

have there been any credible kurdish nay sayers to the saa afrin agreement?

Stop finding excuses. Wherever there are Kurds, it can not be Syrian soil. They want to split Syria.

Kurds lie. It is an enormous threat to Syria. Because KURDS ARE IN BED WITH AMERICA.

We have an USA base on our soil dumbfuck, what are even you trying to argue?


Did Turkey seriously just threaten Syria for moving troops on their own soil? What a fucking LARPER.

>there's only one tunisian flag on Cred Forums

Yeah, Turkey on the other hand totally wont just annex anything they get their hands on?

You roaches are delusional.

Kurds are a militia. Turks are an entire country with a strong military.

Leaving the lands to Kurds ensures Américain presence everywhere there are Kurds. You're fucked in the ass if America starts sitting it's fat ass in Syria under Kurd cover.

Brainless chickenshit

Yeah they just did, senpai.

Let's see Assad remove American bases from "Syria".

>inna E. Ghouta
The fuck is this retard smoking?

It's in the Kurds constitution to grab those very lands they grabbed. You know nothing

Epic slaughter...

>Did Turkey seriously just threaten Syria for moving troops on their own soil? What a fucking LARPER.
It isn't Syria's soil.


t. k*rd

That may be a bit problematic, I must admit.

Property of the Confederate states of the Démocratique union of Kurdistan.

>he likes kurds

Will you guys ever clean up the rest of Cyprus?

>roach lanka posts my cap

So much cancer in one pic

Not my brightest moment, F A M.
Let bygones be bygones.
Just because they chimped out and took control doesn't make it their territory. Or are you suggesting something else?


To the people talking about chink military operation readiness and experience.

I would point to Chinese operations in Africa (meme-tier but still foreign deployments) and more importantly active counter-insurgency in China's muslim-inhabited areas.

Don't write of the PLA, they can bring serious firepower and expertise to the table.

Syria > everyone else

>he likes t*Rks

You're a huge faggot

based turks will remove the bases though

Surely the Chinese are worth something, no?

Roach please...

Its only the fat Amerimutt who claimed otherwise.

>Kurdish people's protection units(YPG) deny agreement with Damascus to allow government forces to enter Afrin to help repel a Turkish attack

What if this was Assad's plan all along. Start a whole lot of drama about him going into Afrin so that he would force Erdomeme to assault Afrin even harder (they've done a shitton of advances today alone)

Who'd you rather have on your flank, NDF/tribals or PLA?

I'm suggesting American presence. Assad will never get lands back where there are Americans.

Shookhi kardam dadash.

I'd kill myself at the gates of the airport

It might just be.

Also give the civilians hope so they turn against YPG.
Anyone got the list of demands before SAA moves in?

Erdogan: I'm going in trump
Trump:hold it I'm moving out of the way
Assad: I did this

Kck contract

Holy crap, the digits confirm!

South Cyprus is EU member, and LARPs as a whole Cyprus in there.
Very nice proxy

>it's a Erdogan threatens everyone episode

Sultan Watermelon Seller isn't going to do shit. He'll piss and moan, and then just agree to take some shitty mountains for his buffer zone.

They are definitely more affective than we believe but they're not nearly capable as modern military. They're well armed and geared but still lack vital heritage and communications that Europe has had a millennia to adopt. They said the same thing before Japan invaded prior.

Don't get me confused though, they still have operational capabilities. But so do the Turks with decent equipment and look how bad they have shown.

It's going so bad that the Kurds ask for Assads help


USA dropped handgrenade throwing requirements... Imagine soldiers that can't even lob a 400g ball


China has done more fighting than the US in the last century.

They just have a totally different mindset when dealing with certain things, and I don't thing that matters at all in proper warfare, look at how well a groups like Hezbollah have done.

They're not the US or French or Russians, but they'll get shit done.

>Very nice proxy
check archives brainlet

yes, in due time, not in near future though.

The question is, will erdy still keep up the pace?

