Chris Rock Yes!

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Open ethnic hostility in a multicultural society? Who could have predicted this?

>Comedian Chris Rock says in his latest Netflix special that he wants to live in a world where “an equal amount of white kids are shot every month,”

Chris Rock has always been an obnoxious unfunny anti-white nigger.

i'd like to see a world where black people act civilized so we don't have to shoot them so much.

i honestly am not a racist, but if they're going to behave a certain way, i'm going to treat them a certain way. i treat everyone individually. unfortunately, most blacks enjoy to act like stereotypical niggers and wonder why they're "oppressed"

He was funny in Madagascar 2

Normies will never know, and if they watch his show they won't notice. No serious news outlets are talking about this. White hate has become normalized.

It was actually about how he wanted to live in a world where white kids were shot equally as black kids. This is nothing and you’re a faggot. Also comedy.

So is he suggesting that more white kids get killed or that less niggers do their thing?

Racism is a meme which amounts to nothing more than a pathologization of white ethnic interest

He actually used to be somewhat redpilled and would talk about how niggers need to get their act together. He's been a Jewish puppet for a while now though.


He used to make comedy about how dumb niggers are and how it's their fault they got shot and beat up.

How he hates niggers

If there were any equal number of competent black fathers that could happen, by lowering the number of blacks deaths.

But these nigger crabs in a bucket would rather destroy the white race than lift up the black race.

What an effeminate degeneracy.

Run the same special today and he’d be lynched by the pc police. What the fuck happened

I want to live in a world where more niggers get shot.

>we gotta do betta s.m.h
Any faggot who invests respect in black people that merely acknowledge their own faults is a moron and a cuck of the weakest order. Our cities are in ruin because of this mentality. Them recognizing the existence of the massive civilizational fuckups they actively perpetuate changes absolutely nothing irl. It's like when people here acknowledge zog and think they're achieving something by just saying some shit about the banker wars or the psychopathic greed and horrible state of order... But it's legitimately even fucking dumber and against all odds more futile when black people do that sort of thing. And when whites take basic black self awareness as a sign of progress or some shit of that nature it just makes you look like a moron who can't observe basic realities about history or human nature. Many such cases!

Comedians should be able to joke about anything.

>implying that Chris Rock's statement was a joke.

>be comedian
>make joke people dont like
>wtf thats a """"statement""""
Theres a reason people call you the SJWs of the right I see nothing different here from when leftys are bitching at a comedian for a joke only its you guys doing it.

>you're just the SJW of the right
dead white children aren't funny though. I wouldn't kek at the idea dead black kids. You are just a post-modernist faggot who think that people should have no boundaries of identity or self respect.

>dead white children aren't funny though
Yes it is


>I wouldn't kek at the idea dead black kids
Then what the fuck are you doing on Cred Forums?


but it's black people killing black people, how the fuck does he use this as an excuse to attack white people ?!

>he actually used to be

He never actually used to be shit. He was paid off by kikes and neo-con boomers to shill against niggers and that didn't really do much because niggers are niggers and niggers are wont to do what a nigger does.
Now he's paid off to shill against crackas

>Makes a joke about dead kids after a school shooting
Sounds like /r9k/s guy.

Because you're a postmodernist, anti-white faggot.

I just legit don't laugh at bad things happening to kids or doggos.

It’s a fucking joke you retards. The context is about living in a world of “true equality” where white moms stand next to Al Sharpton crying.
Ironically, the joke doesn’t even go over all that well. The majority black audience in Brooklyn did not like that line about white kids. A few people chuckled and clapped but they seemed uncomfortable more than anything else with a few audible groans as well.
The rest of the special is really good though and filled with stuff Cred Forums loves.

(((they))) got to him, he didnt say no to the money. should done like chappelle did initially

Please don't turn into faggots. This is supposed to be absurd comedy and shouldn't be taken literal.

Are you joking?

