Society's Impact on Women's Sexual Desires

Has society caused all women to desire complete domination?

I've been with my girlfriend for almost three years now and we have sex probaby 3-5 times per week. We usually fuck in missionary, from the back, or her on top of me. However, being on this site and reading about what society has done to women's mindset has gotten me worried about our sex life.

Do ALL women secretly want to be violently dominated? Do you think she desires a more aggressive fuck? Every time I try, she tells me to stop because it hurts too bad. We've talked about this and she assures me that she's not like those other girls and much prefers making love in a gentle and intimate manner. Maybe I got lucky and found a semi-trad...but I can't shake this feeling that she unconsciously wants more dominance.

How do I proceed, Cred Forums?

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Ok kay i guess im suppose to react but then i realize this is just a shill

I'm not a shill dude, my girlfriend is asleep next to me and I'm asking for advice.

>Do ALL women secretly want to be violently dominated?
Yes, women no longer want their passive white men who made a modern peaceful society. They want primitive brutes to constantly have a feeling that a man is around who is able of conquest and acquiring resources.

Checked, but is this true in all cases? Plenty of women have settled down with a classy genuine Caucasian.
Here's some OC related

Yep she definetly desires painful domination. While your fucking her, use my patented Moseleys Slip and Dip technique. Just pull your dick out of her pussy and ram it hard into her ass while dry, ignore the screaming, they always do thaty, she's loving it really.

kek my britbonger

Yes, they do. You are just not the kind of guy that arouses that instinct in your GF. Read Schedules of mating. Women prefer their provider males to be more gentle, they reserve their slutty side for the guilt-free alpha dominant fucks.

>women are all the same

Sage and report all off topic and troll threads.

Porn and media lies

Kill the porn industry.

You wouldn’t believe the degree of mental-sexual disfunction this vile Jewish shit has laid input society when combine with technology like tablets and smartphones.

well, that doesn't have anything to do with being trad, if anything, the opposite.

i prefer a male that's dominant and can discipline me when i do something wrong (in the bed and i daily life) but at the same time i want him to provide and be respectful just as i will be with him

that may translate into rougher sex, where i want to be completely submitted to him too

and yes, i consider myself a traditional woman and i want to have a family

Here the things that turn on my wife and my girlfriend the most:

-Bondage and Spanking
-Watching me fuck around with power tools
-Hearing war stories from when I was in Yemen and Afghan
-Watching me lift weights
-Watching me spar/roll at the MMA gym, even if I am getting my ass kicked.

I think women are so desperate to be around men with even the slightest hint of masculinity they gravitate towards violent/humiliating BDSM fantasies as some sort of sick overcompensation to fill the void. I'm an ugly manlet with shrapnel scars all over his face and yet I still do reasonably well with women outta my league.

I'm telling you dudes, the most attractive thing to most women is just a white dude that acts like a man with a little confidence. Nogs and spics see success with white girls just because they're shameless and don't stop pestering them.


don't listen to these retards, most have never dated. Honestly just trust your gf unless she starts lying to you,getting paranoid is only going to fuck your relationship longterm.

>Cameron Kasky, 17, a junior, left his drama class to pick up his special needs brother Holden, a 15-year-old freshman.
>First there was a fire alarm, then running. Somebody said there was a shooter.
>Cameron called that boy a vulgarity, furious anyone would make such an insensitive joke. >But then there was a teacher screaming for them to get inside. More confusion.

>The brothers ran into a classroom, the door was locked behind them, the students crouched. “I didn’t let go of that kid for an hour and a half,” Cameron said of his brother, who has autism.
>“I told him, ‘Look, Holden, we’re going to be here for awhile.’”
>And they didn’t leave until a SWAT team broke the door’s glass to get everyone out.
>“It was difficult being with people who were hysterical and trying not to be hysterical,” he said.
>Cameron grabbed toward a chair, thinking he could attack anyone who tried to break in. A teacher told him no, don’t make noise.
>“I don’t want to sound like a victim at all,” he said. “I didn’t get shot, I didn’t see anyone get shot.
>I am lucky as hell and I am very happy to be breathing right now air that is not coming from a tube. I am goddamn lucky.”
>The boys’ father JEFF KASKY said: “We consider ourselves very fortunate to be together right now.”
The kid's narrative was ready to go from the moment it happened. This is an obvious false flag, and the kid's the SON of a lawyer with a shady adoption agency. HELP ME, ANONS

Here's one of the websites:


A Robert Kasky is his grandfather. He's been in law for 40+ years, apparently


Grandpa is tied to banks and SEC:


Dad is also a reserve cop:

Possible tie to the Sheriff?
Both are also Jewish

Look at all the actors tied to this group.


Adoption agency was sued in 2007:
Holy shit. Thread deleted when this picture was posted. He runs Elsagate type videos!!
It is Jeffy Jeffy's youtube

One of the kike jr activists from the school's name was cameron kasky. An user here did a search on that last name in Broward and a lawyers name came up. The lawyers phone number was listed for an adoption place which was weird because Cruz was adopted. Turns out the kasky are running the adoption center and even personally take in some of the kids.
Cameron Kasky, this jewish drama student / crisis actor who survived the Florida false flag shooting, who magically is now a figurehead for the "grass roots" anti gun propaganda campaign, is son of Jeffery Kasky.

Jeffery Kasky is a prominent Jewish lawyer whose family run law firm specializes in adoption, along with his father. The family also has connections to local law enforcement, which is run by fellow jew Scott Israel, which we also find at the center of this false flag operation.

This connection to adoption is also interesting because, "coincidentally", the flase flag "shooter" was adopted, from a Jewish birth mother, right there in Florida.

What are the odds?

You’re a cuck. You have to fuck them roughly or they won’t enjoy it. A lot of them will call you “daddy” while this happens.

user, stop asking Cred Forums for advice, because most people here are very angry at women
>muh redpill
you can know all this and still love and care for women, which lots of guys here don't

>do all women want more dominance
No. Actually, the more fucked in the head, the more they want it.

>how do I proceed
Ask her about her fantasies. If she mentions stuff like spanking or something you'll know.
If she goes "rug in front of open fire" you probably don't need to bring out the whips or anything.


Data does not back your hasbara.

>These areas are all relatively diverse in terms of race and ethnicity, and this diversity likely contributes to the high intermarriage rates by creating a diverse pool of potential spouses. In Honolulu, for instance, the “marriage market” (which is defined as all unmarried and recently married adults, and serves as a proxy for the recent pool of potential partners in the area) is made up of 42% Asians, 20% non-Hispanic whites and 9% Hispanics. In the Las Vegas area, 46% of people in the marriage market are non-Hispanic white, while 27% are Hispanic, 14% are non-Hispanic black and 9% are Asian; and around Santa Barbara, 52% of people in the marriage market are non-Hispanic white and 37% are Hispanic.


>Although 11 percent of white newlyweds are now married to someone of a different race or ethnicity, white people are still the least likely of all major racial or ethnic groups to intermarry. Black newlyweds, meanwhile, have seen the most dramatic increases of any group, from 5 percent in 1980 to 18 percent today.


The masculine duality. Gentle and domineering.

Any woman who ruins her body like OP's did can be handed over to the niggers.

Since when did pol become Cosmo for men? Generally speaking you can't trust what a woman says, but if you tried and she didn't go for it that's a pretty good sign she was telling the truth. Now take this petty non-political garbage to another board, son.

Yes all women want to be violently fucked, Whats wrong with that?

Since /adv/ is full poz