If he wants a commie free border, he ought to stop fucking around and "final solution" the commies. He has to make yuuge gainz.

And also, removal of commies by a NATO-memeber lessens the chances of burgers to squat inna N and NE Syria. Without their "reason" to be present there, they might possibly heavily consider withdrawing from the region. Them burgers staying put will automatically equate to a prelude of WWIII

bilkent ee bruh.

if i ever find out who you are, i ll fuck your shit up just for fun.

If i go to an averge sport stote y crna gora, would i be able to buy a football shirt from a local team?

No, don't mistake me they're processing their objectives, but it's the efficiently and communication that are still not up to standards. Honestly, I feel like they scouted 80% of ypg positions and only due to that is why they had effective air power at the start. Now they're more relying on ground information to call in strikes.

>le epic 3d chess
No, Assad doesn't want Turkey in Syria at all because once they enter it will be impossible to get them out without starting a regional war.


Real kurds are no friends with israel or americans. They are proper muslims alhamdulillah. Fuck israel and america.

Reminder that if Assad is moving troops then he has Putin's blessing and since as Erdogon is Putin's bitch now all of this is just talk that we are hearing from the turk filth.

political ping pong between commies


Why'd you say Israel twice

Being an effective militia force would do nothing compared to an effective force with communication and logistics via ground, air, and sea. The United States has been in trhe most diverse conflicts across the planet and have developed fast ability to adapt quickly (like militia have adapted to theirs) based off environment and whom they are fighting.

China hasn't. But that's why operations in Afrika are of highest importance. They're trying to develop logistics of fighting militias across a large span.

I'm not a 3d chess trumplet. Just saying that there is a chance that this was done on purpose. Maybe Assad wants to trade Idlib for Afrin.

Thanks, have you visited kotor?
Is there anything interesting there?

When have America ever won against an insurgency? They haven't, the Chinese would just eradicate people if they ever faced an insurgency just like how you have to if you want to defeat an insurgency.

I understand that the NDF are locals and are relatively well armed, but ultimately they are militia. PLA is an army, and not any army, Chinese Army. That's got to count for something.
Chakerim dadash.
Once the Kurds are dealt with America needs to get the fuck up and leave.

No one knows if it is actually happening, some say Assad's regime said it will happaen, now Kurds are apparently saying it won't. Of course they coukd just be lying while the SAA is moving to Afrin throughout the night. It might make the Turks think twice about risking killing some SAA and starting another conflict though.

Could be possible. Could be a test to see how Turks would react. Could give hi m an ability to take part of afrin if without being able to take the lot in entirety.

so whats going on? assad wanted to help the kurds but the kurds said no?

the ammount of brainletry ITT is astonishing

>Assad will trade Afrin for Idlib
>Assad will trade Idlib for Afrin
Nah Turkey just wants to annex both. I thought that they would first take Afrin then Idlib, bu they have already taken Idlib by the looks of it.

>>Lavrov condemns Iran’s remarks about wiping Israel off the map
What? When did any Iranian say this?

And brainlets on /sg/ think he's their guy

Every engagement they have achieved their objectives. How ever they failed the other points and the war itself. Examp le, Iraq war was about toppling Saddam for us interests and to destabilize the region. That was achieved. Nation building was similar to reconstruction. That was to reimage Iraq and reepolarize it. That has failed due to Obama's early pull outs and diplomatic failures.

Inb4 muh Vietnam. Us a never lost a single battle till they started to pull out and peace accords were betrayed. Not gonna divulge into Vietnam supporting hours though.

It is all speculation at this point.
>Assad says they discussed it
>Afrin says they didn't
>Assad says they will move troops to Afrin
>Afrin says they won't



America defeated al-Qaeda in Iraq and ISIS.

Oh its you again, the US failed completely in Iraq and if their plan was to hand over Iraq to the Iranians then that really must be some 48D Chess going on but it clearly isn't. As for battles who cares, in an insurgency there aren't battles just small firefights, the Tet offensive was pretty successful and the US were defeated in the grand battle that was the vietnam war.

