Did anyone here actually give a shit about Black Panther...

Did anyone here actually give a shit about Black Panther? Everyone is saying that muh alt-right is mad and offended at the movie and that we are trying to sabotage the movie, and yet I haven't seen a single thread trying to do any of it.

It's objectively /ourmovie/, the whole "the (((alt-right))) hates it and is trying to sabotage it!" meme is a painfully obvious astroturf gorilla marketing campaign

The only threads I saw were trying to promote it as pro Ethno Nationalism.

don't really care but funny to watch outrage on both sides

Fuck off with these shitty black panther threads I hope you die in 2018

That's the actual media campaign. To say that the alt right hates it. It's not true. We don't give a fuck about it. But the campaign is that the alt right is shitting themselves

Fuck off with your nigger movie, leaf.

Kind of like the Dove soap campaign. They used "real people" and then claimed people were outraged by them using those people

I don't care if it does well or poorly as long as it's being honestly reviewed.
Reviewers are giving it glowing reviews because they are either pushing an agenda or they're terrified of SJW backlash.
It's perfectly fair to troll this film's audience rating since the professional critics started it by not being objective.

Shitty comic book will be shitty movie


Maybe it's the reverse psychology jew layup with a twist?

Why would people be mad? It's a pretty good movie, the villain was basically a BLM leader.

Haven't watched this crap.
Is it true the last scene consists of black people riding cgi rhinos into battle?

My observation is that there was a lot of shit talking. A whole bunch of hopes for trolling.

I think most of the anger is over the black washing of other movies and roles. If none of that had happened, I think the annoyances would have been much lower.

It's a good movie by the way. No place near as good as it is being made out to be or that sales indicate. That is all hype. But it is a good move. 7/10 maybe 8/10 cape film.

I always found Black Panther to be a boring character even before the movies. Marvel has so many other characters more deserving of a film debut. Only reason this was made into a movie was to pander to the diversity quota cult.

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Stop respionding to the 100th black panther thread today you fucking idiots. This and the 100 AR-15 threads are obviously leftist trolls who come here and flood the board with clickbait threads to push relevant topics off the bottom of the board.

Jesus fucking christ people wake up.

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It's a good movie
It's distance from the comics is the only legit complaint a person could have about it

Should have just named it 'Pantherman' and boom, all the controversy wouldn't have happened...

Yep, three of them.

So bald general chick is married to slightly heavy black guy who seems to be in charge of local security of the kingdom. Black guy supports Killmonger in overtaking Wakanda. Bald chick opposes, but goes along with it at first because of loyalty to the throne. In the end there is a big battle that breaks down as men dressed in blue with magic shields fighting chicks dressed in red with spears.

It was pretty cringy.

At the very end a ship is shot down (Wakanda version of an attack helicopter) and the rhino's burst from behind and through the wreckage to support the men in blue.

I tell you all this so you can understand the cringe.

At the end of the battle blue security dude (the husband) is riding a rhino around tossing chicks left and right. He charges his wife, she just stands still all accepting and calm. The Rhino comes to a sliding halt in front of her...and gives her a big old rhino tongue lick across the face.

I thought for sure they were going for the 'in the end the husband loves his wife and cannot harm her' but, no, it was 'the pet rhino loves the wife more than husband'.

It was awful. It honestly was.

I don't give a shit about any capeshit movies.

It's annoying that they're politicizing it so I have to hear about it outside of entertainment related discussion. It's a fucking comic book movie.

Nobody cares.
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