Jewish actor Michael Rapaport spews misogynistic...

Jewish actor Michael Rapaport spews misogynistic, anti-white hatred toward Laura Ingraham for her comments on LeBron James.

“No cluckhead, you shut up and dribble… deez nuts, b—h. You mayonnaise-eating, melba toast no seasoning on your chicken cracker. Your butt is so flat that when you stand up you could see your entire a—le. I’m sorry ladies, I warned you at the top.”

“Your lord and savior Donald Trump wouldn’t even grab you by the pussy. If he did he’d probably get his fingers caught in a mousetrap,” he continued. “You went to college, Laura, and you’re proud of that, and what do you got to show for it? A mouth full of fake teeth, a face full of Botox and some dry-ass hair extensions. And you still never got f—ed right, you little jumpoff.”

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pretty sure he broke several IG rules, but you know how that works


you can't be racist against whites user. educate yourself.

hes a kike, so the rules don't apply to him

What did she say about Lebron?

Tough guy.

Rapaport has been completely destroyed by Barstool Sports over the last few days. This kike is finished


I don't watch the electric jew

Worldstar is always promoting this guy for no reason

She said he should "shut up and dribble" rather than constantly trying to be a political nigger with his barely high school education

Said he needs to shut up with his Trump-bashing and just play basketball.

And she's exactly right. Great ball player, but he has no intelligent opinions on politics worth sharing.

this washed up faggot is a joke and this thread is cancer

Im guessing its because hes made it his lifes work to comment on niggers playing with a ball

Thanks user


>wigger even steal black peesonality in his online hissy fits

I love how white americans mimic blacks because they are vapid people with zero personality.

LOL. I remember that guy. He's turned into such a virtual signalling cuck.

What a little ugly kike would liked to see him squirm.


You aint even get fukt rite, you lil jumpoff - jew who knows his audience

Rappaport has been ostracized from every community he's tried to join. I guess pandering to niggers is his last hope...we see this a lot in society these days.

That jew played the skinhead in higher learning hahaha
The most retarded version of a skinhead I've ever seen.

fuck him im still not over his character betraying the Prison Break dudes

But he's white.

iktf, it took me years after watching 'Seven' before I could stomach Kevin Spacey again

No, he isn't.

He probably looks whiter than you.

This is what happens when you let white boys hang out with black kids... they start thinking they are black.

celebrities are such skanks
they only exist to be sued

rapaport is insufferable

This guy is fucking 47 years old. What a loser man-child.

Irrelevant. He's a Jew and hates whites.

He's white.

why has Laura Ingraham no kids of her own

Sure thing, dude.

"Your lives ain't shit." - (((Michael Rapaport))) on white people.

He said the Nazis' lives "ain't shit", not white people as a whole. Then he elaborated and said why their lives are pathetic.

He cheats on his wife with background extras.

What a loser! Desperately searching for relevance

Okay, you're right. He's not a kike. He's as white as you and me. My apologies.

He's whiter than you.

All right, Muhammad. That's fine.

Dude, we get it. You're mad your true bloodline has been discovered, don't take it out on us.

i'd love to beat his jewish ass

I love how Jews have tried to convince the world that they're so super duper ultra special, what with the highest IQ, like EVER, and being God's Chosen People.

But every day, there's always bunches of Jews who prove that they are anything but God's Chosen, who prove that their intelligence is nothing special. Instead, they're antagonistic shit-stirrers who can't help it because that's how they evolved to survive over the last 5,000 years, by being blood-sucking parasites. Dumbass motherfuckers.

desperate for attention
just like that other wigger

How ironic that all of his insults are derived from nigger culture. What a fucking mutt.

>fellow white people
Every time.

The Cheddar Man is guesswork. Most Americans have some British ancestry (in fact, most Americans have some ancestry from everywhere). I don't care because I'm not a racistard like you, however.

Didn't some actress take out a restraining order on him? Just MeToo# his ass.

and he's got the herp to prove it

A token from Spike Lee movies.

Someone kill this kike jeez

>have ancestry from everywhere
White americans have 98.5% European Ancestry *on average*.
That means that the majority of White Americans are exclusively European Caucasian while a very small amount find themselves anywhere from 70-90%.

