Hello mutts! ask anything from a Finnish person. and no i am not a mongol

hello mutts! ask anything from a Finnish person. and no i am not a mongol.

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Do you want to become a negro?


Sounds like something a mongol would say.

no but i want my children to become el goblinos

r u mongol?

hello el ogro de las americas! how is your shitty country you mutt?

sorry mutt. i am not

is it possible to improve on spurdo?

which is the latest product of the competitive finnish meme industry?

how do you feel about finland expanding and annexing african territories(sweden) and greater finland in general?

i think the shitted is the newest meme finland has created. sweden belongs to finland. if finland ever wants to take back whats ours we can take it in a week but who would want that shithole anyway?


Is Sisu still something every Finn has?


Pidätkö Ruotsista?

Please do this and kick out the rapefugees. While you are at it, do the same to my shit hole country. Regardless of more white, more asian, whatever, it will definitely be more fucking intelligent and less degenerate.

yes. its something that doesn't go away. you saw it 70 years ago come and see again cucks.

Would you accept an aryan American as your friend?

en todellakaan. onneksi se tuhoutuu sisältäpäin.

>is it possible to improve on spurdo?
Spurdo is perfection
oh fug xDDDDDD


The workers have been striking a lot lately for poor working conditions so no new memes. We also had to install suicide nets outside the factory to stop workers from committing sudoku.

Our latest stunt was to put meme trucks parade in the town center of every town and have teenagers dress up and throw candy from the trucks. They did it for free!

t. Human Resources

Shitted is like 6 months old?


How many times a day do you jerk off to your Lauren southern shrine?

are you a mongol?

you can choose only one of them. but sure la creatura could be my friend


lets go wild!

you are hapas

Know any good Finnish jokes?
Why didn’t y’all take back St. Petersburg as part of your rightful clay during WW2?

nojoo mutta ei ole uusia nähty sen jälkeen
i dont
no are you an el ogro?

>no i am not a mongol
Okay, why are your eyes so fucking gooky then? One mutt to another, I won't tell the other "Europeans" I promise.

Just spent probably $600+ in gear and stuff from varusteleka, every Finn I have met around the world have all been top class guys.
I can't wait to buy a savotta suana ten, what branches to you recommend hitting myself with?

how does it feel to be a third world country in about 10 years?

Fuggg :DDDD


Best areas to visit for Finnish-Americans who wanna see where they came from but don't wanna run into shitskins or marxists and be totally disappointed?

>how can you tell an extraverted Pekka from an introverted Pekka
>he stares at your shoes instead of his own


definitely dont go to to the capital helsinki. thats not finland anymore. it has become a shithole where you can find both skinheads and marxist. go to places like rovaniemi, oulu, joensuu.

why is that your country is such a shithole? it does feel kind a nice actually to see your country to become a third world country

good thread

Oh ok, thanks for the info Finn bro, you guys keep it up and I will be a total Finno-phile here.
Definitly need to come visit someday next year prolly. Do some camping.

You a fed?


I'm 1/2 celtic 1/2 germanic
blond hair blue eyes
I really just need to move there for the free healthcare

yes. just remember stay away from the sami territory. they are trying to be our own indians and they are alcoholic cunts

Don't believe the memes brother, the situation is bad but not close to third world country tier like some Cred Forumsacks think, the major cities are shit now

no prob
well mutt come here then!

No wonder we're headed that way Teemu. We have about 700k (full or partial) finns in Sweden. How did you expect that it would turn out?

So hypothetically, if a 40yr old Basque amerindian postdoc got a 4 year research contract in Finland. Would he be accepted, or would he be found hanging from the roof beam of his 10m2 because he couldn't take the loneliness?

you have 55 nogo zones and the refugee population is only 11% you fucked up bad. ny homopojke gå till helvete från min thread!

Grenade attacks and stuff are not third world tier shitholes right Finland? Hear this Swedes denial is so sad. 2030 3rd world country...


>trying to speak human
dra åt helvete från min tråd*
Nice try though

well then my brothers are doing good. you deserve it buddy.

Does it really take 5 years to get your driving license?

How did you guys get over the Great Wall of China? It was build to keep your kind out but you still conquered all their land. That's pretty impressive if you ask me.

Just embrace your Mongolian heritage.

no. like a 2 months

a friend of mine just started his Erasmus experience(not in Finland) and he will share an apartment with a Finn
what is he in for?

how did you won both world wars? thats how.

mämmi sauna viina and väkivalta

Depression, loneliness and kossu.

cool ahmed. now go get your welfare check!
okei veli

r u east asian ?

why are you using a nordic pepe meme pic
when your are a disgusting mongolmutt?


Are you aware of the fact that the guys behind Varusteleka are a bunch of Vegans, Liberals and Feminists?

Kinda rude desu.

I suppose we do. Since Mannerheim was a swede and he saved Finland, I guess we earned it.

and this is coming from a guy who's country will be 80% shitskinned by the year 2050.
are you a frog?

No I was not, figured from their gun ownership and right wing views expressed on inrange tv etc. said otherwise.

Why such a auticstic society?

The only one who get'swelfare between my family and yours is the family you sent here since you had fuck all for wealth in the 60's and 70's, just like now. But what do I know, I just support them (and the arabs) with my salary.
Fuck, was this recent?
Koivoanon, I...

i dont care

do you ever get bored of repeating empty memes to defend your shitty skin, chinkeyes and sad standard of living?