Becuase the US asked Turkey first to help with ISIS, but Turkey decided to help ISIS instead.

Honestly I feel like it's been a game of telephone. Assad government has allowed militia and armed Kurds to move to Afrin to help defend it. I believe this was the real deal and the rest is just psychological and political warfare.

Does American hypocrisy really still surprise you?

More please.

No, the Iranians + Iraqis defeated ISIS in Iraq.

>iran is our guy
our goy*



The USAF defeated ISIS.
Kurds and Americans liberated the following major cities from ISIS:
Iraqis and America liberated:
>Palmyra (small town, lost twice)
>al-Bab (tiny village, hundreds of dead Turks)

I've not debated this subject here before. You just reiterated what I stated.

It does matter when there s a geopolitical/ civil war and a warring state is sending/arming militia in the other objectively independent body. Battles of strategic, and political importance of severing this mechanism are important.

Like I said, the Iraq war was won. The political and post war were lost. There is a difference.

>some people actually think this way

No they didn't.

Because America is communist

I don't know if the current administration recently made those remarks, but this monkey had a hard on for saying that shit.

>hundreds of dead Turks

>muh iyyran and abadi retook mosul, ramadi, tikrit and fallujah
the american carpet bombong did all the work for the iraqi army and PMU (and still they sustained heavy casualities)
people still believe muh iyyran had a major role in iraq

But the topic is still important, it's the diversity losses andd wins that shape a military. You either change and learn or you don't.

Either way, us military cannot win a cultural or internal battle for a nation as a foreign entity. It was disastrrous to assume this instead of focusing on social/cultural policies post war Iraq.

How can amerimutt walmart compete?
Black bretheren will now rush to BİM

>Mary Landrieu. Former United States Senator from Louisiana from 2006 till 2014. She sponsored the US Israel energy bill, therefore allowing the start of the complete Annexation of the Golan Heights.
>Genie Oil and Gas (GOGAS) is exploring for conventional oil in the Golan Heights through its Afek Oil and Gas subsidiary.
>In February 2013, Israeli authorities awarded Afek Oil and Gas an exclusive 36-month petroleum exploration license to a 153-square-mile (400 km2) plot in the Golan Heights, which the UN recognizes to be Syrian territory.[14][15][16][17] Afek subsequently conducted above-ground geophysical tests and based on its preliminary analysis, has applied for a ten well exploratory drilling program.[18] South of Katzrin in the southern Golan Heights in 2015, Afek discovered a substantial amount of oil and natural gas reserves.
>Genie Energy's Strategic advisory board is composed of: Dick Cheney (former vice president of the United States), Rupert Murdoch (media mogul and chairman of News Corp), James Woolsey (former CIA director), Larry Summers (former head of the US Treasury), and Bill Richardson, former Governor of New Mexico, an ex-ambassador to the United Nations and United States Energy Secretary.
good luck getting those hills back bashar.

>handing over Iraq to the Iranians = destabilising a region


>USAF defeated ISIS
>implying dropping bombs defeats armies
American brainletism.

>implying the iraqi army and the PMU could do anything without american carpet bombing
we all remember how it went in Tikrit before the americans started their massive air bombing there

The overwhelming majority of casualties die of explosions in war, very few die of bullet wounds. Artillery and airstrikes do most of the job of killing, foot soldiers just occupy and secure.

The collapse of Iraq allowed us interests to cause the Arab spring and shift power towards KSA. It caused Syrian war and helped the vacuum to be created allowing Isis to completely destabilize the region. So yes.

Also, we basically ensured Iranian influence when we banned anyone part of Saddam's party form being in the new government or positions odnpower. You know that included almost all Sunnis. Shia dominated places.

Which helped lead to the Iraq civil war... leading to destabilization allowing terrorism to grow, Isis to be armed, Nd now An artificial Kurdish state to De facto exist taking a huge portion of oil, agriculture and even taqba dam.