So the "comedian" that only ever does jokes about race is racist to whites?
What a surprise(sarcasm)

meh, chris rock's a comedian. he know's what he's saying has some edge to it. that's what comedians do, they look for an edge.

look at all the great comedians...
they said some weird edgy shit in their days and they're all dead now.

no, why ?

>dead white children aren't funny though.

>rape isn't funny, though
>racism isn't funny, though
>transphobia isn't funny, though

Ahh, piss off.

Dudes just jealous

You feel personally attacked because of jokes? WTF is going on here? When will people stop being faggotss again?

>Because you're a postmodernist, anti-white faggot
Nah I just have a sick sense of humor

Chris likes 'em 7/8 white

La creatura....

Hey Chris

You're a faggot. Nice postmodernist insult also. This website is filled with fucking nerds.

Except it isn't just jokes. This is just one of the countless pieces of anti-white propaganda that is (((they))) are flooding the media with.

Fuck this faggot.

Good, he's just sealed his fate.

"Damn I hate niggers. I wish they'd let me join the Ku Klux Klan" - Chris Rock

Notice how little attention this gets compared to the It's Ok To Be White flyers. The black community commits an absurd level of crime by white standards but that gets excused as "white people's fault." Christ Rock, a famous has been comedian calls for more white deaths and the media is not interested.

>don’t change the black community
>make other communities just as bad
This is why niggers are bad.

We joke about people dying on this website all the time. Why is this propaganda, but what we do isn't? This is just a comedian making a horrific joke because it's funny.

> Christ Rock calls for more white deaths

How about you actually watch the special for free somewhere before you say more ill-informed snowflake shit. You're literally just as bad as every offended feminist at stand-up shows, which is why comedians have stopped preforming at colleges.

He's making fun of equality by suggesting that we need equal homicides now too. How are you people this comically illiterate? This is meant to be absurd!

People here just see what they want to see despite the facts so they have a reason to push their agenda

I'm fine with this- we all do that, but the annoying thing is that they're oblivious to the massive and blatant hypocrisy of them thinking the exact same way their enemies do. It's almost like the Twilight Zone in how dense some of these fuckers are.

This. If you try to silence Chris Rock because of your fee fees, you can say goodbye to rape jokes, tranny jokes, black jokes, Muslim jokes, Jew jokes, and basically anything that might offend a leftist. Real comedy is already in danger as it is. All they will have to do is point to when some white boy got triggered.

You're a dumb fucker, man. A. Real. Dumb. Fucker.

>Trumptards on Cred Forums hate "virtue signalling"
>Yet (((they))) constantly "virtue signal" and claim to be holier than thou anytime something makes them butthurt
Nothing surprises me anymore about you delusional fucks.

I hate this shit coon

>Nigger wants to see dead white kids

Is anyone surprised?

Shut up, coon. You're pathetic.

And you're a pussy. What happen to sticks and stones? Is this phrase retired now?

no it's not man.

Wow are you dumb.

Diddlewood has changed the minds of men greater than he, user

Chris Rock never graduated from High School. He's as dumb as a rock.

Good point user, touche

Fawk yeah. Tsss I bet he's also as dumb as a chris tsss.

He’s more successful than you’ll ever be though.


"There's a civil war going on in our own community. Black people, and niggers, and niggers gat ta go!"
Then he became a nigger.
pic unrelated

Smothas Brothas

Since the libs here need this explained for some reason:

It's not that he can't make anti-white jokes and BE funny. Black commedians have been doing that since the 50's.
Whites have shown over the decades that they CAN and DO laugh at themselves by propelling these very comedians to fame. By gradually giving way, by being self reflective. They have given minorities a bigger place at the table than any other cukture on earth and anyone who says they havent is a lying pos.
The problem here is that it wasn't actually funny. In that it lacked the element of surprise or twist that generates the laugh. You can tell it's what he thinks, and just saying onstage, in his act, doesnt make it any funnier.
The sentiment itself is actually a naked expression of genuine hate and the wish for harm on white women and children.