Accepted in what? Socially?

If you can accept that silence is golden, you'll have no problems.

Source on those? I have not heard about their political affliations. The founder is a cuck for avoiding conscription though, he rather took 1 year in civil service than 6 months in army. Somehow he ended up selling army surplus. Weird.


nice bantz though finnbro. Love from Sven 'the skitskinn" al Swediyya

Are you sure you’re not a mongol?


your grandkids will beg to have my yellow skin by the end of the century. but hey ahmed its just a meme right?
no problem abdul!

>home violence
>bad food
>social interaction limited to unintelligible grunts
Probably going to have a good time.

ei vittu :D

Why do you guys hate Russians if without them Finns would just be Swedified Asiatics?

Are you a white shuprewacist if doe are you wetarded.?

nah finland would have got independence anyway. we hate russians bc they attacked us at ww2

well hello el ogro de las americas! how is your heritage?

Except there wasn't even a Finnish identity until it was invented to fill the void left after you were vassalized by Russia. The Swedish education system was one of the earliest in the world, they would've used it to totally assimilate the western regions.
Sweden and Finland look like a dick and balls. Without the balls, Sweden has become a castrated homo penis.
The Russians attacked you to because of Saint Petersburg, which wouldn't exist is Sweden didn't get fucked two hundred years earlier.

pls no bully ;(

My sources are personal discussions with some of them. I am serious.
However you can also check some of their instagram profiles and see for yourself.

Meh meh meh meh meeeeeeh don’t talk about my heritage I’m Baltic. Meeeeeny

you got a point there igor. but also russia starved us before and after the independence. also the Finnish retarded right wing party wants to join russia. we can't give russians any more room

Russians never really figured out the whole"comfort" thing.

>also the Finnish retarded right wing party wants to join russia. we can't give russians any more room
Sounds like our mainstream right, except replace Russia with Israel.

yeah sure rodrigo!
I'm sorry el abomination


>be me
>half celtic
>half viking
100% Northwestern European Caucasian
>be you
>half mongol
>half viking
50% European at best

Nice talking to ya. Good luck Finnanon

la creatura...

Vittu saatana perkele, how do I get Finnish gf?

I have zero hispanic blood

you guys saved svens ass from communism in the winter war (which just saved him for islam later). i've heard 50k dead, all the way up to hundreds of thousands of them were killed. how many communists did you guys actually kill?

i laughed a bit
>100% northwestern european caucasian
sorry la creature but you can't choose both

My heritage....My DNA....reflects that

Explain this

Fuckin kek

i dont know. but there were civil war between commies and conservatives about hundred years ago and lots of them gone.

i dont have to
nope you still a mutt

>want fingol waifu
tell her voivittu and bring Koskenkorva. Will work 9/11 times

good on you finnfren, anyone that kills that many communists is white enough for me. i tend to think it may have been 50k in that 3 month battle, but as you said many more over the years, which would explain the higher estimates.

>want swedish man
go to a refugee centre

Well explain this then

Thanks my Swedish friend.

You didn't help me, curse you.

"Mutt" isn't an ethnicity, that exclusively refers to dog breeds.
But Mongrel is a person of mixed race heritage.
Which you are.

those are them mongol genes

la creatura

I know that it's hard to read, but jesus, can you at least try to read the comment I replied to? Or has the inbreeding gone to your head?

Mongol Mongrel

Tykkäätkö Nataliasta?

>It's a Finn thread

didn't you find your own poor refugee or why are you so angry sven?


They’re definitely less so than other Euromutts

ihanaa :3

that's not how admixture works

This is Varusteleka's take on the "Nazis"

mita kuuluu!

Steam, cold, woodcutting and alcohol sound great, but what are the reasons NOT to move to or visit Finland?

liberals that live in helsinki. nothing else. come here my canadian cousin!

>and no i am not a mongol.

Guess Iranian Jews and Albanians are whiter than Icelanders then.

Any good ultra-marathons happening there in 2019?

en ole!

i dont know

what's there to do in your country. i really want to go moose hunting there, but it's not worth it if there isn't any other shit to do there.

these niggers bled for the fuhrer, and killed, froze, and starved communists by the tens of thousands. a lot to be proud of, and damn fine allies. nothing whiter than bleeding for your people and your land, when no one is forcing you to do so. they likely saved everyone west of them on europes donger.


well you can drink and abuse drugs
yes my both grandfathers fought in a ww2. a lot to be proud of

>abuse drugs
i'm listening.

well there is this wonderful place called oulu. you might want to check that out


ota tää :D

takas ylikselle

juu lähen kohta.

I really like finish girl with those mongol features. gib pics pls

yes you are a mongol

no fuck off mao!

*shoves you down*

Why are Finnish memes the funniest?

i have no idea


Jk your women are all whores

>not a mutt

Laughing at you

i suggest you order a jääkäripuukko, a solid knife, good for stabbing a chatty neighbour.

Lmao not even from current year

tell us all about your glories in sport. especially the winter olympics.

stay away from the bigger cities


Why do your women crave Tyrones seed so badly?


payback is a bitch

If you live in Finland, but you're not a fingol, then you're either a refugee or a swedish cuck, in which case you should leave.

if you want to hunt moose, you can only do it in around september or october, too lazy to find out atm. also different birds to hunt if you are into that

Fenno-swede reporting in

Is there something wrong with being a mongol?