Really makes you think.
T. Someone who was actually there and America liberated/

Their planes are above us but Allah is above their planes.


I feel sorry for the chinese people now even more; their military will soon be used just like the freedom army and solely because the leaders of their country want to get richer.

wew lad yes the arab spring went so well for the US, shifting power towards the nation that exports hatred to you all over the world and creates terrorists to attack you is a really good idea.

she looks retarded


How is that going in Yemen?

Common tourist trap, but looks good.

You're minimilising the importance of create cassus belli, establishing bases, balkanization, and geopolitical struggling.

As of now USA is winning their goals in Syria. Disposing of Assad is an u ltimate goal but if not is to create chaos and Rob syria of vital resources.

That's only if Kurds can survive and keep a hold of taqba though.

Everything has a purpose with ordo ab chao

>he ignores me again
khommie iyyranian butturt, everyone, everyone saw that you are a brainlet who contradicts himself in less than 3 minutes of discussion

It is a different situation, many Houthis have died to airstrikes, airstrikes pushed the Houthis out of Aden for example. However in the mountainous north it is difficult for ground troops to move in and occupy territory.

>implying I have not randomly falsified or distorted about half of the information I gave about myself
>implying I would be so much of a brainlet as to dox myself online
just saying so you don't end up curbstomping some random autist, if you could ever find one that fit all the criteria
plus, not being a faggy redditor I find the thought of being given a name and becoming a "regular" repulsive, so just thought I would cut off the bud before it blooms
but still, if you do want to take your anger out on some virginal neckbeard autist engayneer, that's all well and good to me too

He doesn't believe this himself.
Hmmm... reminds me of some other country.

How the fuck is the US achieving anything in Syria, they failed completely its been an utter catastrophe for the US, the revolution failed, the Russians and Iranians have footholds in Syria, great job America, the Iranians will be able to arm Hezbollah with whatever it wants now. The Kurds are not going to survive long term once peace talks come the Kurds will give back control and take up some semi-autonomous governance AT BEST. If you think the US are geniuses for taking a small part of Syria and propping up a faction that will cost tens of billions in the future in an area where all the neighbours hate them alienating Turkey amongst others you really are dumb.

God I wish I were in Ghouta now

just joking faggot chill.

Oh good grief....heritage has role to play except in building expectations of your enemies inherent failures - heritage is likely the least valuable thing a modern army can have. Just look at the israeli's. They been sitting on their hands so long they couldn't win a war if the enemy surrendered in advance.

If you had to choose between moving to iran or israel what would you do?
And no, suicide is not an option

Where USA went wrong was contrasting Russia and pushing them towards Iranian workmanship. They polarized Russians and have lost a lot of political influence Nd spheres of influence.

You really should read about the economics of Syria. The USA did fail regime change(there s always time for that) but the thing is, they have crippled syria for decades specially if they manage tro autonomous Kurdistan. They've devastated Syrian military. Amy chance of Palestine or returning Golan is dead or pushed back even longer.

We will see what happens with the Turks though. I doubt they'll escalate against NATO.

Americas ultimate goal since shortly after the occupation of Iraq was to erradicate jihadists, and now arab states are doing that themselves. Sounds like the goal was achieved.

you're basically laying claim to war criminal status...but probably the truth is you are trying to justify the snatch of defeat from the jaws of victory..delusionally so.

About time someone other than me realized this is pasta



>this is pasta
>not paid shill narrative they are pushing


You underestimate unit spirit d Corp, unity, collective consciousness, etc that heritage makes invaluable. Having a sense of pride holds you to expectations. Romanticized the brother hood leading to more sacrifice.

Look into the French legions. Look into the elitism of us military units like rangers. (Not as in they're so great but the identitism)

Heritage also take a a modern identity. Recent wars gives personal validation and lessons for modern combat.

None of this benefits US.

It benefits Israel.