It's no different than when a white guy were to joke on stage about fuckingbhis wife in the ass after she said no, or hurting his pet for fun. Just saying it onstage doesnt make it a joke.

Its also about the intelligence to tell the difference between a genuine joke - or shit post, and a genuine death threat or some shit.

Stop being stupid, ok?
This was just shit on his part. Period.

where does everybody get these humongous inheritances? his parents must have bought bit coins.

>it wasn't funny to me, therefore it isn't funny at all
>it was an opening-segment, meant to be edgy, therefore it wasn't surprising and lacked a twist to generate the laugh, despite the audience laughing
>you can tell it's what he thinks, despite this being literally one of the basic principles of stand-up is to exaggerate your own views

I thought you're supposed to be against dissecting jokes you don't like in order to write them off as 'not a joke'. Funny how you the one joke you didn't agree with is all of a sudden not a joke. Odd.

>Chris Rock calls for abusing black sons! Advocate black domestic violence

You know it wasnt funny. Not because it was edgy. Not because it was offensive. Not because of muh hypocrisy.
It wasn't funny because it was mere, naked malice. He has a right to say it. But that doesnt make it funny.
I remember a long time ago, I was hanging out with my buddy and our two girlfriends who were meeting for the forst time. The girls got to "jokingly" making fun of us and mocking us guys. my girl was just picking on my foibles, whereas as the one my friend was with actually was harboring resentment towards him about something. Eventually it became akward because all of us could tell she wasnt really joking. She had the pretense of joking. She was laughing. We even kinda laughed the first few times - a little less each time - until it was obviously being said out of hostility.
People are smart enough to tell the difference. Even if they fake laugh (or genuinely laugh if they are white hating non-whites or stupid self hating whites who need help).
Not funny.

But, i wont explain it again, because I sense you're just not very smart or just trolling.

>You know it wasnt funny
>Not funny. Period.

You know that butthurt rape joke feminists use your exact same speech to defend their idiotic position of why they think something isn't "funny", right? I'd accuse you or being not smart or trolling, but I know your type well enough to understand how clueless you are. You're so right that you're left and too oblivious to see it. I'm out. Will enjoy the rest of the special while studying.

>being paid to spout what jews tell you is success

This by the way is why leftists have destroyed comedy.
SNL is indistinguishable from CNN for example. They just dont know how to be funny anymore. I saw some chick flick not that long ago (where the women were partying and one killed a guy - forget what its called). Not funny. And the least funny patts were the thinly disguised feminist jabs.
Just not funny.
The left, They used to be funny.
Not anymore.

The right is the new counterculture as they say. And this isnt going to change for decades, so get used to it.

The left is to culture what dried up condoms on the side of the road are to romance.

Youre wrong I'm right and you know it,
Btw, you should drop out of school. Its a dead end while the left is still in control. Wveryone knows it but you unfunny fuckers.

He's actually pointing out how equality of outcome is fucking retarded

No he isnt.
He's another black - wishing for equality of outcome. Coming off as retarded was unintended. He thought he was being smart.
Knee slapping shit.

It's so sad that what could have been a beautiful world is plagued by these savages

This, I'm sick of these boomers and r/the donald faggots that think le Dave Chappelle and other niggers that made them laugh are "le redpilled". No you stupid faggots, they mitigated anti-white rhetoric as to not be overt because people obliged and followed by the anti-white narrative. They are hostile to people that reject the notions of white guilt and refuse to shoulder the white man's burden. They were ALWAYS hateful and anti-white, you were just a blue pilled faggot that would capitulate on, "past crimes", "racism", and "mistreatment". They have never been your friends faggots, they are opportunists.

Bill Burr is the greatest comedian of all time.

If you can't identify Cred Forums as propaganda, you're fucking retarded.