LOL, OK cheddarman.

On average, meaning it's lower for a lot of people. 98.5% is ridiculously low when you compare it to Europe, especially Northern Europe.
The irony.

is he famous?

I'd rather be friends with him than you, at least he gets pussy.

not really he tries to act black and hip on radio shows but just comes off cringe worthy
I think he got fired from his current internet gig at barstoolsports but it was nothing anyways

Ameircan white is a new race made from a smorgasbord of different European ethnicities. To say they come from any specific culture is wrong just like calling a mule a donkey or a horse would be.

I wish he had the balls to call out niggers and Muslims like that, but just like Sara Silverman he's gotta go for the low hanging fruit.

>A guy who has never got a lead role and hasn't been relevant in 10+ years


There's nothing more pathetic than a jew who thinks he's black.

this jew seems to think he's black or something

"you never got fucked right"

come on son, we know jews can't penetrate LOL

except for an American who thinks he’s white

Barstool buried this clown

The original wigger.

he is a disgusting kike, I can't wait to gas him

What's funny is he 3/4 ofthe shit he said about her can be applied to like 90% of these thots and plastic bitches in the U.S

I doubt he'll see any blowback, but hoping he gets metooed

so he is just a big nosed kike trying to gain momentum, nothing to mind to.

Nice meme, kike.

>muh dick
You sound like a nigger.


>claim to hate niggers
>talk like them at every available opportunity

These people are like demons. They have this thin veneer of being pretty, kind, caring people. But you barely poke them and the most hateful, vile, dark shit just spews out.


Wow, what a fuckin cuck. Never liked this droop eyed faggot.

>Cameron Kasky, 17, a junior, left his drama class to pick up his special needs brother Holden, a 15-year-old freshman.
>First there was a fire alarm, then running. Somebody said there was a shooter.
>Cameron called that boy a vulgarity, furious anyone would make such an insensitive joke. >But then there was a teacher screaming for them to get inside. More confusion.

>The brothers ran into a classroom, the door was locked behind them, the students crouched. “I didn’t let go of that kid for an hour and a half,” Cameron said of his brother, who has autism.
>“I told him, ‘Look, Holden, we’re going to be here for awhile.’”
>And they didn’t leave until a SWAT team broke the door’s glass to get everyone out.
>“It was difficult being with people who were hysterical and trying not to be hysterical,” he said.
>Cameron grabbed toward a chair, thinking he could attack anyone who tried to break in. A teacher told him no, don’t make noise.
>“I don’t want to sound like a victim at all,” he said. “I didn’t get shot, I didn’t see anyone get shot.
>I am lucky as hell and I am very happy to be breathing right now air that is not coming from a tube. I am goddamn lucky.”
>The boys’ father JEFF KASKY said: “We consider ourselves very fortunate to be together right now.”
The kid's narrative was ready to go from the moment it happened. This is an obvious false flag, and the kid's the SON of a lawyer with a shady adoption agency. HELP ME, ANONS
Here's one of the websites:

Here's one of the websites:


A Robert Kasky is his grandfather. He's been in law for 40+ years, apparently


Adoption agency was sued in 2007:
Holy shit. Thread deleted when this picture was posted. He runs Elsagate type videos!!
It is Jeffy Jeffy's youtube

One of the kike jr activists from the school's name was cameron kasky. An user here did a search on that last name in Broward and a lawyers name came up. The lawyers phone number was listed for an adoption place which was weird because Cruz was adopted. Turns out the kasky are running the adoption center and even personally take in some of the kids.
Cameron Kasky, this jewish drama student / crisis actor who survived the Florida false flag shooting, who magically is now a figurehead for the "grass roots" anti gun propaganda campaign, is son of Jeffery Kasky.

Jeffery Kasky is a prominent Jewish lawyer whose family run law firm specializes in adoption, along with his father. The family also has connections to local law enforcement, which is run by fellow jew Scott Israel, which we also find at the center of this false flag operation.

This connection to adoption is also interesting because, "coincidentally", the flase flag "shooter" was adopted, from a Jewish birth mother, right there in Florida.

What are the odds?