Quite ignorant of you to assume that every role invokes the idea of invasion and murder. There are circumstantial events that require further adherence in variety. You should carefully reread what I've stated as there's no black or white. Don't look at things as an absolute win or absolute defeat. That's not what geopolitical politics is about lad.

Syria supported Jihadists against American forces in Iraq, now that Syria has been forced to fight the terrorists they supported Syria is not a threat to America. So it is in the interests of the US to have a weak Syria.

>read about the economics of syria

Like you've done extensively no doubt from your posts in this thread it is clear, decades is garbage and Syria will get on fine once the war is over. The US did not devastate the Syrian military at all it's laughable these claims you make with no back up whatsoever.

Yup, but characterize our goals to benefit Israel. A strong Israel benefits the USA in other ways than the typical relationship. Personally I wish we'd give up on Israel but last thing we need is another enemy. they lead to false expectation confidence and and someone more determined who will ram a hammer up your arse.

Hezbollah is a primary example of this. They have no heritage by american standards. Yet they do more than hold their own.

Heritage is a burden, but I am glad u value it so much. More for your soldiers to carry. I wish them a quick death when it comes. Perhaps heritage will help to bury them too.

>a strong Israel benefits the usa

You really should read deeper into economics and military organizations. Syrian military has been devastated but that doesn't diminish their active wartime capabilities. It means they've been limited in operational capabilities and rely heavily on foreign support and training aloong side militias. Which is not a bad thing. Militias will be very important post war syria.

How will syria recover? They can. Personally I think the UN should give post war stimu lus plans and economic treaties. They never will with Bashar.

i'll give the yanks the credit for their shameless entrepreneurial attitude to geopolitics son. But i'll give them nothing for strategic insight and clarity of vision. The only thing pulling them thru the muck is momentum and a feckless taxpayer who keeps paying his monies and taking his chances.

East Ghouta what?

well you sound like you take pride in having created ISIS

What they doin to gook girls tongue

The Syrians never had much of a military to begin with, the US military got BTFO in Vietnam and that didn't change it much at all, if anything Iranian and Russian training will leave Syria with a better military 3 years post war than it ever had in the past.

>they helped defend the region from foreign invasion
>obviously we have to destroy them

Confidence is good. Leads to bravery, loyalty, etc. Hezbollah is currently developing the collective consciousness. The identity as a unit has steadily i improved to modern military standards.

Heritage doesn't always mean history. I'm speaking on the concept of collective consciousness.

And no, it's not a burden to carry but something to push them and carry them. I've been to combat and I can tell you, your mentality looses battles and is the same reason Arab armies are failures.

I think its the thing they hold the tongue with before piercing it. Not sure what they are doing with it in this context though.

bim bam bum

Read the rest of my statements before stopping something out to fit your presanctiones ideas.
Obviously yes. They've dramatically impressed me with their adaptations. It's critical to understand the difference between devastation and absolutely crippled. They will regain strength. That's a given. They will definitely be better than prewar if they manage to get the tribalism our of their military.

Is there a difference?

you formulate sentences like there is something wrong with you

No I'm actually pro Assad. What can I do?I'm American and they will treat me as enemy. I personally agree that Assad is best for syria.

where are the bakers?


>putting that much spice on bread
why not just eat a bowl of spices for fucks sake

Then you wouldn't get to eat and bread


Your inability to postulate the formations of less than basic sentences is due the condition of the English education system. Though grammatically perplexing, it's just rearranged than conventional English conversation.

>Read the rest of my statements before stopping something out to fit your presanctiones ideas



There is a sort of preconceived notion of Americans on /sg/ nowadays, you have to pierce through it

It sort of formed in response to some of your countrymen posting really retarded shit, and now everyone assumes that an American poster who is even remotely positive about his own military is one of these people, even if that isnt necessarily the case

Oh, that specifically was an occurrence of my phone posting in association with the autocorrect function available.

I meant to say,"please read the rest of the statement before expounding on cherry picked groupings that support your already preframed thoughts or ideas. "


ebin indeed