Updates on this?

So one user claimed he has info on a Kraut like server, that AltJews use to discredit the JQ. Has he provided evidence for that yet?

Other urls found in this thread:




>The JQ is not political
Have a shekel Schlomo

Are you a mod or something? How is this not political?

expose them all

What is your political orientation? Are you a jew by chance?

How is this on page 6 already? Is a discord server organizing a slide fest rn?

Looks like this thread won't be going off. Thanks /leftypol/ and or “AltJews“

Nothing ever came of it besides the usual e-celeb shit. It even had it's own boring general for a long aas time.
Stop trying to keep e-celeb garbage on Cred Forums. There are other places better suited for it.

>my shit thread about a twitter fight between some literal who eceleb DONATE TO MY PATREON PLEASE drama FBI honeypot groups is not gaining attention
>it must be THE JEWS
go back to whatever reddit board you came from you fucking cunt
this election was a mistake

fuck off


Cmon get in here


You got the other thread deleted, I suspect you might be an altjew yourself

Yeah, we need more Black Panther threads. How about "explain Cred Forums" threads? Oh, I know, I like this thread the be-

Unfortunately at this point e-celeb shit is actually a net positive to the usual posts on this board.

Bump for exposure of the JQ.

Bump to fight the slide

shills are out in full force today, they are definitely panicking over something.

Bump for Jew exposure

One thread of this got deleted already...


I believe it. That is how Jews operate. The funny part is that the existence of such a group would confirm much of the conclusions of the JQ

seems like a logical thing for (((them))) to do

Let's be honest here. Biggest red pill for them to swallow

Get in here faggots

I want to believe. This is exactly what kikes do:

OP asked if anyone had evidence though and nobody has delivered yet. Bump for interdast


Ty for this. Barely anyone noticed this thread yet. Spread this and I'm sure someone will answer


This is the tweet that started it all. Very interesting stuff that sounds legit, account seems legit as well...but no evidence yet.

Ty and we will see. That user claims to be a jew too. Interesting times we're living in...

the google employees are much worse than any secret irc