Why do americans love him so much?



Thanks OP after watching this I now no longer feeling like eating lunch

Your welcome

It's "her"


jazz would be gling if she wasn't fat


Meh, 3/10. Would tiddy-fuck him.

absolut no

I like thicc jazz

I love him because he's the trap version of Rachel Berry.


I can't even make fun of this kid, his/her parents should be locked up for allowing this.

>mfw a child that can barely form sentences knows the word penis

>make a eunuch out of your kid
>he gets fat


She's pretty relatable

>has troubles resisting food
>awkward when in a romantic situation
>doesn't know what she wants to do with her life

why the FUCK am i sitting here watching a tranny eat?

He is trying to get so fat that his fat rolls cover his micro penis and creates a cavernous 'vagina' since surgery will not work.


>muh strogens
at least he accept is eating alot and not blaming "muh genetics"

>You thought a 56% was posting, but it was actually a 56%.
I don't getit

Jesus fucking christ keep your fucking mouth closed when you eat. Why the fuck do so many fucking mouth breathers need to eat with their mouth open.

Why do Americans (and everyone else) love getting distracted by problems that don't matter once the hammer of the NWO comes down upon them?
>The NWO wants you to focus on distractions.

Lmao are you that kike from the other thread who pisses in his wife’s mouth?

Because he represent's the American's full conformity to the role of farm animal.

All those hormones for nothing. He looks like a fat fridge with tits tacked on.

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i want to FUCK the qt white trap whos her friend on the show

>whos her friend on the show
>on the show